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storm ; [yoonmin || bts]


Pairing: Park Jimin x Min Yoongi
Genre: angst, kinda smut
Music: first love - BTS / sad piano music tbh
Plot: Jimin’s caught out in a storm, and forced to park his car in a nearby neighbourhood. By chance, he crosses paths with his former lover, Yoongi, and feelings of bitterness, regret, and lust emerge in the tight space of Jimin’s car.

Notes: first time writing angst, first time writing for bts, and first time posting to tumblr so forgive me if the writing sucks or there’s weird formatting errors. anyone have any tips on how tf formatting works?

Word Count: 3,600

The windshield wipers moved furiously, batting the rain out of the way. However, not a second later, it would be covered by the raindrops once more; whatever actions he did was futile against the aggressive storm. Wind howled outside, sending leaves flying from their branches, the thunder roaring in the distance, lighting flashing and illuminating the surrounding sky. The rain beat down on the roof of his car, loudly and angrily, similar to a kid throwing a tantrum. 

A loud clap of thunder made him jump in his own skin, and his hand yanked the steering wheel to the side, his car swerving onto the side of the road. 

Shit, he mentally cursed. Thank god there were no other cars on the highway, it was him and him alone, caught in the misfortune of driving home after a drunken party at one of his friends. The rain was falling down hard, blurring the windshield and his line of sight, therefore he had no choice but to turn out to the nearest exit. 

He kept driving for a while longer, praying that he wouldn’t get into an accident of any sort, before he parked the car to the side of the road in a small neighbourhood. 

Checking his phone, he opened up the maps to see where he was. It had turned out that he was in a neighbourhood an hour away from his place, and he sighed knowing that he could never get home safely, with how terrible the current weather was. His fingers dancing on the screen, he had opened up the messages app and was furiously typing away to his roommate Hoseok, attempting to explain why he wasn’t home yet. Just as he finished the message and pressed send, the signal bar on his phone glitched a couple times, before the two words ‘No Service’ sent his heart dropping down to his stomach. 

He wasn’t much of a curser, but he felt like one when a string of angry swears fell out of his mouth. They sounded bizarre coming from him, his sweet, angelic voice producing bitter words of frustration at the weather that was hindering him from returning home. 

The watch on his wrist showed the time, the two hands forming eight thirty three. 

Knowing that he had no choice but to sleep out here in the car as the storm showed no signs of ceasing, he groaned internally, slumping down in his seat. Unbuckling his seat belt, he attempted to make himself more comfortable, preparing for a night in the cramped space of his vehicle. 

Leaning back into his seat, he started playing a random mobile game he had downloaded a while back, fingers silently tapping at the screen, a grimace on his face each time he died. He continued playing, attempting to kill time, before a sign flashed on his phone, showing that he was low on battery. 

With a sigh, he put his phone down to conserve battery life. Seeing as it was somewhat stuffy in the car, he rolled the window down a slight crack, letting drips of rain, accompanied by fresh air in. 

It was then that he was hit by the smell of cigarettes. The musty stench of smoke invaded his nostrils, and he cringed as a certain memory wormed its way back into his brain. 

Yoongi, he thought, before shaking his head furiously to get rid of said thought. No, he told himself, stop, don’t think about Yoongi.

He leaned closer to the window, the tip of his nose touching the cold glass, rain dripping onto his pastel pink hair as he peered out to see who in the world would be smoking during a storm. 

His eyes made out a figure a few meters away, thin, arm wrapped around his leather clad body seemingly to keep himself warm, a cigarette resting between his lips, shielded from the storm by a tree he was standing next to, and his hand, covering it as to prevent the wind from snuffing it out. He squinted his eyes, looking more closely, trying to make out the facial features of the person that so closely reminded him of… him.

“Jimin. Get a grip.” he told himself out loud, trying to wipe the thought out of his mind. Please, he silently added. Turning his attention back to the stranger, he watched their movements, looking closely as he inhaled the smoke of his cigarette, the same matter being released out after a few seconds. 

“Fuck!“ he heard them swear, and their voice was so hauntingly familiar -  he had heard the same voice spit out curses and insults like a machine gun, fast and vicious. “Damn this stupid storm, the fuck is this dumbass weather?!” they hissed, obviously furious, before taking a long draw of their slowly disintegrating cigarette, huffing out the smoke along with a string of curses. This time, they noticed the curious gaze of a certain pink haired boy, and their eyes met, a shiver being sent down Jimin’s spine at the eye contact.

He didn’t know what possessed him to do so, but it was clearly something as he opened his car door with a creak, stepping out gingerly, taking small but careful steps towards the other.

Black. Black leather pants, most likely going to be ruined by the rain, the same applying to the black leather jacket he was wearing. He was shivering, and you could almost hear his teeth chatter as he shook in the rain, mint green hair soaked and sticking to his pale white skin, his eyes,



No, not those eyes. A brown so dark that they were almost black, empty, dull and so cold that they could freeze an entire ocean, they belonged to the one and only Min Yoongi.



Dear god, what did I ever do to deserve this? he wondered, as he heard his own name leave Yoongi’s lips. Oh, his lips. Pale and pink and smooth like the rest of him, he was beautiful in every sense of the word.

“You’re smoking again.” he coughed out; it was the only thing he could think of to say.

“I never stopped,” was Yoongi’s reply. “You dyed your hair. Pink suits you.”

He shivered. He wasn’t very cold, he hadn’t been out in the rain for long and he had on a thick jacket, however he felt himself freeze at his past lover’s words.

“Thanks.” he muttered, his words barely audible over the wailing of the storm.

There was silence between them, the tension so thick that you could’ve cut it with a knife, before finally the older of the two spoke up, his burnt out cigarette slipping through his fingers and landing on the ground, before the sole of his shoe pressed down on it out of habit.

“Do you mind if I join you in the car? I would be home right now but the storm fucked me up and my phone’s dead.” he asked, his gaze remaining on the rose haired boy standing a meter or so away from him.

