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One Little Tattoo

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You stood and pulled down your shirt over your hips. From across the room, Dean’s eyes watched the skin disappear. The way you’d been sitting on the couch made your shirt ride up and sit in the middle of your hip, revealing half of your anti-possession tattoo. Just before you had covered it, you noticed Dean staring at you, and you definitely did not miss the way he licked his lips subconsciously. You suppressed a chuckle and resisted the urge to speak up. Your willpower faded when you saw him drop his gaze and bite his lip.

“What were ya lookin’ at, Dean-o?” You sauntered toward him.

“Huh - what? Nothin’!” He stammered, cheeks gaining the slightest bit of pink.

“I think I saw you looking at this.” You pinched the hem of your t-shirt and pulled it up to where it had been before.

Dean’s eyes grew wide. You’d never been this blatantly bold with him before. All the flirting you’d done had been subtle, innocent. This was different.

“You have the same one, what makes my tattoo different?” You let go of your shirt but left it where it was.

“Mine is - yours is - it’s just different.” He looked away from you.

“Different because of where it is?” You leaned a hand on the edge of the table and smiled down at him.

“Maybe that’s it.” He shrugged, still not looking at you.

“Dean,” you sighed.

“Yeah, that’s not it. It’s because it’s you. The way that one little tattoo just peaks out from under your shirt? It’s like this little sneak peek of what you’re hiding.” He confessed.

“One little tattoo…” You chuckled, shaking your head.

He looked up at you with an eyebrow raised in confusion.

“What if I told you it wasn’t just one?” You reached down and lifted the side of your shirt again.

He watched with careful eyes as you peeled the shirt up your right side, revealing the rest of your anti-possession tattoo. What he didn’t expect was the intricate web of warding symbols that followed, running up your ribcage and up under the swell of your breast.

“Jesus, sweetheart.” He huffed, trying to ignore the tightening in the front of his pants.

“How can you still find this stuff sexy? It’s all… lore stuff. Like this one?” You pointed to the one right under your breast. “That will burn the skin off of a werewolf if they touch it.”

“All tattoos are sexy.” His tongue flicked out over his bottom lip.

He stood then, his hand meeting yours on your right side and groping at the bottom of your shirt on the left. He raised his hands and pulled your shirt up over your head. Dean’s pupils dilated as he closed the space between you and pushed your back against the wall.

“Gonna see what else I can find.” He snarled, hands groping wildly while his lips devoured yours.

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Sam is eight when he throws his arms around Dean’s neck and pecks him right on the mouth, beaming up against his larger than life sunshine bright big brother.

John grasps Sam by the T-shirt, pulls him away from Dean, and barks: “That’s not something you do to your brother, Sam.”

Sam looks at John, eyes wide, bottom lip trembling. “But I love him, daddy,” little Sammy says quietly, trying to crawl back onto Dean’s lap.

John separates them again, rougher this time. “Not like that, you don’t,” John snarls, before he snatches a bottle of Jack from the table and storms off.


Sam is eighteen when John, after ten long years of Jack, denial and sorrowful rage, drags Sam out to the parking lot. John shoves Sam’s acceptance letter against his chest as he speaks, slowly and menacingly. “You’re going to California, Sam. Go to California, or so help me I will find another way to keep you from him. You understand me, son?”

Sam’s eyes glitter beneath fluorescent light with unshed, furious tears. He swallows, then he says, “I love him,” and his voice breaks under John’s sickened glare. “Dad,” Sam begs as his head drops. “Dad, please don’t make me leave him.”

John’s face turns ashen, bile rising in his throat. “The way you love him ain’t right, Sammy. Never was.”


“I know what you’re doing…” Harrison started through a low growl after you’d rounded the corner and walked well out of earshot.

“Hmm?” Came HR’s well-placed innocence as he tore his eyes away from the direction you’d gone and looked toward his counterpart with a dumb expression.

At that Harry crossed his arms and glared at HR; his shoulders locking in place and his muscles pulling taut from beneath his shirt as he hunched forward and snarled out, “I don’t know what you think is going to happen here but you can’t get involved… You’ve got your own earth to go home to, remember?”

Pinching his brows and doing nothing to hide the way his jaw set, HR came back with a quick, “Like you…?”

With Harry’s eyes narrowing into slits, he stared at his doppelganger with a hard expression… Sure, he hadn’t exactly been around lately but there was a history between you two that couldn’t just be replaced with some generic lookalike no matter how smooth he was and no matter how much you’d seemed to have grown to like him. And somewhere between getting to know you and watching Barry defeat Zoom, Harrison had fallen head over heels in love with you and judging by HR’s defensive jab, he wasn’t the only Harrison Wells in the multiverse to have developed feelings for you.

“Maybe if you hadn’t run away, you’d still be number-one-Wells and you’d be the one going to that Dickens Christmas Village thing with her tonight.” HR bit, causing Harrison’s lip to curl into a sneer.

“Easy…” Harry warned. “If you pull anything on her tonight, I’ll break your legs and make it look like an accident.”

At that, HR snorted before giving his counterpart a dull smile… “Merry Christmas.”

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*Imagine Harrison and HR Competing for Your Affection*

Request: Maybe Harry & Jessie visit for the holidays after Cisco’s bombardment of vibes. Maybe Harry gets jealous seeing how close HR & the reader have gotten in his absence. Possibly some Harry/reader fluff & some HR & Harry competing for reader? Plz n thnks

A/N: This deviated a bit from the original request but I hope its okay still!

*Jealousy* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Do you think you could make an image where Newt and you are dating. A random guy starts to flirt with you and Newt gets jealous and flips outs. He then thinks you are mad at him for getting jealous and he gets sad and thinks you are going to leave him. Lots of fluff if you can thanks😊

You and Newt didn’t go out much, but every so often you’d make your way out and look for a good time. Tonight you decided to adventure out to a local jazz club just a few blocks away from your London apartment. You had on your favorite dress and even put on your pearls. Newt wore his usual pants, white button up shirt and a vest. He was waiting for you by the door and smiled as you appeared, skipping toward him and doing a tiny twirl in front of him.

“How do I look?” You asked. Newt smiled and took your hand in his and pulled in towards him. He brought you close and placed a delicate kiss on your lips before answering, “Absolutely beautiful”.

Walking hand in hand, you made your way to the jazz club and found a comfy area towards the back to sit. You both ordered a drink and then nestled in to each other’s arms as you listened to the music. The lady on the stage was signing and you watched as her beads on her dress swayed to the rhythm of her hips swaying. 

