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girl you rock you are super talented and all but wtf is this obsession with long ass hairs? like i dont understand they're not even long at a reasonable length they're just over long and so unrealistic (dont get me wrong ily)

Thank you so much! ☺️ nice to hear that. But to the length of my hair. Like… how the length of the hair can be unrealistic? There are short hair, medium, long and super long. But even if there was not, there are hella cool wigs out there which I absolutely love. And even if not that, I am creating hair for game and I like to enjoy it. So when I see a picture, which I like, I create what’s on it. That’s it 😂

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okay BUT WHY are thomas/james forehead bumps and nuzzles such powerful expressions of love?? they're literally like only 0.5 second long each and yet there's more emotion packed in them than there is in most season long love stories. i don't understand.


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i know you ship jon/arya so i'll totally understand if you dont accept this arya/gendry request but - a somewhere in the future fic before the final battle happens; arya, sansa, jon are at winterfell (maybe bran too), and gendry finds his way there. there's initially some friction because of the long gap, but they're getting over it, and gendry is really devoted to her esp after all that had happened. Sansa's PoV, because she recognizes his devotion and has always wanted something like that- 1/2

[cont] -it’s almost like the songs but all her betrothals/marriages so far (joff, tyrion, harry) were NOT something she’d dreamt of and wishing she had someone like that too. ps: i LIKE sansa (not as much as arya, but i like her) but i do think it’s ironic that for a girl who wanted a happily-ever-after-with-prince-charming got the marriages bt not the way she wanted, something that could be said of many characters in the story (but that’s another point :D) (come to think of it, a meta about that?)-2/2

He looked like Lord Renly. 

It was the first thing that came to Sansa’s mind when her sister had come home, a pack of hungry men and wolves stalking at her heels. The wolves were haggard, starved, the men even more so; they were lean, feral looking things, that wore gaunt masks and tattered clothing that hung over bone like stolen skins. All but one. The knight who followed Arya around everywhere, sticking to her like some sullen dark shadow.

He was handsome. More than handsome, really, looking every bit the lost Baratheon son that people claimed him to be. He was just a bastard, borne of lust and sin of old King Robert and some tavern wench, and yet…

His eyes were blue - so blue, like the cast of day over the Trident a lifetime ago before everything had gone to the seven hells, blue like the frost of winter roses. And his hair was thick and black as midnight, hanging over his eyes in a way that begged to be touched. He was strong too, muscled like some war hero from the songs. And his looks, all those lingering, caressing looks, brewing with the utmost of devotion, were for Arya Stark, her little sister.

Every so often, Sansa watched them, watched Arya and her knight; sometimes it was with passing interest, other times it was with envy. Days in Winterfell were long when you were waiting for Death to come beckoning, and Arya was constantly moving, as if she could not keep still. 

Ser Gendry was always with her, trailing behind her like some lost little duckling. Only…he didn’t look lost. He followed at her heels of course, stopping when she stopped, going when she went; touching her arm, the small of her back, her hand, her wrist. The touches were fleeting, but they were careful, meaningful, stolen almost in the midst of war and ice and watchful eyes. 

No, Ser Gendry never looked lost. With Sansa’s little sister, he always seemed home.

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hello. this is just my opinion, but i dont think you should edit these pictures particularly those from non-editable fansites. and tbh its their picture they have every right to do whatever they want with it. and i think its kind of rude of you to call them stalkers. personally i think more so than some other fans, they know their boundaries with the boys the most. and i also dont think it is right for you to say how they feel, the way you're saying they're promoting racism and all -c-

-c- because you dont know them personally. so i think it’s not right for you to say things like that about them. you’re basically judging people whom you’ve never met. but anyways thank you for reading these. have a nice day.

I want to warn you first that this is a long read. If you have no intentions to understanding why we are editing pictures, I suggest you stop right here.

I’m going to break down your ask into separate topics and address the issues in each one.

