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Name: Hands
Ship: Newt x Reader
Warnings: none I guess?
Words: 290

About: Newt meets your friends and is overwhelmed so you hold his hand to comfort him.

You had been at this bar many times before both with Newt and without.
Today you had decided to take your boyfriend of one year to visit your friends at that bar.
You knew Newt wasn’t the most confident person around other people and you told him not to worry you were sure your friends would love him.

You and Newt showed up ten minutes early so you could find a place to sit
“Here Newt” you wave him over to seats near the back of the room
“Have I told you how stunning you look?” He asks looking into your eyes
“Only about one hundred times in the past hour” you giggle kissing his cheek when you hear your friends call for you

After a couple questions for Newt by your friends such as “how did you meet?” and “what are you intentions?”
you had to go to the bathroom, you quietly excused yourself and turned to leave only just missing the nervous look on Newts face

When you came back from the bathroom you sat bam down next to Newt and he laced his fingers with yours under the table
“I love you, it’s ok I’m here” you whisper rubbing his hand with your thumb which calmed him down considerably
You continued to hold his hand until your friends had left and as always, left you with the bill.

As you exited Newt once again held your hand in his and brought it up to his lips, kissing them softly and whispering thanks to you and light ‘I love you’s’ could be heard.
“I love you Newt Scamander” you whisper under the stars looking him in the eye
“And I you Y/N” he smiles kissing you softly.

I’ll Come Back for You

Request: “God I want to make a really weird request, but if you don’t mind what about Credence x reader where while credence have to give flyers on opposite side of street a girl sing to get some coins to survive? And like one day they take a break and speak to each other and fall in love?”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 1179

Warnings: poverty ?? idk

Originally posted by hardyness

Credence let out a quiet sigh, bowing his head as his hand was stuck in a forward position, clutching a Second Salemer’s leaflet. It was a hopeless task, with only a few people slowing to even acknowledge his presence. Most just shoved past, scurrying to their destination without another thought. He started to feel spattering droplets of water fall on his coat, looking up to find a swirl of black storm clouds. He looked back down as he heard a commotion on the other side of the street. Through passing cars he could spot you, once again beginning to put on an impromptu show, a hat thrown in front of you, busking for tips.

He reluctantly shoved the remaining flyers under his arm, making his way across the street so to get out of the rain. You had begun performing under the shelter of the overpass, warranting a small audience as they listened to the beautiful song. Credence huffed in defeat, succumbing to the entrancing melody.

He wanted to hate you. Whenever he came into the busiest part of Manhattan to hand out flyers you were always somewhere near, drawing people towards you. Your voice had stolen the attention of the busy New York folk, something that he was jealous of because you did it so easily. If he had the power you did, to coerce people to give him some time from their day, Mary Lou would probably love the number of leaflets he’d hand out.

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As a rape victim, someone who is mentally ill and self harming .. Just know that everyday I put on a happy face. Everyday I find courage to go out in the world and act fine knowing when I get home the memories, intrusive thoughts and pain comes back. The nightmares that happen even when I’m awake… Yet I’m the happiest most fun and hard working girl you know. Know from this post that you NEVER know what someone is going through. you only see what people want you to see. So treat others with kindness and sincerity as you could be keeping them on earth for one more day and helping them fight a battle without even knowing it..

Just be kind to one another… And also, consent is key. No means no. Always.

That One Moment.

A photo I took of two of my dear friends who have a special place in my heart.

I took it on Pink Monday at Tilburg fair, one of the few days people from the lbgt community  can celebrate their lives, can hold hand and express affection without being afraid. It has became more and more touch to be who you want to be, anti-gay pamphlets were handed out and reports of harassment and violence against gays seems to increase even in the so called tolerant country I live in, and off course we all think of the horrific killings in Orlando this year.

My only hope for 2017, and what would mankind be without hope, is that we all could find it in our hearts to rediscover our respect for each other, wherever we came from or wherever we are going, whatever we believe, whoever we are and however we choose to live.

Love and peace, Gerardo.




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PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

Does Misty lack anything akin to empathy or compassion? Does she try to control, manipulate, or monopolize others? Does she make claims that if these people abandon her, she’ll die out that she’ll kill them? Does she make claims that these people could never manage without her, that she’s the only one who’d ever put up with/love them?


