.this post is just an excuse to get you to watch this nice and long interview with the lovely jenna

WARNING! Long a** submission..sorry..not sorry: K-Pop idols and Black Women.

Hello! I didn’t know how to start this off, but I hope you don’t mind me talking about it, I just have to get this off my chest (not literally, because it’s just words).

First I want to discuss that I appreciate your blog, that it’s dedicated to Black fangirls being acknowledged by K-Pop, I have no clue where people think other wise, I guess they don’t take the time to read your About this blog page smh! sorry, had to say that.

Two, It’s sad that a lot of K-Pop idols have to hide so much of who they really are. They have to keep this innocence all of the time to please fans and to not upset them, (Jessica Jung from Girls’ Generation, who got kicked out even said so in a recent interview, she just told all the tea) and I’m saying that because a lot of them listens to so much Rap, Hip Hop, R&B etc. and yet they only post on their instagrams about how they’re listening to Britney Spears (sarcasm) or something, when we know you love your Nicki Minaj, your Trina, your A$AP Rocky, your trap music, that we are shocked you even know most of these songs/artists exist. But they don’t want to offend their innocent [insert age here] year old fan with the “dirty lyrics” or something? I understand why they do it, but at the same time they need to live!

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