.this photo is from july

Photo from 13 July 2016: I received my final grades for my Anatomy classes and I’m so happy that they turned out really good! Now I can set aside my anxiety and enjoy my summer vacation! ⛅️

School supplies seen on photo (L-R): Cattleya spiral notebook / 0.7 mm BIC Super EZ Smooth Ink ballpoint pen / Sharpie Smear Guard highlighter / Stabilo Swing Cool highlighter

“In stark contrast to multi million dollar jet setting boyfriend Louis Tomlinson, Briana Jungwirth, the down to earth South Dakota girl who shocked the world”

I present an actual quote on the pap photos of her house from July 2015…

That’s quite a fic they were writing.

LoveBug Jugbug p2

                                                                                                                                                                                   part 1 can be found here: 


Summary: Jughead is infatuated by a photography student named Y/N, what happens when y/n possibly captures Jason Blossom’s killer on camera.

Warnings: Probably swearing. Hardcore fluff, so prepare I’m about to dish some serious feels

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Y/N’s Pov

After that night at the drive in Jughead and I had been hanging out almost everyday. We had worked on intently looking through all of my photos taken from the July 4th weekend to see if we could find anything else interesting or unusual. But there was nothing to be found. Except from the one photo, that I didn’t even realise at the time would be so significant in the Jason Blossom case.

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Scenes from the Philippines

Some of my favorite photos from my month long vacation back in July. From the mountains in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, to the underground river in Palawan, to the islands of both Cebu and Palawan, and to getting the chance to swim with the whale sharks. What an absolutely beautiful country it is that I was blessed to have grown up in. 

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

Instagram: capturedphotos

George Harrison wearing a “Stamp Out The Beatles” sweatshirt, EMI Studios, Abbey Road, 17 May 1967; from The Beatles Book’s July 1967 issue.

Photo: The Beatles Book

“Just to show how little he minds the knockers who are trying to push the Beatles down these days, George actually wore a ‘Stamp Out the Beatles’ jersey to recent recording sessions. We thought that he might not want us to photograph him in it; but he was only too happy for us to take the pic […], and seemed to be treating the whole thing as a huge joke.” - The Beatles Book monthly, July 1967