.why are you not watching this show

Okay but the fact that a single 30-second deleted scene can get me this worked up is amazing and a testament to how incredible Goran and Abigail are and the care they’ve put into their characters. Bless them and their families and their cows. I am Shook.

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OPA here. Had to take a break after your bitch slap. Kidding!. Been busy. A few points: those helping put out "friends only" narrative as you say might enjoy perks or just do it a s favor. Doing favors helps in this industry. Reward isn't necessarily immediate. Rankin wants to drum up interest for his part on the show so why not stick his beard in the lives of the most popular element of the show? Make sense? Chances are these two might just be friend and don't want rumors to override talent.

P2: spent the weekend of my personal time with another OPA friend watching promotional clips of previous seasons. Sam Heughan definitely was incoherent and uninterested in this round of promo. He could be: distrustful of Moore, jaded with OL, severely burned-out, falling-out with Cait or mystery reason. Certainly did more on promoting his teenage self, movie, companion, future career, anything else non OL related around town. Not much is known about him around town, FYI. His is very private.

Did not know you are the sensitive type :). Anyway, nice of you to come back. 

Re Rankin, I am still not buying that. He is a pretty decent actor and person (for me) until he jumped on the bandwagon of maligning fans/shippers at SDCC and mouthing off about other people’s private business in an interview that was suppose to be about him. Since his interview was a snooze and nobody in their right of mind would ship him and Sophie, he had to get cheap publicity? Something stinks. 

I get the part about rumors overriding talent. Totally plausible. But there are so many other actors, A listers at that, who do not have to keep yammering about their friendship with their costars. They also don’t haver every Tom, Dick and Harry talking about their friendship like these two. One would think theirs is the only notable friendship on earth at the rate they, their friends and the publications are going. 

As for privacy, isn’t it interesting that for someone who claims to be very private, he has no qualms with people in his orbit talking about his relationship, sexual orientation, and penis? Please clarify what you mean about “not much is known about him.”

Come back and tell us more about him being “incoherent and uninterested in this round of promo.” It is a contested interpretation around here.

  • Me: *scrolls through Amazon with family*
  • Me: Ooh, how about this- Lost City of Z?
  • Dad: Huh, seems good. Let's watch the trailer.
  • Me: Uh huh, uh huh...
  • TV: *shows leading actors*
  • Me: *Sees Tom Holland*
  • Me: *chokes*
  • Dad: Hey, isn't that Spider-Ma-

This is the last time I’m gonna talk about this but you’re WILD if you think Dove can control a show. Did it help that she was dating Thomas? Maybe. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s probably promotion for the D2 premiere over here. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Nobody is forcing you to. But if you don’t even watch the show, why do you care THAT much?

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  1. Nicknames: Dave, Super Dave, Dad and Pop
  2. Gender: male
  3. Star sign: Scorpio
  4. Height: 6’ 0"
  5. Time: 11:37 am CT
  6. Birthday: yes in November
  7. Favorite band: AC/DC
  8. Favorite solo artist: Phil Collins
  9. Song stuck in my head: Lowrider
  10. Last movie watched: Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone
  11. Last show watched: Leave it to Beaver. I’m a June Cleaver fan
  12. When did I start this blog: 3 years ago or so.
  13. What do I post: mind vomit
  14. Last thing I googled: hours of Barnes and Noble
  15. Why did you choose your URL? Scooter was my furry soulmate.
  16. # following: 231
  17. # of followers 247
  18. Favorite colors: blues, greens and rich reds
  19. Average hours of sleep: I like my 8
  20. Instruments I played: none well, I have no rhythm except for that.
  21. What am I wearing: gym shorts, T-shirt and docksiders
  22. How many blankets do I sleep with. One, never tucked.
  23. Favorite food: Tacos or burritos
  24. Nationality: half Swedish, quarter German and a quarter Irish
  25. Favorite song: Lagrange by ZZ Top

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Why don't you ship mikayuu??

Mun here~

Oh, that’s an easy one. Frankly, I don’t think the both of them are able to have this kind of relationship. Yes, the Anime made them look like they have those weirdly romantic moments in the worst scenarios possible with all of the random blushing and physical contact, but that appears to be more like fanservice to bait more people into watching the show rather than a basis for a romantic relationship.