Yes, yes in fact I do mind, Jimin wanted to reply, but instead awkwardness took over his speech and he replied with a quiet: “Sure, I guess.”

The two went over to his car, and they stepped in, Yoongi immediately taking off his leather jacket which was drenched in water, tossing it aside. Jimin forced his eyes away from the toned muscles on Yoongi’s arms, smooth and perfect as Yoongi had held him - but it was all in the past, and he needed to stop thinking about it.

However, it was all too real, when Yoongi glanced at Jimin, mouth slightly open, trying to form the right words to say, his body language reeking of confidence however through his eyes you could see hurt and a desperate need for affection, despite him trying to hide it with his stone cold attitude. Unlike Jimin, Yoongi was a born liar, and Jimin knew that all too well.

Jimin, on the other hand was the opposite. Even after months of no contact, Yoongi could easily read him like a book, and he could still see the hurt and betrayal written on Jimin’s face, and the sight made his heart hurt, guilt being doused over his mind like kerosene and set ablaze, burning in agony.

He ignored the feeling, however. Yoongi was never one for feelings, he despised them with a passion. That had led to him shattering Jimin; frail, sweet little Jimin, innocent, caring, who had loved Yoongi with all his heart, yet had been let down, hurt - shattered and torn apart by the very same person.

The pieces never fell back together.

And Yoongi knew that, he knew that all too well when the minutes of silence that had passed was finally broken by a shaky whimper, proceeded by a single word, why.

“Why?” Jimin had asked, however he received no reply from the green haired male sitting next to him, in the passenger seat.

“Why what?” Yoongi asked back, although the truth was, he knew exactly what Jimin had meant, however he didn’t want to answer it, he couldn’t since he didn’t even know the answer himself.

Jimin didn’t know what to ask either, therefore he stayed mute.

Why did you cheat on me? he wanted to scream. Why did you fuck Taehyung? He was my best friend, you know? You knew that, Yoongi. You knew that. So why did you fuck him? And… And you had the nerve to blame it on me, as well! You accused me of sleeping with Tae even when I saw you two pressed against each other on my bed, and then you told me to fuck off when I told you what I had seen.

You said I was being overly dramatic. You called me miserable, desperate, horrible names that hurt me, and even when I was crying and begging for you to just stop, just s t o p, you continued and then you left. You left, you packed your bags and went out the door, and you never came back. I heard you blocked my number, I heard you started dating Namjoon within a week after our breakup. Yoongi, why him? Why Taehyung, why Namjoon? Why me? Why?

All those thoughts were jumbled and messy, similar to the tears that began flowing down his face, and he sniffed loudly, fingers searching the car for something to wipe away the tears.

He still looks like an angel, Yoongi thought, and he reached out, he took his thumb and wiped away the salty streaks that ran down Jimin’s face. Jimin, who’s eyes were red and puffy and bloodshot, who’s tears were streaming down his face rapidly, like a waterfall, Yoongi’s finger carefully wiping them aside, something he wished he had done in the past. He wasn’t one to regret, but not doing so was so fucking regrettable, he hated himself for not comforting Jimin when he cried, and even more so because he was the reason Jimin cried.

Yoongi was a shitty person, and everyone knew that. Everyone besides Jimin, although perhaps he had known but instead chose to ignore it out of love. The thought of that made Yoongi wince, thinking of the pain he had caused.

“I’m sorry.” Yoongi apologized, his hand cupping Jimin’s cheek. He brought Jimin closer to him, burying the younger’s head in his chest.

Jimin kept crying, his tears soaking through Yoongi’s shirt, his tshirt that smelled of rain, of cigarettes and of him, the smell not having changed even slightly, and it was then that he realized how much he missed Yoongi. Stop, he once more told himself, but it was weaker than the previous times. He was in such close proximity to Yoongi that he just simply couldn’t, he couldn’t think, he couldn’t breathe, he just couldn’t.

“Baby,” Yoongi spoke, his voice rough, tired, filled with exhaustion, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. You know I am, you know that I regret it so badly, Jimin - babe, please.” He ran a hand through Jimin’s soft locks, the other around his back, holding him closely, just like he wished he did.

Removing himself from Yoongi’s embrace, he looked into his eyes, darker than black, full of regret and shame, while his own full of sorrow and want. Their faces and lips were just mere centimetres apart, but Yoongi should’ve still waited. He should’ve waited, waited for Jimin to make the first move if Jimin decided to.

But he was Yoongi, and Yoongi was selfish. He was cold, careless, and ignored whatever common sense he had left, instead connecting their lips.

Jimin had mirrored Yoongi’s lips almost instantly, he kissed back gently, their lips clashing, Jimin’s soft, plump ones moving against Yoongi’s, smooth, and hungry, before the kiss turned rough, Yoongi desperately trying to access Jimin’s mouth as he took Jimin’s bottom lip between his own.

Yoongi was a scarily good kisser, which was the reason Jimin hesitated, because he knew that once he started, he couldn’t stop. Yoongi was a drug, and he was an addict, the craving for Yoongi coming back with full force after so long of an absence.

“Yoongi,” he gasped out in between kisses, their lips touching and moulding against one another, “h-hyung.”

That nickname drove Yoongi off the edge, his grip in Jimin’s hair tightened, a few strands sure to have been pulled loose, his tongue dancing with Jimin’s as he deepened the kiss, other hand pulling at Jimin’s jacket, opening his eyes for a split second to find out how to take it off, which he did soon after, the clothing being tossed to the side. His nimble fingers worked at Jimin’s shirt, navy blue striped and long sleeved. Yoongi ran his hands up and down Jimin’s body, caressing every curve and muscle, stroking his abs, before he lightly traced his index finger around Jimin’s nipple, pinching at it gently - just the way he knew Jimin liked it.

“Ahh - Yoongi, please - please don’t tease me like that.” Jimin begged, and Yoongi loved the sound of it, desperate, needy, Jimin wanting none other than his green haired friend.

