Ever gotten together a huge wad of dough or clay and carefully molded it into a sock puppet that you talked to for hours on end until it stole your name and firstborn? No? Well now you can, with Aetheriomancy!

Aetheriomancy is the school of magic covering everything from summoning to communing to dreams. Essentially, anything involving a hole between here and somewhere else. Consider the previous metaphor but instead of dough or clay, aetheriomancers mold the space between worlds. This is called many things, but for simplicity I will call it aether.

Aether is a delicate thing to work with so any practitioner who wants to get their aetheriomance on needs to be good with the sensitive ends of magic. Void-weavers tend to be those who have an in-born sensitivity to the arcane but this can be practiced with the right teacher.

Personally, anyone interested in Aetheriomancy should practice with as many aids as possible. A circle to keep your workspace sterile, any ammount of foci you feel you need, and as many pre-ritual cleansing as possible. If there was a non-arcane equivalent to heavy duty aetherworking it would be surgery. 

Some of the most common forms of Aetheriomancy are seances, scrying, minor summonings, communication with spirits, even low level illusion magic. It is the easiest form of magic to practice but also the most difficult to get started on, due to its high requirements of sensitivity and precision.

Do not attempt any sort of psychic magic. Most likely you will be a bull in a china shop and run the serious risk of causing permanent damage.  

Compiled from the caretakers notes

honestly emmerdale gave No Time for aaron to breathe. like jesus he was betrayed in the worse way and they have him forgive robert within an episode ??? how is one session with your counselor suppose to make you forgive someone that just made one of your worst fears come true ?!  and then you have robert all on him and kissing him and fuck give the man space! you could tell by the time he met to talk to rebecca he was ready to explode, like yes i know he kinda walked away from robert again today but according to spoilers hes all ready softening toward robert again come monday. let aaron be angry, let him be hurt, let him get support from his family, let him get support from adam (let adam get support from him👀👀👀 but thats for a whole other post, im still bitter about bartsy) let him go to more counselling sessions, let him get some of his independence back, let him learn to grow on his fucking own. emmerdale literally isolated aaron to just robert and now aaron is clinging onto him for dear fuckin life because robert didnt leave and for aaron thats all that matters, no matter how many times robert hurt him and probably continue to hurt him aaron will stay with him. let aaron grow within himself for himself.

Alien: Covenant

Michael Fassbender has a ton of chemistry with himself, and even kisses himself on the mouth at one point after whispering, “Nobody will love you like I do”, so I’m giving this movie a solid A, despite the fact that the premise is fucking stupid. (Duh we’re gonna go completely against any and every safety regulation to visit a planet we know next to nothing about. Is the air even breathable? We don’t fucking know, but who needs helmets????)

The gore was fun, too. My favorite part was an alien fetus shooting out of one dude’s spine like a wet wad of paper out of a straw.

Katherine Waterson is cute. Not hot. Cute. (Only Ripley is allowed to be hot in the Alien franchise) I also appreciate her casual use of the word fuck everytime something scary happened.

anonymous asked:

What if you Kav prank called your grandpa to say that you have finally decided to joint he marines?

// How cruel of you anon; to suggest such a thing but ok

Kav: “Like, yeah, and I’ve decided that I want to be a marine - I’m so tired of relying on all these asshole who have huge cash wads…”

Garp: “Is that you,Kav? Where in the hell have you been?”

Kav: “Gramps, I’m being completely serious right now! I wanna join the marines.”

Garp: “…”

Kav: “You know, I thought he be real excited to hear those words once more but…

It didn’t turn out just as you would have thought it would, anon…

My gramps told me I was a good-for-nothing and had no means or resolve of being a marine, ever.

It stung.

But I know my grandfather will enough to know, that even saying those words… The act of thinking like so, I’m a dolt for even disgracing the love of my life by even saying those words.”

Anon… you have a such good sense of humor.”

what if lance talks to the space mice the same way allura does

maybe he doesn’t understand them the same way she does but that’s ok, they understand him

what if he talks about his day or his thoughts with them when everyone else is too busy to listen

what if he gives them names but only ones they approve of

what if the names are his family members so it both hurts and makes his feel better when he calls them

what if on days lance doesn’t feel like talking to anyone they sense it and just nuzzle into his cheek and neck to give him some comfort

what if when he still feels sad the mice put a little show for him to lift his spirits like cartwheeling on his bed or jumping over each other

what if he gives them a watery laugh and gently scratches their heads and bellies in thanks, only crying a little

what if there are days these little mice are the only ones that make him feel loved?