Okay you made it this far, so let’s take a journey to educate ourselves shall we?

this is just my opinion, but i dont think you should edit these pictures particularly those from non-editable fansites. and tbh its their picture they have every right to do whatever they want with it

Let’s start at the beginning, white washing and light skin beauty ideals have had a long and intensive history in many cultures. But for the sake of time I’m going to center around Eastern Asia/South Eastern Asia and the effects. 

It’s the idea that light skinned people are better than others.

Not to be confused with “wanting to be white/looking like white people”. Because the goal in a colorist society is to look “brighter” and “paler” enough to be the color white. Not white people.

Mostly light skinned people are considered more well mannered, civilized, clean, educated, but mostly intelligent and beautiful. So much in fact that light skinned people are worshipped and if anybody wishes to be treated with respect than they should work to look like pale people.

Now we all know that this sounds ridiculous right?

Well, unfortunately this ideal is so widely accepted that it became a part of 3,000 years worth of cultural East and Southeast Asian history and continues to rear its ugly head today. So much that it became an economic industry that continues promoting this ugly beauty ideal. ie. Skin Whitening Products and Commercialized Whitewashing.

This prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group is called colorism or shadeism. (Which are real terms that you can look up on google! Amazing.) And those that promote these ideals are called colorists or shadeists. Which is what I’m calling these fansites.

Why do we edit their pictures? Simply put it’s to bring back Bangtan’s skin color to their original form. To show that, no, they DO NOT have to have their skin color changed to be considered beautiful. That they do not have to change who they are or what they look to be worthy of all of the fans love. And if we don’t STOP them and let them know that this behavior is incredibly offensive than they are just going to continue. 

If you say that they have “every right to do whatever they want” you are condoning this.

OH LOOK! The same fansite!! Same day! Same event! But one is a preview and the other is a whitewashed nightmare.

Obviously these fansites love these boys, but they apparently don’t love them enough to accept that YES, some of them do have tan skin. YES, some of them are even considered dark. And YES, they are still the beautiful and handsome boys that we have come to know with their real skin tone.

They even go to the extent of whitewashing the palest member of Bangtan. Min Yoongi aka SUGA. Like literally his name is to show how pale he is COMPARED to the members (he is not the palest being in the universe mind you) and yet they whitewash him. Why? I have no clue at this point, they have lost all reason.

Same Yoongi fansite, same day, same event. And yet a world of differences.

Wow, yes they have “a right to do this”. But that doesn’t mean their actions don’t have consequences.

Their CONSTANT whitewashing leads many fans to believe that they all look like their whitewashed pictures. When they don’t. The problem is that, this goes so unnoticed by fans that they start perceiving the whitewashed version as the real deal, and then get surprised when they see a photo or video of an idol with their natural skintone.

Now what I am about to say is the real kicker, most if not all kpop idols are already using WHITENING MAKEUP.  SURPRISE!!

Some idols/celebrities/average people have even thought it necessary that they should entirely get rid of their natural skin tone with WHITENING PRODUCTS because of their insecurities and the bullying.

Now the question lies, why are these fansites whitewashing them EVEN MORE when they are already wearing things that make them look paler?

and i think its kind of rude of you to call them stalkers. personally i think more so than some other fans, they know their boundaries with the boys the most.

Listen, fansites are people. They are not deities clear of sin and representative of the highest virtues.

Here is the process to be a fansite.

1. Be a fan (JUST LIKE YOU OR ME)

2. Make a fansite (Putting it on some form of social media. Example: twitter)

3. Buy a DSLR Camera (a really expensive camera with giant lenses)

4. Have 100% full attendance. (follow the same schedule as the boys.)

5. Take pictures, edit, and upload. And if you got time, sell your finished photos.

It’s really that easy, give or take you have to sacrifice your soul to the devil to own one of those cameras. There is no clear indication on whether these fansites are sasaengs, who have every as much as ability to become a fansite as other rich fans.

