.this man deserves all the awards for his kindness

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I'm a sucker for the family headcanons. So who won the role of class president? Yuma's son or reiji's son? And how did they react?

That my dear reader is up to you! Most of the events are laid in place and you can enact them yourself, if you’re Reiji’s S/O then maybe his son wins, maybe if you’re Yuma’s his own son beats the competition. Maybe they lose it’s all up to you! But here’s their reactions if they win/lose

Reiji’s son:

♠Campaign Manager - Laito’s Daughter

♠Win - He’s ecstatic! Turning to his cousin he can’t help but hug her and swing her about, her signing frantically to put her down. He could not help himself, he started to work as soon as he had the keys to the classrooms and debate hall, he was determined to make the school better and make his father proud.

♠Lose - What?! He was so sure he had the election in the bag, how could he lose?! Oh well, there is always next year or he could always take the place as secretary or treasurer. He was bummed to say the least but he was taught to take the lose like a man and shake the winner’s hand with his award winning smile.

Yuma’s son:

•Campaign Manager - Ruki’s oldest daughter

•Win - Oh wow, he never expected to win but luckily he is prepared! His cousin shakes her head at him when he looks back at her to confirm it and she hands him his files for the massive amounts of work he needs to do. He turns to his opponent shakes his hand and even offers him place as treasurer, after all anyone who can give him a run for his money like that deserves the place!

Lose - He kind of predicted this. He knew that his opponent was way better at this than he was due to his stricter up bringing where he was more of a country bumpkin trying to make it. But he was happy for him and shook his hand with smile, wishing him luck in bettering the school. Hey his dad was proud of him in his own right.

Someone posted a list of horrible things that they said “Phil is”. This man gets so much hate and constantly is not given credit where he deserves it. The man shared HIS award with Dan for God sake!

Phil is:

An amazing creator
Cute af
Lovely to watch

To the person who posted that list, I wish you no ill-will just that you recognize how magically he really is and if you don’t you at least take to heart that words are incredibly impactful.

To fellow members of the phandom let’s get the #WeLovePhilLester trending on all media platforms.

Simon Helberg, you fucking badass

Simon deserves all the respect in the world. That man doesn’t just rant on social media and deals with haters. He took things to a brand new level for publicly protesting against Trump and his anti inmigration policies on an awards event.
This is the kind of actors we really should look after. He’s the real beast.
Simon, you’re my new hero.

eeyoregirl72 prompted: pregnant!Kurt is stuck in their apartment building’s elevator when the power goes out. Blaine, who is in their apartment, gets a call from Kurt who thinks he’s going into labor.

I’ve never been trapped in an elevator before so I don’t know if this is accurate or not. I mention some songs in this and I don’t own the rights to either: here and here.

“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Like that could actually happen.”

Kurt rolled his eyes and swiped the bowl of popcorn from his husband’s hands, carefully balancing it on his rounded belly before he dug in and grabbed a handful of kernels. Blaine snickered next to him, grinning as he chewed, his focus still onscreen even though he knew Kurt was probably making the most ridiculous scoffing facial expressions over what they were watching.

“I’m pretty sure it’s happened though, otherwise how would a bunch of tv shows include it in their storylines? Saved By the Bell wasn’t the only one to do it, you know? The Nanny did it. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody-

“It’s just so dumb though. Oh, you get on an elevator, it breaks down, and then your water breaks! Wow! Dumb.”

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Why I Still Believe in Grant Ward

Ward said something in the last episode that I think is crucial to understanding his motivations and his psyche:

I’m a survivor

Keeping that line in mind, let’s take a journey into the mind of a troubled, abused, sometimes despicable, but ultimately redeemable man. 

Long post warning: I somehow managed to write 3k+ words about this big dork. 

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What about Sam Heughan’s Acting?

Maybe I’m wrong and am misreading things but when all the gushing starts about how wonderful Cait is and she deserves all the awards and Tobias is fantastic; Sam seems in my opinion to get the short end of the stick from some fans and from the media. 

Gushing about how hot he is and what a nice man he is leaves me kind of flat. Is it because Sam is Jamie to people in real life and so he doesn’t get and kudos for being able to act like himself? 

I just don’t get it, Sam knocked it out of the park so many times in Season One and his portrayal of Jamie is the perfect foil for Cait’s Claire and Tobias’s BJR. 

I’m just shaking my head and saying to myself as I look at Season One again and thinking ….what about Sam…my god the man is GREAT!

I’ve spent so much time doing this, well maybe more than I should have but blah! I’m having so much fun doing this, which I guess is the whole point of the challenge.

Day 16 A Favourite Tweet of His

I don’t have a twitter. I used to have one but for only a short period of time, I think I signed on partly because of Tom Hiddleston and my friends’ encouragement. According to them, twitter is a best place for ranting about stuff. Something I fear, I didn’t share. I just don’t know how to use twitter, or how to tweet for that matter. Like Benedict Cumberbatch, I feel that the restriction of 140 characters per tweet doesn’t sit well with me. I could never manage to write what I want within the character limit. So after a short while, I deactivate my account and continue to stay on Tumblr. I basically have been searching through Richard’s account tracing back to his first tweet in order to find something to write here. And boy, it was hilarious. I feel like this would be more of my take,my recap of his tweets rather than single out my fav. 

So here goes…

I adore this first tweet, it was his birthday. If I remember correctly, he registered early on but had set the date for his first tweet to be his birthday (Aw, how sweet). and coming after, I assume was the amount of his followers back then, I don’t know he said in the interview that he’d join twitter to have fun and get contact with the fans and let the fans get contact to one another that kind of stuff, and I just feel something in my heart goes “aw” when I read these tweets.

This one also put a smile on my face, the interaction between him and his Into the Storm cast… “Dad says behave…” Don’t even let me begin,here. I’m not sure why but I’m reading this line in his Robert Lovelace’s voice (Clarissa radio play), like when he spoke to Clarissa in that alarming voice, trying to pursaude her and calm her down.

Asking about ideas for the beard is also a good one, I feel like he really accomplish his goal about having fun here, if we look at the old tweets.

This has to be mentioned, I guess this is what he was saying in the exclusive interview with digital theatre how at first they were trying for the first two row audiences to wear black clothes but in the end it would prove to be too much work, so this didn’t happen.

definitely this one.

I don’t know, I’m hopeless. I really crack up with this man’s sense of humour.

And his selfies. Seriously the man is better at taking selfies better than me, a 20 years old girl who is supposed to be a master at taking tons of picture of herself… this is ridicious

Apart from making a teenage girl feels bad about her inability to take a selfie, and the occasional talk about his works and having a blast, he also shows the humane side of him that we all grow to love by posting inspirational messages or promoting about the charities he supports.

You know, I think I still haven’t properly recovered from this…


or this…

I love this one, one of my absolute favs, I think it gives us a glimpse at how he truly prepares for his role, his dedication to it all. 

And of course…

This gem.

You know, going through all of his tweets, I’ve noticed that Richard has always making the habits of tweeting Congratulations to fellow actors/actress for getting a nominations or getting the awards for their performance. I don’t know it is indeed a nice touch and gesture; like he’s genuinely happy and excited that a good works getting the recognition they deserved. This man is incredibly humble and of kind nature.

And his latest… I’ll admit, like you all I imagine and am now dying to hear Richard’s voice actually saying it out loud…