The manga, on the other hand, is lacking all of those scenes and instead focuses on the story and its key elements. In there, the both of them are described and portrayed as incredibly close, however, the relationship is that of two brothers. They are comforting each other since they are family; in fact, Yuichiro is the only thing that ties Mika to his humanity, something he doesn’t want to let go of for it would transform him into the monster he so despises. It is far from love in my eyes, Mikaela is just dependant on Yuichiro because of that. Regarding Yuichiro, we have already seen that the concept of family is extremely important to him since he never had a real one as he was constantly abused by his mother before arriving in the orphanage. He would do anything to protect his family but has recently shown to favour Guren’s words over Mika’s advice. It just doesn’t seem like they have the chemistry or are actually capable of having a stable relationship.

Keep in mind that I do not want to upset any shippers with my opinion, though I want to be honest with all of my followers instead of lying to them. You can ship what you want as long as you don’t harass others because of such a petty thing.

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1. Nicknames: Leo, Lion (don’t call me that tho lo!) laurence, noodle

3. Star sign: Aquarius

4. Height:  6 ft

5. Time: 10:40 pm

6. Birthday: february 1st

7. Favourite Bands: beach house, beck, chvrches, the drums, deerhunter

8. Favourite solo artists: frank ocean, david bowie, tyler C, kendrick, solange

9. Song stuck in your head: the hours Beach house!

10. Last movie you watched: across the universe

11. Last show you watched: girl with the dragon tattoo

12. When did you create this blog: 2014??? can’t remember

13. When do you post: on mobile aytime anywhere

14. Last thing I googled: japanese prints!

15. Do you have any other blogs: just this one!

16. Do you get any asks: i have 1.5k in my inbox :0

17. Why did you choose your url: acuteboy was taken!

18. Following: 200+??

19. Followers: 15.1k

20. Favourite Colours: ORANGE, white, navy, red, lilac, blood orange

21. Average hours of sleep: 7 hours?

22. Lucky number: 2!

23. Instruments: none!:0

24. What am I wearing: adidas track pants and a oversized button down

25. How many blankets I sleep with: one duvet!

26. Dream job: freelance illustrator in galleries or design album covers/posters/etc along those lines

27. Dream trip: JAPAN, and also Greece

28. Favourite food: pad thai!

29. Nationality: american..sigh


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what if nerd boy! jaehyun got bitten by a badass vampire lee taeyong, but didn’t realize it,  so then they go around and keep misidentifying all the symptoms, like

“dude, you haven’t gone outside in a while.”
“yeah, last time I went out I got this wicked sunburn.”

“are you still up?”
“yeah, I started bing watching this show on netflix.”

“dude, I’m seriously craving something right now.”
“like what?”
“i dunno. pizza rolls?”

“why is it that you never come into my house unless I invite you?”
“hm, it’s called ‘being polite’…?”

“i tried cooking with garlic the other night and got this serious burn on my hand. i think I’m allergic, but all i’m getting on google is vampire bullshit.”

“dude can a mirror like… stop working or something?”

“dude, why do you keep posting pictures of the floor?”
“…those are meant to be selfies, i guess my camera must be broken.”

“dude, I am all for you expressing your religious beliefs, but could you not wear your crucifix when I’m around? it really bugs me for some reason.”

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Hello from the void! May the wifi gods be kind and let me post this!! As u can see here, I’ve been hanging out with @faunmoss again, being socially awkward, watching Rogue One, crying, eating worms … as one does. Normal friend stuff. 😎

We also watched The Lost Bladesman and an only slightly concerning amount of A:TLA episodes. I still don’t know why there’s no war in Ba Sing Se, but we did make it into season 2. I wholeheartedly approve of this show. 👌

