.this plot is still super dumb

Finally got the next magical girl piece done, this time from the weird, wedding themed 90′s anime, Wedding Peach. This show wasn’t my favorite but I had known about it since middle school and was kinda excited to see what it was about. It’s not great but I still got into the story and excited for the cliche plot twists. The OVA, however, is such a waste of time which is super disappointing because I had seen the attack and transformation sequences which are beautifully animated. I think they were so pretty I thought the whole OVA would be good but it was pretty awful. All in all I say Wedding Peach is dumb but enjoyable and very 90s. Low points is thirteen year old girls transforming into bridal gowns and using magical attacks out of bouquets which is something I struggled to not feel super weird about. And also that this group of friends are a lot more mean spirited towards each other, which feels weird after so many magical girl teams that feel very close-knit and supportive. High points are Momoko’s big pluffy head of hair and her sassy crush Yosuke. 

The next one will be for Nurse Angel Ririka SOS.

Writer’s Appreciation Day!

So since today is Writer’s Appreciation Day, I decided to make my own post showing some of my favorites and telling them how great they are! (Though I wish I was able to do this earlier!!)

@inktae: So Mari, you have to be one of the best writers and the sweetest person on this site! Your writing style is always inspirational, it flows so smoothly, and they’re always super creative! You have amazing Aus. I get so lost in reading them and it literally feels like I’m there; I’m in love with the way you write. I think I’ve read most of your stories multiple times. You’re also a very kind, comforting person; I always smile when you’re on my dash. (And yes, I know I said all this earlier to you, haha.)

@jeonjagiya: Iris, you’re a super amazing writer. Your stories are informative, and have the perfect mix of tension to keep you hanging onto every word. I can never put down my phone when reading something of yours! I always find it interesting that your fics are taken somewhat from personal experience and how you really seems to understand situations and people. I truly enjoy your writing. 

@ricepot-jisung: First off, I’d like to say congrats on the new username! I’m glad you’re trying to find happiness, and I’m sorry for all the hate you received over the past weeks/months! But, I’d like to say that I really love all your stories! Each one has such a nice, developed plot and they all ended in a way where I was wistful with it being over, yet satisfied with the end result. You’re a very strong person, and I applaud you. But do take your time, and I hope you find happiness.

@btssmutgalore: I love all your stories. You have  s o  m a n y, and I’m always blown away with the way you write and the plots you create. I’ve always thought, “How many times can you write smut without it getting repetitive?” and you always prove that thought wrong when you write. Each one is so uniquely different and perfect. You give the smut great wording and brilliant plots that I’m left dumb-founded. I’ve always been super impressed by you. 

@xhixtape: I still have yet to read everything of yours! But I am very interested in the ones I have so far, and can’t wait till I have time to read the rest. You’re very talented, and each story is perfectly written to me. There’s also something so refreshing about seeing you on my dash. You’ve always seemed like a bright person to me, so I always feel a little more energized when scrolling through your blog. I don’t really know you though, so I’m not sure why. I do love your blog though!

@avveh: I remember when I saw your blog for the first time. I remember that I curiously clicked your masterlist, and I was sucked in through Room For Dessert. Even though I wouldn’t do that or even like that in real life, reading your writing was a different story. The smut and the way you had it progress had me sitting on the edge of my seat to see what happened next. A great writer, and I always been intrigued (and maybe a bit excited) whenever you talk about living in Korea; that’s so cool to me. (and your conversations with ellieljade crack me up.) 

@ellieljade: I found your blog through This Is How You Lose Her. They all had me crying and were so well written that I had to find your blog. When I clicked your icon and read the first (relateable) line on your description, I laughed and was hooked. It’s also always entertaining when Trash Husband overtakes your blog. I enjoy seeing you on my dash (and wish me luck when I decide to try and read Mr. Min).

@emboyz: Your blog is great. The smut is written smoothly and the plots are well-picked. I’m also glad to see someone who writes sub!fics (AKA Brat with Yoongi was great quality). You seem relateable to me for some reason, and you’re entertaining. I’m also sorry about that hate you received when it was revealed that you were friends with Iris! But thanks for writing on here. 

