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Castiel works as a teller at his local bank, and Dean is a new mystery customer that brings in a wad of cash and crumpled singles once a week to deposit into his account.

Working as a bank teller was definitely a unique and interesting experience - and one that Castiel generally enjoyed.

Of course, there were always the customers that raised hell when they walked through the door, complaining about incorrect overdraft fees or loan interests, but for the most part, the people were pleasant and Castiel didn’t mind plastering a smile onto his face for five or six hours at a time.

He and the other tellers had their favorite customers that they always talked about, whether for the entertainment factor, or because they genuinely liked them.

There was the nice old woman who always updated the teller on her grandson’s theater career; the middle aged man who generally arrived drunk and so sure that he was a millionaire even though he wasn’t; the college-aged girl who came in with a different hair color every time; and a younger man who kept trying to convince the teller that he was haunted.

Yes, Castiel was sure that he’d seen it all - and then one day, Dean Winchester came through his line.

The moment Castiel looked up as the new face approached the counter, he was thrown off. Sandy and deliberately coiffed hair framed a perfectly symmetrical face that he was sure he’d seen on a famous statue in some museum or another. Soft green eyes blinked at him with an even softer smile as he leaned forward against the counter and tilted his head.

“Hey,” the man said, his voice almost as smooth as the marble his arms were resting against.

“Hello.” Castiel cleared his throat and smiled, praying to God that it looked natural. “How can I help you today, sir?”

The man pulled out his ID and slid it across the counter.

Dean Winchester, it read.

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pl ease do 32 for the writing prompt

Sure thing my friend! - reader has periods, period mentions

A Friend indeed

“Supply and demand sweetheart,” the store clerk shrugs, and you raise an eyebrow that should send alarm bells ringing in his head.

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“And she arrives,” Tattletale crowed, “Pay up.”

Hah! Of course they were betting!

Regent’s scowl deepened for a second, and he fished in his pocket for a wad of bills, which he forked over to Tattletale.

“You bet on whether I would show up?” I ventured.

“We bet on whether you would come in costume,” Tattletale told me.  Then, more to Regent than to me, she said, “and I won.”

“Again,” Regent muttered.

Hehe, I’m already loving this.

And hey, this ought to show Taylor that they don’t mind that she prefers to come in costume. Or, well, Regent minds, but only because he lost.

“It’s your own fault for taking the bet in the first place,” Grue said, “Even if it wasn’t Tattle, it was a sucker bet.  Showing up in costume makes too much sense.  It’s what I would do.”

“Even if it wasn’t Tattle”

More evidence that her power involves not only knowledge she shouldn’t normally have, but likely also knowledge of things that haven’t happened yet.

Although I guess she might’ve just known that Taylor was on her way with the costume underneath her normal clothes. It’s still very unclear just where her limits lie.

He had a nice voice.  It was an adult voice, even if his appearance gave me the sense of a guy in his late teens.

He is rather tall. Probably finished his growth, and a body like an adult should yield a voice like an adult.

what if lance talks to the space mice the same way allura does

maybe he doesn’t understand them the same way she does but that’s ok, they understand him

what if he talks about his day or his thoughts with them when everyone else is too busy to listen

what if he gives them names but only ones they approve of

what if the names are his family members so it both hurts and makes his feel better when he calls them

what if on days lance doesn’t feel like talking to anyone they sense it and just nuzzle into his cheek and neck to give him some comfort

what if when he still feels sad the mice put a little show for him to lift his spirits like cartwheeling on his bed or jumping over each other

what if he gives them a watery laugh and gently scratches their heads and bellies in thanks, only crying a little

what if there are days these little mice are the only ones that make him feel loved?

I pewnego dnia poznasz kogoś, kogo nie będziesz musiała prosić o uwagę. Kogoś,kto będzie Cię słuchał nawet wtedy, kiedy nie będziesz prosić. Kogoś, kto powie Ci,że jesteś najpiękniejsza,gdy dla innych będziesz paskudna. Kogoś,kto zostanie z Tobą pomimo Twoich wad.

I like the idea of literal dad 76 

Hana spends most of the argument asking whether or not he remembered to pack the cosmic brownies again.(He didn’t)   Also there might be an unofficial helipad on the roof.

Map20: Escape from UAC space base by burabojunior

Japanese Community Project Cacowards入賞したね。メンバーの皆さんお疲れ様!&CREDITしにいこう。


Może i często się kłócimy. Może i nie zawsze jesteśmy w stosunku do siebie fair. Może i nie raz przesadzamy. Może wytykamy sobie za dużo wad, może i czasem mamy siebie dość. Ale ważne, że wiemy ile dla siebie znaczymy. Bo nawet, jeśli myślimy, że to już koniec, zawsze, ale to zawsze tęsknimy, żałujemy i kochamy. I nie wyobrażam sobie, że pewnego dnia, miałoby Cię zabraknąć.