*Knocking back my cup of tea all dramatically like it’s alcohol* Listen, Taylor Swift is out here living her best life *slams pretend bar* and I’ll tell you another thing, she sneaks fans backstage just because she wants to meet as many of us as possible *AGGRESSIVELY HAND GESTURES* because SHES DOING BetTEr ThaN SHe EvER WAS!!!!!! *falls off bar stool bed*


Person B: Have you ever had a boy/girlfriend?

Person A: No

Person B: *Generally surprise* HOW?!

Person A: *shrugs* I do know, never asked, never got asked.

Person B: *under breath* But you’re so beautiful.

Person A: what?

Person B: what?!


Five years ago today: the Sandy Hook Shooting (14 Dec. 2012)

‘‘… History remembers the killer’s name and rarely does history remember the name of the victim, … Everyone should read the names and look at the faces of the people who lost their lives that day… Take a moment to remember them…’’

Allison Wyatt (6) | Ana Marquez-Greene (6) | Avielle Richman (6) 
Benjamin Wheeler (6) | Caroline Previdi (6) | Catherine Hubbard (6)
Charlotte Bacon (6) | Chase Kowalski (7) | Daniel Barden (7)
Dylan Hockley (6) | Emilie Parker (6) | Grace McDonnell (7)
Jack Pinto (6) | James Mattioli (6) | Jesse Lewis (6)
Jessica Rekos (6) | Josephine Gay (7) | Madeleine Hsu (6)
Noah Pozner (6) | Olivia Engel (6) | Anne Marie Murphy (52)
Dawn Hochsprung (47) | Lauren Rousseau (30) | Mary Sherlach (56)
Rachel D’Avino (29) | Victoria Soto (27) | Nancy Lanza (52)

Batfamily as people I saw at the 24-hour library during finals

Dick: friendly sorority girl making sure everyone has coffee. Already has a study guide put together, will share it with anyone who asks. Leaves at 11 because sleep is important.

Jason: weird dude who came in wearing a sloth costume, no idea what he’s doing in the library or why. Hung out on the third floor. When I asked him, he said he’s dropping out of school soon. Went outside and chain-smoked with the international students around 1am. 

Tim: freshmen comp sci major chugging coffee by the 24-hour cafe on the first floor. Brought his PC, webcam, external hard drive, and his Xbox with him. Probably okay to leave alone but you should probably check on him every once and a while.

Damian: angry frat boy on second floor who doesn’t understand citations or why he should have to use them. Yelled in the stairwell for a few minutes, then asked librarians for help using footnotes, two hours before his paper is due. Insisted he knew how and was “just checking.”

Stephanie: The nice girl on floor one who kept checking out reserve books. It’s painfully obvious she’s trying to fit 3 months of textbook readings into one night but she’s polite and returns everything on time. Compliments the checkout girl on her hair and makeup despite it being 5am. Is probably panicking. 

Cass: Weird kid who doesn’t really speak who did cartwheels in the stairwell for a few hours. 

Barbara: the checkout girl, at 3am, painfully writing a 15-page history paper that’s due tomorrow on internet explorer because the library banned chrome on their computers. Will help you with your problems, you just have to ask nicely. 

Bruce: tired overnight supervisor who already had to drag two drunk kids out of the library, broke up a sorority squabble in the women’s restroom, and is currently avoiding everyone in the back room with their salad. 

Alfred: Nice barista at the 24-hour cafe. Will not judge you for your third large coffee of the night. Will judge you for bad manners. 

Honorary Mentions:

Clark: The nice kid from journalism who comes in at 5am because he likes getting up early and wants to get some studying in before class. Too good for this world honestly. 

Jim Gordon: chain-smoking guy standing outside who I’m not really sure is a student, but it seems weird to ask at this point. Shakes his head as people stumble in and out of the library. Smoked with the sloth dude once.