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Is everything we’ve ever been told a lie? I mean, we grow up and get jobs so we can have the things that we want. We become a slave to those things working hard to pay them off, only to replace those things with other things in the endless pursuit to acquire more. We move through the accepted phases of our lives, chose a career and hope it’s the right one and even if it’s not, most will stay out of fear of trying something different. We settle down with our one true love, or at least that’s what we’ll say, and if we’re lucky we will have some moments in the sun. But I watch the world and I watch people and the thing is, even when they achieve all of those things, they still don’t appear to be happy. It’s as if happiness is something different and maybe we only find that out once we’re so far down the road that there is no coming back; And maybe you wouldn’t want to even if you could, but these last few years I find myself looking far off for something else as if looking back with regret from life I haven’t lived yet.

Sometimes I long for the life of a nomad, whimsical and rootless, free of the never ending lists of mundane tasks and responsibilities that seem to bind us all. All the while we chisel away and push and stumble towards the end of days, telling ourselves it’s all for something, so that one day we can be happy, and in the end, nothing turns out as you planned. “I want to be a nomad!” She declared to herself aloud in the safety of solitude knowing the walls could never scoff at her the way the world always has.

—  lotuses4daddy 
Some advice for aspiring animators from Rebecca Sugar:

1. Don’t shy away from finding inspiration for characters in yourself and the people you love.

“If there’s a character that you like in something else, they probably remind of you someone you know or yourself. So if you can zero in on that and then use that to make your own original character that has those qualities, but maybe even more specific to you, then do that.”

2. You can find inspiration through the things you enjoy, especially when you’re facing a creative block.

“I love to just put on music and draw, when I get stuck, sometimes I’ll do that. I like looking at art that’s not the medium of cartoons, and kind of absorbing that, and making cartoons while thinking of that.”

3. Even though it’s not the most exciting work, learn fundamentals and traditional drawing skills.

This is excellent advice Rebecca’s received from comic artists like Eric Larson, Mike Mignola, and Eric Powell.

4. And most importantly: Make. More. Stuff.

“And the ones that are working, you’ll quickly start to see like, This is what I want to do. You might not even know until you just do a lot of things, and then it will just come into focus.”

{Reaction} Mafia!EXO finding out out that you're getting bullied in university

Hey I requested a EXO mafia au reaction where the reader gets picked on by a group of people at the readers school and EXO defends her, just wondering if you received it or not? Doesn’t matter if you haven’t, but now that requests are open again can I re-request that please? Love your work btw xx

Note: I loved your request so much oml, I literally live for mafia!exo au you have no idea hehe! I’m not sure if you (or anyone else reading) has seen my other mafia content, if not, you can find it here on my exo masterlist! Enjoy~

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

  • Warning: Use of mafia themes. This includes swearing and (as indicated by the title) bullying. Read at your own risk. 

Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol’s jaw clenched as you sheepishly told him that you’d been getting a hard time from someone in your university course. Despite the anger lighting in his stomach, he placed a false sense of calmness on his face as he hugged you, but as his arms wrapped around your small frame, his mind started planning instantly. When he finally came to confronting the person that dared to bully you, he had the most intimidating gear strapped to him and his short, terrifying friend Do Kyungsoo and infamous martial arts master friend Tao at his side. He waited at the university gates until the bully turned the corner and stepped out, making sure to leave a lasting impression that would make sure that this person would never even attempt to hurt you ever again.

Chanyeol: “I heard you’ve been hurting my Jagi. I suggest you stop, because if you don’t… well, let’s just say you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”

Bully: “Y-yes sir…” *scurries away.*

Chanyeol: “Ah, That should keep them away from {y/n}.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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Kyungsoo was not impressed when he found out that you’d been getting bullied. He found it astounding that anyone could attempt to hurt you at all so he took serious action. Unlike Chanyeol, he took the time to research this person that had been giving you grief to use against them before making his move. He told you that he would sort the issue, and promised that he wouldn’t get any blood on his hands after you begged him not to do anything futile. He met the bully in a dark, deserted alleyway and let his dark, terrifying eyes do most of the threatening while his words cut the bully down to zero confidence.

Kyungsoo: “I love {y/n}, you see, I know you have a partner to, how would you feel if I hurt them? I could, you know. I could break their arms and legs until they’re left totally helpless. Or make them blind so they could never see your disgusting face again”

Bully: “I’m sorry! I’ll never hurt {y/n} again!”

Kyungsoo: “Hurt? I don’t want to hear that you’ve been anywhere my jagi again, understand?”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

Baekhyun tapped his fingers against the side of the car as he waited for you outside of the university to take you home for the term. Even though he it a part of the mafia, he does care deeply for you, and however intimidating and dangerous he can be against others is insignificant when it comes to you. When he’s with you, his demeanor changes completely, he’s fun, loving and sweet, and wouldn’t even dream of ever letting anything  bad in this world getting to you.

As he waited in the car, he hummed, that was until he caught you in the corner of his eye being pushed by a man that looked vaguely around your age. He instantly got out of the car, barely giving himself any time to think as he stormed over to where you timidly rose back to your feet. He clenched his fist before forcing it into the man’s face, then pulling you with him back towards the car.

Baekhyun: “Are you alright, Jagi?”

{y/n}: “I will be.”

Oh Sehun

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Sehun had been told countless times by you that he shouldn’t sacrifice being uncovered because of stupid reasons, but when he witnessed you physically being punched before you, he couldn’t stop himself from grabbing the man that dared to hurt you in such a fashion and beat him until his skin was starting to turn bloody, black and blue. He seethed in anger as he looked down at the man in anger, he was lying on the floor, blood pouring from his nose and eyes streaming with tears as he begged for mercy. He looked back at you, holding your cheek looking partly in pain and partly like you were blushing.

Sehun: “Too much?”

{y/n}: “No, he deserved it, I just feel…”

Sehun: *smirking* “Come on Jagi, let’s go home.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Yixing isn’t one to make a massive scene or to create a lot of conflict when it comes to confrontation. Instead, he takes the more calm route to intimidating your bully from talking to you. He enters university one sunny afternoon to watch you in a contest against other classmates. Within the crowd of people watching, he purposefully takes the seat next to the person he knows as you bully and quietly talks, knowing that even with a in innocent smile on his face, your bully will never think of approaching you again in the near future.

Yixing: “I’m going to put this in very simple terms so you understand, since you’re clearly a being of low intelligence. Stay away from {y/n} unless you want to go to sleep one night and never wake up.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Chen is the master of manipulation and knowing how to scare people without even really having much interaction with them. When he finds out that someone at your university has been bullying you, he takes the matters into his own hands without your knowledge of it to help you from the pain and emotional strain.you never do find out what Chen does to your bully, all you know is tat after telling Chen, your bully can’t seem to come near you or even look you in the eye anymore.