“Newt?” You looked up at your handsome wizard, “Will you dance with me?” Newt looked down at you and swallowed. You could tell you had made him nervous. Newt wasn’t one to dance usually and he didn’t know how to. But he knew how much you enjoyed it and didn’t have the heart to say no. Smiling down at you, he took your hand in his and led you out on to the floor. 

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the “IT’S 3AM AND FUCK ASS COLD BUT THE DORM’S FIRE ALARM JUST WENT OFF AND I’M HERE IN MY COAT AND YOU’RE JUST IN A SHIRT AND BOXERS CLEARLY YOU’RE FREEZING HERE HAVE MY COAT” trope for @tumbloncat​ who is a fantastic author and an even better friend who keeps writing stuff for me!! it’s high time i returned the favor hahah

modern college AU because i can

Percival wakes up from his short nap to the fire alarm’s shrill shrieking.

It takes a while for the gravity of the situation to sink in, but when it does, he doesn’t waste any more time. With a swear, he pulls on a pair of his thickest sweatpants and hastily shrugs his black peacoat on. He winds a dark blue scarf around his neck, as well. There was no way in hell he was freezing over outside at the asscrack of dawn two weeks into winter.

Confused noises fill the hallway as half-awake dormers trudge downstairs, and Percival joins them. Seraphina Picquery, Dorm Head and fellow third year Political Science major, stands at the building’s entrance, ushering bleary eyed students out onto the courtyard. If arch-nemeses were still a thing, they’d be one another’s.

He still holds a great deal of respect for her though. After all, not everyone can get up at this unspeakable hour and look as made up as she does.

So Percival stands in the bitter cold, feeling as crabby as he probably looks. He looks on as firemen flood the building and groans when they announced that it was “just a little explosion, folks! It’ll just take a little over an hour to sort this out.” That was an hour that’ll be taken out of his studies. He had a paper due tomorrow that needed A+ bullshitting as well as an exam on logical fallacies later that day, but he can’t deal with either of those right now because the alarm just had to interrupt his getting thoroughly acquainted with the goddamn course material.

Percival’s already halfway across the courtyard (he was getting into that building, even if it kills him) when he spots the student sitting on the curb.

It’s like seeing the very image of misery itself. A shiver goes through him every now and then, his royal blue dressing gown doing a poor job at keeping him warm. But before Percival can judge him further for his poor choice in clothing during the season, the student looks up at the building. His curly auburn hair suddenly seemed very familiar.

Seraphina had introduced him to a British exchange student early in the semester. Percival was terribly busy then, so he tuned out most of conversation, choosing only to make affirmative noises here and there. As far as he remembers, she had mentioned the new student being a sophomore, and the he was studying…conservation biology? He didn’t even know there was a course like that in Ilvermorny.

But what he does remember clearly was the bashful way he had looked at Percival from under his fringe, dark green eyes a stark contrast against pale, freckled skin, and the way his accent rolled off his tongue when he said ‘hello.’

That, and that he had a really weird name. Didn’t Seraphina mention something about a salamander?

Regardless, Percival comes to a decision. In a few brisk strides, he comes to stand behind the Brit, and Percival’s lips curl up a little at the other student’s surprised yelp when he dumped his scarf on his head rather unceremoniously.

“We’re two weeks into winter, or didn’t you get the memo?” Percival sits on the curb as well, trying his best to keep from laughing. It’s hard to take the weak glare the Brit sends his way seriously when he removes the offending item from his head because his hair’s an even bigger mess now than it was before, and Percival gets the urge to smooth it down.

“…didn’t have a lot of time to dress before someone pulled me out of the building,” the other student mumbles, all traces of hostility (no matter how weak) gone. “Percival, right?”

He nods and says, “nice to meet you too, Newton,” only to have the Brit make a face at him.

“Just Newt, please,” he says. “Only my mother calls me that.”

It suddenly catches his attention that the other boy still isn’t wearing the scarf, but he doesn’t give it back to Percival either. Newt takes to curling and twisting his fingers in the thick cotton like a cat instead. When he catches Percival staring, he takes it the wrong way and hastily gives it back, flushed from the cold and embarrassment.

Percival takes the scarf only to wrap it around Newt’s neck, making him positively redder. He has to admit - it’s a rather fetching look on the Brit, and he wonders how far down his body his flush extends.

He clears his throat and forcibly tamps down his desire before it makes itself know. “So, Seraphina tells me you’re here on exchange?”

Newt happily chatters on about his studies and gushes about the conservation grounds Ilvermorny has (“We have something like that back in England, but there are more younglings here!”), and, unlike their first meeting, Percival’s all ears. Despite not knowing much about what the Brit’s talking about, he honestly finds it fascinating. He interjects every now and then with queries and comments, and they make Newt’s eyes light up and his smile grow wider.

And the way Newt talks about these creatures with so much unbridled love and passion - there’s something about seeing people who have found their calling that makes Percival feel warm inside.

Or maybe he feels warm because he knows he’s attracted to Newt. Percival can’t stop the thoughts that come flooding his mind - like how Newt’s body would feel slotted against his, how he’d like to count Newt’s freckles while he sleeps. Percival wants to know everything: his dreams and aspirations, his fears, how much sugar he takes with his tea -

The older student freezes. Shit. He’s whipped.

Newt must have noticed, because suddenly he looks unsure and a little abashed. He ducks his head and fixes his gaze somewhere on Percival’s shoulder. “Oh dear, I’ve bored you, haven’t I? I have a tendency to ramble, as I’ve been told - “

“Don’t worry about it,” he interjects. He doesn’t need to try very hard to sound sincere, because he is. “I enjoyed listening to you, Newt.”

Newt’s answering smile is small and bashful, and Percival wants to see it more often.

By the time the firemen have finished dealing with whatever was happening in the building, the sun had already to start to rise. Percival hauls to Newt to his feet, who, in turn, insists on walking the older student to his door.

“It’s the least I could do,” Newt mumbles, another flush tinting his face. Percival finds it very charming.

He can’t help but feel disappointed when he sees his door come up, and they stand there in awkward silence. Even Percival feels a little at a loss for words. He wants to ask Newt out, but he wonders if that would be too forward of him. He doesn’t want to scare the Brit off, after all, so he settles for blurting out, “Would you like to go for coffee with me sometime?”

Newt’s answering smile when he says “yes” is blinding.

