Hey guys, I know I recently put up a moving sale print clear out but with moving I also found a ton more I need to get rid of! They are kinda old and I would like to clear them out of my online store so I can put up new stuff eventually and also just to clear up physical space too! I would like to sell them through here via my paypal: Snackstickart@gmail.com , because its just easier for me & cheaper. :–)

~If you buy a print I will throw in an extra SURPRISE PRINT  or some stickers for free!! ~



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✨Skull Art Commission Prices✨ 

Pricing is for art like the one above. Black background, 1+ galaxy watercolor skulls, and 3 gold and silver shapes 

Paper sizes: 9"x12" | 11"x15" 
1 skull……………$30 | $35
2 skulls………….$40 | $45
3 skulls………….$45 | $50
4+ Skulls………..+$3 per skull 

DM me if interested. Payment through paypal and is requested up front. If you have any questions feel free to send an ask

My homie @monica.e.geller takes some of the best photos and guess what, she wants to take ur senior pictures!!!!! Or band pictures! Or wedding pictures! Or pics of your dog she loves dogs! Contact her and she’ll make you and your dog look x12 better than you look in real life I promise (at Echo Lake)

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