.well the ceo at least

- it’s almost like some sort of alternate reality.

- And in this reality Bruce Wayne, is just Bruce Wayne.

- He’s a charming man, and a devoted CEO, but above all he’s your father.

- Well your biological father at least, because of the way his parents passed away, he still has a soft spot for young individuals touched with tragedy.

- “ (Y/N), this is Dick, he’s going to stay with us for a while.”

- “It’s really nice to meet you! I hope we can be friends!”

- You’re just the best part of everyone’s life.

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Zelda waded through the throng of rival companies and many looked on at her with envy, anger, or lust. She was the youngest CEO to take over a multi-trillion company. Well at least to her knowledge. She held a bored and passive look on her face, and she gave respect to people who spoke to her, her only desire was to leave so she may resume her work on a new project.