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Jellybots started as a number of character designs back in 2011- (which started as an attempt to prove to a friend that Beard Holograms are a sweet idea) then some more designs, and eventually a mini comic and a longer comic pitch (very just *almost* a series of GNs) and persistent dreams about wanting to do something bold and colorful and sci-fi/fantasy about growing up and mixing in major personal influences in a very particular sort of way that haven’t left me alone (despite never feeling like I have enough time or followthrough to do it justice). A quick googling should fill in some of the details but suffice it to to say: Jbots is my little personal project about kids and monsters, and a story world I’ve been taking trips to for years. Most characters are based, if loosely, on my irl friends. #DailyJellyJam is a month long attempt to take some of my own advice: one push-up is better than no push-ups! And a little bit of dreaming a day is better than no dreaming at all. So, at the suggestion of @erkshnrt, I’m making time to do some low-stakes worldbuilding at the glacial pace of no money, and I sincerely hope you guys are enjoying it! :)) Above is a sampling of some of the work that’s come together across the last few years- it’s all evolving and much is outdated and likely to be revised, but hopefully it gives you more of a sense of The Thing, or at least how gelatinous sausage gets made ;) new art momentarily!

Daily updates and process videos on Instragram:

For everyone who would like to know what happened at the Ariana Grande concert at the MEN in Manchester (UK) tonight (22nd May 2017).

There has been reports of a number of fatalities (deaths) due to an explosion. No one actually saw what happened but witnesses said they felt and heard what they thought was an explosion. Victoria Station has been closed and people are offering places to stay and lifts to those who need to leave. For children who attended the concert without parents/whom have been separated from their parents, there is a Premier Inn near and they are taking them in. Trains are not stopping at Victoria and I believe the trams have stopped running at this time of night/have stopped because of this.

For live updates follow @gmpolice or @BBCBreaking on Twitter (or any account holding live updates that you can find).

UPDATE: There is a new video clip of a Mancunian’s dash cam. You can very loudly hear a bang, even from as far away as this person was. Bomb disposal units have also arrived.

Sebastian Stan has a frankly uncanny ability to know when I’ve spent any significant amount of time focused on someone else and that’s always when he shows back up to remind me to stay Loyal

first videos in the new apartment

first dan vid: remains to be seen

first phil vid: do i have asmr? (may 7th 2017)

first gaming vid: if dan and phil were girls?! - faceapp (april 29th 2017)

first dan liveshow: everything is different now (may 2nd 2017)

first phil liveshow: remains to be seen

first joint liveshow: so many boxes!! (april 27th 2017)

first baking vid: remains to be seen

first pinof: phil is not on fire 9 (remains to be seen)

first internet support group: internet support group 10 (remains to be seen)

(first vlog): remains to be seen

So guanlin, jonghyun and jihoon are basically confirmed to debut next month

Let that sink it, ​imagine them in the same group doing interviews, appearing on variety shows, music shows and the music videos that are going to be released !
CVA Update...

Well, CVA finally popped back into existence and here is the update on his mysterious disappearance. 

“Well, this last month has been rough. I travel a lot with work. Upon arrival to this new country that I am currently in, I was hacked.

My email that is linked to my Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter account were all DELETED (columbinevideoarchives@gmail).   The guy(?) that hacked me didn’t play with my personal info.  He didn’t steal my identity, he just deleted all content. Then deactivated the account. I have been contacting google for a few weeks…and they are just about useless as gun free zones. (bad joke?)

So, I took a week to contemplate my return….if at all.  I didn’t want to come back and be the same. I took it as a time to evolve. I have huge plans with this new channel. (Vlogs, Face reveal, Live streams, guest speakers)  Still, focusing on Columbine, but also going above just researching it, but also how to prevent and read warning signs of mass shootings.  I also want to help people learn how to deal with loss, I am no stranger to that.  

I could keep going and going and going…but I think everyone gets the gist.  I hope that my old 8200+ subscribers would be interesting into something like that.  It will be a fun and engaging road! Thanks to everyone for the videos on youtube saying goodbye to me.
But from the looks of it. I’m just getting started.”

Update: CVA’s new channel

His first video sounds melodramatic almost like this was a publicity stunt?  ;)

Moncafe Videos


  1. Wonho calling mbb pretty
  2. Shownu trying to communicate in japanese
  3. Mbb saying she likes Jooheon just the way he is (bc he said he looks big/on a diet)
  4. Hyungwon saying hello
  5. Changkyun being adamant that his eyebrows aren’t tattooed
  6. Minhyuk mistakenly communicates to a fan in japanese
  7. Mbb saying she doesn’t like her coffee to Kihyun
  8. Changkyun saying someone kissed him
  9. Hyungwon communicating in japanese
  10. Wonho’s unnecessary lip biting

Other videos

Jooheon rapping and changkyun interrupting
Jooheon and Wonho having a dance battle
Casual convo with Jooheon
Jooheon rapping “mother father” in Rappin’
Mbb asking if Jooheon can smile for her, and he said ‘I am always smiling for you’
Wonho holding two mbbs hands
Wonho bunny ears
Wonho feeding Hyungwon
Wonho saying he’s not cold bc of mbbs
Wonho was too short to hang the banner, so Hyungwon had to help him
Fan asking Shownu if he’s 25 months old and he gets flustered
Mother kihyun cleaning up the cafe
Kihyun barista at work
Peace sign from minhyuk
Changkyun blowing kisses to Mbbs and then having a mental breakdown
Changkyun being weird idek
Changkyun, Shownu and Kihyun slacking off
Hyungwon nodding along with Changkyun

Kihyun calls Hyungwon over and Hyungwon gets confused
Minhyuk feeling Shownu’s muscles and then trying to look buff
Mbb saying her heart is beating bc Minhyuk is so close to her

6x22 - “The Final Battle Part 2″: Videos from filming 29th-31st


  • Warning, major spoilers.
  • This post will be updated as we get new videos.
  • If someone thinks there’s a video that should be included in the list below, please let us know, thank you.

- March 29th

- March 30/31

Major Spoilers under the cut

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