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I learned like a year ago that fluffernutters are supposedly just a new england thing and that’s been hecking with me ever since then so pls reblog with where ur from and if u know what a fluffernutter is this is for science

Forever is such a beautiful thing but sadly, it is just a lie. Nothing is meant to last forever and that’s why I try and cherish every single moment with you. I know that one day we won’t be together anymore and the thought of that hurts, but it is inevitable. I think I love memories because they truly do last forever. They can get tainted and forgotten, but no matter what, it’s always hidden somewhere deep inside your heart. They can live on in books or even in other people. So what do you say, let’s make memories that will last forevermore.
—  And let’s just pretend forever does exist. Maybe not here, but somewhere. Maybe in that somewhere, we would last forever. I’d like to believe in that… // littlemissimaginary

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i kind of feel like the fact that Sana and Even knew each other and pretended not to is gonna hurt Isak more than whatever happened at bakka .. it's one thing to not be told an incident from the past but actively being lied to by your friend and boyfriend, that's gotta sting. also: we got to know sana as a no bullshit kinda gal, her immediate reaction to the possibility of W having a new gf was to tell Noora so kudos to her for respecting Evens wish to keep whatever happened a secret for so long

if you think this would’ve played out differently when this would’ve been a season about even…. it wouldn’t have

I’ve been testing out some new papers and just doodling to get myself back into the habit of drawing/coloring before i get to anything important…

And I also played unhealthy amounts of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

So. Expect a lot of ToT for a while. LOLOL

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Your writing is so cool! Love it! may I request some hc for McCree, Hanzo, Genji (separately) to cheer their s/o up? Their so is kinda down and unconfident about their future and ability to do things well(some sort of depression). I'm suffering from depression right now...Thank you!


  • He’ll put his hat on your head
    • Smiling at you
    • “What’s wrong puddin’?”
  • You confess you don’t know what you’re doing
    • Where you’ll go
    • Or if you’d even be good at it
  • He thinks about it for a moment
    • Before pulling you close
    • He reminds you that he’ll be there for you through this
    • Helping you every step of the way


  • He doesn’t even know what he’s doing for the future
    • Having just been along for the ride
    • He hadn’t thought about what he was going to do for a while
  • He’ll confess he feels just as lost sometimes
    • Holding your hand as he looks you in the eyes
    • But it wasn’t all that bad
  • He found you along the ride
    • And he has no intention of leaving you
    • He’ll help you through your future
    • Wanting to see what you can do


  • He has to think about it for a moment
    • Making sure his words are perfect
    • His eyes closed
  • He’ll eventually just take your hands
    • gently rubbing them
    • As he hums
  • Life isn’t something that can be planned well, he says
    • Things happen and you have to be prepared for that
    • But there’s the people around you who can help
    • Such as himself

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Hii! I'm a baby witch and maybe this is a very stupid question but does it matter if the candles are scented candles? Or do they have to be like normal candles? And, where can I find herbs? 😅 Sorry, i'm very new to all of this. Thank you!💙🌠

Hi! Don’t worry about asking questions :’) No need to be sorry, it’s not stupid at all. It doesn’t matter if the candles are scented! That could even be useful for what you’re doing (if you are doing a spell for self love and the candles are rose scented for example) but you’re A OK to use them for anything. You can find herbs in lots of places! Herbs like rosemary, sage, thyme and also stuff like pink/himalayan salt can be found in supermarkets in the spice section! They can also be found at food markets and in planted form in florists. Additionally you can find some herbs in tea such as jasmine and chamomile. Just rip open the bag and you’re good to go.

Good luck in your journey!

though i appreciate the aesthetic™ of not putting your name in your bio, i do hope this phase passes, because i find it much easier to just click on the blog to learn their name instead of clicking through 5 different links and seeing all 15 of your sideblogs and what you like to do on tuesday nights (even though i’m sure it’s lovely) before knowing what to address you

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White Horse

perfect song on a perfect album KAJSDFNKJGF i am literally going to kms i can’t deal with these throwbacks DO YOU EVEN REALISE HOW TALENTED SHE WAS LOOK WHAT SHE WAS DOING WHEN SHE WAS 18??? WHO ELSE IS OUT THERE RIGHT NOW AT 18 DOING SHIT LIKE THIS???? NOBODY IS THE ANSWER 

what is taylor swift’s most well written song? let’s have a discussion

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What did you even do to Zeru haha

She said “ur fav is problematic” bc she fell down the same stairs twice and I said “who said you’re my fav”,I said I was kidding

Sometimes, I feel like… I’m not for this. Like… I’m not for something either. That nothing is for me. That I am not for this world.

