.this tweet is from may

Introducing Warby Parker x Tyler Oakley

It all started with a tweet from Tyler Oakley on May 25, 2013: “@WarbyParker Hi. I want to start wearing your glasses. Can our love-affair start immediately, please?” A few weeks later, Tyler was wearing his first pair of Warby Parker glasses. (The Begley frame, to be exact.)

Three and half years later, we’ve officially taken our relationship to the next level: a collaboration!

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sorta-kind a present/shout out to @justjackbitty because I spent the last week going through about 350 pages of their blog??? because Zimbits. So here’s a messy Zimbits. Not perfect but whatevs

If you haven’t read OMG Check, Please! ( @omgcheckplease) this doesn’t make sense to you. Go read it if you want idk man it’s your life

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leafy videos that were promised but never dropped

rest in peace

  1. that facecam video where he wore the hurley sweatshirt, there’s a tweet up with screenshots from may this year but no video 
  2. peafy collab… it was supposed to drop weeks ago what happened did he just stop working on it halfway through wha
  3. fousey video… it’s better he doesn’t post this because it’s good for him to stay out of drama rn but i’m just sayin 
  4. i’m pretty sure in his 3mil special he promised a snapchat qna
  5. in july he tweeted about a series with pewds, grade, dolan and others coming out that month… bitch where it’s october

atthecemetrygates  asked:

hey sorry to bother you but do you have any links to when the eyewitness twitter was tweeting about how phillip and lukas would finally have sex tonight and acting like that was end game cos im writing an essay on oversexualization of lgbt people and your blog kinda inspired it and you always have sources, thanks :)

i searched all the actors, iliana’s, and the usa network (eyewitness itself didn’t have its own twitter account because the show was purchased originally for only one season and will hopefully remain that way) twitter and any tweets about “lukas dying a virgin” were deleted. i don’t know if there were any other tweets you may be thinking about (but if you type “*word* from:*account*” into the twitter search bar you can search for a specific word from an entire account without having to go through every tweet)

however, if you look at this post i made like a month ago, there is a link to a picture on iliana’s instagram (iliana is tyler who plays philip on the show’s real life girlfriend) where in the caption she says that the only thing worse than death is a “virign death” (she misspelt it not me) and if you were to look through their instagrams you could probably find more posts like that that weren’t taken down.

edit!!: (is it still considered an edit if i haven’t posted it yet? hm) i found these screenshots of tweets from the studio that produced the show

gross, right?

also good luck on your essay!! sorry it took me a day to get back to you, i wasn’t on my laptop at all last night!


ok but actually tho what is going on?

in a post Gerard made he says “My Chem will never be back. That is long gone. But perhaps a new project will arise that is not just us as individuals, but us as a group. However, IF we do get back together, Bob will probably be back, and Mikey probably will not. My brother not returning is the main reason for the name change. He came up with the name and without him, we never would have been called My Chemical Romance. And without him, we won’t be. But again it’s all been talk so far. I don’t want you to get your hopes too high.”

and then there’s two tweets from May where Gerard says “@ MCRofficial will be back.” and Frank also tweets “@ MCRofficial is getting back together in 2016. Heads up!”



Twitter had a lot of feelings about Mitt Romney’s Trump speech. One tweet spelled who may stand to gain the most from it.

And icymi, Trump responded to Romney (before he spoke) in typical Trump fashion.

What did they do to Louis’ image that the immediate reaction after him favouring a tweet from a fan is this:

Like wow, rot in hell, I may not agree with the trading solo DMs thing, and it might be annoying for celebrities, but fans thinking that Louis is passive aggressively scolding them and now he hates them because of it is just so telling on the image they have of him.

This is Louis, by the way:

so, wow, again, thank you to whoever the fuck did this to him.