Friend, ex lover, lover, whichever one it was, it didn’t seem to matter as Jimin moaned into the kiss, his hips grinding against Yoongi’s erection, who let out a strangled groan at the sudden movement.

Jimin was always the more vocal one, and Yoongi had always loved hearing Jimin scream his name. He was intent on hearing it once more, at least just once, he thought as his fingers unbuttoned and zipped down Jimin’s jeans, his erection obvious through the thin fabric of his boxers. Yoongi’s hand lightly stroked him through the cloth, moans and gasps escaping Jimin’s lips, which were now swollen as Yoongi broke off the kiss, instead trailing down towards his neck, pressing his lips slowly down Jimin’s smooth collarbone, a trail of nerves set alight where ever he went. Slowly, he took Jimin’s dewy skin in between his lips, gently sucking and nipping at the flesh, before he went in rougher, marking Jimin as his, marks of crimson and violet blooming on Jimin’s pale skin.

He loved the love bites that he could leave, he loved marking Jimin as his - except for, was Jimin really his anymore? The answer was made clear when Jimin pressed his lips into the crook of Yoongi’s neck, reciprocating with his own, Yoongi letting out small groans as Jimin attacked his neck, however much more gentle than the elder’s movements.

“Yoongi, hyung, I-” Jimin’s voice faltered into a moan as Yoongi’s skilled hands stroked Jimin’s hard, pulsing erection, palming it as Jimin gasped hard, thrusting his all too desirable hips into Yoongi’s palm, the precum leaving a small stain on his boxers.

“Jimin. Jimin, fuck, you have no idea what you do to me.” Yoongi hissed, his fingers hooking into the waistband of Jimin’s boxers, pulling them down, watching as Jimin’s erection was set free, pressing into the firm skin of his stomach.

Yoongi leaned in, pale pink lips kissing down Jimin’s dick, his tongue pressing flat against his length, running along every vein, feeling Jimin’s breath hitch, which urged him to continue, his lips wrapping around the head, a sharp intake of breath being heard from Jimin.

Jimin moaned as Yoongi’s skilled tongue swirled around his tip, before gently running down the length, taking his dick back in his mouth, bobbing his head up and down, before he went deeper, taking all of Jimin’s dick until it hit the back of his throat. He had done this so many times before, but the sensation felt new each time, he could feel Jimin’s hands tangle into his mint hair, pulling at it as he continued moving his mouth.

“Yoongi, I c-can’t-” Jimin moaned out in between gasps. Yoongi’s eyes glanced up, looking into Jimin’s, which were beginning to water.

“Jimin, angel-” Yoongi began, however he was cut off by a quiet sob.

“Yoongi, stop, you-” he choked out, taking a moment to cough and sniff a bit. “you can’t just do this. You can’t just hurt me and waltz back into my life like nothing happened.” Jimin stammered, a bit more firmly this time.

“Jiminie, sweetheart, you know I’m sorry-”

“No. No, you’re not. You’re not sorry, you never are.” the younger of the two cried out, his voice trailing off into a broken cry of anguish.

“Baby, I am. I really am, please believe me. You know I never meant what I said, I didn’t mean a single word of it.” his voice began cracking, Yoongi’s tough facade breaking apart, but Jimin knew better. It has been months, and he knew better than to give in to Yoongi’s sweet talk. It’s what he had done best, what made Jimin give in to his every demand, believe him, trust him - love him.

“You cheated on me with Tae. He was my best friend - you knew that. Do you know how I felt? Do you understand how much it hurt, when I walked in on your lips against his, and your bodies tangled together? I pretended I didn’t see that and a week later I asked you, I asked you if you had any feelings for Tae - I mean what else was I supposed to do? Turn a blind eye to it even though that was the reason I was up at night, crying? Crying because you had fucked Tae the previous night on the bed we shared? You didn’t notice though. You didn’t even question the crying, since you never heard it. You weren’t even home, you’d be out late ‘practicing’, or was that screwing Tae as well?”

Jimin’s words turned harsh, and bitter at the end of his rant, all the bottled up feelings that he’s held in for so long bubbling to the surface in the form of a hateful, vicious anger.

Yoongi stayed silent, he had no idea what to say. He simply looked down into his lap, watching his hands nervously fiddle as he sat there in shame.

“I hadn’t talked to Tae since, but that Saturday when I asked you, you glared at me, and I remember these words clearly, you asked me, ‘What the fuck, Jimin? Just because you’re sucking his dick doesn’t mean I am.’ and that hurt. You knew I wasn’t. I would never cheat on you; I wouldn’t then, I wouldn’t now, and I still love you, that’s why it hurts so much. You wouldn’t ever understand though, would you? You couldn’t, you don’t ever truly love anyone - at least not me - and you couldn’t hurt.” Jimin finished, hot tears burning down his face, and this time Yoongi couldn’t wipe them away. He was shocked, motionless as he sat there, not knowing what to say.

He finally spoke up, voice defeated, quieter than usual: “I-I do love you. Jimin, you may not believe me, but I really do. I know what I did was horrible, and I said all those things because I was scared; I was a coward and Jimin, I’m sorry. Babe, please, I’m so sorry.”

“Yoongi, you had your chance, you had so many, and you know that. You could’ve apologized then, maybe even a week later, but don’t even get me started on Namjoon.” Jimin cried out, hurt fully taking over his soft features, and what was once a cheerful, happy boy, was now a betrayed, bitter soul, once warm eyes now filling with never-ending tears.

“Jimin, chimchim, please, I’m sorry, I’ll change, just please…” Yoongi had never felt so desperate before, but he could’ve been on his knees, begging. All pride and defiance in his character was gone, the only thing left was regret, and his love for Park Jimin, which was now tainted and destroyed by himself only.

