A Hard Day’s Night + Genre Swap

Murder Mystery: The Beatles’ journey to London is stopped short when a man is found dead on their train. When everyone starts pointing fingers, will the boys turn on each other?

This is totally, 100% unfinished and half-hearted, but I don’t have PS anymore and this has been in my drafts for 1200 years so here ya go 

Bad ERA SHORT FILMS - “Smooth Criminal”

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_D3VFfhvs4
Jackson originally wanted to make the music video in the western genre, but he later decided after watching The Third Man with director Colin Chilvers to change it to a 1930s gangster style. Film was shot between mid-February and April 1987.
Jeffrey Daniel of the soul music group Shalamar co-choreographed the “Smooth Criminal” video with Jackson and Vincent Paterson, who was a back-up dancer in “Beat It” and “Thriller”. It was directed by special effects coordinator Colin Chilvers. The dance sequence of the video in the 1930s style lounge (and Michael’s white suit and fedora) pays tribute to the Fred Astaire musical comedy film The Band Wagon.
The video won Best Music Video at the 1989 Brit Awards and the Critic’s Choice awarded Jackson the “Best Video” award and the People’s Choice Awards for “Favorite Music Video” for that same year.
The style of clothing as well as mannerisms Jackson portrayed were reused in the numerous adaptations of the video game Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. The song itself serves as the background music for the “Club 30s” stage, the nightclub seen in the music video, that appears in the game.

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