soo im going to make bts x hogwarts houses picspams, and im going to include some aesthetic pictures, so if you guys could, could you send me somethings you associate the members with (eg: yoongi - music, blankets, coffee, leather jackets) ? it would be a lot of help, thank you!

(++ do you think jin would be in gryffindor or hufflepuff?)

my kink is when ur writing and u dont really know whether to make “every day” one or two words so u do that weird semi-space that could be interpreted as not a space depending on the reader’s opinion on “every day”

maybe launching 4 posts into the tags at the same time was a bad idea. last time i made a popular post the novelty wore off rlly quickly & it took over my activity. what if that happens w all 4 of these posts……… i told myself id post from a sideblog if i wanted to post in the tags again god damn me

yall remember those ads that used to air for those shoes for little girls and like if you bought some then uou got a free
fake cell phone withlip gloss in it? i havent thought about those for years i cant remember the brand name someone tell me im not crazy