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1. Nicknames: none

2. Gender: female

3. Star sign: aries

4. Height: 152cm/5′

5. Time: 22.25

6. Birthday: march 30

7. Favourite Bands: don’t really listen to bands

8. Favourite solo artists: Dean, Sik-k, Bewhy 

9. Song stuck in your head: Jomalone - summertime

10. Last movie you watched: can’t remember

11. Last show you watched: Criminal Minds

12. When did you create this blog: 2013

13. When do you post: when I feel like it

14. Last thing I googled: chocolate ball recipe

15. Do you have any other blogs: jupp, @jlbooty

16. Do you get any asks: sometimes, not often

17. Why did you choose your url: I wanted something related to Jimin and cute, chim: short for chimchim

18. Following: 811

19. Followers: 786

20. Favourite Colours: red, pink, orange

21. Average hours of sleep: 8h

22. Lucky number: 2

23. Instruments: guitar, lil bit drums och piano

24. What am I wearing: black sweatpants, a t-shirt and a hoodie

25. How many blankets I sleep with: one

26. Dream job: dunno tbh, I’m a bit lost atm…

27. Dream trip: Italy, Crete (Greece), South Korea, Japan

28. Favourite food: anything my mom cooks, burgers, cakes

29. Nationality: persian

30. Favourite song right now: BTS - DNA

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Why is Christian always live on FB when I'm out and don't have wifi?! AGHHHH

Aw…well, if you’re referring to Christian and Circe’s live show (with Nez as a special guest) last weekend, it’s still available to watch on FB (which fortunately archives live videos). You can watch it HERE. Also, a list of things that happened over the course of this show, for those curious:

- Nez’s ass facing the camera in yellow (sometimes blue) shorts

- Fart jokes from Nez (“Pull my finger!”)

- Un-Nez-cessary arm movements

- Weird facial expressions from Nez while sitting in the background

- Nez imitating Circe’s mom (Princess Gwen flashbacks, much?)

- Nez singing backing vocals in a high-pitched voice

- Nez wandering around oblivious, fixing cables/moving glasses/offering sound tips/otherwise fully being Papa Nez


- Christian being upstaged by his own dad in hilarious fashion, on multiple occasions

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You feel like the kind of fellow fan that'd be fun to watch a show with!!!!! Like it'd be really nice to watch an episode of Mob Psycho with you and chitchat over chips or something.

Anonymously message me what vibes I give off and why you think that

Awwwww this is really cute!!! I love sharing my favourite shows with people too, it’s so exciting. Generally I am very quiet when I watch something for the first time since I have to CONCENTRATE ON ALL THE THINGS but gosh when I’m done I love love love talking about everything and breaking things down and just gushing. If it’s not the first time for anyone then it’s easier to chat and squeal and chips would be very nice!

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Oh man, i know harneet's not that good with ishqbaaz but how come the writing hasn't gone too far (compared to ipk3 i mean) ishqbaaz has made questionable choices but its still a successful show, why do you think? Is there inner politics involved?

I have watched Ishqbaaaz (atleast the first 200 or so episodes) and the writing team’s work is pretty bad on that show too. So many loose ends, plot holes, unresolved story lines, logical fallacies etc. However, IB’s execution is much better.

This is a long list, but here’s why I think IPK’s shoddy writing has gotten far worse results than IB’s: 


  • IPKKND3′s original premise of mandir-khazaana was a non-starter. The 18-35 demographic is hardly going to relate to an ‘Ali Baba and the 40 thieves’ style story. If you’re selling a supernatural thriller, the day-to-day screenplay has to be laser sharp. Unfortunately for IPK, there was nothing gripping about khazaana tales. #snoozefest 
  • IB’s premise is a lot more relatable. 3 cousins, their family complications and romantic tribulations= easier sell. Even though the writing was hardly pathbreaking, pretty ho-hum even, the story was straightforward and easy to follow. 
  • The audience IPK lost in week 1, they never came back. The show’s premise, plot’s unrelatability, unengaging screenplay were key contributing factors. 

Female Lead 

  • Chandni started off as a Sanskrit shloka sprouting, mild mannered, docile heroine. I reckon the character that Harneet+Mrinal had originally written, didn’t connect with urban audiences. But instead of going back to the drawing board and coming up with an alternate sketch, IPK let Harneet wing it. Every single day, Chandni was written differently. There was no continuity between episodes! If the screenplay writer can’t channel the lead, then why are you even doing the job? Imagine if a singer changed their pitch 5 times during the course of a song. That’s what Harneet did with Chandni. 
  • This didn’t happen with Anika. She was a regular 20-something year old Mumbai girl who was easy to relate to. The writers didn’t have to muck around with the Anika they originally had on paper. Her character sketch has (mostly) remained consistent. 
  • You can’t have a successful daily soap plot with a female lead who’s written unevenly (confused, fickle). Given that the audience is predominantly female, the heroine is the character we’re looking to relate to. Without getting this pivotal character right, the show feels like an unbalanced equation. The chemistry just doesn’t work (pun intended). 