{y/n}: “I don’t know what happened, they seem to have just stopped.”

Chen: “That’s what I like to hear, princess.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok seemed rather calm as you told him that someone at your university was giving you grief. He made sure to make sure that he came across as calm in front of you so that you did worry, he simply pulled you into his arms and whispered into your ear that he would sort everything and that you shouldn’t worry about the bully anymore. When it came to actually carrying his intentions out, he made his way into the university and found the bully. He waited until the bully way alone and in a deserted space before he finally made his move, pushing the bully back into the corner to hide the gun that he pointed at he man’s abdomen from any unwanted eye witnesses.

Minseok: “I’ll let you off this time, but touch my jagi again? And you won’t live to tell the tale.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Your bully must be very brave to antagonize you when you have a boyfriend like Huang Zitao, the infamous martial artist with skills higher than anyone that you know. While most of the other members were low key and tried to ensure that their intentions weren’t spotted by unwanted attention, Tao went about this in quite a different way. He met your bully, and even though your bully was surrounded by a large group of people, Tao still went for him and knocked him out cold with one simple blow. No one tries to stop him as Tao gave your bully one final kick in the gut before walking away, muttering about how now one will get away with hurting you.

Tao: “Are you pathetic or stupid or both? Hurt her again and I’ll beat you up worse next time!”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Not only has your bully messed with you, but has messed with the leader of the mafia, and it would be an understatement to say that Junmyeon was very pissed off when he found out about this. He took your bully by the scrape of their neck, pushed them back against the wall and threatened them until tears were pouring down your bullies face. While it was somewhat strange to see Junmyeon in this way, it was also oddly satisfying to see him standing up for you and giving your bully what they deserved.

Suho: “Is {y/n} a pile of shit?”

Bully: “N-no”

Suho: “Then don’t fucking treat her like she is!”

Lu Han

Originally posted by luedeer

Luhan is a very caring boyfriend outside of being the mafia, so when he finds out that you have been getting bullied he isn’t happy at all. He, like Minseok, decided to do some research before falling neck deep into this. With the help of Yixing and Sehun, he made his way across to the university, threatening your bully in a way that isn’t direct, but definitely gets the message across.

Luhan: “Put it this way, kid. If I find out you’ve been bullying {y/n}, it’ll be the last stupid thing that you ever do.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Kai knows of your bully, but had never met him until this moment, you and Kai were out at a club in the city together. You were wearing something low cut and tight, while he was also going for the sexy look. The two of you were dancing, grinding beneath the bright lighting until unwanted attention was finally brought. Your bully laughed, pointing at you as he did in university. Kai was ready to let it slide, to simply leave the club and find somewhere else, but that was until he actually heard the words you bully spoke. He gently removed his hands off you before leaping onto your bully, pounding him to the beat of the music. He finally stopped when he heard the yelling of the police. He grabbed you by the hand and pulled you out of the club, the two of you laughing as you make your great escape.

Kai: “Ah Jagi, that was more fun than it should have been.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Kris is known throughout the country as one of the most dangerous men. Like Suho, he is also a leader of the EXO mafia, and therefore makes him one of the most wanted man. Usually, he keeps his head down, but when he finds out that you’re being bullied, he can’t help but get himself involved within the conflict. He walks inside of the university, casually strolling with his hands in his pockets and walks up to you bully. As Kris takes the seat next to you bully, you could see the way your bully paled as white as a sheet without Kris even saying anything.

Kris: “See that girl? That’s my baobei… I’ve heard you’ve been hurting her recently. You should take more care of your actions before it leads to serious consequences.”

anonymous asked:

....No kid is going to pick up anything from Andy becauae he was the one in the wrong and had to learn something in the end. I'm sure kids are smart enough to know this.....

(from the Gem Harvest transcripts found here)

he spouted these things for a good chunk of the episode. you wanna know something I didn’t find while was looking for these examples? an apology from andy or him getting called out. if he’s shown to behave this way with no consequences whatsoever, don’t you think kids’ll pick that up? 

i rewatched these bits, and the only reaction we get from anyone for those statements is greg being upset/uncomfortable about them

(original video)

the only reason anyone else reacted negatively was because he was kicking lapis and peridot out of the barn. 

the only way kids would know what he said was wrong is wrong is if they look at greg during these scenes, if they already knew themselves, or their parents told them.

plus, like the su stans always love to tell us, “it’s just a kids’ show!” it won’t be only kids from ages 10+ up, kids who would know a bit more about these kinds of things, who’ll see this, it’ll be kids of all ages who’ll be seeing this racist shit.

my parents didn’t risk their fucking lives just for people to spread hate for them. no undocumented immigrant risked their life just for this kind of shit to be spread.

eroticincubi  asked:

Lovely Athy, would you mind writing a HC where Shigezane and Nobuyuki discover they have romantic feelings for their respective s/o? Like their thoughts or inner conflict of whether or not to tell her of their affections as well as the fear of her rejecting them? Thanks. :3c

Heeey babe~♥ *muah* 
Sure ! Here you are~


  • Firstly overexcited 
  • Thinks talking to her about it is a piece of cake
  • Was wrong
  • He gets more anxious when she is around than before
  • “Come on Shigezane, what’s wrong with you!”
  • Tries to act cool when they are talking, but he is overdoing it
  • It is clear to everyone that he is into her
  • “If it is that clear, then why she hasn’t said anything? Maybe she doesn’t likes me…”
  • He is disappointed then he gets stubborn again
  • “No , i have to tell her!”
  • He goes into the kitchen to confess
  • Ends up asking for some water with red cheeks


  • He is so shy to the point he is more distant
  • “Why are you like this Nobuyuki, now she thinks you hate her or something”
  • He is staring at her while she is busy with something else
  • “So..beautiful…”
  • When she finds him looking ,he turns his gaze somewhere else and comes up with a silly reason 
  • “Yukimura told me you know about that thing but everything seems fine now! *awkward chuckle* Yeah so… I am going back to my room”
  • After embarrassing events like this one, he becomes more distant, thinking of a better plan
  • When he hears a conversation about her he always secretly listens to it.
  • He leaves flowers at her door.
  • MC : “Someone left some flowers at my door last night..
  • Nobuyuki : “Ohoho, it seems like you found yourself a fan didn’t you? At least did you liked the flowers?” *trying to act cool while he is trying hard not to blush*
  • MC : “Yeah they were so beautiful, i bet whoever sent them must be a wonderful person too! I can’t wait to find who he is”
  • Nobuyuki : *covering his face with his hands to hide his blush and excuses himself to fanboy alone”
Axis25′s Theory Corner

Hello friends and followers, and welcome back to another exciting instalment of Axis25’s theory corner! And I think this should go without saying but there will be spoilers for ‘Just Friends’ in today’s theory so I will just put this continue reading thing here and we will be on our way.