After he scurries off to his own room, Percival lands on a heap on his bed, grinning stupidly at the ceiling. Despite not having slept much that day, he feels totally awake - like looking at his phone where Newt’s number is keyed in is a shot of strong espresso.

Their coffee date can’t come soon enough. 

Torn 19

You can read past parts here. Will tag later. Thanks for reading!!

With as much dignity you could muster you snapped your nursing bra in place and pulled down your shirt.

“I’m afraid she just fell asleep.” You told Eric and his mom with a strain smile.

“I better get going. We will talk later.” Four whispered to you. He leaned over and kissed Abigail’s sleepy face and you heard Angelina intake a sharp breath. Four got up slowly as not to disturb his God-daughter. Without a word or acknowledgement to one another Four passed Eric and his mom and left the room.

If Eric’s eyes could shoot daggers at you, it would and you would be dead. You could tell he was furious. The way Angelina had looked at Four you figured Eric did not tell his mom about your relationship with him.

“Son, why was she kissing Tobias Eaton?” Angelina asked Eric disgusted as if you were not in the room. You frowned. Tobias Eaton?

“I will explain later.” Eric snapped. You caught Angelina’s disapproving look at her son’s attitude toward her but Eric failed to notice as he was still glaring at you. You ignored him and got up to put your sleeping angel in her basinet.

“Can I hold her for a while?” Angelina asked walking up to you. You nodded and handed her granddaughter in her arms. “I will be out in the living room.” She told you making a point to look at you and then her son before leaving the room.

“Who is Tobias Eaton?” You asked sitting back on the bed pulling your legs up to sit criss cross. Eric walked up to the bed staring down on you.

“You’re fucking the man and you don’t even know his real name?” You could see the slight amusement on Eric’s face at your ignorance.


As quick as a switch Eric’s face turned hard and all traces of amusement were gone.

“That is a conversation you need to have with him. I’m not wasting my time talking about him. He is irrelevant to me Y/N.” You could see his eyes change into a stormy dark blue. You braced yourself for what was going to happen next. Eric leaned over where he was just inches from your face. He grabbed your chin and pulled you even closer to him.

“Don’t you ever embarrass me in front of my mother again.” You could feel the heat from his breath on your lips. He squeezed your chin. “Do you hear me?”

You pulled your head back breaking his grasp on your chin and rolled your eyes at him which infuriated him more and if his mother was not a few feet away in the living room you knew you would be punish for your defiance.

“Move Eric.” He was in your way. He did not budge. You sighed and scooted over on the bed where he was not standing and got up. Eric grabbed your arm and pulled you against him.

“Don’t ignore me Y/N.” he barked in your ear.

“Fine Eric!” You were not in the mood to go toe to toe with him. You snatched your arm away from him and started for the living room.

“Where the hell do you think you are going? I’m not finish.”

“What Eric? You made your point. Don’t embarrass you in front of your mom. I got it!”

“Sit down.”

“I rather stand.” You told him. “Look you don’t own me Eric. Just because I gave birth to your child does not make me your property.”

Eric’s eyes roamed over you pondering how he would handle what you just told him. He decided he would handle your defiance later.

“Mom wants the baby to spend some time with her at Erudite.” Eric informed you as he walked up to you.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No. Why would I kid about something like that?”

“Abigail is not even a week old. She is not leaving my sight. You should know better to ask me something like that.”

“The baby will be fine. It’s not her first time at the rodeo. She raised me.”


“What the hell does that supposed to mean?”

“Eric use your Erudite brain for a change.”

“Y/N, I would advise not to piss me off right now. You can’t keep her grandchild from her.”

“I’m not trying to keep her from her grandmother Eric. Just wait until she is a little older. She is more than welcome to come to Dauntless whenever she wants to see her.”

“Fine. In a couple of months then.”

You just looked at Eric not giving him an answer. Your daughter was not going anywhere without you until she could communicate effectively.

“Can I go now?” You asked sarcastically.

“Keep on being a smart-ass Y/N!”

You wanted to ask him or what but you thought it best not to provoke him further.  You shook your head and walked out the room. You found Angelina sitting on the couch humming to Abigail who was still asleep.

“Angelina would you like something to drink?”

“I’m fine sweetheart. Eric, would you like something to drink.”

“No.” he snapped. “I have to get back to the office. Mom I will see you later.” Eric glared at you and without a goodbye he walked out the door. You sighed with relief and sat next to Angelina on the couch.

“Are you sleeping with Tobias?” she asked rather bluntly.

“With all due respect I don’t see how that is any of your business.”

“So that is a yes. How can you give birth to one man’s child while sleeping with another? You were Abnegation. Slut isn’t one of their characteristics.”

“Oh hell no.” You muttered as you shot up from the couch.

“I think it is time for you to go.”

An eerie smile displayed on Angelina’s lips.

“Oh toughen up sweetheart. If you and my son are to be together you need to have thicker skin.”

“What makes you think I want to be with your son.”

“Honey you are a woman. Of course, you would want to be with him.”

You held back the laughter that was creeping up in your throat.

“I need to rest. I have to sleep whenever she is sleeping.” You told her as nicely as you could.

“Sure.” Angelina lifted Abigail so you can take her. You took your daughter in your arms. “I will stop by later. If you need anything I will be at Eric’s.”

You frowned a little. How could she insult you in one breath and then offer help in the next?

“I will see you later princess.” Angelina got up from the couch and kissed Abigail’s cheek. “You really did good Y/N.”

“Thank you.” This woman really confused you. One minute she was sandpaper and the next she was velvet.


You were finally able to crawl into bed but you could not find sleep. You needed to talk to Four. How could he not have told you his real name? You chastised yourself for not thinking about questioning his name. Who would name their child Four? You rolled over, grabbed your phone off your nightstand and dialed Four’s office.  His assistant Mary answered the phone in her chipper voice.

“Hi Y/N! How is that beautiful baby girl?”

“She is precious Mary. Thanks for asking. Is Four available?”

Mary saw no lines lit so Four was not on the phone.

“Yes one second and I will patch you through. Make sure you bring that bundle of joy for us to see soon ok?”

“You got it.” You answered waiting patiently to be patched in.

“Hey beautiful.” You smiled as you heard the smile in Four’s voice.

“Hey back. I was wondering if you could stop by when you are off so we can chat.”

“About what we talked about earlier?”

“Among other things.”

“I can come over now.”

“No it can wait until you get off.”

“I’m on my way.” Four said quickly and hung up the phone.

 As soon as Four walked in he planted a quick kiss on your lips.

“Abigail’s asleep?”

