I’m amazed at how much my perspective has changed over time. In 2002, I watched WrestleMania 18 as The Rock took on Hulk Hogan and I didn’t flinch. I didn’t care about Hogan at all, and I never was a big Rock guy. Now, looking, back, I see that match and I can’t not tear up. What a monumental moment in world history. Not just wrestling history, or sports history, but in the history of the world. Two men, who could have very easily been anything else but pro wrestlers, both of whom had gained fame for being great in their own right a true DECADE apart, clashing head to head in front of a sold out crowd of screaming fans. There are people who were there who recall the magic of that moment as if it was a child being born. There are people who watched wrestling as kids and loved Hulk Hogan, who had kids one day that grew up loving The Rock, and they got to enjoy that magic together. There are probably hundreds of people who lost their jobs because they refused to miss that event. There are wrestlers who were on the show who weren’t as excited about their own match as they were that one. There are people who don’t remember just about anything from 2002, but they remember that moment. Can you imagine anything ever topping that excitement?

Wrestling truly is fucking magical, and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.


Demolition’s message to The New Day
[December 3rd, 2016]

I said months ago that it’d be the coolest shit ever if Demolition showed up on the December 12th episode of Raw to challenge The New Day for the WWE World Tag Team Championships. Why? Because Demolition is known for having the longest reign with the titles (478 days, between March of 1988 and July of 1989), and as of this writing, The New Day are only four days short of conquering Demolition’s reign. With last Monday’s number one contendership match between the team of Cesaro and Sheamus taking on The Club ending in a no contest, it seems more than perfect for Demolition to appear to take on The NEw Day.

Now, will it be a GREAT match?! No. Of course not. But will it be cool?! Absolutely! Here’s hoping it takes place from my end. I’m sure I’m not alone! Don’t be surprised if you watch Raw on Monday and hear this music:


Here we have a guy dressed as a pierogi that is, in turn, dressed as Steve Austin. After executing a stunner on a different guy dressed as a different pierogi who is, I’m fairly certain, wearing Warrior-esque arm tassels, the former dumpling has his filling extruded thanks to an elbow by the Big Bad Booty Daddy Scott Steiner.

Steiner’s number is 69, b/c of course it is.