.what is that face even

So many weeks have passed since the start of Season 3 and I stll can’t get over how:

-Even was crushing on Isak so hard, how he literally looked at him, letting him know that he knew where Isak was sitting in the cafeteria.

-Then the first person he directly looked at in the Kosegruppa meeting was Isak again.

-How he lured him outside with a joint and proceeded to get to know him.

-How he literally showed his jealous side in hte first minutes of their meet! and destroyed Emma’s chance to be with Isak in a group by so obviously inserting himself, his fake smile screaming ‘Ha! I saw him first, back off’.

And Isak not realising ANY of it, even though it was so in-your-face obvious what Even’s intentions were. Ahhh, Isak, you oblivious, blushing, barely-looking-at-the-hot-third-year bean :)))


Third Wheelin’ with Jaha

will I ever do a proper clotheswap? probably not, but we can get this instead winks saeran covering BOTH shoulders, while seven seductively shows off his shoulder

part 1!

tbh u know what i hate: the whole idea that you can’t really be a fan of a celebrity if you call them out on stuff. like, if anything, i think it makes you just as much of a fan as everyone else because you’re recognizing them as a normal, human being who does dumb/shitty things like every other person in the world. & while its DAMN hard to admit that someone you admire isn’t perfect, its super important to be able to humanize them too.