“Yeah. She should be up shortly.” You informed him as you sat on the couch.

“What’s up?”

“Four why didn’t you tell me your name was Tobias Eaton?”

A look of pain surfaced on Four’s handsome face.

“Who told you? Eric?”

“His mom said your name.”

Four let out a heavy sigh.

“That name is something I rather forget. It is from my past and I put it past me.”

“Why? What happen you?”

Four looked at you a long moment before answering.

“I was abused by my father.” He finally admitted. You hand covered your mouth in horror.

“Four…I am so sorry.” You grabbed his hand and gave it a tight squeezed.

“It is something that I do not want to relive Y/N. That is why I never told you. I forged my own future and my destiny and I will never let anyone hurt me anymore.”

“Eaton? Are you related to Marcus Eaton?”

A micro expression of disgust quickly displayed and left Four’s handsome face.

“Yes he is my father and Y/N I would rather not talk about him.”

You pulled Four into a hug.

“Okay. Thank you for telling me Four.” You were in love with two men who had daddy issues.

Four caressed your lips with his fingers.

“I am sorry I never told you. I didn’t want you to know that part of me.”

You nodded your head understanding where he was coming from. Four leaned over and lightly kissed your lips.

“I have to get back.”

“Ok. Will I see you later?”

“Depends if your baby daddy is here.” He said with a smirk.

“I’ll give you a call later then.”

“Sounds good.”

One last kiss to your forehead Four headed out the door.

It had been two weeks and Eric had not stop by to see his daughter. He called everyday but the conversation was short and he sounded irritated. Not to get into an argument you often cut the conversation short and Eric did not object.

His mother who visited often and was on her best behavior told you he had a lot of work piled on him. You found that to be a bullshit excuse.

You smiled down at your baby girl.

You needed to get out the house before you went stir crazy. You bundle Abigail up, threw on some clothes, gently put her in her stroller and headed to see Four. Four always made a point to stop and see his God-daughter so you had no idea what was Eric’s excuse.

 Eric was busy reading a report summary when he heard the distinct sound of a baby down the hall. Was that his daughter? He started to get up when his phone rung. He snatched the phone up.

“What!” he huffed into the phone. He listens to one of the leaders dictate a report to him. He was making a mental note of what was being relayed to him when he saw you walk past his office pushing his daughter in a stroller. You did not even look into his office as you walked by. What the hell were you doing? As he half listen to the other end of the call he watched several of the receptionists walk past his office. He started to hear laughter and baby talk from the ladies. Realizing you had took his daughter to see Four and not him sent him into a fit a rage and the pen he held in his hand snapped in half.

“Do you have anything else to report?“ Eric asked doing very little to hide the irritation in his voice.

“Yes sir. One more thing.”

As the leader continued his report he saw you walk by his office again alone still not looking in his direction.

“We need to cut this short. I will get the rest of your brief later.” Without waiting for a response, he slammed the phone down, jumped up from his desk and headed to find his daughter. He found her in Four’s arms in the hall surrounding by the female staff. Now Eric prides himself on keeping a stone face and not let anyone know what he is thinking at any given moment but when Mary looked up to find Eric standing a few feet from them she gasped. It was obvious Dauntless Leader Coulter was pissed.

“Oh shit.” Four’s assistant muttered under her breath. Hearing the fear in her swear Four looked up to find the source of her fear.

“Leader Coulter come look at Four’s beautiful little girl.” Claire one of the leader’s new receptionist told the irate leader. Feeling the tension around the rest of the ladies and Four she realized her error. By the look on Leader Coulter’s face toward her she knew she was just permanently placed on his shit list.

“You’re fired.” He told her as if he was ordering something to eat.

“You can’t fire her Eric. She is Chad’s new receptionist.” Four informed Eric. Eric looked over at Four successfully hiding his anger. He put on a bored face.

“I am Chad’s superior so yes I can fire her.”

“I am so sorry Mr. Coulter. I didn’t know. Please don’t fire me.” Claire pleaded with every fiber of her soul and Eric was unimpressed.

“Give me my daughter.” Eric ordered Four. Reluctantly Four gave his God-daughter to Eric. He did not want to make things worse for you then they already were. When you turned down the hall from seeing Max to go over when you can return to work you froze when you saw Eric, Four and a few receptionists. The ladies scurried away leaving Four and Eric. When Eric saw you, his face turned a shade of red. You knew Eric would be upset but his face told you he was on a whole new level of anger you had never seen before. Well he never bothered to see his daughter so fuck him you rationalize. Eric put his daughter in her stroller. He didn’t say a word to you. Four mouthed he was sorry just before you leaned over and kissed him softly on his lips. A sound came from Eric that you could not described but it sounded angry. Four walked back into his office and Eric took off with Abigail in the stroller. You had to quicken your step to keep up with father and child.

 Eric did not utter one word to you as you walked back to your apartment. A silent Eric was worse than a yelling Eric. His silence meant that his brain was working one hundred miles a minute and nothing good would come from it.

Eric held the door open as you pushed Abigail’s stroller in the house.

You knew it was coming and you had to brace yourself. You did not want your daughter to hear her father rip you a new asshole. You found Jen and Charles on the couch cuddling.

“Jen can you and Charles take Abigail out for a few minutes?”

“Of course. Is everything-” Jen stopped mid-sentence when she saw Eric’s facial expression.

As soon as the door shut Eric was in your face.

“Are you fuckin kidding me!! How fuckin dare you!!”

“Eric….please calm down.” You tried to keep your voice low and calm but it was not working.

“You fuckin took my child to see Four and walk right past me like I don’t fuckin exist?”

“You do realize you have a child. We have not seen you in two weeks Eric! How is that Four makes time for her and you don’t?”

Eric backed away from you and you saw him start to tremble.

“You have no idea how pissed I am at you.” Eric lowered his voice and it was sinister. That voice was worse than any yelling he could do. You walked up to him to see if you could calm him down and he stepped back from you.

“Y/N…..it’s best you keep your distance.” There was that voice again.

“God! You talking about me always being dramatic. You are acting like a little bitch right now.” As soon as the words left your mouth you regretted them.

The dishes you had drying in the dish rack went flying against the wall as Eric’s rage consumed him. You watched helplessly as glass went everywhere. That was going to be hell to clean up. You heard the sound of glass crunching under Eric’s boots as he swiftly walked up to you. He grabbed you by your ponytail and jerked your head back.

“Who you calling a bitch?!” His blue eyes bore into yours.