Then she’s not textbook abusive.

Whether or not you find her early canon behavior questionable, whether or not you even hate some of her statements and excuses for belligerence, she is not abusive in the way the definition is meant to be shared or understood.

The only real reason why Misty behaved the way she did at the start of canon was due to her somewhat neglectful and ostracized home/family life before meeting Ash. I’ve already written my analysis on that.

Most of Misty’s aggressiveness is based on 90’s slapstick comedy. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to like her. But you do have to understand the difference between this form of humor and actual abusive relationships.

Again, you do not have to like this form of comedy or the characters who utilize it, but you need to understand that reading more into it than what’s there is a misinterpretation of the canon. Any canon. No matter what the series/character. If the narrative is not ridiculing/punishing the character for behaving the way they do, chances are their behavior isn’t meant to be taken that seriously. And if it is ridiculing/punishing the character, then you really don’t need to worry about following up. They’ll get theirs. Or else they’ll grow up from their roots and become a better person given enough time.

And when you say that a character isn’t criticized enough, it’s usually because the character’s fans have watched the character become more than where they started, more than their bad deeds/questionable actions. It’s not because the fandom chooses not to see them at all. It’s that the fandom has chosen to see past them because the character has proven they have more to offer and the fandom has shown they’re willing to accept that.

So, at the look of things, I’m the only one going to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them tomorrow, and I’m honestly not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand I could enjoy the film without judgement and without worrying about how they’ll think of me if I cry at the end scene (as I am prone to do) – but at the same time I kind of wanted to show this beautiful movie to them and enjoy it with other people (as I usually enjoy it on my own).

Like, people will just say “go another day” but the thing is that this film means everything to me – and I mean that.

Since watching this film, I haven’t wanted to hurt myself – it helps me forget that my grandmother has cancer, that she’s sick and can’t move without the doctors/carers helping her, that I won’t see her for weeks and weeks. It helps me feel much better about myself, because I can look at characters like Newt and Tina and feel like I’m not alone; I can laugh at Jacob, fall in love with Queenie, cry for Credence because he deserved better. I can forget about my own problems and become immersed in this wonderful world created.

I just really wanted to be able to go and see this film on my birthday, to be immersed in the magic on a special day, to forget for a couple of hours that my grandmother is ill and that I’m struggling with stress/depression/work.

I know I shouldn’t be so hung up about this – a group of 18-24 year-olds doing drama at uni were not going to want to see this when they perceive it as “a kids film”. I feel utterly awful about wanting to see it now, and my birthday is probably going to be resigned to a meal and getting absolutely pissed (which is fun, but I made the effort to make real plans here).

Okay, but like, Steve and Bucky used to go on double dates with lesbians back before they came out, so they could have a romantic evening out without people looking at them funny. When they sat with each other instead of their date at the movies, or in a diner, it’s only cause they’re trying to be gentlemanly, promise. 

One day, Avengers find pics of them on dates, and start snickering to each other about them.

Bucky: What’s up?

Avengers: So… you two actually used to think you were straight?

Steve: *eyebrow raised* Source???

Avengers: *shows them pics*

Bucky: *brightens up* Oh, that’s Maybel and Lisa! Oh, we went on so many dates with them!

Steve: *nodding* Yeah. They didn’t care that I looked like a twig and that we wouldn’t touch them.

Avengers: Why’s that???

Steve: They were gay too.

Help Wanted

I’ve put in a request today with the Headmaster to hire at least one other person to work alongside me. I’m please to hear back that not only will they look into the matter but that I should have final say on whom I find most capable of the job. It will be hard interviewing people without actually being allowed to say where and for whom they’d be working, but whatever it takes to get another set of boots on the floor.

On an unrelated note, a student today managed to prove me wrong by demonstrating that they could infact change the color of their iPod Nano using the Colovaria spell. Who’d have guessed?

GMW Cancellation

Guys, what will I do if GMW has its final season this January? This blog was created to share my love of Riley, Maya, Farkle, and Lucas with others, which eventually grew into love for Smackle, Zay, Auggie, and more.

