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(Skull-Nightmare) English blood. He could smell it.. And this drove the creature mad. Thankfully, the darkness hid him as he prowled around, silently stalking the male..watching..waiting..

Poor Peter Newkirk did not expect any creatures–Or anyone that was stalking him. Sure, it was probably idiotic for Peter to go out in the woods alone. But his life and issues were stressing him out. He had to get away. And the woods was the best place. He figured that IF there was ANYTHING that could attack him–He could easily fend them off. Since he has a gun hiding in the coat of his jacket. But he highly doubted that anything would actually come after him.

He sighed softly and began to smoke a cigarette. He moved his head up in order to gaze at all the stars that were in the sky. Such a lovely moon out tonight. He was already forgetting about his troubles.

Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly | Drabble

Chaos. What had started out as a hopeful, exciting day had turned into complete chaos. Part of Seren felt like she ought to have seen it coming, ought to have expected that something as small as an awareness rally couldn’t go off without receiving a violent backlash. If the Quidditch League Cup had been any indication of what these people were capable of, of what they were willing to do, then they should have expected an attack. They should have expected a backlash from purebloods akin to the Squib Marches in the late sixties.

Everything had gone wrong. Flashbacks of the League Cup played in Seren’s mind leaving her feeling sick, she was aware at any moment that the risk of someone dropping down in front of her was high, that if some poor wounded person came up asking for help she would be left useless, passed out cold on the ground. Millie had taken charge, was dueling to the best of her ability against attackers, and Seren was left aware of her own insufficiency again, of how inconvenient it was to be stuck in a war whilst incapable of using magic. This time, however, she was not alone, was not one of the only Squibs to show up to a Quidditch match. This time she was in a room of people who had as little ability as her, had no logical way of defending themselves against magical attackers. She had no idea how to combat that.

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I just finished reading Dark Disciple as well and I am just as emotional about it as you! I wasn't expecting Asajj to die but when she did I didn't even thing about not accepting it because it felt like such a "good" end for her and I was so proud of her development and her journey and I think I might've made myself cry again... Also, her and Quinlan's relationship, I expected it to be cliche maybe but I really grew to love it! Ugh, this book is perfect! Srry to invade your inbox with my feels!

Oh man, you (and everyone else) are always welcome to invade my inbox with feels!!! I 100% recommend it because then that gives both parties the chance to vent lmao xD

My baby girl’s development in this book was just beyond belief amazing in every way, and her characterization was just as phenomenal. Every single one of her actions felt completely organic and amazingly in character so I could not be happier with that aspect of the book if I tried. Asajj’s complexities were so wonderfully embraced and expanded upon, it was really just fascinating to read.

As far as how I feel about how her’s and Quinlan’s relationship was handled, anyone that follows me here or on my personal knows just how much I fell for the pairing (and how upset I am that more people didn’t like them, but everyone’s entitled to their opinion so you won’t hear any hate from me about it!!). Could it have been written better? Absolutely, and I completely understand people’s points of view when it comes to disliking the pairing, but in my mind the way the two fell for each other, supported each other, and then fell back apart before coming to the novel’s ultimate conclusion was incredibly engaging. Their love was intimate and while there was a huge power imbalance (sometimes with Asajj having the power, other times with Quin) that eventually drove the whole thing to disaster, everything leading up to it was so much fun to read.

The witty banter, the teasing, the (sometimes cheesy) inner monologues from the both of them, it all just meshed together so nicely for me and I really enjoyed watching the two grow closer.

TL;DR, even with Asajj’s death (which honestly I don’t believe she’ll stay dead for long?? but hey, that’s a theory for another time) being the end of the story, I was so incredibly moved by the rest of it that I couldn’t stay angry about it for long. I spent about a week brooding over the ending but eventually came to the conclusion that you know, everything else about this novel (the action, the drama, the intrigue) was so great and even though I still have my issues with her death (for example, how it was a little fridgy) there’s no possible way for me to stay mad.

I love Asajj Ventress, I grew to love Quinlan Vos, and ultimately I loved Dark Disciple. I just really hope that, even for the people who disliked and even hated the novel, those who read it can at least appreciate what a solid work of literature it is.