“I’m……I’m…sorry…Eric I’m sorry.” You felt as if you were going to cry.

“Don’t you ever fuckin take her to see him again! She is my kid!” Droplets of spit from his mouth landed on your face. You tried to pull your hair out of his tight grip to only have him twist it around his large hand and pull you closer to him. Your neck started to throb from the uncomfortable arched position he had you in.

“Eric! Let go!” You shouted at him trying to pull away. Eric looked down at you and quickly let you go.

“Go change. You’re leaking.” He observed in a monotone voice.

You looked down at your shirt and you were indeed leaking from both breast. You were mortified.

 Eric walked into your bedroom just as you pulled off your bra. You could tell he had calm down at least ten levels.

“Eric do you mind?” You quickly grabbed new breast pads to put on under your bra when Eric walked up to you and grabbed your hand  to stop you.

“What are you doing?” You asked softly as he closed the space between you two.

“I want to see you.”

“Eric you have seen me before.”

“Not like this.” Both his hands grabbed a breast and rubbed gently. A moan escaped your mouth. “Not this thick.”

“Eric don’t. I’m with Four. You know this.”

A wicked smile graced his lips as he pinched one of your nipples causing you to groan in pleasure.

“What the hell are you doing? You acted like you were about to beat my ass a few minutes ago and now you have your hands on my breast.”

“Y/N I would never hurt you on purpose. You just brought something out of me that scared the hell out of me and I suggest you don’t do anything again to see that side of me ever again.”

“Eric you need to get use to the fact that Four is her God-father and we are together.”

“You really think you are Four’s don’t you?” Eric asked mockingly.

Eric let go of your breast and took a step back. Your body literally moaned in disappointment.

“You just keep on thinking you are Four’s. I won’t touch you until you tell me too. Better yet Y/N I won’t touch you until you beg me.” Eric closed the gap between you two again and your nipples grazed against his vest. You bit your lip to keep from moaning out loud. “Then we will see who you truly belong too.”

“I would never beg for you Eric. If anything, you will be begging for me.” You stepped up. You weren’t taking his shit anymore. How dare he disrespect what you and Four shared.

Eric raised his pierced eyebrow.

“Oh is that a challenge Y/N?”

You nodded yes.

“Then challenge accepted.”

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@lilsizzler asked: Heyyy! Could you do a bucky x reader? Where he walks into the reader’s uni with that dangerous strut of his, walks into her class and just takes her home, glaring at everyone that tries to stop him. Unconciously scaring them to death and fluff at the end?

A/N: Sooo I hope that this is what you were looking for! It’s a bit short but I hope you enjoy anyway:) 

Warnings: Cuss words and fluff words

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Bucky grinned, stepping out of his car and glancing around the University’s campus. He strutted with a sense of power, his boots clanking against the cement while students watched anxiously. 

Bucky’s sunglasses were pulled off of his face, resting in the V of his T-shirt as he entered the building. 

He walked passed the front desk, ignoring the appalled look on the woman’s face as he marched his way towards your classroom. “Sir?” 

Bucky’s eyes turned to slits, turning around to see the woman from the front desk. “Do you have an I.D.?” 

The corners of his lips twitched upward as he turned back around, ignoring the repeating plea of the woman behind him. Soon enough, a security guard stopped in the center of the hallway, his legs spread and his arms crossed. 

“I need a student I.D., sir.” The guard demanded, his hand out straight at Bucky, whom had to choke back a laugh. Bucky slipped past the guard, the guards eyes watching in astonishment as Bucky continued to walk.

“Who is he?” He heard a girl ask in passing, whispering to her friend as she held her bookbag close to her. Bucky kept his smirk at bay, continuing to listen as his boots pounded the carpeted floors. 

His hand reached for the doorknob of your classroom and threw the door open. 

The professor dropped the book he was holding, his mouth agape while Bucky strutted into the room. 

“Buck?” You questioned, your eyes wide as your pencil dropped onto your desk. “That’s Bucky?” Your friend questioned, leaning towards you. The entire room went silent, so silent that you felt that you could hear a pin drop. 

You nodded at your friend, watching in shock as Bucky walked up the stairs and towards you. His arm reached for your waist, picking you up from your seat and throwing you over his shoulder. He gave you just enough time to grab your book bag, silently carrying you down the steps. 

“Bucky! Put me down!” You pounded on his back, groaning in frustration as you looked at your professor. “I’m sorry I’ll have the report in by Monday!” You called out to him, still hitting Bucky’s back. 

“You’re not getting down darlin’, a princess deserves to be carried.” Bucky said, ignoring everyone else except for you. 

“Not over someone’s ba- oh hey Clive!” Your sentence was cut off by you waving at Clive the security guard, giving him a smile to let him know that you were okay. 

“It’s a special occasion!” Bucky said loudly. 

“And what would that occasion be?” You asked, your face red from the blood rushing to your head. “The occasion of you getting out of university early so you can spend time with your wonderful and sexy boyfriend.” 

He threw open the front door and made his way to the car, setting you down in front of it as he opened the passenger door. 

“After you, M’lady.” 

“Such a gentleman.” you teased, slipping into the car and watching the various students on the campus watch in shock while you waved at them. 

Bucky got in and began driving down the road. 

“You scared them, y’know.” You said after a moment, resting your hand on top of Bucky’s which sat on the gearshift. 

He grinned, sending a wink your way, “It was fun.” 

You giggled, watching the buildings pass by. You raised your eyebrow as you drove towards your apartment, parking in the stall. 

Bucky rushed to your side of the door, holding out his hand to guide you up and smiling down at you with nothing but love and affection. Bucky was a very sweet man with a hard exterior that took a while to break through, but once you did you were flooded with his kindness and happiness. 

You unlocked your apartment door, Bucky following you inside. 

As you turned around, you saw that the table was set with a bottle of champagne in ice. “What’s all this?” You asked, putting down your backpack on your sofa. 

Bucky smiled, “I called in a few favors, and decided that you’ve been working your ass off recently and you deserve a nice night of relaxation.” 

A sigh fell from your lips as you walked towards the table, sitting down and attempting to keep back tears. 

“I don’t remember much about cooking, but I can make a damn good Spaghetti.” He smiled, dishing out some spaghetti onto your plate and watching your reaction warily. 

It was then that you realized exactly how much Bucky Barnes loved you, and you him. He sat across from you, dishing his own plate as you began to dig into yours. 

The meal passed by somewhat quickly, and you couldn’t believe how good Bucky actually was at cooking. Given, it was a pretty simple meal but you had been so busy working and with school that you had forgotten what food tasted like besides ramen noodles and pizza. 