@jungk0oksthighs: I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. I still have yet to read everything (which is the case for most writers below), but I am excited to! So far though, I like the way you characterize, the way you write, and the ideas you turn into words. I also enjoy all the Jungkook you spread on my dash ;)

@jungkxook: Again, I haven’t read everything! But I’m honestly so psyched for the ones I have read, and the opportunity to read more. Your blog theme is also super pretty. And I must add that I’m super excited for your Spiderman!Jungkook. Like, super excited. 

@vintaege: Your blog theme is also really aesthetic, and I can’t wait till I find time to read your masterlist! My favorite story so far is Oceans In Your Eyes because the feeling I get from is it is so pleasing. The plot, the idea, the way it’s written, the character development- it’s perfect. And I have a feeling the rest of your stories are the same way, so that’s why I’m really hyped to check them all out. 

@soobadnoonecanstopher: You do not know how happy I am that I reached out to you! You’ve always seemed like such an untouchable force in the EXO writing fandom because your stories are always so… wow. But I’ve found out that you’re actually a very approachable person! You’re funny and nice and I enjoy talking to you. I’ve met you and multiple other amazing people through you, and for that I’m thankful. 

There are also so, so, so, so, SO many other writers out there that deserve attention and that I’ve probably read from! I really wish I could add everyone I know on here, but sadly I can’t remember them all (and most I haven’t read much from yet, so I can’t gush about them or their writing, as much as I want to). But these are the writers I read from the most or appreciate the most! You’re all very skilled writers and good people, and I’m glad you’re on Tumblr (no matter how bad of a site it can be). 

anonymous asked:

Would you mind discussing your thoughts on the designs of the kaiju in the ROM trilogy?

Ooh! I like this prompt. I’ll just discuss the enemy kaiju for now since we’ll be here all night for the various Mothras.


And no, I will not be using “Desghidorah” because the “des” is just Japanese pronunciation of “Death” when the creature was copyrighted as Death G. Beyond that? Desghidorah is a dumb fuckin name.
This is actually a pretty cool design, but not particularly unique or special in the Tohoverse, especially compared to his namesake. The idea of an entire species of Ghidorahs is intriguing, of course, each destroying different planetary populations…
Regardless, I do wish that DG was a bit more unique other than “like King Ghidorah but maybe a bit more western and more of a traditional scaley-spiny skin texture and also four legs.” Overall, not bad though. Serves the purposes of the film adequately, even if it does suffer from Heisei Laser-Overkill.


 This time I actually prefer the romanization over “Dagahra,” since, when speaking English, it rolls off the tongue better.
I have a soft spot for Big D - great roar, great theme music, unique color palette, and the ability to create mutant poisonous starfish is really inspired. Again, though, he suffers heavily from Laser Overkill, especially when there’s no creativity to where they come from. It’s mouth, then back, then flesh-cannons, then spinning to make…Destructo Discs? I hate that. Giving kaiju creative powers should be clever and fun, like Heisei Red King’s exploding gullet-rocks.
However, upon seeing Nishikawa-sensei’s initial Dagarla designs, I’m smitten by the plethora of much more creative sealife-inspired heads. One even looked like a goblin shark, which would have made THREE kaiju to use that inspiration while being totally unique (Zigra and Knifehead, if you’re keeping track). The small and very Godzilla-like head, while appealing, is kinda been-there, done-that.
Still like him overall, and while Rebirth of Mothra 2 is not a great movie, it’s certainly the most unique.

GRAND KING GHIDORAH (though “Super Dragon” has a nice ring to it) -

GKG is largely considered by many to be “the best King Ghidorah,” and while I don’t personally agree, I will say that while it’s an intimidating design that honors the original, it’s a painfully awkward, slow, and sluggish execution onscreen. There’s no life or weight to the action, which makes him ultimately come up very short. The design is still great, though it could have been pushed further. Also, the weird dumb child-dome thing was a weird and dumb plot device that was weird and dumb. Also Toho should steer clear of time travel stories entirely if they’re just not going to make any fucking sense.
Still, it’s certainly the most sinister of the Ghidorahs, with those piercing eyes.

