what if lance talks to the space mice the same way allura does

maybe he doesn’t understand them the same way she does but that’s ok, they understand him

what if he talks about his day or his thoughts with them when everyone else is too busy to listen

what if he gives them names but only ones they approve of

what if the names are his family members so it both hurts and makes his feel better when he calls them

what if on days lance doesn’t feel like talking to anyone they sense it and just nuzzle into his cheek and neck to give him some comfort

what if when he still feels sad the mice put a little show for him to lift his spirits like cartwheeling on his bed or jumping over each other

what if he gives them a watery laugh and gently scratches their heads and bellies in thanks, only crying a little

what if there are days these little mice are the only ones that make him feel loved?

All those anti tech ‘anti millennial’ things

The cell phone lines collapsed but the data networks worked. People trapped under the rubble were able to ask for help because they had cellphones to ask for help and report their status.

Social media helped to find people and reunite families. Apps helped people to their homes through business opening their internet lines, people sharing their wifi lines, phone companies opening up their networks so people could communicate.

32 years ago more than 3000 people died, survivors some times spent days before they could be found and although my country and my city were so heavily hit by two simultaneous quakes…the death toll is significantly less so.

Every lost life is a tragedy but without preparation and without taking advantage of technology it could have been much worse…and for that i am thankful.

Ravenclaw: Are you okay?

Slytherin: Yeah. I’m okay. I’m


Slytherin: I’m just… Also kind

of scared.

Ravenclaw: Scared?

Slytherin: Everyone I care about

always ends up leaving me.

Ravenclaw: Don’t worry about that.

I’m not going anywhere.

Slytherin: *closes eyes* I hope


Ravenclaw: *kisses Slytherin* You

don’t have to hope.

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: In the book of your life there is a hole burned in this page.

Taurus: There are no birds in your neighborhood anymore. Technically now they’re all one bird now.

Gemini: Reach high enough and you will find new empty depths. Ever upwards little thing.

Cancer: If you want someone to listen while you talk, serve food. Fuck formality, leave friends.

Leo: Even gods get sick of ambrosia and nectar.

Virgo: Tonight you will attempt to summon hells army and accidentally invoke hells bowling team. You will have a wonderful evening and meet up every other Friday.

Libra: No horoscope today. Just a big wad of string that the stars gave me.

Scorpio: Goddamit Goddamit shut the fuck up and tell a story.

Ophiuchus: Pills actually contain tiny crickets that have medical degrees. They fix you up from the inside out.

Sagittarius: Today you may round a corner to see an extremely skinny humanoid figure chugging a jug of orange juice like they haven’t eaten in days. Let him enjoy his juice.

Capricorn: If you are given a microphone, the last thing you should do is whisper.

Aquarius: Take a chance. Take all the chances. Equally redistribute the concept of luck amongst the people.

Pisces: Eat a raw fish like your razor toothed ancestors did. Do not break eye contact with the cop as you do this.


I like the idea of literal dad 76 

Hana spends most of the argument asking whether or not he remembered to pack the cosmic brownies again.(He didn’t)   Also there might be an unofficial helipad on the roof.