“Yoongi… leave, please. I still love you, but you hurt me, and I simply can’t trust you anymore, so just leave, please.and so Yoongi did, not even bothering to grab his leather jacket, he simply opened the car door and walked out into the rain, letting the storm destroy him, the sky crying, its tears mixing with Yoongi’s salty tears that he shed as he walked away from Jimin, just like he did in the past, with his heart aching, an undeniable hatred for himself and his own mistakes pumping through his veins.

I’m sorry, Jimin. I’m so fucking sorry.

And this time he truly did mean it, but there was no one around to hear it anymore.

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[Translation] Wink Up June 2017 - やまけとの歩み

Wink Up June 2017: やまけとの歩み
Never knew that it will be this long! I take a longer time because of my hectic work. I think I used up all my brain cells to finish this. Anyway I’m trying my best to translate. In case you did found any mistake please tell me so that i can improve my translation. Thank you!


No records on year 2006-2007

Year 2008: Be in the same group and become best friends.

Keito’s goal is “To be able to dance as cool as Yamada”
Okamoto : I received a big mirror as Christmas present. I want to dance as cool as Yamada so I’m going to use this mirror a lot during practice. (March 2008 issue)

Among JUMP member, which one is the father and the mother?
Yamada: The father would be Keito! He is the most calm among the member. Isn’t weird for a junior high school student would be this calm? Everyone are making lots of noise, but he will be quietly reading his English novel alone. This is no other like a father isn’t? But sometimes, there are times where this thing is broken. That time I realised that “Keito is actually a junior high school student” (laugh) (April 2008 issue)

Year 2009: Just notice our same age on 2nd year of group formation.

More stories about Yamada revealed during MC
Nakajima: Because of the tense, there will be separate MC and it’s getting difficult isn’t. In this MC will Keito working hard?
Yamada: But he’ll just talk about useless thing.
Nakajima: So Keito has lots of stories about Yamada. Based on how he looks at Yamada, he is showing the look like “I’m going to tell something about him”. That’s looks interesting (laugh).
Okamoto: “Yamada put his finger in the electric fan” are one of my first stories.
Yamada: Wait, why would you say that here? (Laugh). The fans would be worried. I didn’t injured myself so everyone please do not worry. Everyone please don’t try this at home.
Okamoto: And Yamachan, recently he’s frequently punching me..
Yamada: Keito, he’s recently getting used with my punch so it’s getting boring. So I’ll tell you, I only let out 50% of my energy. And looks like Keito’s level are getting up, so from now I’ll increasing my energy to 60..70% (October 2009 issue)


Yamada: By the way Keito, you are in wich grade now?
Okamoto: High 2
Yamada: Eh, that’s the same as me?! I thought you are one year higher. Are you kidding me~~~
Everyone: Eh, after such long time (laugh)?
Yamada: I thought Keito is the same age as me!
Arioka: Isn’t good? Your knowledge has increased!
Yamada: So it’s ok for me to start judging him? Our age gap is near! And he always touching his arm, summer’s weather must be humid for him (laugh)!
Nakajima: I get it! Keito even with anyone the distance between them are so near! When the staff talk to him, they need to step back behind a bit.
Okamoto: I have low voice , so everytime when I talk to other people, they will say “eh?”, so I thought it would be better if I talk to them more closely… (November 2009 issue)

Year 2010: Begin to spend lots of time together even in private.

Keito crying when he can’t reach the meeting place

From Keito’s no 1 subject….
Yamada: He’s no 1 cry baby.
Okamoto: I’m not!
Yamada: You cried the other day! Me, Daichan, Chinen and Keito had a meeting the other day, but he’s getting lost and he cried.
Okamoto: it’s not like that! If you’re not describing the location to me properly, I will getting lost like a kindergarten child (laugh). I couldn’t find the location you described to me and wondered around in hurry. I have made everyone waiting for me. And i thought that i have trouble everyone.
Nakajima: Keito is surprisingly nice. Look! You can cry now. It’s ok now! So start crying!
Okamoto: I don’t feel like crying. But those kind words you told me, you will make me crying like an elementary school kid so stop it.
Nakajima: AHAHAHA! Is it not good? (Laugh)
Yamada: We are surprised too, so we asked him “why are you crying?”

Year 2011: Surprised at Keito’s new side

Jealousy towards gentleman’s side of Keito?!

Chinen: If everyone had a girlfriend, how would you show your feelings in front of her?
Nakajima: Keito is a gentleman so he seems like will be nice to all the girls (laugh).
Chinen: I get it, he looks like will listen to anything his girlfriend say. Like a butler?
Keito: What did you say a butler (laugh)! It’s like devoted type, this is a better way to say it!
Chinen: And then he will go “I’ll do anything for you, you should do the same thing to me too” and then that relationship happens.
Okamoto: Isn’t such thing is expected at the end?
Yamada: Keito, I will not forgive you if you’re meddling with my girlfriend! Even if you’re just being usually kind, i will not forgive you!
Nakajima: Me too! I will beat you with my drum sticks! (laugh)
Okamoto: Since all of us doesn’t have girlfriend, so that’s not threatening me (laugh). And Yuto, now you are holding your drum sticks for real (laugh). But let me say it, in my eyes, I only see the girl that I like so such things you say wouldn’t happen (March 2011).