Timing & Execution 

  • Look, the male leads on these shows are/were garbage characters. They blackmailed their prospective spouses into getting married. One even kidnapped her younger brother. They both had GFs/fiancés while being married. For Christ’s sake, Shivaay thought Tia was pregnant with his kid, but had the audacity to go after Anika for Daksh? They slut-shamed their counterparts so, so bad.  Advay kept calling Chandni “characterless”, while simultaneously being engaged to two people. WTF. Both characters were written as chauvinistic assholes. Both were *unlikable* on paper.
  • But it’s all in the execution!  
  • With SSO (since ratings were steady), Harneet had more time to soften the character. It was gradual, more effective, nuanced. His character evolution was well executed.
  • With Advay, there was no evolution. Harneet wrote him angry on some days, contemplative on others. There was no arc. It was a haphazard mess.
  • PS: I do think the channel rushed the show, and the writers were pressured to speed up the narrative. 


  • IPK’s revenge-dark romance genre is not Harneet’s cup of tea. She really, really struggled to draw the line between the badtameezi/romance scenes during the initial stages. 
  • Harneet’s pretty good at rom-com scenes though. I’ll give her that. And she does a good job with that in IB. 
  • When the dark, brooding romance bit didn’t work in IPK, her fall back plan was to resort to rom-com IB-style (remember those poses? the kitchen romance?) It didn’t work in IPK though, because tonally it just didn’t fit with the big picture. 
  • If the writer commits to writing an intense romance, but can’t deliver the goods, that’s a PROBLEM. 


  • IPK was regressive AF. Whatever universe Mrinal created (and Harneet helped propagate), was garbage. They seriously expected urban women to be okay with the female lead being shamed for her own kidnapping? A mom selling her daughter for money? And the daughter putting up with it? If the storytelling is so backward, people are not going to buy into it.
  • I *think* IB keeps the whole “ladki ne muh kaala kar diya” BS to a minimum.
  • This matters more than we think actually. Trying to sell regressive ideas to a relatively progressive audience isn’t going to work (vice versa might). It’s like trying to sell non-vegetarian food to vegans.


  • Brass tacks, iss PYAAR ko kya naam doon is a romance. But we never got any. How crazy is that? This is Advay & Chandni’s arc: hostile introduction–> flirtation–> fleeting romance–> forced wedding stuff–> abandonment–> abuse–> acrimony–> cheating…
  • The leads barely got any romantic scenes together. So even though the actors were competent and had chemistry (they sure as hell did), we never fell in love with them because they never fell for each-other.
  • IB got its romance right. The writing was hackneyed, tropey AF (borrowed heavily from IPK1), but the actors and their chemistry got screen-time. And they delivered. 

Supporting Cast

  • Can you think of one supporting character that we grew to love in IPK? Maybe, Kajal maasi, but that too was brief.
  • IB has an awesome supporting cast. Rudra and Omkara are goals (something IPK never seriously explored with Advay and Veer). The daadi is meddlesome, but kind natured (IPK naani makes me want to blow my brains out on a daily basis). Jhanvi is a “cool” aunty (the maasis are all so catty and stereotypical). Anika-Shivaay-Sahil interactions are heartfelt (didn’t click with Advay-Chandni-Adi).
  • The writing for the supporting cast is a lot better in IB (characters are fleshed out, given screen time, good dialogues, endearing qualities). Also, Kunal and Leenesh are better actors and have stronger screen presence than Randeep and Ketaki. They manage to elevate ‘okay’ writing, which sadly didn’t happen in IPK.

These are a few areas I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure there’s more. 


Which do you prefer?

Just a little experiment:

Reblog if you think teenagers and adults can watch Disney movies.

 I was just told by a friend that I was “too old” to watch Tangled, and I’ll prove her wrong.


Heyah guys ! 

This one took me way too long to draw (and i’m not a huge fan of it. The drawings are really meh XD).

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