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What We Are

This is a short post-Chimera thing I came up with while watching the episode. Written quickly, on my phone, but I had to get it out.

Mulder’s phone blinks excitedly as soon as he lands in Washington D.C. There is only person he wants to hear from right now, wants to be with even more urgently; Scully. He grins as he leaves the airport, listening to her voice. If he wants to see her, her message says, he’ll have to come to her apartment. She needs her bed, her bath, her apartment. And, she reminds him, to use his key. Who knows what she’ll do to him if he interrupts her bath, or sleep, after ditching her. Once again.

The apartment is dark and quiet when he steps inside. He takes off his shoes, his jacket, and lets his small bag fall down with a thud next to the couch. His tie comes off on his way to the bedroom, he’ll pick it up some other time, and he opens button after button of his dress shirt. Mulder only stops when he sees Scully sprawled on her bed. She’s closed the blinds, but not completely, and a few rays of light struggle through, bathing the room in a soft orange. Undressing quickly, he leaves on his shirt and boxers, and then joins her in the bed, careful not to wake her. She is breathing deeply, fast sleep. Her face is turned away from him and so he rests there, watching over her. He’s missed her. So much. On his way home, he couldn’t help but think. About her, about their relationship. What are we, Scully? Are you my significant other after all? She must be, he thinks, because she is his everything. As if hearing his inner monologue, she turns around. She smiles before she even opens her eyes.

“Hey. You’re home.” Her voice is raspy, tired. He nods, leans over, and gently kisses her nose. Earlier, he couldn’t wait to tell her all about the case, about Ellen, about what he saw, experienced. Now, all he can think of is how much he missed her smile, her raised eyebrows, her sceptical expression, her brilliant thoughts. All of her. The way she steps into his personal space, and how she never minds when he completely hijacks hers.

“Lost your voice in Vermont?”

“No,” he chuckles, letting his fingers trace her face, her throat as if reacquainting himself with her, “I was just thinking.”

“About what?” She lets her eyes drift close again, sighing happily when his fingers become bolder, keep wandering without ever losing their gentle touch.

“That surburban lifestyle.”

“You hate it.” There is no question in her voice, neither are there expectations or disappointment. Just a statment, readily served to him, to be proven right or wrong.

“I don’t - I didn’t - hate it. It’s not…” he wants to say it’s not him, but that’s only half the truth; it’s not them. Though if Scully wanted to play housewife, raise a dog or two with him, maybe consider adoption once they worked normal hours and jobs, he’d be down for it. Right here, right now. Significant other or not, he’s hers for life, and he’ll follow her. Even to the dullest suburb.

“Mulder, I hope you don’t expect me to cook for you.”

“Actually I thought I could cook something for you.” He tells her pressing a kiss against her lips. She opens one eye, narrows it, closes it again.

“Hm, first let me sleep another hour or ten. You do owe me after leaving me all alone there.”

“You’re right, Scully,” he kisses her again, lazily, as part of his penance, “You’ll see. I can cook, you know.” She already picks up after him. It’s about time he does something for her. She doesn’t reply and it’s only then that he realizes she’s asleep again. He kisses her cheek, softly, before he cuddles close to her, giving in to his own exhaustion.

I had the absolute joy of commisioning @hansaera and would you look at this masterpiece she made of my Galain? You are such a wonderful person and talented artist, I can’t stop staring!!!

Thank you!🌹

tlordgaming  asked:

I just realized we have Asriels counterpart with Toriel being a goth in the past, Frisks counterpart with Alphys, but no Counterpart to chara, so I ask this....WAS SANS A HIPSTER WHEN HE WAS YOUNGER, and if so can I have some pics = )

Heres a fun fact about Chara not having a counter part!

Remember that Chara died like years before Frisk fell down? Imagine like you die in like (just an example) 1980′s where phones are still bad and like people only have SNES and stuff which in your mind is hella amazing and its still fresh in your memory.

but then you wake up in a different world where you have touchscreens and totally different fashion , different everything. I feel like Chara is someone who will cling to that past a bit longer than usual owo

whichwhycharahasthatphase ))


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