As you swallowed a last gulp of champagne, Bucky moved behind you and began to massage your shoulders. 

“Thank you so much, Bucky.” You whispered, looking at the flame of the candle in the lowly lit room. You rolled your neck as he massaged your tense muscles, “Anything for my girl. You deserve it.” 

You looked up at him, “I love you.” 

Bucky’s smirked, “Of course you do.” 

You jumped up, hitting his chest and rolling your eyes, “You’re such an ass.” 

Bucky grabbed your waist and pulled you close to him, wrapping his arms tightly around you, chuckling softly. “I love you too. So much, doll. You wouldn’t believe.” 

You looked around the room, taking in everything that Bucky did for you and smiled, “I’m pretty sure you’ve proved yourself.” 

Bucky’s lips turned up in a big smile, leaning forward and kissing you hard. 

Dear Evan Hansen is so good. Ben Platt is so good. I’ve never seen anyone play a socially anxious person as well as he does. It’s extremely accurate, and it’s the little things. The little things like pulling on the bottom of his shirts or tugging at the sleeves of the jacket. Putting his hands in his back pockets, but then taking them out again, almost unsure. The hand movements when he talks; like it’s a way to get across what he’s saying even better, because the stuttering sounds incompetent. Even the way Ben walks as the character is perfect for the socially anxious kid. And the emotions in the songs, it’s just incredible. Ben Platt is incredible.

anonymous asked:

okay, wait wait wait. in the scene in 2x07 with jace (only watch it for the cats and the french) is magnus wearing suspenders? they're just not pulled up but hanging loosely and you see them right before he sits down? suspenders?

you mean 2x08 but yes he was wearing suspenders and it ended me

watching this scene makes me so damn angry but i will rewatch it over and over on mute to see the beauty that is that shirt (which is the perfect color and fit for him) and those suspenders

there’s something so damn sexy and casual about the way he was wearing them but i also want to see him wearing suspenders the proper way

imagine a black button up tucked into a pair of charcoal suit pants that fit him beautifully, the shirt tight around his arms with beautiful lace detail on either side of the placket. slipping his arms down underneath the suspenders he pulls them up and slides them over his shoulders, slotting them into place. they press in such a beautiful way into that dip in his shoulder muscles, accenting his arms and his broad chest. also consider him dragging his thumbs down underneath them as he purses his lips and considers something

Imagine being in a secret relationship with one of your father's knights and being torn when they tell you are going to marry another man.

By the sweet breath of Aphrodite-” he breathed out hoarsely as his lips were kissing yours feverly “-how I’ve missed these lips, my princess.”

You smiled into the kiss as you fisted the fabric of his shirt and pressed him closer to your body, cursing at the dress you were wearing and kept you away from him. You bit down on his lip and you heard him let out a small groan but in the end he chuckled when he heard you giggle.

Have there been no other lips to ravish yours, my warrior?” you asked with a raised eyebrow, as you pulled a few inches away.

Not the way yours do, your majesty.” he said breathlessly as he kissed the exposed part of your neck.

What?” you exclaimed, pushing his away roughly. There were times you didn’t know whether he was being serious or not.

He looked at you for a moment before he burst into laughter, especially at your shocked expression “Oh sweet lord, you’re so cute when you’re angry.”

Hephaestion.” you grumbled, pulling away; more angry with yourself at how you had believed him even for a moment than him laughing at your expression.

My love” he breathed out, getting serious but still having a smile on his face as he took hold of your hands “It is you that my heart longs for, day and night. It is your lips, it is your eyes and it is your warm embrace that I can only dream of. Do not be mad at me, not for something that shall never happen.”

I know it won’t- I just-” you mumbled, looking down but he squeezed your hands.

My princess- Your father and I have traveled the seven seas, I have almost died and come back and yet I never found myself thinking about anything or anyone else but you. You know- and I swear to you, by the power of gods, I would give my life for you. I would rather die rather than let anything else occupy my mind.”

And you have no fear of death?” you frowned, not even wanting to think of what could happen to him if your father found out. Yes, he was his most-trusted knight and had earned his place as the general to his army but that didn’t mean that if your father found out about the two of you he wouldn’t do a thing. If anything, you dreaded to think of what could happen if your father found out his innocent and little (to him at least) daughter was not, well, as innocent as he thought.

I rather fear a lifetime without you, my princess.” he nuzzled his cheek into your palm and you bit your lip, keeping the tears in “If it is meant to be I shall fight for our love. And if it isn’t, well, I will go down for this love with pride and dignity.”

Shut up” you almost choked on a sob, shaking your head “I am not letting you die before me.” you squeezed your eyes shut for a moment “If someone is to die first then it will be me, and I will wait for you on the other side until you come- much much later.”

(Y/n) you know I would never allow-”

But you will. If it comes one day- you will have to.” you pursed your lips, trying to give him a small smile “You-” you choked on a laugh “You can be my Alexander and I will be your Hephaestion.”

If only you had known then that death didn’t necessarily mean your separating. You had expected this to come differently, maybe him in a battle or your father finding out about everything. Not like this… never like this.

“Pleasure to meet you… princess.” his green eyes were focused on you as he held your hand and kissed the top of your palm. They held such an intensity that if the circumstances were any different you would have found yourself attracted to the man grately. But your heart belonged to another and as that you couldn’t care about how handsome the man in front of you was because there was only one thing that defined him.

He was your future husband and the one that would forever keep you away from Hephaestion.


Couldn’t resist. It’s just been there for more than two effin weeks so there we go. I am between this and the other story where they are both knights. I don’t which one I should turn into a series… Lil help?

Too soon- Isaac Lahey (Prompts

Anon said: 10 & 18 with isaac lahey please? :)

“Please, stop doing that it’s turning me on” Isaac said as he watched you dance seductively at the beat, his bottom lip trapped between his teeth, you cocked an eyebrow as you kept dancing

“What? I’m just dancing Isaac” you laughed as his eyes were locked on your hips watching them move and pulling up your shirt a little, not much but enough for him to start fantasizing about what he would do if you were alone and not at a party, he knew he shouldn’t be thinking about you in that way, because you were Scott’s little sister -who was at this point his alpha, practically- in fact Scott almost ripped his head off ones he found out you two were dating.

But somehow you’ve always managed to mesmerize him, even if you just looked at him for a few seconds, everything disappeared from his view, except from you, you were always his light at the end of the tunnel.