I mean, I may appear so strong, I may sound so tough but my heart is too fragile and it’s really hard to live this life when you notice everything. It’s hard when you care.

I don’t even know what to do.
Or every time I am doing something, it doesn’t seem to interest me.

I know, these shouldn’t bother me, but these? These sucks. I tried not to care but these are some of the realities that we tend to live and see everyday;

Society’s Standards of Beauty
Yes, I admit. I am not qualified to that bullshit. And everything seems to fall on that shit. From courtship to friendship and even at work. Like, you’re easier to love when you got that looks. Everyone likes you and wants to be with you. Everyone is dying for your time and attention. Everyone is interested about you. (Kaya ang daming poser eh. Kasi kapag gumamit sila ng ibang mukha na pasok sa bullshit na SSB na ‘yan, they’re getting this attention they don’t usually get when they are using their own identity. For example, a person may be good in singing or dancing or playing a guitar or he may be so intelligent but even if you have this qualities, kung hindi ka gwapo or maganda, hindi ka naman papansinin. Unlike when you have those qualities plus you do have a pretty face, people will like you automatically. Ang nakakatawa pa, kapag tinanong mo anong nagustuhan nila sa taong yon, they will be like, “Oh, nagustuhan ko siya not because he is gwapo but because he is so witty and talented and good at this and good at that, etc.”) I just hate how we always say that beauty comes from within but then, when a person isn’t good looking, we aren’t interested anymore to know what’s within.

Not a surprise anymore. When you have money, you have powers. And when you don’t have, people will say that you should work harder, but even when you do, you’ll still stay in that crappy position doing your crappy job with your toxic bosses. Alam mo yung nasa Pilipinas ka, nasa sarili mong bansa ka, pero you’re serving other nationalities parin. Tapos these people degrades you pa. Ewan ko, siguro mulat na mulat lang ako sa bagay na’to kasi nasa hospitality industry kaming magkakaibigan. Like, when you’re like me, who has a fragile heart, di mo kakayanin yung ibang trato nila satin, or should I say, sa Pilipinas.

Insensitive People
I hate it when you try to be sensitive about other people might feel so you choose the right words but then these people are like guns and bombs when it comes to you. Like, world, do I really deserve this treatment?

At marami pang iba. But really, it sucks to live life with the world’s finest bullshits.

ok so this is how were playing right?
where going to play this game like you play 2k only in real life right?
I’m going to pretend that I’m your girl & you’re going to say that I’m your girl.
yet, you never text me. I only hear from
you twice a day. the only other time I hear from you is at night.
what am I some type of phone booty call? does that even exist?
I mean there is a such thing as phone sex, but you know we never do that.

I’m confused to why you say I act crazy. I’m too emotionally unstable for you, you say.
however you do these things that typically would drive me crazy.
and if I act too calm you wonder what’s wrong. I mean which one do you want do you want the storm of do you want the sun?
do you even know what you want?
see maybe you’re just too confusing for me.
maybe you’re not stable enough for me.
maybe this thing was never going to work from the beginning. maybe I wanted to try something different. and I guess you can say I did. but you know I don’t have no tolerance for bullshit.

so… let me end this with saying this to you.
love is something that cannot be played with. it is something that is real & long lasting. it is on a line that you cannot just cut anytime you feel like it.
you cannot just pull on it anytime you feel like it. you’re supposed to let it grow.
you’re supposed to let it stay in one line. and that one line is supposed to connect to two hearts.
those two hearts are supposed to
connect to me and u.
I’m tired of feeling like I have to wait for u to call me.
how bout you wait for me to call u?
how bout you wait on that line forever.
how bout I let you go and let you know.
In that same fucking note.
so back to you saying I’m unstable with
how I feel. this is the most Stablest thing I’ve ever done.
how bout I tell u that I am done.

—  shipoetry//a breakup text never sent



We as a community love you and support you no matter what as we have shown with how we responded to your recent late night vlog.


You said in your ONI livestream that you wanted someone to compile a list of some of the games people wanted you to play.


I started it back in January of 2016. It has over 6 pages of various games. SIX PAGES!

And I realize that you get thousands of messages. Emails and posts just thrown at you. But I still try..

I have made a Google Doc. Shared with your gmail (both markiplier and markipliergame) and I would post the link here but honestly… I put some more personal stuff on there… ANYWHo 


-Go to your google drive

-Get to the search bar

-Look up “Markiplier Master Game Suggestions List”

-Click it 



I do try to add more games when I can and some games are kinda old but still.

If you do see this, please give me some kind of signal?? Write on the doc, send me an ask, anything.