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What does it means "Bless his heart, he said yes"?

Hi anon! Thanks for the ask.

Darren has told the story of how we went to a dinner and a concert with Chris after his first day on the set. He has told it more than once. There’s a great post from Michelle about that (x), but to recap…

Darren shared this story publicly for the first time for a BTS interview in spring 2011, but he didn’t say much, he didn’t even mention the concert. I believe Darren had this date in mind also when he was describing what the perfect date is in his view for the interview in People Magazine in fall 2011 (x). In that interview, he was talking more in general terms.

The story didn’t really start unraveling until later. In summer 2014, it was actually Max Adler who revealed that Darren and Chris went out to a dinner and a concert after Darren’s first day. The first time Darren really told the story publicly was for the BTS interview for Klaine wedding episode in fall 2014. Chris was sitting next to him. In that interview, Darren said: “And I was like ‘do you wanna come?’ And bless your heart.” By ‘bless your heart’, he was referring to Chris agreeing to go out with him.

Darren repeated the story again for the Paley Fest interview in spring 2015. In that, Darren said: “Here I am, just meeting Chris Colfer for the first time and I’m like ‘This is a long shot, man, but I’m going to this concert. Do you want to come?’ Bless his heart he came with me.”

And he told it again for the interview with Alan Cummings in fall 2015. In that, Darren said: “I asked him. I was like ‘I know we don’t know each other, but our characters might have to get to know each other a little better. So if you want to come with me, if you like Sutton Foster, it’d be my treat.’ And bless his heart, he said yes!”

So… Darren has, more than once, used the line “bless his heart” about Chris agreeing to the dinner and concert on that first night. Why? I can’t read his mind. The words tell us that he is at the very least grateful that Chris agreed to it. I think it goes beyond this though. I think he feels grateful to have Chris in his life, a sentiment that is undoubtedly shared by Chris too. They feel grateful to have each other. I don’t think that has changed through the years and the struggles. If anything, the feeling has grown stronger.


Darren Criss* singing “Not Alone” with the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra led by Luke Frazier, NAAP’s Broadway Community Chorus and his band. He is performing as part of After the Storm, a benefit concert for the Philippines at The Kennedy Center. *Bonus Darren babble at the beginning.  

Broadway Concert Series with Darren and Seth Rudetsky, April 19, 2016 at Parker Playhouse, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Tonight’s performance was just wonderful. Also, the Parker Playhouse is beautiful!  All red velvet, white walls, and crystal chandeliers. To start, since there wasn’t a printed program, here are the songs in order, performed by Darren and accompanied by Seth (except for I’d Rather Be Sailing, which featured Darren on the piano).

Something’s Coming from West Side Story

Where is Love from Oliver!

I Love Betsy from Honeymoon in Vegas

Welcome Home from Fanny

The Streets of Dublin from A Man of No Importance

I’d Rather Be Sailing from A New Brain

Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Wicked Little Town from Hedwig and the Angry Inch

If I Were A Rich Man from Fiddler on the Roof

Encore: You and Me (But Mostly Me) from The Book of Mormon

Some quick impressions: Darren voice sounded great. It was fun watching the way he and Seth bantered back and forth, with a very responsive audience that was right with them the entire time. Seth was actually missing a performance of his show “Disaster, the Musical” on Broadway to do tonight’s show, and mentioned that his understudy was covering for him. Seth has done four Broadway Concert Series shows at the Parker Playhouse, one each month since January 2016.  This is the last one for the season.

More about the show under the cut

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No Matter
Chris/Darren, 1.5k, PG

Because lovetheblazer and raspberryblainers reallllly wanted Paris fic, and I am weak. 

There reaches a point where Darren feels so full of contradicting emotions that he actually thinks he’ll crack from it. In a heartbeat he can go from confident, ready to surf the forward momentum of his life, to shaken with what he’s walking away from. He has to swallow against the sadness of all the faces he won’t be seeing every day, because he knows how much that sucks. He’s done it before - leaving high school, leaving college. He’s walked away from a time and a place that made him happy, lured by the mystery of what might be out there that’s a little bit better, and he’s learned how okay that can really be.

Standing still wouldn’t do any good, not when the people surrounding you aren’t living static lives either. No one wants to be the last person left in a room filled with ghosting memories.

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so whats your opinion on miarrens relationship? like theres no way you could willingly go to vegas etc and so on with someone you dislike, so he clearly likes her , don't know why he dates her when shes so rude but I guess loads of relationships are dysfunctional that make people go "how are those 2 together?" darrens so so nice, surely he woudnt date a genuinely horrible person? I hope.... there must be some side to her we never see cos I can never understand how hes with her

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So I was fortunate enough to go and see Darren and Betsy twice in Toronto. The first time with my son on opening night and the second time on closing night. Both experiences were different. With my son I was more concerned about him having a good time and experiencing Darren (Who is his idol) for the first time. I remember my feelings seeing Darren for the first time and I know that he will carry that for the rest of his life.

When I went last night it was a completely different experience. I first seen Darren at his Listen Up tour in Toronto a few years ago and had the pleasure of a meet & greet. His energy during that show was amazing and something I relive all the time. My second experience was when I went to NY to see him as Hedwig, again a completely different experience. It was raunchy, completely Darren and showed off his acting skills like nothing else. Again an experience I will never forget. And than again last night, it felt more personal than any other show if that makes sense. More than one time I teared up because he knows just how to grab you pull you in and make you feel every fucking emotion that is inside of you whether it’s good or bad. Again another experience that I will never forget and hold close to my heart for the rest of my life.

After the concert we waited outside for approximately an hour for Darren. When he did come out he was so very sweet and in a rush because he had somewhere to be. So instead of just leaving us hanging he took the time and did group photos with us, which means more than anything because he didn’t have to do it but wanted to make us happy. I just have to say to that the minute Darren came outside it started pouring out but he still stayed and made sure we got our pictures. It may not be a selfie but in a way it’s cool to be surrounded by Darren fans that love and admire him just as much as I do and I can see it pouring out of everyone in this picture, it will have a place on my wall art of Darren for the rest of my life.

I can’t begin to explain how much it meant to me to add yet another experience of Darren in my life and I absolutely can’t wait for more experiences that I can add.

I also have to say thank you for bringing Betsy into my life. I’m ashamed to admit that I had not heard of her before this concert series, but I can promise you that she has gained a fan and I can’t wait to sit down and find out everything I can about her and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the future. She is a breath of fresh air and an amazing, talented woman!

Thanks for the amazing two nights Darren, for everything you have done leading to this point and everything you will do in the future.