Diagram of the recurring musical and lyrical motifs in Hamilton created by Hayley Hoffman (on twitter at @hayhoffman) and endorsed by Alex Lacamoire, music director, orchestrator, conductor and co-arranger of the score for Hamilton and long-time close collaborator with Lin-Manuel Miranda

Second picture includes details of the upper left, right, and lower left areas of the diagram

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RULES: Name ten favorite characters from ten different fandoms, then, tag ten people and repost.

  1. Teen Wolf - Corey
  2. SEVENTEEN - Vernon
  3. Descendants - Carlos De Vil
  4. One Direction - Niall Horan
  5. Avengers - Scarlet Witch
  6. Pretty Little Liars - Hanna Martin
  7. Harry Potter - Draco Malfoy
  8. Gotham - Jerome Valeska
  9. The Fooo Conspiracy - Felix Sandman
  10. Now You See Me - Jack Wilder

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anonymous asked:

Wow, Hayley wore so many different outfits and Gwen's didn't change at all!

Right? Hayley wore the same couple of outfits a good few times over when Paramore were opening the show but had more variety than most tours but then she seemed to change for No Doubt too which means she had even more outfits than it seems. I guess we know that she’s great at packing it all though, from her YouTube tutorial cx
If I toured I would probably do the same and repeat outfits for a tour because I get comfy in one thing and then I’ll wear it for a week anyway.

Meg xo


A Witch Meets Her Fate in 1,000 Oil Paintings