Q. In Junior days, being as back dancers in which concerts that was fun?
Chinen: About this, Keito doesn’t have any experience as back dancers.
Yamada: Seriously?!
Okamoto: ah that’s right~ As for me, the very first choreographer I remembered was (Hey! Say!)
Yamada: isn’t rather recent? (Laugh). Being as the Senior’s back dancer, we can take part in the tour and it was fun.
Chinen: Right! It’s a little bit pity if you are not be able to experience that. To be honest I only experienced it once.
Yamada: Eh really?!
Chinen: Yeah, I’m only being as the back dancers for NEWS but for tour only for KAT-TUN
Nakajima: Me and Yamachan have pretty much experience.
Yamada: Yosh Keito! Even now it’s still not too late. You can go being a back dancer!
Okamoto: Eh, for Sexy Zone? (Laugh).
Yamada: AHAHAHA! That’s good! Senpai as Kouhai back dancer! (Laugh). I’m going to watch it
Okamoto: If you say that it would be good there then I would be glad to do it (December 2011 issue)

Year 2012: Keito begin to be in love with Yamada

Yamada showing his tsundere side

Yabu: On『JUMP’s recently』talk’s theme, according to the staff’s information, Inoochan’s team talks about “Recently, Keito is madly in love with Yamada” and the evidence seems increased.
Okamoto: Wait, what’s with that? (Laugh)
Yabu: When Keito talks with Yamada, no matter who calls your name, you won’t hear it…
Yamada & Okamoto: AHAHAHAHA!
Yamada: I’m also aware of that a little. This current Keito, his approach become more great.
Yabu: Even in the other day magazine interview, “Who become more mature? it’s Yamada” he talk about it enthusiastically (laugh). Both of you are really getting along very well
Yamada: That’s right. We hangout quite often.
Okamoto: Also, occasionally we will wear similar clothes. Because we have similar preference in clothes, we tend to buy similar kinds of clothing (June 2012 issue)

Yamada: When we went to watch (PLAYZONE) together, Keito’s tension is too high. He’s become troublesome mode’s person.
Okamoto: It was a continuous holiday, when I know i can meet the members after so long I become too happy.
Nakajima: Ah~ because you love Yamachan right (laugh).
Okamoto: But he’s ignoring me. “Oo Yamachan, it’s been a while” when I said it with the such maximum tension, I’m showing troublesome like face. I’m shock.
Yamada: If it’s for one time I would be happy. But it has been many times over and over again. Normally I won’t say that it’s annoying. I didn’t mean to follow but Keito at the hotel area or in the same room as me, he is actually an easy going person
Okamoto: seriously?! Yess!
(October 2012 issue)

Year 2013: Yamada usual strictness towards Keito (laugh)

Keito is chosen as his member’s mutual affection.
Yamada: I told you before this talk begins. Keito! I’m going to buy that yellow sweater you are wearing for our costume today, so you don’t make it dirty! Even one drop of sweat I won’t forgive you!
Okamoto : Ok.. but with that so much pressure it will cause me to sweat a lot (laugh).
Nakajima: Which part of the sweater is your favourite point?
Yamada: The colour and the texture? Roughly because I feel that I like it.
Okamoto : And the most important reason more than anything else is “because I wear it”.
Yamada: Shut up! I’m going to wash it immediately as soon as I get back home! (laugh) Everyone, did you buy the clothes that you like? Are you are the type who goes shopping and buy it? (June 2013 issue)

Q: Stunned! an episode of mutual affection with members.
Yamada: The other day after we appear in a music program, one of the co-star song keep lingering in my head. I’m humming the song in my head but at the moment we get off from our transport, suddenly I sing that one phrase out loud. And then exactly at the same time Keito also sing that phrase too! That coincidence isn’t amazing? Like we only listen to that song once but it keeps lingering in our head for all day long. As for myself it’s like JUMP’s song BOUNCE. And the part “Everybody、JUMP” is the only part that keep playing over and over again (laugh) (September 2013 issue)

Year 2014: Talking about loving each other on 7’s meeting

Yamada at private revealed!

Okamoto: I usually hangout with Yamachan. The Yamachan I met in private, his character is different from the Yamachan I met in JUMP. With JUMP, as usual everyone will tease me. But in private he didn’t do such things, he’s completely a normal person. He’s not that straight and he will listen to all my stories. He’s totally have different look (laugh) (February 2014 issue)

LOVE message to lovable Okamoto Keito!
Yamada: At 7’s meeting, Keito suddenly said to me [You know, I like Yamachan a lot! At the concert I’m always thinking “Sometimes I want to become aa” while watching you]. I’m almost about to cry (laugh). He is totally honest as he can say such thing straightforwardly. I like that side of Keito! (March 2014 issue)

Year 2015: Yamachine affirmed that Keito always being clumsy

Unintentionally teasing him

If Yamada would spoiled you immediately what you want him to do?
Keito: I would like to change our role for 1 day. Today too, as soon as I enter my workplace he asked , “Did you bring Weekly Shonen Jump today?” and when I told him “I didn’t buy it” he said “Go buy it!”. And then, the manager bought it for me and when I thought i’m going to read it, he said “stop it that’s mine”. I also like to do that but if a person who doesn’t know anything saw this, I’m completely running errand for him. That’s why I want to change our role for only 1 day so that I can try to say “Go buy JUMP” or “taste this thing” (laugh) (June 2015 issue)

Yamada: Keito is basically clueless. (Chinen who is nearby also agreed “He is getting clueless, he looks like he’s off guard). He is easily get punched, kicked or attacked by me (laugh). And his reaction when I hit him was “it hurts~” but he said it with a calm tone. Then I will said “It’s hurt isn’t? Let me make it more hurt” (laugh). The way he did that makes me feel to tease him. He is cute isn’t? Because he’s just cute, I’ll unintentionally teasing him. I had never received any payback from Keito. So if he’s going to do that to me, I’ll pay him back double (laugh) (December 2015 issue)

Year 2016: Good friends story talking about same episodes

Discover Keito through the GPS and play darts at Yamada’s house.

An episode where you realised all over again of the importance of member’s love.
Yamada: on the day I finished filming drama early, there’s something I wanted to do with Keito. So when I look at my GPS, I saw him nearby my house. I thought “This is the chance!”. I told him “Sorry, there is something I want you to do, come over for a moment!”. We sit at the veranda there and had a cup of tea. Then I let him go home (laugh). We played darts at my house, talk about the darts. He’s not choosy about the tea so I bring out cold oolong tea (laugh).