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Dirty Thoughts (Crowley x Reader)

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Warnings: SMUT

Here you were.. sitting at a diner trying to have a serious conversation with the King of Hell.

Yes.. the king of hell.

Your brothers had quite the past with this demon, you didn’t really have a problem with him. In fact, you found him quite attractive. That accent and the way he went about ruling Hell, he could really put a girl in her place. You bite your lip and force yourself to focus. You and Crowley had to settle this for good.

“Look, flower I’m not handing over the information.” Crowley says once again.

“Crowley, do you think I’m not going to stop demanding you for it?” You question.

maybe demanding for you to do me on this table..

You stop yourself, no! Stop thinking thoughts about him like that.

“Why is this information needed so badly?” Crowley questions.

“Because! Crowley it’s the only way i can take down this son of a bitch.” You say crossing your arms. You find yourself watching the way his lips move and the expressions that cover his face.

I wonder what those lips would feel like against mine.. how they’d feel just slowly pressing against my skin. How rough those hands would feel on my upper thighs gripping them while i grind myself against him. The things i would let the king of hell do to me.. heated sex sessions for days.  

You shake your head and go to counter something else but that’s when Crowley continues to speak.

“Flower, you don’t want to follow your brother’s footsteps, look where this got them.” Crowley says soft. He continues to go on and your thoughts wander some more.

What would the King of hell feel like inside of you? His hands trailing your skin, him making you moan his name louder than the screams of tortured souls. Or was he sweet in the sheets? Make sweet love instead.. then move onto the freaky stuff like chains and handcuffs? He could handcuff me to a bed for all i care, anything to show his dominance. I’m yours dear king of hell, show me what it’s like to be fucked senseless.

You find yourself biting your lower lip and that’s when you notice Crowley’s expression.

“What?” You ask. Crowley looks a bit embarrassed.. what did you say? Frowning you wait for him to reply.

“Love, you might want to remember i can hear your thoughts.” Crowley says leaning across the table. You feel your cheeks heat and your eyes drop to your hands in your lap. Crowley reaches across the table and puts a finger under your chin. “Don’t hide those beautiful (y/e/c) eyes from me flower.”

“I’m sorry.” You say soft still staring into his eyes. Crowley frowns and leans forward and presses a kiss to your lips softly. He pulls back as if he was testing things, your eyes open again and you are leaning across the table to kiss him once more. Crowley smirks and meets you halfway.

“Come along love.” Crowley says soft standing. He holds out his hand and you accept it willingly. You can’t help the wicked smile that crosses your lips as Crowley pulls you along. He appears down in hell with you and you are amazed by his bed. Everything was an odd sort of beautiful. You bite your lip and turn to face Crowley. He is watching your every move and you finally break. You are across the small space between you two and kissing him rough. Crowley pulls you up against him and you can feel him against you. You feel him push you back against the wall and you let him. He grabs a handful of you hair and pulls a little to expose your neck better. He kisses along your neck softly and then bites you, he was marking you as his.. which he should know you have been since you first met. You push yourself against him and hear him groan a little in your ear, sending shivers through you. Crowley starts to slowly unbutton your shirt and presses kisses along your skin. Your head falls back against the wall and your eyes close. You feel him push your shirt off your shoulders and in a swift movement he has your bra off. Your eyes open again and Crowley smiles at you. He leans down and kisses you harder this time. He grabs your legs and you willing wrap them around his waist. Crowley grinds himself against you and you moan. Crowley smirks and does it again, you groan again and whimper when he pulls away. You instantly miss the contact, Crowley takes your hand and leads you to the bed. He pushes you down into the silk sheets and unbuttons your pants. He pulls them down gently and discards of them across the room. He kisses his way up your legs causing you to whimper again. Crowley only smiles and continues to your upper thigh. He stops and quickly rips your panties off. You don’t even have time to react to that as he licks up your slit. A moan escapes your mouth. Crowley grins and puts his mouth on you. His tongue moving in certain motions. You writhe under him and grab the sheets. Crowley continues with his tongue and adds a finger. You feel yourself reaching your climax… you finally do and you scream his name. Crowley grins wickedly and removes his pants. “Are you sure you want this my love?”

“Crowley!” You demand. He chuckles and slams himself into you. You scream and he continues to pound into you. You continue to move with him and find the perfect rhythm. “I’m going to come.” You pant.

“Come for me love.” Crowley says kissing your mouth… and you do. Crowley pulls out of you and collapses beside you. You feel him kiss your shoulder and you smile.

“So that happened.” you mumble sleepily.

“It did.” Crowley nods. You move and snuggle up to him, Crowley accepts this and wraps an arm around you. “Will you stay tonight?”

“Mmm, my brothers are probably wondering where i am.” You yawn.

“You are old enough to take care of yourself, stay with me tonight my flower.” Crowley says touching your face softly.

“Okay I’ll stay tonight my king.” You smirk. Crowley chuckles and kisses your lips softly.

“Sleep my beautiful flower, ill watch over you.” Crowley grins and kisses your forehead.

Our True Love - Chapter 12

A/N: A couple of more chapters! Huuu. I hope you enjoyed it thus far. Let me know what you think. Your comments are greatly appreciated. <3 (Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors in my stories!)

Previous Chapter(s): Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 2,282
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

I sit in the car while holding the papers up to read over the list. Steve sits next to me, staring out through the window at the snow covered sidewalk. I put the papers away into a folder before letting out a sigh. Another day of meeting. I look out the window at the people huddling into their thick coats.

Steve and I are on a business trip in Canada. Steve had meetings to go to and I’ve just been the one to sort out the files and notes taken during the meetings. After the first week, I feel my fingers getting cramped from the intense non-stop typing sessions. Even my back and neck is killing me.

It’s been a month since I last heard from Bucky. The last time I had seen him was on the rooftop. Then, nothing. He doesn’t answer any of my calls or replied to any of my texts. I even tried to call Rosaline and she didn’t pick up. When I asked Richard, he advices me to give them space. I don’t know what to do honestly.

I have been missing him so much. It feels so odd without him present in my life. I’m a little worried about how he is doing. How they are doing. Even though we don’t live too far, they were never in their house when I go to visit. I don’t know what is going on, but I hope things are okay.

“I called Bucky this morning.” Steve says quietly to me. I shoot up to look at him.

