“I was Tobias the Bird-boy, the nothlit who devoured live mice and battled evil aliens. I’d stolen Yeerk spacecraft, raided Yeerk strongholds, and nearly gotten myself adopted by a Yeerk visser. I’d been stabbed and burned and mangled and tortured, and only moments ago got the crap beat out of me by Hork-Bajir that should be working for the WWF.

But I couldn’t face my mother. Couldn’t even face the roof of her house.

You want pathetic? All those years with my aunt and uncle, no matter what they said about her, I knew - knew - my mother loved me. She wanted me. Wanted to take care of me. But for some reason she couldn’t.

I invented reasons for her. Maybe she’d been wrongfully imprisoned by some tyrannical foreign government. Maybe she’d been shipwrecked on a deserted island. Maybe she’d been relocated in the Witness Protection Program.

Maybe I’d been relocated in the Witness Protection Program.

But not once, not one single time, did I imagine she lived eight blocks from me. That she passed my house every single day. And kept going.”

- Tobias, Book #49: The Diversion, pg. 61 (by K.A. Applegate)


Dumpster Match for the WWF World Tag Team Championships:
The New Age Outlaws (Champions) Vs. Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie
WWF WrestleMania 14
[March 29th, 1998]

For those who haven’t been paying attention, a Dumpster Match has been announced for Raw tonight. It reminded me of when I was a tween and I got to see one of the craziest incidents I’d ever seen, followed by one of the wildest matches in WrestleMania history. On an episode of Raw, WWF World Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws took it upon themselves to disrespect the legendary Cactus Jack and his partner Chainsaw Charlie (better known as Terry Funk) by putting both into a dumpster and shoving it off of the Raw stage. The two wrestlers were taken off of TV while The Road Dogg and Billy Gunn (Outlaws) were chastised for what they’d done. Instead of learning the err of their ways, the two continued their reign of terror… until their former foes returned, and the match was made for WrestleMania: a Dumpster Match for the WWF World Tag Team Championships!


Earthquake debuts in the WWF
[October 2nd, 1989]

“The Mouth Of The South” Jimmy Hart always had the utmost confidence in anyone he represented, and beyond that, he always had a trick up his sleeve. When Dino Bravo stepped into the ring during a show in West Virginia, the pair began scanning the crowd to find a man big enough to sit on Bravo’s back whilst he did pushups, to prove his super strength. The fans began pointing at the massive John Tenta, who Bravo was able to lift 4 times while doing pushups. However, when it came time for The Ultimate Warrior to match that… let’s just say that things didn’t go as well.

“I’m floored by the technology of the Switch, and the versatility of the console is second to none. It really is a home console that you can take anywhere. I’ve seen situations where home consoles can be transported, and it’s like a big over-the-shoulder carry-on bag, but the versatility of this thing is groundbreaking. When you un-dock the Switch from its home console and go into handheld, the controller feels the same, it is the same, and it reacts the same. The screen on the un-docked handheld system is big enough to be its own world, but small enough to carry anywhere.

I was in this confined living room space where you got lost in the game ‘cause I’m playing on this 60-inch TV, and then you un-dock and continue to play the game. They had this molecular glass, which dropped and revealed I was in the middle of the desert. I never once knew the change in environment. It’s truly, truly tremendous. In typical Nintendo fashion, I was playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Now I haven’t played Legend of Zelda since the gold cartridge eight-bit versions, so I just needed to pick up and start going, and I did. The go-anywhere aspect of the game is incredible, and I know for fans of the Zelda franchise, they’re going to flip. I know for fans of Nintendo, they’re going to go crazy. Everyone is speculating about how good the game actually is—it’s going to exceed expectations and, for a dude like me, a 40-year-old [in April] who hasn’t played Zelda since the gold cartridge, I sat down and was hooked. In a matter of 30-minutes, I didn’t want to put it down.” said John Cena, WWE wrester                          

WWE Hall of Fame 2017 Inductees 

I did what I did. I did a few things like moonsaults off the tops of cages, but usually I relied on wrestling and technique. A lot of people used to think you had to be really chancy, but I was never like that necessarily. If you know how to structure a match, you don’t always need that stuff. Other guys are starting to understand that, and I haven’t seen this much great talent in a long time. Obviously wrestling is doing something right.” — Kurt Angle 

It was a surprise. I had a message on my phone [from WWE] to call the number back. I think they got ahold of Ricky at the time. When they called, it was just like a suckerpunch. It just knocked us off our feet. It’s an honor for Ricky and me to go into the Hall of Fame.” — Robert Gibson (The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express)

I’m humbled and honored, man. Just to be a part of it. I remember Dusty telling me one time, “You know, D, there’s only two things left in our business that’s still real: your first world title, and the hall of fame.” That’s gonna be emotional for me.” — Diamond Dallas Page

If you looked at all the boxes you would check to make a main event guy that would go down in history as one of the best, Rude checked all the boxes. He was an all-around package. He looked good, he could play the part, he knew what to do. He could take great bumps, feed the babyface when it was time to feed, and he would never run out of gas.” — Ricky Steamboat, on 'Ravishing’ Rick Rude

People think because I do a lot of talking on TV and stuff and that I am an outgoing person, well I am really not, I am kind of a loner. You guys were able to do that for me, and get me back out there, get me on this podcast, and get my name out there. This Hall of Fame thing, I am just honored to be apart of that. I really want to thank the WWE, the WWE Universe, Vince McMahon, Steph, Hunter, all those guys that gave me the opportunity to portray my talents and gave me a break, I just want to thank them all and say I appreciate it.” — Teddy Long

When you are in WWE, you dream of that moment when you get to reflect on your career and the things that you did and you get that wonderful individual honor. It seemed so far off in the distance for me when I was wrestling. I didn’t know when — or if — I’d ever experience that feeling. I certainly didn’t think I’d have that opportunity this early in my life. It’s amazing and very, very humbling.” — Beth Phoenix

The biodiversity and area of vegetative cover is fundamental to life here on Earth. Apart from phytoplankton in the Oceans, trees are essentially the lungs of Mother Earth; taking in carbon dioxide and converting it into oxygen (and glucose and water).

As this image speaks quite loudly, I think few words are needed. However, I will leave you with ‘Three Tree Facts’ demonstrating just how vital a role trees play in the regulation of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

1. A single mature tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 22.7 kg/year (48 lbs) and release enough oxygen back into the atmosphere to support 2 human beings.

2. One acre of trees annually consumes the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent to that produced by driving an average car for 41,483km (26,000 miles). That same acre of trees also produces enough oxygen for 18 people to breathe for a year.

3. A 100-ft tree, 18" diameter at its base, produces 2721.5kg (6000lbs) of oxygen.

So, be conscious of the burden you put on ecosystems; reduce, reuse, and recycle- and remember to save every tree as if it’s the last.