what she says: im fine

what she really means: I wish i looked as good as spock did in the motion picture when he showed up on the enterprise wearing those sick black robes, eyebrows and cheekbones sharp as fuck, killing his purple eyeshadow like always. The drama he brought onto the bridge with that look was astounding. His bangs alone instantly murdered every crew member. I can never be that cool. I will never achieve that level of perfection. What’s the point of anything if I can’t be him. Why even try

i find it really interesting how romantic couples show affection in star trek.

in TOS’s worst episode, you have kirk’s hand being clasped by his wife:

and when bones falls in love, he and his alien fiancée hold hands like this:

and spock (under the influence of spores to regard liela romantically) takes her hand like this:

and it’s all very romantic and lovely which means that this

is likewise.