What if they sent Wad instead to deal with Prem on the second round of “Catch the Flag” day? (S-ORDER-T-U-S)

Wad: P’Prem, can we get the flag please? *insert shy face*

Prem: *flutters* Uh..umm…sure. *in a small voice* And take my heart too. 

Freshmen: ………

Juniors: ………

Arthit: PREMMMMM!!!

A little Side project that i’m making, its called doomcent.  You basically fly around and kill evil robots and destroy the core after each level.

So far I made an enemy in blender and turned it into sprites and gave it a placeholder attack to see how it looked in action.  The hud is still a wip.

Later ill see if i can add rockets as an alt fire.

Harry Potter can’t sleep (and neither can Draco Malfoy)

prompt: pillow covers (thanks @miniemcgee)

Fuck this, Harry thinks, listening to the rustle of Malfoy’s sheets as the insufferable git rolls over for what has to be the fifth time in as many minutes. And fuck McGonagall for assigning Draco Malfoy, of all people, to be his roommate. No wait, Harry immediately takes this back. Even in his internal monologue he isn’t comfortable disrespecting McGonagall.

Still Malfoy is a nightmare to dorm with. Merlin, Harry would much rather be having a nightmare – at least then he’d actually be sleeping! Malfoy tosses and turns all night. He gets up and visits the bathroom two-three times every night. What, does he have a bladder the size of a peanut? It’s ridiculous.

All Harry wants is to sleep. All Malfoy seems to do every night is make as much noise as possible. Harry mentions it to Ron once at breakfast. Even though all the eight years have been given new shared “houseless” dorms, thankfully they’re still allowed to sit at their house tables. Harry is incredibly grateful for this. It’s bad enough staying awake all night listening to Malfoy, he’d hate to have to put up with him in the daylight as well.

“What the bloody hell are you talking about?” Ron asks.

“He makes noises, Ron, in his bed. All night!” Harry explains, desperate for someone to understand his frustration. It’s constant, night after night. Rustle rustle rustle.

Ron looks at Harry like he’s lost his mind, a faint blush on his cheeks. Harry doesn’t bring it up again.

Draco is tired. So very tired. He can’t remember ever not feeling tired. It’s been so long since he’s been able to really sleep. At least two years, maybe more. Probably more. He thought things would change after the Battle of Hogwarts. That Voldemort’s death would give him peace. But it hasn’t. Nothing seems to. He doubts anything ever will.

Every night it’s the same. He lies in bed desperately willing himself to sleep, for his body to give in and relax. But the relaxation never comes. Sure he gets bits of rest here and there but it’s always fleeting, never enough. The morning takes a lifetime to arrive and yet, somehow, it’s always too soon.

Tonight he studies late in the library. He pushes himself to remain for as long as possible. What’s the point in going to bed anyway? Finally the exhaustion becomes too much for him and he heads back to the dorm, all the while knowing the exhaustion isn’t enough to grant him sleep. It never is.

His dorm is dark. Potter must already be in bed. He is surprised by how early all the eighth years go to bed. In Slytherin lights out was always well after midnight. Unfortunately, not many others from Slytherin have returned to Hogwarts to back him up on this. So everyone seems to retire by 10pm every night.

He stumbles around the dark room, trying to be quiet, his arm reaching out in front of him searching for his bed pole to grasp, while his eyes adjust. There. Using the bed post as a guide, he lets himself fall into bed.

Ah. His body crumples inwards, pleased. It takes all Draco’s determination to keep his body upright throughout the day when all he wants to do is collapse. His body craves for sleep all day and then when he finally gets to bed, nothing. Yet another restless night.

Except today something feels different. His pillow is softer somehow, his blanket warmer. There’s something else too.  A strong, commanding scent he’s never noticed before. He breathes in deeply and lets it wash over him. Grapefruit. Honey. Ginger. It’s comforting. And familiar. He takes another breath. And another. His eyes close.

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Może i często się kłócimy. Może i nie zawsze jesteśmy w stosunku do siebie fair. Może i nie raz przesadzamy. Może wytykamy sobie za dużo wad, może i czasem mamy siebie dość. Ale ważne, że wiemy ile dla siebie znaczymy. Bo nawet, jeśli myślimy, że to już koniec, zawsze, ale to zawsze tęsknimy, żałujemy i kochamy. I nie wyobrażam sobie, że pewnego dnia, miałoby Cię zabraknąć.