“He answered?? How is he doing?” I lean in to him excited and worried all at the same time. Steve lets out a small scoff before smiling.

“He’s good. He’s been seeing a specialist about his mind. He’s trying to improve things for himself.” Steve says looking down at his hands. His blue eyes still seem a little troubled. It was a relief to hear that Bucky is still all right, but I’m a little hurt that he didn’t return any of my calls.

“But…?” I ask. I know he has something else to say.

Steve’s eyes find mine. I can see that he is trying to read my emotion.

“He and Rosaline aren’t doing so well.” He says. I let out a sigh while tightening my ponytail. Again? I thought things are okay now.

“I need to see them when we get back.” I say, thinking about them.

“Don’t.” Steve says while looking at me. I look at him confused.

“Why not?”

“Let them sort this out, Y/N. It is their marriage, so it is their business.” I raise an eyebrow.

“Says someone who would jump in to help his friend out regardless of the rules.” Steve chuckles while looking back out onto the snow.

“I know. But, Bucky needs to sort this out himself. We have provided all that we could for him. But this, this is something only Bucky can decide for his own.” I look at him.

“Decide? What do you mean?” I ask. Steve smiles before shaking his head.

“He’s a grown man and can take care of himself. Don’t worry about him.” He says while sighing out. I look down at the folder on my lap.

“Can he, though? With his mind in such a wreck like that?” I ask.

“Who knows? But Bucky needs to be conscious of that. Of what his mind is doing to him. I’m sure he’ll able to be the one to control it instead of vice versa soon. I told you before didn’t I?” Steve adds.

“Didn’t you also say he needs the physical reminder of the people in his life?” I ask keeping my eyes on him. Steve sighs. I’m worried. What if he forgets about me again? Forget about our memories together like before? I don’t think I can go through with that pain again.

“I know. But if he is able to control his own mind, then he won’t always need that. Rosaline is compromising things for him to make it work. He won’t say what exactly, but he did reassure me that they are doing the right thing for their marriage.” He says as gives me a warm smile.

“For now, we’ll continue to be the friend he needs. But we won’t interfere with any decisions they make in their marriage, all right, Y/N?”

I nod a little while looking out the window. I wonder what Steve is talking about. What decision in their marriage? The car comes to a stop.

“We’re here, sir.” Steve nods to the driver. He looks over at me.

“Let’s go.”

I exit the car and pull my coat in closer to my body. The cold breeze is biting me through the coat. I look around at the people walking quickly on the sidewalk before they freeze outside. My mind is replaying what Steve had just said. I had been so lost in helping Bucky that I didn’t even realize I had been interfering with their marriage so much. I had wanted Bucky to be happy so that’s why I stepped in to make things better.

Had I wanted them to work out so I have a reason to move on easily? Was I afraid to be the very reason if their marriage fails? Was I afraid to lose the Bucky I knew if it did fail? The idea of losing Bucky terrifies me, which is why I was willing to do anything to keep him happy. But, am I even keeping him happy if I, myself, don’t know really what makes him happy?

Steve is right. I shouldn’t interfere anymore. Let Bucky and Rosaline decide for themselves of the outcome of their own marriage.

As I was about to step into the building, I caught a glimpse of someone standing by a lamp post. He looks rather familiar. I could’ve sworn it was Bucky, but he looks a lot smaller than Bucky does.

“Y/N.” Steve calls out, holding the door for me. I look back at where the person was, but he’s gone. I blink, trying to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming. I sigh out before running inside from the bitter coldness.

• • •

The night is freezing cold. Even the hotel lobby is ice cold despite the heater. I sit patiently, waiting for Steve to come back so we can have dinner together. I wrap the coat around my body tightly to keep warm. I look around at the different people walking in and out of the hotel.

I look at my phone to check any messages, but I have none. When I look up, I notice a man sitting in another set of couch on the other side of the lobby. I don’t know if he’s looking at me, but from the angle of his face, it does look like it. He’s wearing a black coat and hat. It looks like he just got in from outside because of the amount of snow on his hat.

I look away, hoping that the man doesn’t see me. I start feeling uncomfortable. He looks exactly like the man I saw earlier. I busy myself on my phone. Inside, I pray that it was just nothing and it is just my over reactive feeling.

I glance up to see if the man is there again. Sure enough, he was. This time, I’m sure I can feel this man’s gaze at me. His eyes felt large from the other side of the lobby. I swallow while looking around the area. Maybe I’ll return to my room.

When I pick up my bags, I see the man standing up as well from the corner of my eyes. My stomach twists and I felt scared. I can practically hear his footsteps from the other side of the room. I should probably not go to my room. I’ll go to the security room instead. I turn around and about to make my way to the elevator when I feel a hand grabbing onto my shoulder.

I jumped and slap the hand away before turning to look who it was. It’s just Steve. He is just as startled as I was. He can probably see how pale I had gone. His brows furrowed.

“Y/N, are you okay?” He asks. I take a deep breath and nod slowly. I look around the lobby to see where the man is, but he’s gone yet again.

“Y/N?” Steve calls out to me again.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” I lied. But from behind Steve, I catch the glimpse of the man stepping outside through the hotel door.

• • •

I lie on the fluffy bed of the hotel. It feels like I’m lying down in a pit of marshmallows after such an intense and hard day. How come I never noticed this heavenly feeling before? Probably because I would pass out the second my head did hit the pillow.

Message notification of my phone startles me a little. I fish my phone out of my purse, not moving too much from my comfortable spot. I look at the message.

Richard [10:33PM] – Hey, Cherry Princess. How is the business trip going?

I smile to myself.

You [10:34PM] – Great. I just got to the hotel. I should be back next week.

Richard [10:36PM] – All right. I’m glad to hear. So I got some good news.

You [10:48PM] – Oh yeah? What is that?

I walk out of the bathroom after getting showered. I quickly gone and take a shower before reading the good news Richard has for me. I pick up my phone to see if he had replied or not. My heart jumps at his message before I yell out happily.

Richard [10:51PM] – I took your advice and took the leap of faith. Guess who’s got a boyfriend now?

You [11:30PM] – Are you serious?? Oh my God! I’m so happy for you, Richard! Is it Harry? Tell me it is!

Richard [11:32PM] – Yes it is. I was so nervous, but I told him. I never felt so happy in my life. Thank you, Y/N.

You [11:35PM] – I did nothing. You did it yourself. This calls for another celebration! We need to play something when I get back.

Richard [11:39PM] – Sounds good, Cherry Princess.

You [11:42PM] – Oh, have you heard anything from Rosaline or Bucky, btw?

Richard [12:01AM] – They are working things out. Don’t worry about them.