Keito: About 3 days ago, I went to Yamachan house for a while. I happened to be near his house when he suddenly called and ask to have a tea with him. He really served the tea and since he has dart board we played for about 15 minutes and then I went home (laugh). Recently I had not seen him in private so I haven’t go to his house for quite sometime.

P/s: i will re-edit again. I leave this here for a while
I’ll Be With You (Part 9)

A/N: This was a pretty long one but it sets up a row of dominoes till the end of the story. I’m thinking about continuing with a second part of the story after I finish this one. I’ll decide later on if I want to or what the name will be. Stay tune! The format is really weird so sorry in advanced!

Warnings: Swearing/Fluff/Angst?

Summary: After receiving a call from Steve about a new mission, you follow Bucky to the Avenger’s tower to see Bucky off. In a large spectrum of emotions, you become exactly what Bucky needs as you see him off for a three month– or more– mission. A huge confession from you tells Bucky exactly what he should expect in a relationship with you…

(Part 1) - (Part 8)

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So since I’m bored, I might as well write my review of Infinite’s Come Back Again.

(And yes, I am giving my full 100% biased feelings towards this :) )

I’ll mainly be talking about the dance practice version of this because it’s my favorite one and the one I always go back to watch because it just gets me nostalgic for some reason, even if I wasn’t in the fandom back then.

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EVE BORES YOU SERIES: War Veteran, Sitcom Norma Bates and Indecisive Readhead VS A Scrawny Neighbour Boy - a look at Eric Forman and how Red, Kitty, and Donna affect his character requested by sulietsexual

To start this meta, I love Eric. I can genuiely identify and connect with him, his Chandler-like deadpan sarcasm is hilarious and Topher’s delivery helps loads. That being said, I can understand why some fans don’t like him cause he does have some negative qualities, such as occasional sexism, rudeness and in particular, hostility towards Jackie (one thing I can’t forgive him for). Today, however, I’m talking about something else.

So, as the show creator said, Eric is sort of a teenage version of himself, kind of the underdog you want to root for, which makes perfect sense considering the sitcom format and the fact that he’s the protagonist. You root for him and Donna, you cheer when he stands up to Red, you get sad when he becomes the butt of the joke.

Now, it seems like Eric is sort of a self-insert character. I read that such device is used so the readers/watchers could put themselves in their shoes and interact with the story. And it actually kind of works because who hasn’t felt like Eric every once in a while - insecure, incapable, dumb, underappreciated. That’s why I connect with him so much, despite his glaring flaws and I’m sure some people in the audience did as well.

However, as a character, such choice makes him suffer because apart of his obssession with Star Wars, Spiderman, etc, he has nothing he’s interested in. No hobbies, no ambitions which can be considered typical teenage guy behaviour but let’s think about it - Hyde is interested in government and conspiracies, Kelso was shown to have a streak for mechanics (a trait thay was sadly dropped after season 1), Donna had her feminism and Jackie had cheerleading and fashion. However shallow, the characters care about something and pursue those interests. The show doesn’t let Eric have that, and it only gets worse as the series go on. Just like Joey, the writers regressed him and refused to allow him to grow.

I was asked to discuss how three people in his life - Red, Kitty and Donna - affect him negatively. To make this clearer, I will take one character and discuss how they affect Eric throughout the whole show run and then take another character and so on. This should be fun *cracks knuckles*

War Veteran chews Scrawny Neighbour Boy till the last bone - Eric/Red

As much as I find Red hilarious, I have to say - he seems incapable of emotional connection with his kids, Eric in particular. While played for laughs, his constant demeaning of Eric, calling him annoying, weird and twitchy can be really traumatizimg for a young mind that’s still developing a sense of identity.

Since the start of the series , their relationship is established clearly - Eric is afraid of Red’s iron fist while Red constantly reminds him he’s not the kind of son he wanted as he’s not masculine enough. It’s revealed Red was raised the same way so it makes sense he doesn’t know anything else but that doesn’t make it okay. He believes yelling at Eric will make him a man but from personal experience, being yelled at can significantly lower your self worth. In fact, Eric would’ve probably met Red’s version of a perfect son if he connected with him more instead of cutting him off. But since we’re talking about that, parents shouldn’t make up perfect visions of their kids in their heads and love them accordingly to that. Familial love is unconditional, or it should be.

Because of that, it’s quite satisfying to watch Eric stand up to him and the series go on. I actually believe that some part of his whole engagement with Donna debacle and his refusal to leave the house in season 7 was a way to lash out at Red. Just watch their interractions after Eric tells Red he’s engaged - you can see some obvious resentment, which, while uncomfortable to watch, doesn’t really surprise me.

To sum up, while I understand Red meant well, he actually set back Eric’s development. That being said, their goodbye in 7x25 was so sweet I shed a tear.

Sitcom Norma Bates puts Scrawny Neighbour Boy’s bones in their basement - Eric/Kitty

So, to preface this, I actually think that Kitty had a more detrimental effect on Eric than Red. Allow me to explain.

Kitty says she babies Eric so much because Red is hard on him. That might e true to some degree, but I also think Kitty has a bit of a hero complex - she takes pride in getting Hyde off the streets, would’ve taken Jackie in after her mother abandons her as well - she loves to baby people and nurture them, in short, she likes to feel needed. Since Laurie shuts her out, she projects in all on Eric.

It’s not as obvious in the early seasons, but every time Eric takes a step towards becoming a grown up, she goes ballistic (such as her not getting out of bed after discovering Eric and Donna have sex). It’s canonically said she can’t stand to not be needed by him and while I can somewhat understand a parent feeling that way when they see their child growing up, I think it’s really more about Kitty than Eric. She wants to sacrifice his personal growth so he could fulfil her needs. Such as when she’s happy he put of college in season 6 and spoils him in the episode where he’s slacking off and sleeping during the day (which is thankfully addressed by Donna). There comes a day when a mother has to realize a child is his own person as well and needs to realize his own potential.