Where will I get my weekly life lessons from? As a teenager, GMW taught me a lot. I learned things I doubt I would have learned anywhere else. I learned what my impact on the world and the people around me could truly amount to. I learned that my friends and the people who care about me are the only people who are allowed to have a say on what I will become. I learned that I should circle my family and loved ones more often, because they will be the most important factors in my life. Without GMW, I would be hard pressed to find these lessons from my actual teachers.

I don’t know what to focus on now. At first it was a simple love for this show, now it’s almost a dependence.

advice for the signs
  • aries: You have such a potential for greatness, the only thing standing in your way is you. Focus all of your energy forward and absolutely nothing can stand in your way. Just remember all of the little people when you make it to the top; there's nothing wrong with taking pride in your work, but you can isolate yourself if you become too self-obsessed.
  • taurus: I don't know if I could find a more loyal friend if I tried, but you have to stop killing yourself for the sake of others. Just because one little piece of your life is out of place doesn't mean your entire world is falling apart; focus on the positive and appreciate the people who would do anything for you. There are so many of them.
  • gemini: You take on a million things at once and half of them don't matter, they're just a way to make yourself feel more important. People are not projects, you can't just drop them without a word. Life is always going to be hard and there's never going to be a "right time," so you need to figure out how to make it work.
  • cancer: We're drawn to you because you wear your heart on your sleeve. There are no doubts, no secrets, no false pretenses, and your honesty is rare and refreshing. But words can hurt if they're not treated with care, and precision is important when it comes to the truth. Think carefully. Speak the truth, but only if it's exactly what you want to say.
  • leo: Everyone tells you that you're a force of nature and it's a nice compliment, but it leaves you with a sense that all of this may end soon. Trust me, we're laughing with you, not at you. We would no sooner leave you than we'd hide away from the sun. Believe that you deserve every ounce of love and affection you receive. It's not an act; you are truly radiant.
  • virgo: Your drive is admirable, but your intentions are easy to misconstrue when you shut out the rest of the world. Do not balk at those who choose not to move mountains for you when you refuse to lift a finger for them.
  • libra: Sometimes it's like you're the only one who knows that everything will be okay in the long run, but you can't take responsibility for everyone else's happiness. Please don't be angry when it's hard for some to hear your optimism. Let them get a little scuffed up from time to time. You are the reassuring arms that they fall into when the world is too cruel, but nothing seems to grow inside a safe space.
  • scorpio: You put on a mask of stone, but you're really just as lost as the rest of us. It's okay to feel things. It's okay not to be the best or the strongest. No one will know you're hurting if you can't even admit it to yourself. Say what's on your mind and don't be afraid; we'll be there to catch you if you fall.
  • sagittarius: You're a tough nut to crack and even those who are closest to you might have trouble reading you from time to time. It's not your fault that you see life just so, but you often end up two steps ahead of everyone else. Give us a chance to catch up with you; it's a pain to make pit stops, but we just want to be by your side.
  • capricorn: You speak of tragedy as if it's just another piece in the puzzle you've designed for yourself because it makes you feel better to act as if you have all the answers. Life is not a 12 step plan. The plans you make for yourself will eventually fall through, but it doesn't make you any less worthy. Give yourself some room for spontaneity and see what grows from the unexpected.
  • aquarius: You brighten up a room like no one else and it's hard not to be starstruck by your very presence. But you're so afraid of things falling apart on you that you're willing to destroy them yourself if it means it'll save you pain in the long run. Be brave. Let yourself live.
  • pisces: You build walls to protect yourself from being hurt, but we both know they're only cardboard. It's okay to be optimistic and expect the best after experiencing the worst. That's what makes you special. That dream world is a nice place to visit, but make sure you don't let yourself get trapped there. I promise you'll find your happiness someday.
Fucking a pregnant woman

I knew that L’s husband liked to watch. She was a slutty one, and fucked a lot of people without him, but she told me when we met that finding someone who would let him watch was always on her mind.

I had only been with her a few times, years ago. I was open to fucking her with him as the audience, but we never got there, and my circumstances changed. We stayed in touch, and when S asked me to find someone to fuck while she watched, L was the first person I called. But we still never made anything happen.

