28.1 InterFM Dating

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Re: okay I’m reading the messages! Tho there are questions too. If you’d have a date with a member, who would it be and where would you go?
Re: [,..] okay we’re going with an order, so first- how is it Kai-kun?
K: eh irh uhm alone?
Re: yeah
K: How would it be….first it’s with who, right?
Re: who and where
K: huuuuuuuh, this is difficult… But, Uruha-kun would be a hit.
Re: somehow isn’t it (?)
U: This feels strange
K: because he’s an gentleman, okay Aoi-kun is one too, Aoi would be something like a hit too, but yeah that’s if I have to decide like a woman
Re: yeah yeah, that’s okay!
K: he would tag along right? On a date
Ru: That’s not me
Everyone: laughing
K: (while laughing) wait a second, that’s okay!
Re: what’s that jeaulousy? How unforunate
Ru: it just kind of annoyed me!
Re: you’d like him to escort you?
K: yeah, escort me, it would be comfortable, right?
Everyone: ah yeah yeah
U: us two are gentleman right
Re: understood! So how is Aoi-kun?
A: e eh eh what what what kind of…
Re: Who and where would you like to go? […]
A: okay, for a date, right?
Re: yeah for a date
A: alone, right?
Re: yeah
A: ah… […] as exspected Kai-san.
Everyone: ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhh
Re: unexpected!
A: he seems big!
Everyone: laughing really loud
Re: what is???
A: in various things… as a person (personality)
everyone: ahh i see
R: reputation?
A: ah ah what?… ah ah yeah, after all that seems big, right? He’s the leader, right.
Re: (he makes a pun here… he says drums no dekai-san, dekai= big but also similar to his name) so what is the big one on the drums saying?
K: (while laughing) thank you
A: Thanks you.
Re: okay Uruha-kun!
U: yeah, as expected: Kai-san.
Re: woa isn’t he super popular?
U: after all he has various interests….. if I were a woman, right?
Re: when he looks at scary things?
U: yeah ummmmm. Somehow I’d like to challenge it!
Everyone: laughing
A: at the limit…
U: surprisingly
Re: how many persons had to die?(?)
okay, Ruki-kun?
Ru: hm if I’d have a date with one of these 4, because conversations are important, it’s Rei-chan for me.
Re: would you stop it?
Ru: we can dig deep! (like having deep conversations? Maybe)
(if I understood it right) walk under the fullmoon (or something like that?)
Re: looks like the hand of love (?)
Ru: yeah
Re: if it’s for me we’d be able to talk for an eternity. I haven’t noticed it tho
… Okay I see, so next one
K: what about you?? what about you?
Re: I can’t say it, with everyone beeing around me, like.. ne?
Ru: Shouldn’t you say me at this point?
Re: to say you, it would be a little to real, right?
K: let’s stop here, let’s stop here!
Re: after this, okay? After this,okay?
So… I wan’t you to listen to another song….

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