The GazettE Helping You Move In A New House

Kai: arranges all of your stuff in order by size,color,alphabet,etc.

Reita: carries all the heavy stuff with Aoi

Aoi: makes Reita carry most of the heavy stuff

Uruha: keeps wiping dust off the same shelf for the 100th time

Ruki: sits on the heavy stuff that Reita and Aoi carry

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the GazettE 15th Anniversary🔯

Some choice GazettE lyrics
  • Tempt me by masturbation
  • reckless driving cucumber
  • it is cheesed with the power
  • I’m already dead, however I was saved with the rock
  • all of Silly God Disco tbh
  • n i g h t o f p u s s y
    • oooooooooooh yeah
  • it is your duty to train a slave waving a waist
  • Disappear with a sexual.
    • (That’s it. That’s the end of the line.)
  • I will walk together