Day 3. Busy ol’ day today and one you wouldn’t ordinarily see a food post from me haha. As you can see it wasn’t the most nutritionally complete day but I tried biscoff spread for the first time today and feel like a fool for not trying it sooner. Is it total junk? Yes but omg it’s soooo dreamy 🤤🤤🤤😅

Post-workout breakfast from this morning: healthy coconut waffles with banana slices, a drizzle of honey and an extra sprinkle of desiccated coconut.

Most people probably don’t have the time to cook waffles every morning, but you can do what I do, cook big batches to keep you going. It make life so much easier that way. :)

I promise to stop with the beet hummus appreciation pics after this post, but here’s another way I enjoy serving my homemade hummus: tossed with some pasta as a rich, creamy dressing. To do this, I simply cook up my pasta with my favourite veggies (I like courgettes, mushrooms and sweetcorn for pasta dishes). Then I thin out the chunky hummus with 2-3 tbsp of the starchy water reserved from cooking the pasta- this ensures the hummus retains its creaminess and doesn’t get too diluted. I mix together the hummus sauce, pasta and veggies, and serve. This dish works well as both a warm dinner and a cold pasta salad for lunch.  

Top with some smoked paprika and nutritional yeast for that savoury, cheesy flavour and enjoy! 


Whoever says vegans don’t eat f@!king fabulous food is a liar! Homemade tikka masala with potatoes, dal, peas, mushrooms, coconut milk- enriched brown basmati rice with whole spices- oven roasted tandoori cauliflower- topped with avocado and cilantro! Iffy presentation but you get the idea.

I think I have more jars of spices than articles of clothing now. And I’m so okay with that.