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Me: *Watching The Worst Witch on Netflix* Wow, this is pretty much exactly like Harry Potter/Hogwarts except they’re all girls. I freaking love it, but it’s a total ripoff 

Me: Looks up the book series its based on and sees that it predates Harry Potter by more than Twenty Years.


it’s been months since I got into wynonna earp and I don’t know what exactly triggered it, maybe the chaos of the sg fandom mixed with new interview of dom & kat talking about lgbt representation, but it finally actually hit me that wayhaught is real and that the cast and crew actually care. I knew that before, it’s hard not to notice with them talking about it all the time, but somehow I just really got to think about it and let it sink in. I bursted into tears and I’m having so many feelings right now and no idea how to deal with it. I can’t even properly explain what’s going on. I don’t even know if it’s happy tears about being understood or sad tears over the past 6 years since starting to realize I’m queer. and it’s frustrating me more and more that I’ll probably never have the chance to thank them all in person. I’m sorry this post is a mess, but I am a mess right now and I’m so overwhelmed. what is happening?

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would you mind doing iruma with 62? your drawings are so cute!

Aww, thanks for the nice words~ I’m happy to draw Iruma! ^o^ Also this palette is one of my faves ♥

Request box for the colour palette challenge is now closed.

i like the goggles and badge ehehe (/ω\)

Saihara is next~ ( ・`ω・´) o

Child of Darkness: Chapter 6 - A good teacher.

Child of darkness (an original work by cassiancalore)

Summary: Arabella just turned sixteen and that means she can take part in the competition that selects new recruits for the Royal Guard of Agros. When the competition goes south she sees herself in a dangerous situation, and is saved by a childhood friend she had not seen in years, only to discover he is actually the prince of Agros. After a life endangering situation, Arabella discovers the presence of a dark power lurking beneath her skin; a power that can change not just herself and her life, but the world around her. But that power also puts a target on her back, and with enemies closing in from all sides, she has to balance fighting for herself and for those she loves, while uncovering the secrets of her real bloodline.

Character posters: Bella, Corvin, Rhea, Callum

Chapters: Previous | Next

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Getting into the castle was easy. Vin had kept his word and as soon as she said her name to the guard at the front gate, he accompanied her to where the prince was. Moelfire castle was build on top of one of the hills that made the front line of a mountain chain. Moelfire hill was the biggest, and so it had been chosen for the castle construction. The rest were used for agriculture, and most of the lands on top of them belonged either to the royal family or other families. The castle close was on the descent of the hill, and were made up of angled streets with tall, fancy houses. The city of Argenine was the biggest of the kingdom, and protected by the mountains which covered the castle’s back, with almost no space between castle and the woods covering them. From the castle gates, Bella could see the city spread all around, to the east, going into the margin of the Argenine river, close to where Bella lived, and north and south, where houses could be seen until Bella’s vision found the horizon. To her back, the west, the enormous wall of mountains stood tall, the city and the castle’s ever standing guardian. Making justice to it’s name, the castle was a tall structure made of a blue-tinted stone and with touches of orange glass on the top of it’s towers. As she walked around the outer parts of the castle, between it and it’s wall, she saw his the light shifted on the stones and glass, giving it movement. A castle made of fire to drive enemies away. Fire like the blue one she always saw burning on it’s prince’s eyes. It was only fitting, she thought. A fire castle for a fire king - future king, anyways.

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170725 BNM Boys SNS Update

@bnmboysofficial: [MXM] 첫 미니앨범 선공개 싱글 ‘GOOD DAY'의 트랙리스트 및 프로듀서 코멘터리가 공개 . MXM(BRANDNEW BOYS) ‘GOOD DAY’ 2017.07.27 오후 6시 발매 . #브랜뉴뮤직 #브랜뉴보이즈 #MXM #임영민 #김동현

trans: [MXM] First Mini Album Prerelease Single ‘GOOD DAY’ Tracklist and Producer Commentary.

MXM(BRANDNEW BOYS) 'GOOD DAY’ Release on 2017.07.27 at 6PM KST


translation credits: @im-youngmin

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What do you think of the Teiber family? Do you think the person in possession of the warhammer titan will be introduced soon? And what do you expect from them?

Hey anon! Sorry it’s taken to long to respond to this ask, I did some thinking, then went on vacation! Personally, although I’m waiting for more info on them before I settle on something, I think the guy we saw in that little flash-away(?) was the guy with the Titan. Ya know, this one

The guy in the middle there. He seems important, and I kind of assumed he was the one with the Warhammer Titan. I may be totally wrong, but I’ll reblog this when I’m totally right but that’s what I’m going with for now. Honestly I expect something really cool, seeing as they’re only being introduced now, and for some reason Marley lets them do their own thing. That, and I just REALLY like Titan Shifting as a concept, so I’m super excited to just see it, even if it’s not anything out of the ordinary. Thanks for the ask anon!