Here is an example of a sasaeng fansite here that was for previous EXO member Wu Yifan aka Kris.


Where they even went to the extent to book an airplane ticket next to them to take pictures as they were sleeping.

Not many sasaengs of BTS are fansites luckily, but BTS sasaengs DO exist. And already have caused an annoyance to fans and BTS. The chances of sasaengs becoming fansites increases as popularity increases. So lets not start putting fansites on a pedestal this early in the fandom, okay?

But seriously, even average fansites go the extent to going to different countries, even outside of Asia to take pictures of the boys. All for what? To whitewash them? It is literally going over the boundaries of idols, or in this case BTS’,  skin color.

Why do these fansites think that it is appropriate to choose what skin color looks good on these idols enough to completely bleach them out of existance. Especially when there is already BULLYING within idol groups based on dark skin color. Heck, there was even multiple occasions within Bangtan themselves where they made fun of the darker members skin color!

But apparently it’s cool for fansites to continue whitewashing when people get bullied enough? Now fansites have some “god given mission” that they gotta prove that idols LOOK BETTER WITH PALER SKIN? And even the leader, Namjoon has stated in his songs that he likes his dark skin? Why take what they love about themselves away?

Infact, why do these fansites have the NERVE to take away the skin color that some of them don’t even have the confidence of loving themselves yet?

Here is a link to BTS’ Picture Diary and the Translations. It has Jimin’s, Jin’s and Taehyung’s Diary Entry.


What leaves me heartbroken the most is reading Taehyung’s.

3. V Kota Kinabalu2 / We went to the island. A.R.M.Y will be surprised to see me in Korea since I got tanned. I’m quite dark. I hope they don’t make fun of me. I got on the banana boat and the parachute, had a shooting at home, and swam for 10 minutes. There could’ve been more. The end. Today’s lesson: Let’s learn how to float in the water. Today’s compliments/regrets: I tried not to get tanned./But I did.

Why is he so afraid of tanning? Why is he so afraid of the ARMY making fun of him that he has to mention the fans twice? Why is he afraid of the ARMY making fun of him so much that he considers his skin color a regretful lesson? Why is he so anxious that he has to write his insecurities about his tan skin in the BEGINNING and the END? Why is he so afraid of SPECIFICALLY the ARMY in Korea: the fans that apparently see Taehyung the most, interact with the most, and according to you “know his boundaries” more than other fans?

WHY are fansites hurting the ones they supposedly love the most in this way?

God, everytime I read this it always makes me fucking cry. Cause his insecurity over his skin color is something that a LOT of East Asian/Southeast Asians can empathize with. Because this not only affects idols, this affects ALL East/Southeast Asian kids.

The reason restoring blogs exist because OTHER EAST/SOUTHEAST ASIANS are sick of having people OF THEIR OWN RACE AND ETHNIC PEOPLE BE ERASED OF THEIR NATURAL SKIN COLOR. Which will then in turn perpetuate colorism.

You heard it here folks!

This restoring movement is conducted by a network of East/Southeast Asians, the same race and ethnic background as YOUR favorite kpop star. Hell I even know some Koreans that are restoring idols.

So stop thinking that restore blogs exist solely to feel superior to faneditors. The goal is to make people more aware of what these fansites are doing and what could be harming the idols and fans of color.

Infact, I can tell you that some fansites were actually EDITABLE in the past. Some fansites were okay with editing. Like “average editing” for photosets, or videos, or ridiculous “pastel edits” (some which kill their skin color even more.)

But as soon as restoring blogs came into the picture, whether restoring blogs gave credit or not, they were furious. 

Most fansites make money off their pictures. Not only that, but they make a profit. The fansites “giving us” their pictures is not a “privilege”, they are literally selling a product/brand. If people want to criticize the product and voice their thoughts about it they are well within their rights. 

and i also dont think it is right for you to say how they feel, the way you’re saying they’re promoting racism and all because you dont know them personally. so i think it’s not right for you to say things like that about them. you’re basically judging people whom you’ve never met.