You [12:02AM] – How can I not? You are so silly. But are they okay?

Richard [12:05AM] – Honey, worry about your trip first, okay?

I let out a sigh. He’s not going to tell me anything. I check over to my messages to Bucky.


You [10:30PM] – Bucky, call me back when you can.


You [08:10AM] – Bucky, are you okay?


You [01:49PM] – I came over to your house. No one is there. When can I see you?


You [10:45AM] – Bucky, seriously! Pick up the phone!


You [11:58PM] – Bucky, talk to me…

I let out another sad sigh. Why isn’t he responding to me? I place my hands over my face, feeling the tears well up. I was so angry at him for not responding to my texts or calls. I was even very worried about him. What is he doing that is so hard to just pick up and reply to me? Takes 30 seconds to type, ‘I’m fine.’

But then again. I might murder him if he just gives me that cheap response after leaving me hanging for over a month.

Keep faith in him no matter what happens. He seemed so sad and afraid to say that to me in the elevator. But how can I if he doesn’t even call me or text me back? At least he knows that I’m waiting for him.

My mind plays back to the man in that black coat and hat. He could just be an innocent man walking around. Or just someone with the same outfit. A lot of people wear black coats here after all. It could just be nothing.

But then again, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there is something off about that man. Even Steve is worried about me, but I just reassured him it was nothing. I’ll probably tell him tomorrow or sometime. I don’t want to worry him when his mind is filled with these other businesses.

A notification bell. I quickly pick up my phone to see who it is.

It was just Sharon. When I open it, my heart jumps. I feel the whole world shift. I grab my room key card with my phone and run out of my room to Steve’s. I nearly run into someone as I was running down the hall.

I quickly turn to apologize as I run, but my voice is nowhere to be found. It’s that man. Now that I get a closer look at his face, there’s another sense of familiarity with it.  The lower half of his face is covered by a scarf and those eyes… Those eyes… I immediately turn the corner to Steve’s room.

I pound on his door, waiting for him to open all the while keeping my eyes open at where I came from to make sure the guy isn’t following me. When Steve opened the door, I push him in and close the door behind me. I look out through the peephole, but never see the man pass by. I breathe out before looking at Steve. He is wearing a shocked face.

I then remember the reason why I made my way to his room in the first place.  

“Steve!! Did she tell you??”  

He nods with his hand over his mouth in disbelief.

★ ★ ★

A/N: I hope you truly enjoyed this chapter! We are nearing the end of the series. So get ready for it~ I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what you think. Thank you so much for reading! Much love! <3

Next chapter coming soon!

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Hiiiiii can you do a nct jaehyun smut where ur an idol and you two have to do a sexy dance together and u both have crushes sorry this is worded badly probably bc my English isn’t the best lol

Member: Jaehyun (NCT U+127)

Genre: Smut

A/N: hun your English is great! 💗

Admin Rose

Originally posted by nikaiv

“Oooo look who’s gonna dance with her boyfriend!” Your groups leader, Wengie cooed. 

This has been going on for not even a week and you were tired of it already. You and Jaehyun were set together for a special stage, and it’s a sexy concept. You know, ass shaking and grinding and what not.

It made you flustered. Really, you’re going to be dancing with the guy with the “erotic body” himself, Jung Jaehyun. Or in other words, your crush. 

You both had dance practice again in just a short amount of time, so you were getting ready to head over to the studio. Thinking it would fit the concept, you wore short shorts and a top that was literally bear hugging your torso.

You entered to studio to see the handsome, extremely tall, gorgeous man smile down at you with those captivating dimples. You were surely ready to die.

You smiled back at him, your palms already feeling sweaty. “So, you wanna get this started?” He asked while locking the door. Anxiously, you replied with a “Sure.” As you were hastily scurrying to your position you saw Jaehyun stick his tongue out a lay a slight layer of saliva on them. Just looking at you intrigued him.

You both started the dance a bit shaky because of the awkward atmosphere, but slowly you both accelerated and put much effort into it.

And Jaehyun was enjoying the show. A bit too much.

Out of the random, he pinned you to the wall while panting. “I can’t do this anymore.” You glanced at the glistening sweat and his arms, making them shine from the lights reflecting off of them. He looked like an angel, but when your eyes were met, it was something else. 

You noticed the dusky color that was once a soft dark brown, looking like millions of dark things were racing in his mind. And you were yet to find out what they were.

 His finger started to slowly trace your inner thigh in circular motions. You immediately melted, just when his finger made contact with the skin. You felt heat forming in your core, making you slightly tremulous. Before you could calculate everything, his soft lips came into action with yours.

His tongue shifted down to your bottom lip and started to trace it, causing your mouth to open ajar which made him to slip it right into your mouth. You groaned at the sensation. He explored your mouth while his lithe finger started to pull down the shorts.

As soon as they were down it felt like a gust of air blew, your legs becoming cold. As Jaehyuns lips moved to your neck, a finger was slipped inside you. You gasped loudly and Jaehyun shushed you by moving his lips back to and inserting another finger in.

The two fingers curled in a rhythmic pattern, your breathing increasing rapidly. Your back that was once pressed on the wall arched furiously. He didn’t seem to want you to focus on that, since he started to lick the inside of your mouth rapidly.

He decided that it was enough for you, as he could see you being close to releasing. He slowly removed the two fingers and kissed you, this time softly though. You were disappointed. You were anticipating for the next part to come, but I guess that’ll have to wait for you.

“We still have to practice, you know?”

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Last movie I watched: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Last song I listened to: Onuka feat. NAONI Orchestra – Megamix (Interval act from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest)

Last book I read: Seriously, while I love reading I can’t remember the last book I read just for fun. Because of exams I always had to read something else…

Last thing I ate: Spaghetti with tomato + tuna sauce

Where I would want to time travel: Hmm, a few years ago I was in Egypt and I was fascinated by the great architecture of the temples or the pyramids. I would love to see how it looked back then in all its glory so maybe I’d choose Ancient Egypt.

Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: Soma, to give him a hug and be there for him, especially now… ;_;

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be: I’d like to do some relaxing holiday now that exams are over, so maybe at a lonely beach

Current Fandom Obsession: Since the second season of Attack on Titan is currently airing I’m a bit obsessed with that again, I guess. XD

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I’m currently on my NG+ (~170h in), but this grave… Has always been a source of interest for me since my first playthrough.
As a Tokyo Ghoul fan, a manga rich of symbolisms, I thought “What if Miyazaki did something similiar to what Ishida does very often in his manga?”.
A little premise before: I don’t know if someone already noticed it and discussed it online, but it would be awesome if I’m not the only one.
By the way, I found it strange there were so many peculiar flowers in that area, just before the grave (which is also guarded by one of those Bloodborne-style forgotten creatures, but we’ll talk about them later), and so I began to do a little research.

