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On The Open Road

A short roadtrip!au in which Harry and Louis have to travel together across the US, deal with the past and of course, share a bed.

No More Easter Eggs

Harry and Louis have invited Louis’ family to spend the Easter Holiday at their place and they have been planning an Easter Eggs hunt. Until everything goes wrong.

Sweetest Devotion

Harry wakes up next to Louis and he realizes how much in love he still is.

You’ll try me once, you’ll beg for more

Harry and Louis meet during a night out at the club and they cannot stay away from each other.

Gateway Drug

Louis and Harry break up and the only thing that Louis has left is Harry’s hoodie and their memories.

Let Me Touch You Where Your Heart Aches

A Friends with Benefits AU, in which Louis falls in love and Harry is jealous. There is some Karaoke singing somewhere in there, because how do you write a romantic comedy without a Karaoke scene?

A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall (WIP)

Louis is a homeless man and Harry is an uninspired writer, who gives him a home.

Won’t Say I’m In Love

Harry is Mr. Super Athlete, Louis hates him, and somehow they fall in love.

Save Me

Harry is the new hot lifeguard and Louis decides to fake drown to get closer to him.

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ok so adding to the whole 'dark loves anime' thing: imagine that dark and yan having a binge off to see who can watch the most anime in 1 night and wil's in their room hearing dark yelling about how yuuri should've gotten 1st place and hes like so done with his monochrome husband -🍍


seriously they get SO into it sometimes wil comes in out of curiosity and it’s always at the WORST time like one time there’s just anime tits on screen and it’s like 

wil: DARK
dark: wha – no wil it’s not what it looks like –
yan: dad i’m 17!!!
wil: no you are GROUNDED
dark: wil, be reasonable –
wil: and YOU’RE sex grounded!!!

god i can picture it so well xDD

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Dark and Will late at night: "just one more?" "Dark" "One more episode! Just one!" "Go to bed Dark" "But -" "Good night Dark" - Shadow

dark tries to watch with earbuds and wil just RIPS the phone out of his hand and pops it out of existence. dark is like ‘that better be here in the morning’ and wil’s just like ‘oh?? well your husband won’t be if you don’t GO TO SLEEP!!’

Alrighty! Making fucking progress!!! So uh… I’m probably gonna end up doing like multiple animations or make a continuation thingy into a comic another fucking comic? But you haven’t finished the first one yeah I know shhh

So the thing for my class is going to be basically the beginning thing for a possible future project. Basically it’ll be Chase, Schneep, Jackie, and maybe JJ and Shawn all sitting in the conference room or something and the tv goes static-y and Anti comes on screen. He pretty much tells them he has Marvin, threatens him, and then cuts the video out. The others are in a scramble ta get connection back/find marvin. Clip/animation ends.

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Choose your top favorite ships or couples of any fandom, tv-series, books, movies, or anything and tag as many people as you like Feel free to do it if you see this post!

Nygmobblepot [Gotham] (It was so close to being canon dammit!):

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Brotzly [Dirk Gently] (I dunno how much I ship it, but I enjoy it. I just want Dirk to be happy and loved!):

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Johnlock [Sherlock] (One of my favourite all time ships!):

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Janto [Torchwood] (The first canon gay ship I shipped so hard!):

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Crowstiel [Supernatural] (It’s a rare one, but a fun one!):

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Hello! So Yan as Dark and Wilfs kid? I agree 100% But! Which parent decides to watch anime with them to try and connect and then ends up also getting really into anime?? I can see it being Dark, it starts with trying to build a connection with his new child and eventually it's to the point where Yan comes down at 4am for a drink of water only to find Dark still up finishing up an anime they just started together - Shadow


seriously i love this though, they probably try to get wilford into it but he can’t keep up with the subtitles – and yan is adamant about watching sub – so whenever wil joins them they watch english dub. also he tags along when dark and yan go to cons and buys yan whatever she wants :’DDD and dark is just like ‘don’t spoil her wil’ but wil bribes him with manga lmao