As we all know by now, I’m calling them colorists, as the fansites usually are within the same racial and ethnic group as most kpop idols. (Of course I said most because, as we should all know by now that not ALL kpop idols are Korean and some Korean celebrities are of mixed race as well. And hell not even all fansites are Korean.)

But colorism can lead to racist behavior. (Which will one day be saved for a different day.)

And also, nobody has to know someone PERSONALLY to know that someone is racist or is conducting racist behavior.

Like, I don’t know these students in this Philadelphia school play personally, but yellowfacing is racist even if you claim it as “your art” and “your hardwork”.


No they are not, out blatantly saying “I hate East Asians,” but you do not need much to know that their actions are OFFENSIVE.

Similar to these fansites, they are not publicly saying “I hate their skin color,” but you can definitely know that fansites consciously took the TIME and EFFORT to edit idols skin to feed their offensive beauty ideals when its just easier to post their HD photos. 

Which makes them colorist.

And what boggles my mind the most. Why are you more angry at the fact that we are calling them offensive and colorist instead of understanding that their behavior does more harm to generations of East/Southeast Asians?

Why do you care more about getting whitewashed HD pics instead of respecting the idols and treating them like real people?

But I guess to you,

art is pain.

-Admin Matte


Besides all that was said above, I just want to mention that, besides restoring blogs, there is unwhitewashed content. Such as broadcasting pictures, livestreaming videos from events, some of the selfies the members upload on social medias, even official content from the companies, and not to mention unwhitewashed previews from the fansites just as Admin Matte pointed out.

 All this content is up alongside the whitewashed ones. Everyone sees it and likes/reblogs it. They’re posted on the dedicated blogs too. So my question is, how do people not notice how extremely different they can be? The differences go far beyond the point where you could say it’s due to lighting, camera flash, distance, or just whitening makeup. Why does no one question these differences? 

- Admin Gloss

clearing up misconceptions about the signs that tumblr astrology blogs have
  • aries: they like fun, adventure, liveliness and jovial atmospheres...they're not big angry balls of fury all the time
  • taurus: why do people think they eat as much as a gorilla? why do people always associate them with eating instead of actual personality traits?
  • gemini: they're not as extroverted and rowdy as people seem to think...geminis are ambivert, given their dual personalities
  • cancer: please, tumblr, do these people a favor and think of better descriptions other than cuties who don't do anything except cry
  • leo: they're vain but they have a lot of other characteristics like leos have so many layers and people always think of them as purely superficial it's so annoying
  • virgo: actually........there's not much of virgo that seems to be misinterpreted. ?????? maybe that's just me
  • libra: they care about things!!! and aren't airheads!!! they value things like social progress and friendship and simple gestures of romance and people don't always give them enough credit
  • scorpio: ok this is going to be long bc i got something to say. they're not as short-tempered as aries why WHY do people keep making this connection? they are easily hurt but both signs interpret pain and frustration in very diff ways? scorpio attitude seems to be more to the likes of "don't get mad, get even." aries is the opposite and their anger fades quickly, and scorpio's only manifests itself into sadness and/or further emotional distress. aries aren't likely to be vengeful or manipulative and scorpios are, when pushed over the edge. the degree of rage is so different between these two i dont understand ALSO y'all think that they are 50 times more confrontational than they actually are
  • sagittarius: people think we fake? and that we're prone to being manipulative? sagittarius values honesty aka they're probably one of, if not THE, worst liars of the zodiac..also another thing: so many posts i've seen don't understand sagittarius so they give them a lazy description that doesn't make any sense and always has to do with 'wanting adventure' lmao why you gotta do us so wrong
  • capricorn: they're pretty avid world thinkers and are more in touch with their emotional side than they lead others to believe i mean they're traditional but not always boring
  • aquarius: they are multi-faceted socially progressive people who actually tend to be extroverted so why everyone associates them with reserved and mysterious freaks who only care about aliens is a mystery to me
  • pisces: i can't think of many misinterpretations of this sign except for the fact that some people tend to think that they're more simple-minded than they really are

