.this photo is from july

Photo from 13 July 2016: I received my final grades for my Anatomy classes and I’m so happy that they turned out really good! Now I can set aside my anxiety and enjoy my summer vacation! ⛅️

School supplies seen on photo (L-R): Cattleya spiral notebook / 0.7 mm BIC Super EZ Smooth Ink ballpoint pen / Sharpie Smear Guard highlighter / Stabilo Swing Cool highlighter


All through their lives… The Imperial Daughters of the Last Emperor and Empress of Russia:

1. Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna Romanova, born 15th November 1895 - 17th July 1918 (age 22) [photos dates from 1896 to 1918; excluding 1895]

2. Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanova, born 10th June 1897 - 17th July 1918 (age 21) [photos dates from 1897 to 1917; excluding 1903,1918]

3. Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna Romanova, born 26th June 1899 - 17th July 1918 (age 19) [photos dates from 1899 to 1917; excluding 1918]

4. Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, born 18th June 1901 - 17th July 1918 (age 17) [photos dates from 1901 to 1918; excluding 1903,1912]


Scenes from the Philippines

Some of my favorite photos from my month long vacation back in July. From the mountains in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, to the underground river in Palawan, to the islands of both Cebu and Palawan, and to getting the chance to swim with the whale sharks. What an absolutely beautiful country it is that I was blessed to have grown up in. 

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

Instagram: capturedphotos

Yet another photo from a few months. July 24th 2016 - the bay before I started HRT… the day I came out to my mom. Moments after, in fact. This is the picture I sent to my sister to let her know I came out to her and she was accepting. She was pretty much happy to just know I wasn’t dying, haha.

 We hung out for a couple hours that afternoon. Went out to lunch, I answered questions, lots of hugs. It was a beautiful day to boot. It was a great day.

 So work today was busy, but not as bad as yesterday. It was pretty light for the last 2 hours of our day, really. It only had a few really busy moments, really.

 Not much else to say right now, really. The weather should be interesting over the next few days. First, snow is in the forecast over the weekend once again, then early next week, it cools off a lot. Like below 10 for lows around here, which is very unusual. I’ve got plenty of hot chocolate, the house I stay in my roommates love to keep the heater warm and I even have some whipped cream. It’ll be cold, but fine.

 I have the rest of the week off as I am taking tomorrow and Saturday off, so I will use this time to recharge my batteries and mainly practice makeup too. I’m mostly concentrating on the eyes right now with all of the recent acquisitions of much beauty product - it will be a fun, ugly, beautiful and wonderful experience. Yay beauty!

 So I hope you have all had a great Thursday, and may the upcoming New Years’ weekend treat you well! Please be safe and have those designated drivers if there is any alcohol involved, because I love you all and want all of you to remain safe!

 - Lana


I don’t know how to be something you miss.
                                                                                                – t.s.

July 9th always gets to me…
[Photos are mine from my travels; lincolnshire, nottinghamshire, rome, majorca].


Happy Festivus for the rest of us!

We commemorate this day with the traditional Festivus customs:

  • We have our Festivus Pole, an aluminum flagpole once used in the Roosevelt’s Hyde Park home, Springwood.
  • For Festivus Dinner we have a Soya meatloaf. This WWII era poster claims that if you use Soya you use up to 25% less beef. Yum!
  • Of course we have the Airing of Grievances. Not every American was a fan of the Roosevelts and they often wrote to the President and First Lady to make their feelings known. The first letter from Miss Todd of New York makes it clear that no one wants to hear about Fala’s love life. In the second from Mr. Phipps of Milwaukee, he calls FDR a “smiling, wasteful, and fickle Prima Donna politician.” Ouch.
  • Festivus is not over until the head of the household has been bested in a Feat of Strength! In this photo from July 1925, Anna Roosevelt has her mother Eleanor pinned on the lawn of Val-Kill.

We hope you have a great Festivus! Come to the Roosevelt Library and see our temporary exhibit The Spirit of the Gift: Gifts of State and Affection. The exhibit has been extended through January 3, 2016. It’s a Festivus Miracle!