(Tumblr won’t let me post with a 4th image for no reason)

I used to call him “Prince Ghidorah” as a kid because I thought I was clever and dear god I’m the worst. This is an interesting design that, while just a hair too far removed from the eventual “adult” form, it works as a unique Ghidorah for a specific time period. Not much to say here since it’s basically a raptor-ified KG, but it was a great suit and a great set of action scenes that slightly made up for the lackluster Grand KG.

More Tips on How To Write Like Moffat

Some of my wonderful followers have reminded me that I missed some very important tips.

Sexuality (Continued):

  • Bonusvampirus writes:You left out an important category in sexuality: 
    • asexual: Asexuals exist, but they are much too boring to be represented in your writing. In fact, the OP probably didn’t forget them; they’re just too boring to even be included in this post. Asexuals are boooooooooooooooooooooooring. Trust Steven Moffat. You know what’s really interesting? Heterosexuality. (x)
  • Trans*:  Trans characters only need to be mentioned in passing.  Neil Gaiman got that covered in The Doctor’s Wife, so there really is no need to go back to that.  Unless of course, there is some humorous or comedic element to having a Trans character, then by all means go for it.  


It’s 2014, and people come in many colors, shapes and sizes.  It’s often best to adopt the approach of being colorblind, by just hiring tall, pasty, awkward looking white men.  However, if you feel some kind of need to explore different people, here’s some things to remember.

  • Be respectful and authentic:  If part of the plot is about people from another part of the world, be sure to be authentic and respectful of their culture.  Make sure they are wearing appropriate outfits, like a silk kimono or a turban.  It is also helpful to have them speak in broken English or a thick accent, so that way the viewer knows for sure they are from another, exotic land.  To remove any remaining doubt of their ethnicity, contact your music supervisor to write background music that will remind the viewer of their origins.
  • Don’t make a big deal about it:  You will want to remind the viewer that we are living in a progressive time and race doesn’t matter.  So make sure not to explicitly mention it in the script because that would be tacky.  However, it’s okay to allude to it, as long as it’s done in a respectful and authentic manner (as mentioned above).
  • Don’t be afraid to stick to what you know:  If you’re not sure how to write someone of a different ethnicity, Do a little bit of research (I recommend Fox News).  If you are still uneasy about it, just scrap the idea all together; tall, white, unattractive men will always be interesting to write about. 

Your Hero/Lead/Main Character:

The hero lead is the most important character you will ever write.  If need be, funnel all your creative energy into him.  The viewers will be so taken with him, that they will not notice the underdeveloped side characters.  If they do start to notice, promise a CLIFFHANGER! and PLOT TWIST! as a distractions.  Your hero should have the following characteristics:

  • Smart:  Super smart, smarter than everyone else in the scene.  If you have a dumb hero who does dumb things, that defeats the purpose of a hero.  
  • Charming: If you decide to give your hero a fault, make sure he’s charming and good with the ladies to make up for it.  If you are really good, you can convince the viewer that the hero’s fault is actually a good attribute.  
  • Tall, Skinny and Unattractive:  This was touched on earlier, but deserves more.  So many times, the hero is a dashing bundle of muscles with strong arms and dreamy eyes.  This is not fair to nice guys, who may not be as good looking, and women don’t like them.  To make up for any unattractiveness, make him charismatic or eccentric or strange.  This will make the beautiful female character fall in love with him.  We should teach women that there is more to a man than looking like Chris Hemsworth.  However, just make sure your female characters aren’t wee and dumpy,because ugly + hot = Interesting, but ugly + ugly = Uninteresting.  
  • Catchphrases:  Your hero needs a catchprase, because that’s quirky, fun and original.  Sometimes it can be an actual phrase or just a random word, shouted over and over again to reinforce it’s importance.