okay… so i HATE to ask this but i literally have no where else to go.
i adopted two rats from terrible conditions last week (kept in glass tanks, with cedar wood shaving… intact males kept with their intact female sisters) and i didn’t realize they were both sick.
conrad and benji desperately need to go to the vet, and the bills and meds are far more than i was expecting (about $350) and i only have about half of what i need.
if you could donate ANYTHING to my paypal to help me pay for their visit and meds, i would be most appreciative. if you donate, message me and i’ll send you a pic of them. or my dogs. i don’t really have much else to offer. thank you!!!


even if you can’t donate, please reblog for a signal boost! my babies are very sick and could die if they don’t get their meds in enough time!!!

Hi everyone,

I would like to take some time to share with all of you something that has been going on in my life. I’m not sure how many of you would take the time to read this, but I still wanted to try and get it out to as many people here as possible. 

To cut a long story short, about 2 months ago in January, I was diagnosed with an ovarian tumour. It will need to be surgically removed and tested for cancer, and with the completion of my training to become a pharmacist, I will be undergoing the surgery this Monday on the 26th of March. (yes, on Minseok’s birthday). 

So, aside from letting everyone know that I may be on semi-hiatus (because I honestly don’t know how much pain I will be in, and I also need to see what the final diagnosis is and if I need chemo)….I just wanted to let everyone know that if you are going through something similar with your health, or are just going through something difficult in your life in general, I hope you all take care of yourselves and remain strong, and also find an outlet where you can release your emotions. For me, EXO has always and will forever be my source of strength, and they have really helped me come to terms better with this and once again I’m just really grateful that they’re in my life. Being lucky enough to attend The Elyxion this year before my surgery really held great meaning for me and I’m thankful that I was able to see these important people in my life - people who I love very much - before going through something so serious.

Thank you everyone as well, for all my followers up to this point and those who have commented such nice things about my gifs, graphics, etc. Making content for and contributing to the fandom is also another thing that has kept me going, and I wish to be involved in more international projects for EXO in the future and I’m definitely not quitting yet. I’ll get better for you all and continue to make things for you all to hype up EXO. 

This obviously has not been an easy journey for me (especially since I had to compartmentalize and complete my pharmacist’s training), even though I have done quite a fair job at keeping my emotions together. So, I seek everyone’s understanding with regards to this matter, especially if I’m in too much pain to come online during my recovery period. I also apologize if I’m a little quieter with regards to hyping EXO up if I’m too weak, but know that I always love them (and also you guys!) in my own quieter ways.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this. I love you all very much. 

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GOD so

evan: kind of lame but i can appreciate the good ol’ color theory. blue and yellow are good complimentaries…i’d like to say he dresses better in act two but i honestly don’t remember most of it aside from the hoodie so

zoe: really cute….she looks good in plaid. and i like the dress she has on act two.

connor: i love it. love his weird thrift store jacket and his sleveless shirt and his combat boots. really comitted to the #asthetic and i die everyday thinking about his choice of clothing.

jared: i’d like to say terrible but i love graphic tees so he’s on thin fucking ice.

alana: really cute also. again i don’t remember a lot but she’s always colorful and cute.

cynthia: i can’t retain her outfifts at all but i recall she looks like a mom so that’s a good thing

heidi: i love her scrubs so much. maybe i’m just projecting bcs my mom is always wearing them but i love the way she’s characterized.

larry: dad clothes………….they’re ok.

fake mind connor: he looks like a teenager that just woke up and put a hoodie on at 1pm to drive to krispy kreme and got himself something to eat in the back of his car while a whitney huston ballad blasts from the speakers. i support him.

“all too well” makes you feel like you’re walking in an old abandoned park with autumn leaves falling down while wearing a warm coat and holding a hot coffee


🤠 yeehaw gays are back at it again 🤠

suppo im alan and they call me baby face because I still look like I’m in 7th grade 😎 anyway jokes aside, it feels like just yesterday that I found holland, that neverland released, and I’m just gonna say it……. I’m proud of him and everything he’s done, and is doing 🤧 im so grateful for him and I can’t wait 2 see where he takes his music uwu

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Heeeey I am wondering, what does Rynn looks like as a child?? Was she a cute child? A cheeky one? Was she always in trouble? I wanna KNOW.

Rynn was a happy and pretty easy child. She and her sister, Vyss, were raised by their father - who was a very loving dad, although rather overworked. He owned and operated a small logistics company, dealing mostly with shipping between the surface and atmosphere, and as such the kids grew up among spaceships. Few friends, mostly played alone. Curious, imaginative, adored dad. Very energetic, but not very troublesome at all, as kids go. The trouble all came much later…

I can’t draw kids and my photoshop deleted all my preferences so this was the best I could do. Sorry! >_>