Do you know how those flowers are called? Gladioli.

They are beautiful… and there’s a special type of them called… Priscilla. I don’t know if it’s the type they are in the game, but still… I believe that is Priscilla’s grave.
Of course, the flowers are not the only thing that makes me think this. Let’s analyze the environment!
The cemetery is basically situated just near the Church of Yorshka. Have you ever explored its tower? You can reach it by a hidden path before reaching Anor Londo. Aside Yorshka herself, there’s something else in the tower. You can find… the painted guardians set. And what did they guard back then, in the first Dark Souls? :)
Not only that, but the creature that was guarding the grave… It looked sad. While I was still on the Road of Sacrifices on my first playthrough, I became quite obsessed with a certain drop, the Great Corvian Scythe. Why? Well, to be honest I just wanted it because I freaking love scythes and its design was awesome, lol. But! I was getting goosebumps when I read its description back then. It says “The mistress of the Painted World is said to wield a great scythe herself.”, and it is also very, very similiar to hers.
And then we have the heretical storytellers. They are the same creatures, but with a staff called Storyteller’s Staff, which is the “staff of a heretic storyteller who shares tales of the Painted World to forlorn souls.”

They have a CLEAR connection to the Painted World of Ariamis, that much is undeniable. To what extent, though, I don’t know. Was it because they themselves are creatures without a place to go, forgotten by everyone? Who knows… But to me, the fact that one of those creatures was actually before that grave, looking desperate (or sad), near Anor Londo (the legendary city of the Gods) that, back then, hosted a museum with that famous painting… and the painted guardian set you can find in the tower above the Church, plus those gladioli that (supposedly) belong to the Priscilla type…

I want to believe that’s Priscilla’s grave. It’s just a theory of mine, but I can’t but love it.If you want, share your thoughts with me, I’d appreciate it! :)
Deep Technology Cleanse Ritual

There’s too much negativity on your dashboard or feed. Your likes, follows, and friends are too cluttered, and there’s not enough of the things that you like. You’re overwhelmed. You turn to witchcraft. 😄

A long, liberating, deep cleanse of your social media, your devices, and yourself.

Prep: Do what you do to get ready to clean your house, whatever makes you feel energized. Throw open the curtains, put your hair up, put on some Madonna, do your thing! Consider some essential oils or incense for cleansing and rejuvenation. This is a highly personalized exercise!

1. Plug in your devices. Phone, computer, etc. Sit among them quietly and visualize a pulsing blue light coming from them, fading into the air. Lay your hands on them, feel the cool of metal and glass, and the warmth of a million things happening at once beneath them. Visualize light glowing binary code rising from the screens and tickling your fingers. Breathe. Visualize blue light pulsing from you as well.

2. Now, we begin! Since we’re here already, start with the people you follow on Tumblr. Weed through and pluck out blogs that are no longer relevant to your interests, that are inactive, or that post things you dislike. Don’t feel guilty because they follow you too, or you followed them when you first joined, or even if they’re a former acquaintance. Think only of yourself, this is a positive environment for you, and you have to shape it to your needs.

3. Now head to your other social media and do the same thing. Twitter, Instagram, snapchat. Be brutal. This is your space. Tip for Facebook: a lot of us have family on there that we can’t delete without causing an incident, but it’s perfectly easy and completely undetectable to hide their posts from your newsfeed, so that uncle that posts all the pro-Trump propaganda won’t know that he raises your blood pressure, but you won’t have to see him. Also clear out your Facebook likes from when you were 14, and if there are any friends you reasonably think you can jettison, do it. Life is too short. Delete, clear cache, and breathe in the sweet smell of not having to see stressful things every minute of the damn day.

4. Next up, phone. (You might want to set up a virus/malware scan on your computer while you do this, to get rid of another layer of grime!) Give your contacts the same once over, block that spam number you keep forgetting to block, delete those texts from your ex friend, and while you’re at it, look for any old friends you wanna reconnect with, and make a note to shoot them a text when your cleanse is finished.

5. Tidy up your phone. Remove unnecessary apps, delete photos you don’t like (or move them onto your computer and start fresh with only your favorite shots), clear your cache on the apps you still want, and if you need to, clean the outside as well. Wipe the screen off with a soft cloth, take off the case and wipe out any debris or residue, adjust the screen protector, whatever you gotta do.

6. We have now reached the most fun part: Reintroducing things you like! Start with apps on your phone; find some new games to replace the ones you’ve got bored of, get a photo editor to have fun with all the selfies you’re about to take, try out that neat new app you heard about. While those are downloading (make sure to sort them into folders appropriately! Organization is your friend!) start finding pages to like on Facebook, and accounts to follow on Tumblr, twitter, Instagram, whatever else you like. You don’t have to subscribe to every single thing that interests you, but if something grabs you, go for it! you can always unfollow later!

7. Anything else bothering you that I didn’t cover? YouTube recommendations? Group chats that are no longer relevant? Unsorted photos? Weeds in a neglected Animal Crossing town? If you’ve ever looked at it on a screen and sighed with exasperation, now is the time to take care of it. Wipe off your computer screen, and if you have compressed air, clean out your keyboard. If you’ve still got the energy, tidy the workspace where you spend the most time with your devices.

8. Sit back and enjoy your good work, and the lasting effects for months to come! Repeat whenever necessary!

9. BONUS: Tuck away sigils for productivity, positivity, or whatever else you feel you need in your devices! Inside cases, in files, on wallpapers, etc. You may also wanna cleanse the room however you normally would, to make sure the negativity and stress you scrubbed out of your device is gone for good!!


So, here we are, my first spell! I’ve had a couple others in the crock for months, but this is the first one I’ve felt confident enough to finish. Go forth and own your technology, and don’t let it own you.


I made this leaves brush today for a pic I’m working in.

First table of settings is on pen, second one is on brush.

The pen one is great to put the base shape or a branch or something, while the second one comes handy for the special thing brush makes: blending colors. Make some more leaves with it and look the magic happening before your eyes. The brush also is useful for an acrylic-like technique.

The 2 flower-things you see above came out in about 15 seconds each one.

Try them out if you like!


Calling of your heart-strings, an August Rush Fitzsimmons AU

Fellow artists, you cannot guilt trip people into reblogging your art.

I’ve seen quite a few passive-aggressive posts on this topic on Tumblr through the years and I feel like it’s necessary to address this.

