.wah anon i hope you like it


Thank you, crazy-handclap-anon! ^_^ Oh I probably won’t do another kissing animation, I’ve done that and it would be boring to do again. Actually, I won’t do any time-consuming character animation for now – I want to get better at drawing in general before I focus on something even more challenging. Foundations first!

But I recently got into animated, atmospheric backgrounds, so I wanna give that a try! That means I might add a little rustling leaves, moving clouds, and hair flowing in the wind.

Name-anon! ^_^ Haha you really noticed that. Well I’m hoping you guys might come back around and that way I’ll recognize you <3

@themightylemon WAH THANK YOU! :’))

Wait lemme check real quick.

UHM. No seems like I don’t have any drawings of those two, I’m awfully sorry. Really. There’s none.

BTS Reaction #9 - You want to dress up in couples cosplay with them

Taehyung: *is ecstatic that you asked and he didn’t have to ask you*

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Jungkook: “CAN WE BE *insert anime couple’s names here*?!? WE WOULD LOOK SO FIERCE!”

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Jimin: “Babe!! We would be SO CUTE in couple’s cosplay!!! This is the best idea that you’ve ever had!” *please ignore subtitle*

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Namjoon: *chuckles* “You know what? That’s actually a really cute idea.”

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Hoseok: “Wah~ jagi you put a lot of thought into making the cosplay costumes didn’t you?? How could I say no to you after that?? Especially since this means we get to spend more time together!”

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Seokjin: “Can we be that couple from the baking anime?? Please, please, pleasseeee?” *aegyo*

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Yoongi: “As long as we’re a badass couple like from attack on titan or fairy tale then I’m fine with it.”

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REQUESTED BY MAH BAE TAETAE ANON! <3 I hope you liked it sweetie!!!

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HEY KEL who are some artists who have inspired your art style one way or another?? also what cons will you be attending in sg this year??

OMG I have so many inspirations tbh so i’m not too good at picking out which one has influenced my style directly??? UmM some artists I LOVE TO DEATH THO are REI, L1ng, JC LEYENDECKER, Dian MZ, Onorobo, James Jean, Akihiko Yoshida, Milkmanner, Paul felix, Annaxiin,sara, Hwei, Nozmo, Phil Noto, Junji Itou, Naoki Urasawa! There’s a longer list on my main blog (it’s very very long and still updating)

As for cons I’ll be at cosfest and EOY (maybe)!  

MORE ASKS UNDER CUT it’s v long im sorry

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EXO Reaction when you give them a genuine smile for the first time

Hello~ I am doing lovely, thank you so much for asking~ To be honest, this was one of my favorite requests that i received. But that doesn’t mean i didn’t like the others! I love fulfilling ALL requests. I hope you enjoy my work, lovely anon.


Baekhyun: Wah, look at that smile! Did i do that? *proud*


Chanyeol: You’re smile is prettier than mine, how is this possible?


D.O: *shocked* Can’t you smile like that everyday? 


Suho: *can’t stop stariing at you* *starts to tear up* *speechless*


Sehun: *stares* I didn’t know you’re face could do that.


Luhan: Is that a real smile i see?


Chen: *laughs* You look so weird *but actually he’s ecstatic*


Xiumin: That’s my jagi. *proud*


Kris: C’mon jagi, you have to do better than that. *jokes*


Kai: *can’t stop smiling*


Tao: You’re cute. *mumbles* But i’m cuter.


Lay: *completely frozen and mesmerized*