But when S started asking me to find other women to fuck, without her, L was the first person I called. And I knew I could make a good offer. Let me come fuck you, your husband can watch. We set a date pretty quickly.

I had never done anything quite like this before, but I was into it. We texted a bit beforehand. L always had filthy text game, and she sent me some fantastic pictures. She is pregnant, and the idea of fucking a pregnant woman while her husband watched was fantastic. Right before I got there that night, I had a moment of “is this crazy?” but then I remembered the picture she sent me of her on her back with his dick in her mouth, and I settled down.

It was definitely a little awkward when I got there, but in my experience it’s impossible not to be. I had never met her husband, so I sat on the couch next to L and he sat across from us. I sipped a beer and we made small talk. Her and I had texted a lot about what was going to happen, but there was still an element of feeling everyone out. Eventually I just asked her if she was feeling good and wanted to do this? She said yes, it was on.

L has a slutty side and wanted to be used. But I knew her husband wanted to enjoy it. I turned and started making out with her, and we kissed for awhile. When she started to relax a little, I stood her up and took off her shirt. She is pretty pregnant, so her boobs are pretty big and she had maternity pants on. She looked hot with her tits out and her belly covered in those huge ridiculous maternity pants.

I sat her down and pulled her pants and panties off, then told her to kneel down in front of me. I unzipped my pants and she pulled my cock out from my underwear. I was starting to get hard, and she started sucking on me. My back was kind of facing her husband, and I heard him get his camera out, so I shifted around so he could see her face.

She was really enjoying me. She told me before I got there that she didn’t want any choking or gagging. But she kept taking me really deep in her throat and gagging a little. I had my hand on the back of her head and I really just wanted to choke her with my dick but I used all my will power not to do it.

After a while I told her to stand up and we kissed. I like making out with her, and I thought her husband would be into it. I sat down on the couch and told her to keep sucking my dick. She kneeled down again in front of me and got right to it. She was keeping me deep in her mouth, and had her hands on my thighs. I wanted to to film her, so I made her put her left hand on my dick so I could see her ring. When I asked, she got into it and was stroking me with her left hand while she went down on me.

After a few minutes I pulled her off and had her lay back on the couch. Now it was my turn to kneel in front of her. I really wanted to make her cum with my mouth, and started licking just the top of her clit. After awhile I was really getting into it. From between her legs I had to look over her pregnant belly to make eye contact, and it was so hot to be between this married, pregnant woman’s legs licking her pussy while her husband watched.

But after a bit I was ready to just fuck her. She was real wet, and I couldn’t stop thinking about cumming on this pregnant woman. So I laid her down on the couch and grabbed a condom. Before I put it on, I stood over her face at the edge of the couch, and she started sucking my dick again. It was nice, the way she was laying and I was standing it was like I was fucking her face.

When I was really hard, I put the condom on and got between her legs. I pulled her ankles up and slid right into her. She was really wet and it was so smooth going in. With her legs in the air, I was able to get into her nicely. I could hear her husband move up behind me and I knew he was filming me sliding right into her pussy. She felt really good, it was hot to look down on her while her big belly and her boobies bounced up and down while I fucked her.

But I was ready to come. I knew she would want me to come on her face, so I pulled out and took off the condom. I slid back over to her face, and started slowly stroking. She was anticipating, and looking up in a real hungry way. At some point she looked over at her husband, who was still behind me, and kind of smiled. She opened her mouth a few times, and sort of stretched out to get me in her mouth, but I just kept stroking. I grabbed my phone, because I knew S would want to see a video of me coming on her face.

I was getting close, so I started filming. I asked L what she wanted and she asked me to come on her face. I could hear her husband behind me say “she’s a good slut” and she asked him to come closer. She literally licked her lips and made a big smile and then I came all over her mouth and nose. When I was done, she stretched out and sucked me clean, then used her fingers to get the rest of my come of her face and into her mouth.

S had been out all night with friends, and I knew she hadn’t seen any of my snaps yet. I left to meet her at a bar, and I could tell she was dying to see them and ask me about it, but she couldn’t watch them while she was out with her friends. We didn’t get home for hours, but when the payoff when I finally got to show her the video of me coming on L’s face was worth it 😊

Nerds Against Fandom Racism

Who We Are* 

*Or, more appropriately, who I am, since there is currently only one of “us.”