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Do you have any where they're like from different crowds (high school or uni) preferably long bc I've got a 17 hour car trip BUT THAN YOU SO SO MUCH

Um i didnt fully understand your question, but here’s a different mix of highschool/uni fanfictions, i also added descriptions so you have an idea of what they are x

If you dont like any then please send a more detailed ask about what fics you want and we’ll respond asap

Also have a safe flight x

-Ru x

If you really knew me

Ever since the day Louis came out, the torment began almost instantly. He knew it would alter his life, but not like this. 

Louis hated Harry, and Harry hated Louis, that’s just the way it was, the way it had always been. Louis outing himself just gave him even more reason to torment the boy. It was inevitable, really, Harry being the school’s football captain and star player, and Louis being the weird kid that was into theatre and had just come out of the closet.

One night at a party and getting lost in a forest after a bit too much to drink, Louis finds himself pressed onto the grass by the weight of a body of none other than Harry Styles. Louis discovers things about Harry that no one else knows, he realises that Harry has a secret of his own. One drunken encounter and the boys worlds come crashing down around them. They realise that their differences are irrelevant, and the way they see each other changes forever.

learning to breathe

He’s playing football at one of the top universities in England and he should love everything about his life right now, but instead he’s moving backwards. How does your past fit into your present? Louis is still figuring it out.

clear eyes, full hearts

Harry notices some kids watching them, a few freshmen who still think it’s cool to cut classes and cut through peoples’ back yards.

Louis follows his eyes and gets abruptly uncomfortable. “I should go.”

“You don’t want to call me a faggot again first?” Harry says. “Maybe you can spit at me. Or push me. To keep up your image, right?”

“No, I-“

“Don’t tell me you forget that now. You should never forget that, because I never can. When I’m thirty and living in New York or something, when I’m married to someone that genuinely loves me and is proud to be seen with me, I’ll still remember how that piece of shit football player from Nowhere, Texas made me feel less than nothing. How’s that for fucking closure.”

melody in the locker room

Louis was a guy whose hobby was to blend in with the crowds. He was a perpetual wallflower but he couldn’t change that, it was just the way things worked.

Harry was the captain of the footie team, homecoming king and half of the relationship that made up the Stanborough Boarding school power couple.

 Neither of them were totally satisfied with their situations, but when Louis is forced to join the football team, what will come of it?

Your best line ever (personal fave)

University AU, in which Harry has a terrible job and lies about his name to drunk people, Louis is one of the drunk and has to move out of his flat, Liam shaves his hair because he fights with Zayn, Zayn protects Liam from creepy stalkers and Niall always has a solution, because he knows just about every person relevant!

with nothing but your t-shirt on

Louis knows that I’ve seen you fuck yourself with a vibrator should not be the first thing that comes to mind when he meets Harry Styles.

(Harry is a camboy and Louis has been an avid subscriber for a while before he finds out they attend the same university)

foul play

“You’re going to lose, Styles. Like you always do, and I’ll be the one with the trophy,” Louis sneers at him, arms folded across his chest. His eyes challenge Harry to rebuke, to say something that will propel them into an infinite game of ‘who can make the best comeback’.

Harry raises an eyebrow at him, chuckles underneath his breath at the mere idea, before his gaze turns stern. “Yeah, in your dreams.” The game is on.

Louis and Harry are captains of opposing football teams; naturally they hate each other’s proverbial guts.

this shifting ground (another fave)

University AU. In which Louis, law student, is the cheeky waiter to Harry’s dates. This is how it starts.