“Okay, we’re going” he said taking your hand to leave the place


“Fuck…” you mumbled “I’m pregnant?” You asked Lydia in disbelief who could just nod silently “Oh my GOD. Scott’s GONNA FUCKING KILL ME” you shouted and Lydia shushed me

“Don’t scream!” She warned

“I’m panicking, okay?” you said

“Yeah I noticed” she joked and you looked at her seriously “Okay. No jokes” she mumbled

“Hey Y/N can I talk to you?” Scott said entering your room, you glanced over to Lydia before turning back to your brother

“Sure” you said nervously as you went to the hallway

“I need you to stay here, the pack is going out, if you can lock your door” he instructed you and you nodded feeling relieved, Scott frowned “Are you okay?” You couldn’t help but gulp

“Yeah” you said as your voice cracked
“Y/N, what’s wrong?” He asked you worriedly
“Scott, it’s nothing” you tried to calm him down
“If it’s nothing why won’t you just tell me?” He questioned as he focused on your heartbeats, his eyes opened widely “Why do you have to heartbeats?” He asked and you opened your mouth to say something but nothing came out “That motherfucker” he mumbled walking away from you, to the front door were Isaac was, ready to leave

“Scott don’t!” you pleaded as you tried to catch him but it was too late, ones Scott spotted Isaac he embed him against the wall.

“YOU ASSHOLE HOW COULD YOU?!” He shouted him right in the face, his eyes flashing a bright red while Isaac was surprised and clueless.

“What are you talking about?” He asked trying to defend himself

“YOU IMPREGNATED MY SISTER” he said and Isaac frowned

“What?…. Y/N is…” he mumbled trying to process the news looking at Scott and then he looked over at you “You’re…” he trailed off, you could just stand there speechless. When Scott realized Isaac didn’t really have a clue of the situation he let go of him and left you two alone. Isaac’s eyes were still locked in yours as he stepped closer.

“So…” you said breaking the silence “What do you think about babies?” You sounded casual and he smiled grabbing his arms around your waist

"As long as you’re the mother it’s fine by me” he said sweetly and then he pulled you into a warm hug

And While We Live (Prologue)

She was wearing a black dress. It reached just above her knees, with a loose skirt and sheer black sleeves. He was wearing a blue shirt and well fitted dark blue jeans. She was tall and he was taller, by a palm and a half. He had a black leather biker jacket and blushing, asked her if he could keep his helmet in her apartment. Giggling and nodding, she pulled her own leather jacket in front of him… Prepared, aren’t you?  She had decided to wear flats that day. After standing still for a moment, he was the first to leave the trance and waited for her to close and lock her door.

They had this way of standing out and blending in at the same time. That’s why they were perfect for each other and they were on their way to find that out.

Perhaps he had already. You could see his eyes linger on her every face change and twist. His eyes would grow big, his head would almost bobble at the same rhythm of her hand movements and he would smile, not exactly at what she might be saying, but because she had just dazzled him with a grin. He liked that she was so expressive when talking about her work and her hobbies and her uncle’s adventures.

They ate and shyly, she asked him if he would like to go back to her apartment for coffee. As they walked back, the mood shifted a little. Or evolved… The tension was present, but it was an intoxicating tension, almost like a bubble that could burst at any second. The smells were stronger, the lights brighter and the footsteps on the sidewalk seemed to be taken at a slower tempo. The tension was ready to shift once again, it was something feline, ready to pounce.

She had to kiss him. I have to. His lips had been calling for her attention and the bastard knew, as he had been licking them more often looking at her. Why would that be? Was that anticipation on his part as well?

But would it worth be it?

She didn’t know it yet, but she was opening the door to her future.


Dan and I were discussing cute percabeth headcanons and this happened.

He kisses her in the morning, wrapped up in bed sheets, with toothpaste on her chin, on the way out the door as she leaves him for the day. He kisses her lips, bites and plays and draws her breath from her mouth. He kisses her cheeks, her forehead, her jaw. He kisses the back of her hand like she’s a lady. If just to make her laugh.

When she comes home to him and falls down on the couch, worn out, he gathers her into his arms and she lets the steady beating of his heart soothe her tired mind. She gravitates towards him, like the pull of the tide gathering her towards land, wherever he is in their apartment and presses herself to him, letting his warmth seep into her. She tugs his shirt out of his pants as he stands at the stove making their dinner and tucks her hands underneath, tracing the lines of his stomach and laughing as he squirms.

He finds her in the early hours of the morning, when she’s unable to put her work to bed. He drags another hard-backed chair to where she sits at her desk and rests his sleepy head on her shoulder. His wiry hair tickles her cheek and she sighs because he immediately makes her want to crawl up with him in their bed. Which she does, in the end, his feet press against hers and his fingers roam over her skin and she’s home.

It’s the morning touches she misses the most. Sleepy and reaching for her under the warm covers. Fitting to the curve of her waist and sliding between her thighs. Soft and rough, all at once. Setting her alight with his tender kisses, his firm grip around her wrists, the warmth of his body against hers.

She misses his stubbled jaw waking her up, sending shivers down her spine as he nuzzles against her. His mumbled good morning as he feels her up like a randy teenager. His protests at her leaving the bed, gripping her waist and kissing her neck to persuade her to stay, gripping her tighter when she tells him she’ll be late for work. The dance of his hands across her ribs to make her laugh. A bittersweet kiss which tastes of coffee and pancakes. The quick swipe of his thumb against her chin, wiping away the toothpaste.

She misses his arms, and the way they find her, take her home and wrap her up, whenever she needs him most. She feels the ghost of them sometimes. When she’s lingering on the edge of a dream, desperate to stay within it, in his arms. She misses them, misses him, misses home. Because home is just an empty apartment without him. Without his fast touch and warm hands and cold nose pressed against her neck. Home is a place she doesn’t want to be, because he won’t be waiting there for her when she walks through the door; he won’t walk through that door himself, with long stretching limbs and tired greetings.

Home is not home without Percy in it. It’s cold, and quiet, and dark and she misses him. She misses him with a fierce ache in her chest that bends her over double and has her gasping for breath. And she waits for him still, to find her, to wrap his arms around her and make her whole, to press his fingers to her skin and patch her back up again. Because he always promised that he would. Together, or not at all.


The front door to Lucifer’s loft opened and in waltzed the almighty former King of Hell. You walked out of the bedroom in one of his used shirts and gasped, “are you okay?” The sight of his bruised face was something new and it made you shiver in anxiety, realising just how vulnerable he’s become.