Hey there, everybody! I’m Mod Finn, your friendly neighborhood nerdy black girl. I decided to start this blog so I could (and hopefully, others soon) can have another space to discuss and challenge the continued presence of racism in fandoms, from Star Wars to Frozen. 

Why Now?

2015 was easily one of the worst years of my life. In an attempt to distract myself from personal issues and problems in the real world, I turned to Tumblr and sought refuge in everything I love–comic books, science-fiction and fantasy shows, Disney movies, and anime. The more I tried to have fun and engage with the fandoms created around my favorite stuff, the more I was exposed to the very things I was running away from. 

How can I love The Flash when I can’t browse the Iris West tag without finding people discussing how useless her character is?

How can I love shipping chabod and Abbie while thinking about all of the people who believe that Abbie Mills is a “strong female female character” that would be ruined by a love arc? 

How can cry happy tears watching Finn do anything in Star Wars: The Force Awakens while keeping in mind all of the people boycotting the presence of a leading black Stormtropper in the most successful film franchise of all time? 

No matter how people try to deny it, racism is very much a part of fandom culture. It is present in the way certain films, shows, and books are treated. It is present in the coded language people use to discuss and justify problematic characters and story arcs. It is present in people’s shipping preferences. It is present in fan art and fan-fiction. 

Racism in fandoms is real, and it’s bullshit.

I spent most of 2015 running away from these issues. I avoided AV Club comment threads. I untracked character tags. I unfollowed and blocked blogs. I even stopped watching things I loved because I couldn’t take it anymore. 

That’s all over. No more passivity; no more running away. I am going to follow the example from the people I admire over at @mcufandomhatespeopleofcolor and @fandomshatepeopleofcolor by raising my voice and taking a stand. 

This problem isn’t going away unless I do my part and help to solve it. 

This isn’t going to be easy, but I looking forward to taking this journey. 

-Mod Finn

There could be 50 black men in a show

And I’d still complain about it being white as hell

Lbr, a show isn’t diverse without WOC

As a black woman, I find it not only annoying, but ignorant to hear ppl complain about hypervisability of black people on tv. It’s a lie. You do not see a lot of black people on tv. You see a lot of black men. Saying there’s enough black people on tv is saying there’s no room for black women and we should seek representation through white women and black men.

Name some TV shows other than Empire, Rosewood and HTGAWM where there is more than one black woman and they’re not related.

And when we do see non-black POC, let’s just take a wild stab in the dark as to what gender they’ll be.


I finally, FINALLY, FINALLY got around to making a proper ref sheet for Opalite you have no idea how much of a relief it is to have one done after putting it off for so long.
That’s about as much info as I could cram in there without running out of room so here’s a couple more facts that I couldn’t find room to squeeze in there:

  • Opalite is a VERY charismatic gem who loves to make others smile and laugh. As such she’s very friendly and bubbly, but is surprisingly shy and somewhat apprehensive of new people.
  • She’s roughly 2400 years old, and has known Ivory for about 2350-ish of those years.
  • She actually enjoys eating, and her favorite food ever is watermelon.
  • She’s roughly Lapis’s height.
  • She isn’t very strong physically. Her lance is about the only thing that large or heavy that she can lift at all, solely because it’s HER weapon.
  • If she had a theme song, it would be this.

Ivory is due for an actual ref next! In the meantime though, all other info on my ‘sonas is in my tag for it.

'Vikings' Boss Previews Season Finale: "I've Always Seen the Show Without Ragnar"

Showrunner Michael Hirst and star Travis Fimmel preview the season three closer, in which Ragnar’s life hangs in the balance.

Is there a part of him that would like to die in that moment, in order to see Athelstan again?

Fimmel: Yes, 100 percent. There are a few things he’s doing and there are so many reasons he’s doing them. But the audience will find out eventually why he truly did what he did and if it’s to see Athelstan or not.

How has Athelstan’s loss affected Ragnar?

