A Tribute to Ty Halderman

Doom II - 2016 - by Michael Jan Krizik aka “valkiriforce”

Some Doom authors decided to tribute Ty Halderman, who passed away in 2015, as part of THT: Threnody. valkiriforce went it on his own, though, and made his own level, taking the place of Halderman’s own “Starhenge” in Icarus: Alien Vanguard. It’s also sort of a composite of homages to several of Halderman’s own levels, including but not limited to “Starhenge”. Maybe it’ll be a walk down memory lane if you’re familiar with the material, or maybe it’ll convince you to finally give those blamed TNT megaWADs a shot. All I know for sure is that Ty is missed.


JemmaLance Actual Siblings AU Headcannons
  • Jemma’s nickname when she was little was cricket, which Hunter then shortened to Crick and continues to use more than her actual name even though she’s 25. 
  • Bobbi picked up the habit from Hunter when they were married, so to everyone else she’s Dr. Jemma Simmons and to Bobbi and Hunter she’s Crick. 
  • Despite being nine years apart, they are The Most Competitive. When it comes to Hunter, Jemma’s always like I will take you DOWN, no matter what it is. Shots. Scrabble. Mario Kart. Throwing wadded-up paper into a trashcan. 
  • And it’s funny because Jemma is smol and clearly cannot arm wrestle him but that never stops her from trying, and Hunter is ruthless but also she’s his baby sister, so whenever he’s winning there’s this clear inner turmoil in all his expressions as his desire to destroy his ultimate rival wars with his instinct to do whatever will make her happy. 
  • Hunter tries to be chill and keep out of her business, but his true self is really nosy and wants to know everything, and when it comes to her safety he’s a Mama Bear. 
  • This leads to some tension when they first start living and working together because Hunter hovers whenever she’s in the field. 
  • She is very Done patching up all the injuries he gets from doing stupid things, but the minute anything  mildly serious happens she wigs out. 
  • When they’re talking to each other they get much more British, especially when they’ve had a few or are emotional.
  • Fitz is usually called upon for translations when this happens. 
  • Hunter is much more adept at getting her into ‘bad girl shenanigans’ than Skye. 
  • No one believes him when he claims most of the trouble they get into is her idea. (It’s actually more of a 50-50 breakdown, but no one believes that either)
  • Bobbi might’ve divorced Hunter, but she kept Jemma as a sister and is about as overprotective as Hunter. At first it’s the one area where they’re a united force. 
  • It irks Hunter to no end that Jemma tells Bobbi more about what’s going on in her life than she tells him. 
  • Whenever she falls asleep in the lounge or is practically asleep on her feet in the lab, he just sort of scoops her up and carries her to her bunk. 
  • People think he only stayed with Shield for Bobbi, but when it came down to it, he stayed because of Jemma. 

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I like the idea of literal dad 76 

Hana spends most of the argument asking whether or not he remembered to pack the cosmic brownies again.(He didn’t)   Also there might be an unofficial helipad on the roof.

Może i często się kłócimy. Może i nie zawsze jesteśmy w stosunku do siebie fair. Może i nie raz przesadzamy. Może wytykamy sobie za dużo wad, może i czasem mamy siebie dość. Ale ważne, że wiemy ile dla siebie znaczymy. Bo nawet, jeśli myślimy, że to już koniec, zawsze, ale to zawsze tęsknimy, żałujemy i kochamy. I nie wyobrażam sobie, że pewnego dnia, miałoby Cię zabraknąć.


The deserts of Egypt contains some of the best preserved paleontological sites in the world one of which is Wadi al-Hitan or the Valley of Whales. This remote valley in the Western Desert, some 150 km southwest of Cairo, contains valuable collection of fossils and bones of a now extinct, suborder of whales, called the archaeoceti. These fossils explains one of the greatest mysteries of the evolution of whales: the emergence of the whale as an ocean-going mammal from a previous life as a land-based animal

The fossils of Wadi Al-Hitan dating back to 50 million years show the youngest archaeocetes, in the last stages of evolution from land animals to a marine existence. They already display the typical streamlined body form of modern whales, whilst retaining certain primitive aspects of skull and tooth structure, as well as hind legs. Many of the whale skeletons are in good condition as they have been well preserved in the rock formations. Semi-complete skeletons are found in the valley and in some cases, even stomach contents are preserved. Fossil of other early animals such as those of sharks, crocodiles, sawfish, turtles and rays found at Wadi al-Hitan makes it possible to reconstruct the surrounding environmental and ecological conditions of the time.

There is considerable evidence which indicates that the basin of Wadi Hitan was submerged in water some 40 to 50 million years ago. At that time, the so-called Tethys Sea reached far south of the existing Mediterranean. The Tethys Sea is assumed to have retreated north and over the years deposited thick sediments of sandstone and limestone visible in rock formations in Wadi Hitan.

Geological studies have been carried out in the area since the 1800’s, and the first skeletons were found around 1830 but were never collected due to the difficult accessibility to the site at that time. At first, it was thought to be a huge marine reptile. It was only later in 1902, that the species were identified as whales. For the next 80 years they attracted relatively little interest, largely due to the difficulty of reaching the area. In the 1980s interest in the site resumed as four wheel drive vehicles became more readily available..