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Admin Sav if you haven’t heard Jin’s cover of mom have you heard Jin’s cover of I Love You?????? When I first heard it his voice was so beautiful and I was almost in tears

um? n o? i am unaware of this god’s covers? since w h e n? brb… let me do some research. 

ya’ll cry with me here (x)

omg why did he cover such a sad song? who hurt him? i will fite? are those his vocals harmonizing with him too? oh shit… i’m so in love with this man. wahhhh~ high notes? but— but w o w. how does this god-gifted man not get enough lines? guys… i’m not even fckin lying… i’m like literally in tears… i’m so fcked for jin and his talent like omg please… i’m so in love wow… high noTES! h i g h  n o t e s! H I G H  N O T E S!!

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Some red Bois with impossible hair

Tord – Yes I like Eddsworld w o w

Denmark – I’ve drawn him three times but none of them have been consistent. All the ref pics I’ve used have been different ffs.

Kai – Thanks to the release of the goddamn Ninjago movie, I’m rewatching Ninjago like a goddamn seven year old. I do want to see the movie though h A

no offence but the whole ‘taylor cheating’ thing was such a non issue and then it blew up which is embarrassing for everyone involved and then it got to the point where sh had to like a post to explain that she was not cheating like… w o w