Fimmel: Athelstan was the only fellow he could talk to. He was his confidant and he didn’t have the objectives that the other people around Ragnar does. He’s the only one Ragnar could be honest around and not have to act like a king or a leader. So he was such an important character to Ragnar. And we learned so much through him. Without Athlestan we wouldn’t have been able to learn the Saxon language. We wouldn’t have been able to know where Wessex and other places in England that we raided were. We wouldn’t know anything about them and we wouldn’t even know about Paris if it wasn’t for Athelstan. So he was a huge part in this show of making the Vikings what they are and their reputations and their dominance.

[[OOC: @mr-henry-lascelles - to be responded to (starting as “hey there’s this weird lady here to see you should we throw her out” or whatever) whenever works best for you]]

Katya had finally made it to bed and attempted to get at least a little sleep, but found she could not - at least, not without all sorts of unpleasant dreams. Deciding to make the most of insomnia, she returned to the witch lab to consult her notebooks.

She would try to find Mr. Lascelles, as he was the only one of their missing trio possibly still in the human realm. (She felt there were other reasons to try to find him first, too, but she did not quite understand what they were, and so put the thought out of her mind.) For the first few hours, she attempted to reverse the spell on her hairpin. She discovered something promising, albeit highly unconventional, that might be useful in breaking or easing the fairy’s bonds over him later - but that was not pertinent right now. For the task immediately at hand, she was going in circles.

Time to change tactics. Katya thought of the letters, retched up by the Tumblr-Beast, that she had saved (which, in Mr. Lascelles’ case, was all of them). She briefly considered casting Mr. Norrell’s finding spell upon one of them, to trace a path back to its writer, but the outcome of that example made it seem quite suspect. Perhaps something more mundane was in order. The letters possessed return addresses, surely. It was doubtful that he would actually be at his residence, but she could at least go there and inquire about his usual or possible whereabouts. If that failed, someone there may know something of this Captain.

Katerina was halfway down her staircase to the street when she realized, given the state of her current appearance, and the type of street on which Mr. Lascelles lived, that she was likely to be locked up as a beggar or a madwoman before ever getting to obtain any useful information. She turned around reluctantly. The dark circles around her eyes and her generally haggard expression would not be helped, but perhaps she might do something to improve the rest. She could make a nuisance of herself to Lascelles’ household staff soon enough.

Hey. I’m reading your reply to the story submitted about the incident in tel aviv. You said that the men, no matter how drunk, should take responsibility and I know many people would ask why the men only, shouldn’t the woman, no matter how drunk, take responsibility for her behaviour as well [insert comparison to drunk driving] and I’m struggling to find really good counter arguments. Care to help?

The short version:

The longer version:

People like to compare sexual assault to other crimes, but those comparisons seldom take into account that a person is not an inanimate object whose existence invites crime, nor are they making dangerous choices or welcoming assault simply by going about their daily lives.  This woman should be free to go out and have fun without having to worry that she might be taken advantage of or assaulted.  We all should.  It doesn’t matter if she had one drink or ten.  It doesn’t matter if she was in a parka or completely nude.  Nothing that she could have done would mean she should shoulder any responsibility for the harm that another person inflicts on her. 

Every day we take steps to avoid the specter of sexual assault.  We watch where we go, who we are with, how we are dressed and how we act.  We police every moment of our existence in order to protect ourselves in a world where if we are assaulted,everyone will look at these same choices we have made and judge us to be at fault somehow.  

Despite the precautions we take and the way our choices are dissected after the fact, the only true causes of rape and sexual assault are the perpetrators of those crimes.  It speaks volumes about the rape culture we live in that after a rape or assault anyone has the time to entertain the notion of “but what about what the victim was doing/wearing/saying?”  We want so badly to find fault with the victim rather than to address the fact that these crimes happen so routinely and are just as easily ignored or excused.

Rapists cause rape.  No one else.  


I’ve been staring at this picture for 10 minutes now. When I first saw it, I started crying. Not only because the drought was over, but because after failing in so many relationships, our princess finally found her prince. Her prince charming. Finally found someone with whom she could post a picture without caring about what the media would say the next morning. Finally found someone who stands by her no matter what. Finally found the one. Her smile, his smile, her hands around his neck and his hands on her legs, happy with each other and don’t giving a fuck about the people outside. We all pray that it lasts forever because, this, their happiness, shines as bright as the sun. Every queen deserves her king. It’s Taylor’s turn to find her love story.