“Just a little squabble with my bro, nothing special.” His nonchalant reply masked the pain underneath.

“Doesn’t look like it. Sit down.” You pulled him to the bar stool at his kitchen counter and sat him down. “Honestly, sweetheart. I’m alright.”

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“Huh, I guess this makes you the first girl to see me shirtless since my Dad said I wouldn’t model swimwear till next year. Just don’t take pictures, I’m not ready for the public reaction yet Mari.” Adrien said removing his wet shirt and putting it on the pool chair.  – @animatedsuperchick19

Marinette looked up at him a little confused before realizing he was implying phone she was holding at chest level. Marinette laughed handing him the phone.

“Couldn’t even if I wanted to. I think your phone might be ruined. I’m sorry about that by the way,” Marinette said handing him back his dripping cell phone. Adrien frowned as he looked down at it before tossing it uselessly onto the pool chair.

“Don’t worry about it I can always get a new one. What is yours looking like?” Adrien asked. Marinette pulled her phone out of her wet jeans and frowned down at the black screen before holding it up for him to see.

“Ruined,” She responded. Adrien shook his head.

“I can’t believe Alya and Nino just shoved us into the pool like that. What were they thinking?” Adrien said exasperatedly

Valant effort!


[a/n]: helllloooo!! decided i’d get one more thing out before classes start tomorrow :( i probably won’t post anything else until next weekend, but i’ll work on some writings do they’ll be ready to go by friday! if u have any requests send them my way (also any feedback would b nice) and i hope u like it!!!

pairing: min yoongi x reader

genre: fluff, college!au, frat boy!yoongi

word count: 367

summary: yoongi wakes up to you wearing his shirt and he just noticed how much he liked it. (and you)

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Viktor watching Yuuri lean against the boards of the rink and casually pushing his newly-long hair back with the other hand, and his head is bent at just the right angle that Viktor can see the line of his neck muscle and his shirt is riding up to show just a bit of hip, his shirt sleeves are pulled up to show the long line of his forearm and his eyes are narrow and intense and the he looks over at Viktor and his lips pull back into a soft smile and asks him what and all Viktor can say is, “I’m going to marry you,” with this tone of utter awe in his voice even though the wedding is still more than a year away, and he doesn’t even know that the way he says I’m going to marry you is the exact same way Yuuri used to say Someday I’ll skate on the same ice as Viktor Nikiforov

Preference #5-Indecent

Murphy-“Get it out!” you yelled to Murphy, looking over your shoulder trying to see how bad it was. Just minutes ago, you had been attacked by grounders. They split you and Murphy from the rest of the group and left you with an arrow in the shoulder. “(Y/N), if I take it out, I might make it worse.” he said, examining the wound, your shoulder aching with every touch of his hands. “I don’t fucking care! If you don’t get it out, I’ll-” “Okay, okay. I’ll do it.” he interrupted. “Your shirt is in the way.” he said, trying to find a way around the fabric. “Here.” you handed him a knife. Pulling your hair to your left side, you felt the cool air on your shoulder as he cut your shirt from your body. It started to fade and become replaced with his warm breath on your neck. Luckily, the arrow wasn’t too deep and he was able to glide it out with ease. He covered the wound with tattered pieces of fabric from what used to be your shirt and took a deep breath. You turned to face him and pulled him into a tight embrace. “Thank you, John.” you said sincerely and buried your face in the crook of his neck. When you finally pulled away from each other, it hit you that your torso was exposed. “Anytime.” he replied, smiling down at your chest. “Here take this.” he added quickly  and peeled off his jacket, pulling it over your frame. “Doesn’t look too bad on you.” he said with a smirk. “Shut up, Murphy. Let’s get back to camp,” you quickly retorted.

Bellamy-You quickly gathered your knives and placed them in your pack. You hated early morning hunts, but they were something you had to do every once in a while. You slipped on a pair of jeans and began looking for a shirt. “(Y/N)?” you heard Bellamy call from outside of your tent. “Don’t come in Bellamy, I’m-” too late. “We’re leaving earlier than planned, I-” He was already in your tent and your cheeks filled with a pink tint at his reaction. His eyes raked your body and you didn’t feel the need to stop them. He forced himself to look away and you pulled a shirt over your head. The walk to the gate was silent until Bellamy finally spoke up. “(Y/N), I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you were changing.” “It’s okay, Bellamy.” you said and turned away from him so he couldn’t see the smile growing on your lips. Little did you know, he did the same thing.

Jasper-“Mmm, good morning.” you heard from over your shoulder, warmth filling your your body. You untangled his arms from your waist and smiled. Wait, what? You were too scared to see the face of the guy you’d cuddled with. Who did I spend the night with? you thought. Not only that, but you were naked. Oh my God. You took a deep breath and rolled over to see a half asleep Jasper on the pillow next to yours. “Jasper??” you half whispered. “He jumped awake, equally surprised to see you in his bed. ”(Y/N)?“ he said, eyes widening at the view of you he was taking in. You both turned on your backs and laughed. "Did we…?” Jasper peeked under the covers and saw that he too was naked. “I think so, yeah.” he grinned. You tried to recall the events from last night and suddenly it hit you. “Unity Juice.” you groaned. “Unity Juice.” he repeated. “What now?” you asked, turning to face him-it was his tent after all. He opened his arms to you and raised an eyebrow. “Oh what the hell.” you thought and cuddled into him. “If you tell anyone about this, I will… I will…” you threatened. “Shh. You know you like it.” he said pulling you even closer than before.

Monty-You rummaged through the box of books that Monty had brought over to your tent. You two seemed to be the only ones interested in reading and would often trade them to add new ones to your collections. “Read this one, hate that one, ooh this one looks good.” “Yeah, I liked it. It’s really good.” Monty commented, smiling. You liked hanging out with Monty and you wished that you could more often. You decided to go for it. “Same time tomorrow?” you asked him. “Sure,” he said smiling. After Monty left you began to change into your night clothes. You changed your pants and lifted your shirt over your head. Just as you grabbed another one to change into, the entrance to your tent flew open. “(Y/N) I forgot my-Oh.” His cheeks turned red and he immediately turned away. “I..Uhh..I’m so sorry, I…” “It’s okay, Monty.” you convinced him and put on your t shirt. You grabbed his book and brought it over to him. “You can turn around now, Monty.” He turned to face you and slowly uncovered his eyes. He reached over but not to the book. Instead, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you closer to him. “Monty, I-” he cut you off with a gentle kiss.