Why did I call her sitcom Norma Bates? I’m not saying by any means that Kitty is like Norma Bates, however, her co-dependancy on Eric is detrimental to his development and frankly, it can have psychological damage as well. It should also be noted that Kitty constantly rivals with Donna to be the most important woman in Eric’s life.

I will use an example from my own life to illustrate such dynamic. My cousin (male) is 27 years old. My uncle has never been close to him so my aunt babied him in response. Only he didn’t have a Donna or a Hyde or the rest of the gang and spent most of the school being bullied. Now he calls my aunt 3 times a day every day and whines about how much his life sucks while my aunt treats him like a child. No friends, no girlfriend, nothing. I could imagine Eric doing that at some point in the worst case scenario.

Indecisive Redhead tosses Scrawny Neighbour Boy around - Eric/Donna

I already have a meta on these two but with a different question you can write up a whole new one. At the end of the day, I do believe Donna had some negative effects on Eric, which I’m about to explain right now. If you’re a hardcore Donna fan, you might want to skip this section.

We know that Eric is very insecure. Frankly, I can’t blame him - Red’s constant belittling, his friends remarks how Donna is so out of his league - boy has problems. And in the end, Donna does nothing to prove him wrong. I get that she had to be her own person and I’m not saying she never acknowledged how well he treated her. However, let’s look at the episode of their break up. In her dream sequence it’s revealed she can’t find anything that appealing in him which gives a question - why were they together in the first place? And also, realistically it’s not frequent you end up with the first person you fall in love with but no one thinks about that like “okay so nothing’s gonna become of that, I’m just passing time”. At least when you’re really in love with them. They broke up because Donna wanted personal freedom back but in Eric’s mind, she got tired of him and he didn’t have something that would make her stay. He wasn’t enough. And judging from Donna’s dream, it’s true. She sort of confirms what his parents and friends have been saying all along. And for that to come from the first person you’ve ever loved is kind of traumatic.

Then he spends half the season moping for her while she still seems to want all of what he did as her boyfriend without actually being with him. And then she falls for Casey fucking Kelso - everything Eric is not. That’s like a slap on the cheek for him and the fact that Red and Kitty called him a dumbass for not taking her back after it blew up in Donna’s face still pisses me off.

But what’s the most annoying is that his relationship with Donna season 5-onwards stops his growth. It becomes “I go where Donna goes, Donna is my future” to the point where he can’t even do well on SATs because he’s too busy daydreaming. It’s ridiculous and don’t even get me started on the whole engagement thing. Even as a teenager watching it I thought they were insane and I still think that now. That storyline turned their relationship into a punchline with continous hijinx and it was just too much. And then the whole season 7 thing where she supports him being all whimsical and losing any sort of direction in life - the earlier seasons Donna would’ve called him out in it but then again earlier seasons Eric wouldn’t have done this.

To conclude, the biggest tragedy of Eric’s character was that he got turned into a joke - a degraded, free loader, lazy, apathetic young man with no ambition. While sending him to Africa was sloppy, it at least gave him some sort of purpose. What’s sad is that some of the most important people in his life had some major contribution in such degradation.

Secrets / Lies

Another fic! So far, I’m doing pretty okay at keeping to these assigned dates!

This one centres around Alya and Marinette (who, tbh, don’t deserve anything bad) and involved them texting. I’ve decided to denote texts by putting them in slashes /like this/. Alya’s messages will be in italics for added clarity.

So, to summarise: /this is a text from Marinette/ and /this is Alya’s reply/

It’s maybe not the best system? but this is how we’re doing this ~

Secrets / Lies a ML angst fic about some friends (1442 words)

Warnings: some language. It’s not particularly strong but it’s there.

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HBO’s Girls starter sentences

season 5, part 2 of 2
episodes 6 through 10
50 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: cussing