And look, I get it. I get where your frustration is coming from. I also get frustrated and sad sometimes, because there are times where things just seem unfair. Sometimes art you personally don’t find as “quality” (using that term loosely because art is very subjective) gets a lot of attention while something you worked very hard on and consider your best work gets little to no attention.

It’s discouraging, I know. Most art that I work on the hardest gets very little attention, while something else that I spent less time on gets lots of it.

But you writing passive-aggressive posts won’t make the situation any better. How popular someone’s art gets is not just based on drawing skills alone. There are so many factors that play into it; is the idea good, what time you post, which people see it at the right time, is the subject you’re drawing very popular at this time and people are checking the tags a lot etc.

If someone just likes your art and doesn’t reblog it, don’t start being bitter. Maybe this thing you posted is something they like but just doesn’t fit with their blog (some people are very picky about what they put on their blog to keep it consistent for their followers etc.). What I’m saying is a lot of popularity is based on luck and right timing.

But I can promise you that you trying to guilt trip someone into reblogging your art won’t make them reblog it. It’s like those posts that have a nice message but then at the end they add “anyone who doesn’t reblog this is a horrible person” or something among those lines. I woud’ve reblogged it, but now that I’ve seen that bullshit attached to it I won’t. That kind of attitude is nasty.

So my advice to you is: keep drawing, do not take numbers too personally & as a sign something is wrong with your art. And especially don’t try to draw something that doesn’t make you happy but you think will get you lots of attention. Draw something you’re proud of and makes you happy. It might not get the attention you think it deserves but you cannot control what people do/find appealing.

Keep on drawing!

naly-chan  asked:

Iwatobi and Samezuka walking in on their s/o sleeping with only a tank top and panties? ♡ Good luck!!

Of course! Sorry for taking months ;_; I just don’t want to push out the scenarios fastly and rather put time into them (Which I kinda don’t have at the moment)

Also guys, please notice that I normaly only do 5(!) guys at once. I made an exception with this and the last one since they’re both really cute and funny.

I hope you like it! ^^ <3

Rin had had searched his shirt the whole time, since swim training ended. With an held back curse on his lips he walked into his dorm room, only wearing a pair of sweatpants and a towel over his shoulders. “Where the heck is-!”, he stopped in his movement. His S/O was lying all curled up on his bed, only covered in short pants and a huge top, which made him blush in a bright rosy tone. He stumbled to them, trying to make as less sound as possible, and softly pulled the blanket over them. Wait, he thought. Wasn’t that…his top?! He stared at them for a while. Finally he decided he could be a good boyriend another time. With an cheeky grin he blew air into the ear of his calmly sleeping S/O biting them slightly afterwards. His S/O woke up with an indigant yell. “WHAT are you DOING?!” Rin almost chuckled, but he wasn’t finished with them. Not yet. He pointed at the top that his S/O was wearing, or rather burried in. “This is my top.” For a moment his S/O looked at him confused. “So what?” Rin leaned down to them, tucking a hair strain behind their ear, brushing his lips against their neck. “Take it off.”

Nagisa would never admit it, but he was quite flustered finding his S/O in a tank and panties only. His face being all red and the words he wanted to say blown away from his mind. After shaking his head about himself, finding back to his normal self he sneaked to his sleeping S/O, patting their head gently and observing their sleeping face. They looked really cute, probably even cuter than a penguine. “____-Chaan!”, he started, waking them up. “This really isn’t nice, you know?”, his hand still softly on the head of his S/O and an innocent smile on his face. Dreamy his S/O opened their eyes and murmured tiredly “What is not nice…?” “Lying here half naked and making me blush of course!”, he grinned at them cheekly “You look quite seductive like that, you know?” His S/O was a blushing mess.

Makoto came back from practise late this day and he also had had to take care of his siblings as soon as he had came home. No compromise whith his parent this day. So he felt really bad that he was hours late at his S/O’s house, when they hadn’t had time for each other lately anyway. With a sigh he opened the door with the key his S/O had given him a while ago. “____-Chan? Are you there? I’m so sorry that I’m so late! Please don’t be ma-”, walking into the room of his S/O he stopped flustered. His S/O was still sleeping, which wondered him after his greeting but he was glad, glad and red, and sitted down beside them, smiling calmly. “You look like a cat.”, he whispered more to himself than to anyone really. “Meow.”, came from the lips of the seemingly sleeping person. “You are awake!” His S/O chuckled and finally gave in, stretching and pulling Makoto down into a hug, snuggeling against him. “You really are like a cat.”, he said, holding them with red cheeks, drifting to sleep beside them.

“___-san! I’m ready! I was finally able to solve this sciene problem!”, Rei stared proudly at his text book, turning his eyes to his S/O who has keeped his company the whole time, waiting patiently for him to get ready. Reis heart almost stopped a second though, as he saw them, half naked and with bare legs, lying on a pillow, waking up from a nap. “Rei?”, they yawned “Are you finally finished?” Rei adjusted his glasses, hiding his blush and confused look. “Y-yeah I…I could solve the problem.. Uhm…why..why are you wearing…this..?”, he asked shy. At first his S/O didn’t know what he meant, then they smiled knowingly. “Oh, I solved my problem as well.” “Which problem?” “The problem of you not paying attention to me….well, also the heat is horrible. Now I cooled down a little.” It indeed was very hot today. “Really…? I think it just got hotter in here…”, Rei murmured.

Haruka and his s/o had spend an amazing, but also exhausting day at the beach. The two of them went swimming and it was one of these rather rare times when Haruka would find the time and nerves to try to teach s/o the way he swims. By now they were back at his home and he had finished cooking some delicious Makarel dinner, when he found them in his room. Sleeping peacefully, humming something not understanbale in their sleep, only dressed in one of his tanktops. Haru stiffed at the second he saw them, unable to move or to say anything at first. Finally he put his courage together and went hesistantly to them, darn why did they have to look so cute…and..hot, „____-san? Wake up. Uh..I finished the dinner.“, he almost says with a stutter, but managed to alomst sound normal. His S/o calmly woke up and streetched themself, which caused the tanktop to reveal even more of their tights, making Haru blush and look away. „San?“, they said with a rusky sleepy voice. „I thought we were over this for quite a while now.“ Harukas eyes widend in shock and embarassment but also a tint of something else…

The first thing Nitori did when seeing his s/o lying on his bed, with only a tank top, he owned, on he let out an internal squeak, how could someone be so beautiful and..well, sexy. However he he was kind of worried, it was a little bit cold and they could catch a cold or something. Still being happy about finding his s/o like that and worried, he stumbled over his feed, being too lost in thought and cursed his clumsyness, now they have woken up for sure. They must have, right? „Ai?“, a sleepy voice muffled. „Are you here?..“ he got up quickly and walked over to them, brushing their head softly „Yes _____-chan. But please go on sleeping if you’re tired, I didn’t want to wake you, I’m sorry.“ His still half asleep s/o noded and hugged him heavy-handed. He let himself willingly be pulled down and huged them protectivly and with an wide grin, rocking them both slowly to sleep. Also none of them was cold anymore.

