.this is so cute *u*

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hey i was wondering do u have a tag for u or ur sona? ur so cute

Thanks, anon. That would probably be Druncle, haha. He’s under the druncle tag, aptly, which is also linked in my sidebar for easy clicking for anyone curious.

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You are very sweet and very cute and i love your blog!!

thank u so much! I love when my followers message me! thanks!! 😆💜💜

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ezra I was in english sitting next to my friend and I realized how gay I am for this girl. I came out to her and she's the only person that know and she came out to me and I'm the only one that knows and I love her so much hot damn I'm so gay :-)

Thats so cute!!! I got an idea how about u guys go and be gay…together

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You are under arrest for being so flawless and exceptional in all you do! Copy this message to 9 other blogs that are currently on your “tumblr crush” list. Make other blogs feel loved! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

this is rly so cute!!! thank u so much m’lov,,, god bless u 

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ok but Listen i've been working on & off on my app for a couple of days now and the fact that u guys are clearly putting in just as much work as the applicants ( even after you've opened ) is so heartening, it rly feels like we're in this together. i have nothing but love for this rp & u guys, keep up the good work !

this is seriously the most kind and adorable message i’ve ever seen oh my god ?? all thanks should go to charlie for creating the rp in the first place and for coming up with so many wonderful characters that i’ve literally fallen in love with ! we can’t wait to see your app, angel !

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I want u to know, that if I could write, I would write you all of the best friends hl fics that u wanted

how bout.. u do it.. anyway

(djjhdfsjhdf but PLEAS i lov u this is so cute)

30 day hxh challenge

Day 9. Favorite arc

This is so hard to choose!! Okay.. The Greed Island arc. The dodgeball match was awesome. That HisoKilluGon team ahhhhh, it was the best! ♡

(I also really love the Chimera Ant arc, but the first half was quite long, and there was no Hisoka -cries- but Meruem made up for that :’3 )


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you're so cute(≧∇≦) thehe I'm fine thank u🌸

WHAT I think you are mistaken
Maybe your eyes are blurred like mine from the tears hehe
But thank you cutie!! You are a blessing, keep rocking this world!!
(/Mingyu voice) I love you, do you know it?

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Omfg I just found your blog. My name is Vee too! (well, it's my nickname ofc)

Waaa, I’m so glad omg >3< But, actually, “Vee” or more like “V” is a first letter of my former surname, but It had changed, so I’m using it like my pseudonym just to remember my old name, which was with me all my childhood.

But it’s so fresh and cute name, I’m kinda jealous of u (///▽///)