  • “Well, we’re in a fight, so I don’t wanna talk to you. That’s kind of the definition of fighting.”
  • “See, _____, that’s a major part of the problem. That you don’t seem to care at all about what I want.”
  • “Look, I know it’s weird… Just talk to me, okay?”
  • “Then you came along, and beat me in the Asshole Contest. Big time. You beat the shit out of me.”
  • “Get in the fucking boat.”
  • “What am I gonna do about you?”
  • “What if we ran away? I’m serious.”
  • “Why is everybody such a fucking disappointment?”
  • “I just don’t know who I am right now. I’m like a ghost of myself. I don’t know what I’m doing here or anywhere else.”
  • “I was not rolling my eyes at you. I was looking up at a cloud formation that looked a lot like Blake Lively.”
  • “Oh my god, so now you’re gonna threaten me to get what you want? Really flexing the maturity muscles today. Nice.”
  • “No, no, no, I don’t owe you a goddamn thing, _____.”
  • “Do you think that I deserve all the things that are happening to me?”
  • “There’s always gonna be people in your ear. The key is knowing when to tune it out.”
  • “You know that I would never disappoint you on purpose, right?”
  • “I’m glad we had this talk. I feel better. You should too.”
  • “Everyone just assumes we’ve made all this progress in the last few decades; that we’ve made all these monumental strides forward in our thinking, but the fact is—the ugly truth is, _____, human apathy continues to be one of the grossest threats to mankind.”
  • “Ready to put aside our differences? We can have a nice rest of the night.”
  • “I’ve been eating Bugles my whole life and I still don’t even know if I like them. It’s just, like, something to do.”
  • “Why are you running from me?!”
  • “I don’t wanna be in this relationship anymore and I don’t know how to get out!”
  • “I don’t belong with you. I’m sorry. Please go.”
  • “God, you’re so fucking selfish!”
  • “_____, you’re the truest and most loving friend I’ve had.”
  • “I don’t think this is good for our friendship.”
  • “Fuck, _____, what happened? Are you okay?
  • "You’re my little pumpkin pop! Pumpkin pop! Pumpkin pop! Hangin’ at the chocolate shop! Waitin’ for the moon to drop!”
  • “You wouldn’t know real love if it bit your fucking tit off.”
  • “You’re gonna regret this so fucking hard.”
  • “_____, I don’t know why you can’t just give this up. You don’t even like me.”
  • “Okay, you have to fight this, _____. You have to have a war time attitude. Maybe ask for some help; something I know you’re fucking terrible at, but ask for it anyways.”
  • “Well, thank you for agreeing to meet like this… It’s very big of you.”
  • “I’m not happy with the way we left things. I was angry. And I felt like you were… embarrassed, even though that’s not an emotion you claim to be able to feel.”
  • “_____, I know you would never admit this to yourself, but don’t you wanna be with somebody who sees you for you?”
  • “You’re gonna end up with nothing, and you deserve everything.”
  • “I’ve wanted something serious for a while. Maybe this is the time.”
  • “I’m looking for someone special. A special someone, for me.”
  • “I could’ve eaten seven more hot dogs. I was just being calm.”
  • “I need to see how other people see me because it’s the only way that I can see myself.”
  • “You’re so cute when you beg.”
  • “Maybe your fucking best isn’t good enough, _____.”
  • “I just wanna be happy. I just want one day where I feel good.”
  • “Why can’t you just fucking let it go?”
  • “I’ll never forgive you! I will never forgive you for that! We could die in the same bed, and I will never forgive you!”
  • “The only time I ever lied is when I said I cared that you lived or died!”
  • “I’m so fucking out of here!”
  • “No fucking way! Come out! Open this fucking door!”
  • “I’m sorry… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you…”
  • “This particular line of people is literally my worst nightmare.”
  • “I am gonna die having done nothing. I don’t have a lot of time left in the scheme of things.”
100 reasons why I love you.
  1.  I love you because you make my heart beat thrice as normal and I don’t think if there’s a scientific explanation and I don’t care if there’s none.
  2. I love you because you had this some kind of electric power every time you try to change your voice from normal to that “comforting voice”
  3. I love you because of your “baby talks”
  4. I love you because you never gave up on me. 3 struggling years but you’re still there.
  5. I love how you say, “Ambot ambot”
  6. I love how you try to be your best
  7. I love how you try to be the sweetest when you’re not really showy
  8. I love the way you hug me so tight over the phone
  9. I love how I can be myself when I’m with you
  10. I love it when you’re jealous
  11. I love you most when you’re being possesive
  12. I love it when you’re mean
  13. I love our little fights about people who texted us, who called us
  14. I love the way you say.. “Uhmmm
  15. I love the way you sound when you brush your teeth
  16. I love your voice when you try to act as a "call center agent”
  17. I love the way you care
  18. I love how you think I’m the most handsome guy
  19. I love the way you admire my body
  20. I love those moments when we can’t hung up the phone because we suddenly fall asleep
  21. I love the learning you
  22. I love the way you try to tell me the procedure of a certain recipe
  23. I love the way you tell your friends about me
  24. I love the way you sound when you eat
  25. I love the way you cry because of joy
  26. I love your hand written
  27. I love the way you sound when your sleepy
  28. I love you still despite of your clumsyness
  29. I love your text format. so formal
  30. I love  how you always want to take care of me
  31. I love how you protect me
  32. I love how you forgive me over and over and over again
  33. I love your unlimited chances
  34. I love your hair
  35. I love your nose
  36. I love your lips
  37. I love your smile
  38. I love your figure
  39. I love your height
  40. I love your body
  41. I love how the way you look under those shirts
  42. I love how you try to pull me back when I’m drifting away
  43. I love how you love “ME” as a whole package. my flaws, my irresponsibility, my insensitivity, my everything.
  44. I love how you try to “Love” my cats even if you hate em.
  45. I love you because you make me see the good in me.
  46. I love you because you make me want to strive hard.
  47. I love you because of your laugh.
  48. I love you because of the sound of your breath over the phone.
  49. I love you because of your giggles
  50. I love you because of your messy hair
  51. I love you because of your jiggles, and your weight.
  52. I love it when you try to sniff my neck
  53. I love your singing voice
  54. I love the way you shout when your mad
  55. I love the sound of your fart
  56. I love those moment when we will be silent and still feel okay
  57. I love the way you correct my grammar and my spellings
  58. I love the way you think
  59. I love it when your telling me something new
  60. I love those 100 text messages when you’re worried about me
  61. I love it when you’ll say “ uwi na”
  62. I love how you love math opposite than I do
  63. I love it when you’re like my walking dictionary
  64. I love you because you help me save myself
  65. I love your name
  66. I love it even more with my last name connected
  67. I love talking to you
  68. I love the midnight talks
  69. I love the way we whisper so no one will hear us
  70. I love the way you get crazy
  71. I love your childiness
  72. I love your weird side
  73. I love your naughtyness
  74. I love how I miss you even after a call
  75. I love how you make me turn into a hell romantic guy
  76. I love you more everytime I see boxes because that reminds me of you sending another package
  77. I love how you make me accept myself slowly because of you
  78. I love how you see me as BEST
  79. I love hearing you when you’re talking to someone else
  80. I love the way you do things I want
  81. I love the way you move
  82. I love the way your eyes vanished when you laugh
  83. I love the way you say “I love you”
  84. I love the way you sound when your speaking bisaya
  85. I love how we feel so alike yet different at some times
  86. I love how we cursed each other but end up making up
  87. I low how you make me write letters
  88. I love how you put up with me even if its not the easiest thing
  89. I love how you put me first above everything
  90. I love the way you try to wear the necklace I gave to you despite of being allergic
  91. I love the way you hug my pillow and think of it as me
  92. I love it when you wear my jacket
  93. I love how you make fun of me
  94. I love how you bully me
  95. I love my life after you came
  96. I love the way you say “Meow” when I let you speak to my cats
  97. I love the accusations
  98. I love how we can tell each other about everything
  99. I love your looooooooooooong patience
  100. I love everything that makes YOU.