Sousuke pulled out the key he got from his S/o a while ago, since he didn’t want to get them out of bed. School day just ended and he went to visit his s/o who caught a cold. He had brought some warm soup and their favoruite snack. He knocked carefully on their roomdoor, opening it silently and then gulping at the sight he saw. They were sleeping, and if that would’ve been the only noticable thing he would have let them alone but the fact that they were wearing one of his tanktops, he must have left on their last…uhm, cozy night, was making him staring at them in awe for a while. A soft giggle came from his throat, as he walked over to them, putting the basked with the things he brought near their bed, kissing them softly on the mouth, while trying not to wake them up, but he just couldn’t resist, that’s how adorable they looked. A soft mumbling raised under his lips and he parted a little bit. „Noo.“ they said worriedly. „Don’t do that, you will get a cold as well!“, their eyes fixing him fearful, their voice sounding nasal through the stiffed nose. God damn, they were so cute, even now. „But I can’t stop myself. It is unfair to be so pretty while being ill“ he answered, and put the blankets over them both, cuddling a little and eating their favorite snacks, Sousuke brought, while watching silly gameshows.

Momotarou looked at them in disbelif. Bright, happy disbelieve. How did he deserve that sight? That person? With red cheeks and a cheeky mind he stealt his way over to them, juping on them, starting a tickle attack, yanking them out of their sleep. „WHAT THE-“, ther eyes flushed open, and their head bumbed against Momotarous, causing them both to wimper shortly and Momotarou to stop his tickle-attack. Ow…what the heck do you think you’re doing?“, his s/o mumbled acusingly. „I’m so sworry ____-chan..I just…you looked so hot and…I wanted to. Outch. You really have a thick head!“ His s/o only answered with an „Same.“, both still rubbing their heads.


I’ve Got Something To Tell You…

It is your second anniversary with Bruce and he has certainly spoiled you this evening. First, he presented you with a new pearl necklace, one similar to his mothers, he wanted to give you something of sentimental value. He then gave you a stunning red gown that has a slight trail at the back for you to wear to dinner. He took you to one of the finest restaurants in Gotham, the two of you had a very nice time there. It felt good to just get away from your very busy lives. Bruce Wayne becomes Batman at night, you, on the other hand, are a model by day, superhero whenever you’re needed. Moments like this are so precious and are rare, so the two of you are making the most of it while you can. 

You now find yourself on top of Wayne Enterprises looking down over the city. It actually looks rather beautiful from all the way up here. What goes on at the bottom is the entire opposite, but you can’t think of that right now, this is your time. Bruce stands beside you, probably thinking the exact same thing you are resisting it as much as possible. He knows the city needs him to be elsewhere but the city rests in good hands for at least one night. There are people he trusts to keep everyone safe. 

“Tonight couldn’t be more perfect.” Your eyes smile at him as well as your mouth. To Bruce, there is no sight quite like you. “Thank you.” 

“It’s not over yet, I have one more thing.” He catches you by surprise with a smug smile on his face. What else could he possibly have in store? His intention becomes clear when he gets down on bended knee with a small box in his grasps. “Y/n Y/l/n, will you marry me?” Bruce looks up at your pleasantly surprised face. He will always remember the way you look at this exact moment because it is too perfect to forget. 

Light bounces off the diamond in the centre of the silver ring as you continue to gaze at it in total shock. It is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen, he obviously spent a lot of time to have chosen something so perfect. 

Keep reading

alivebutnotbreathing1  asked:

Can u do a jay x evie prompt where jay gets jealous when chad flirts w/ evie

Hey there! Sorry this is so late (and crappy) but I hope you’ll like it nonetheless.

Jay was heading to the tourney field for practice when he heard him. It sounded like Chad Charming was wooing another helpless Auradon girl. Jay couldn’t see who it was yet, since she was hidden by the bleachers shadows but he could hear what Cinderella’s son was saying, even from there.

“And we have five carriages, all a different shade of blue.”, he boasted with that annoying smirk of his that made Jay want to wipe it off his face. With his fist. How many more damsels could fall for his trick? One more apparently, Jay thought bitterly.

That’s when he noticed the familiar blue hue of his friend’s hair and before he knew it, he’s striding towards them, anger rising with each of his steps.  Evie was nodding eagerly at Charming’s words, completely oblivious to his act. As Jay got closer to them, Chad finally noticed him and frowned. Jafar’s son ignored him and spoke directly his friend.

“Hey, Ev. What are you doing here?” He asked as he threw an arm around her shoulder. She looked up at him with a curious look tinged with annoyance. He knew she hated it when he interrupted her plans.

“Hum, nothing. Chad was just telling me about his castle and everything. It all sounds very exciting.” She answered with a bright smile towards Cinderella’s son, who apprehensively returned it. Of course he was nervous and he had every right to be. Jay could literally kick his ass with both of his hands tied behind his back.

“And what, do you plan on taking her there?” Jay’s voice was slightly more threatening now and his eyebrows were raised questioningly. Chad shook his head vigorously, which made Evie frown.

“You weren’t?” Jay glanced at Evie as she talked and he could tell she was more offended than surprised.

“No! Of course not. My mom would kill me if I ever bring a villain kid home. Especially a girl.” His tone was getting more and more scornful as he went on and Jay’s grip on Evie’s shoulder tightened lightly.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Evie asked as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Chad looked like he was about to respond when he met Jay’s gaze and his mouth instantly snapped shut.

“Go. Away.”, Jay hissed angrily and Chad barely hesitated before he turned around and walked away, muttering something about “crazy villain kids and jealous boyfriends”.

It was only when Chad was out of earshot that Evie turned to Jay. She shrugged his arm off her and glared at him.

“He was going to ask me on a date! Why did you have to scare him off?”

He could tell she was irritated at him and he didn’t know why but it disturbed him. It didn’t mattered if she was when he was teasing her but this was something else. He only wanted to spare her from being used by the blond.

“E…” He put his hands on her shoulders. “Didn’t you hear what he just said? You deserve better than him.”, he said softly while looking her in the eye. “I mean it.”

Evie could only nod, it seemed that she couldn’t find the words. Next thing Jay knew, she was wrapping her arms around his waist and embraced him for a hug.

“Thanks, Jay.”, she muttered against his chest.

“No problem, princess.”