.the typos in this set will be fixed at a later time

my big list of ADHD homework tips!

as a person with unmedicated ADHD, i struggle a lot with school. and being unmedicated by choice makes getting “official” help a lot harder, but this also applies if you’re someone who can’t afford to get a diagnosis and are medicated for that reason. if you’re like me, things like extended deadlines won’t help you much anyways because the amount of time isn’t the problem

anyways, i thought i’d put together a lot of my coping mechanisms to get decent grades and do my work!! of course these may not help you bc everyone’s brains work differently, even people with the same disabilities, so a lot of these may be completely useless

most of these revolve around MODERATING distractions rather than cutting them out completely

  • try to have a determined outlook, especially in the face of huge projects. for example, think about it in terms of “i WILL get this done” “i’m GOING to finish this, because i have to” “it will definitely happen”. 
  • realize it’s okay to get distracted! it happens, it’s kinda inevitable with this disability honestly. the most valuble thing i’ve learned is how to moderate my distractions. 
  • refresh tumblr often! don’t go TOO far back on your dash. the more you refresh the less there will be to see, so the likelihood of getting bored and going back to what you’re working on is higher. 
  • if possible, once i’ve refreshed tumblr enough and there’s hardly anything new, i close tumblr. i almost never look at facebook but i treat it the same way as i treat tumblr when i do. generally i keep twitter open bc there’s less i can get hyper-focused on
  • do your homework with a friend that’s good at staying focused! generally, they’ll interact with you enough but withdraw enough so you can do your own work
  • put on a show that’ll entertain you but you’ve seen before, for me this is generally bob’s burgers or like, archer
  • when writing an essay, work on the parts you have ideas for first. transitions are actually easier for me to write after i’ve written about main ideas. if anything’s stopping you from moving forward, come back to it later. it’s a lot less intimidating when you’ve written most of the rest of it
  • enlist friends! it doesn’t take too much energy to help someone with adhd pace themselves. if your friends can tell you every 15 minutes or so to write one or two sentences i found it works really well. one or two sentences is unintimidating enough for me to be able to do when someone tells me to do it, and there’s also a pretty big chance i’ll end up writing more than that
  • remember, TINY AMOUNTS OF PROGRESS ARE STILL PROGRESS! set small goals, they’re much easier to accomplish
  • if you encounter a reading that’s really hard for you to process, ie reading over and over again and not actually processing any of it, try and find a summary online or ask a friend to summarize it
  • asking a friend to summarize things is mutually beneficial, bc it’ll help their understanding to try to explain it. this goes for studying too, and having frequent conversations about what you’re studying is a really efficient studying tool! keeping the mood light and joking around is important too
  • for really difficult readings, if you have a REALLY dedicated friend, have them read it out loud to you sentence by sentence and summarize/simplify each sentence. it helps to have conversations about the material throughout too, like asking questions and whatnot

but yeah, this is basically how i got through finals and writing 9 final papers in the past two weeks? none of these require particularly great time management either 

this got kinda long but i hope it can help some people!!

EDIT: added a title and fixed some typos

The Legend of Heroes: Trails Series - Localization Blog #2

Hi, kids!

This is Brittany, Localization Producer at XSEED, editor/graphic text monkey/what-have-you for Trails in the Sky the 3rd, and current head for the Trails series in general. I’m very eager to write this blog, because it’ll be full of updates for FC, SC, and the 3rd.

Let’s get the 3rd’s status out of the way: schedule-wise, we’re currently doing great! When we announced this game last year, I was dead set on getting it out by spring 2017, so I’m very proud to say that goal is being met. Trails in the Sky the 3rd is coming to PC in English on…a date you’ll find out very, very soon.

Barring typos or odd QA hiccups (which can happen when “smashing” PSP and PC code together to get the best of both worlds), the game is in pretty good shape and we’re right where we need to be. It’s cleaning up very well.

               | QA is a sexy time and I won’t let you take it away from me.

I’d like to start by properly warning Trails newbies first: please play Trails in the Sky’s first and second chapters before playing the 3rd. Heck, please play them before even reading this blog! Although the 3rd is not a “third chapter” since the Estelle and Liberl’s story wrapped up with SC, this story still relies on knowledge gained by playing those two games. Internally, I’ve said before that the 3rd has only one target audience: people who’ve played both Trails FC and SC. Cold Steel fans will understand some of the lore dumping, but other details will be quite lost on lost you. Though, hey, if you want to purchase it anyway and help support my coffee fund, I ain’t gonna stop you. (Please buy it and play it later. I’m desperate, here.)

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Season 7 Theory Masterlist

Warning! There are major SPOILERS for Season 6 under the read more. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!! This is your ONLY warning!

Originally posted by find-a-reaction-gif

This is also a very, very long post. I go very in depth and explain everything I think about something and why. I absolutely encourage you to discuss with me what you think, and whether you disagree or agree. My askbox is always open:) 

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anonymous asked:

I used to write a lot when I was younger, and I really want to get into it again! Do you have any advice for improving/coming up with ideas/staying motivated? <3

Ohhh you do ask the good questions, dear anon…

This got quite wordy (surprise, it’s me!), so I’ve tucked it beneath a readmore. I really wanted to make a joke about “let me peel back the layers of how I write for you”, but that felt a little….self-indulgent :)

Some Onion Writing Tips - Below the Readmore!

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TITLE:  By The Light Of The Moon


AUTHOR: unfortunatemiss

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine finding out you’re pregnant when you and Loki aren’t speaking to each other, after constant fighting in your relationship caused you two to silently break up. You ponder if you should tell him, because you figure out that he might have moved on with his life. You decide not to tell him, but it all hits the fan when he sees you at you 4 month check up as he tries to get special herbs from Eir.


NOTES/WARNINGS: This is my first fanfiction. I apologize for any typos. I’ve been out of writing for a while. Current chapter is only PG 13, but later chapters may become rated M. Chapter 4 soon to come!

After the visit with Eir, Loki followed Mia back to the place she had been living. Luckily her roommate wasn’t home yet. She set the bottles down on the small table and turned to look at him. He was looking around the small house, scrunching his nose as he did. “You live here? Is it safe?” Okay, so maybe the house wasn’t the nicest but it was all she could afford while working at one of the taverns in the area. “Look, I know it’s not the best but it’s all I can afford right now. So it’ll do.”

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Scott McCall AU (part 5)

Plot: Any permanent mark your soulmate gets, you get. Along with a distinct, unique tattoo that appears after an important moment in your soulmate’s life, however, you have no idea how you get away clean

A/N: Sorry for the long ass wait guys! Sorry for any typos or mistakes, I’ll go back and fix them later. I also posted a little something before this if you wanna check it out! Feedback on that post and this post are welcome! Love you guys!


The next morning you awoke, surprisingly early, and well rested. It was only 7, what time had you even gone to bed again? Didn’t matter, you got some quiet time now, alone, to be with your thoughts and digest everything that has been going on in life.

You turned on the TV, not even thinking to turn on your phone yet, you were still kind of out of it. Still too tired to read through all the texts that Scott had no doubt sent you late into the night. Music he wanted to share, feedback on the music he found out you liked, and even some funny things he found that he felt like sharing.

You were happy about the past few days, but you never really just say and thought about everything.

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Kings and Queens - Minhyuk Scenario

Originally posted by dognmin

request: Hello can i request a rocky scenario where he’s watching you play with your little niece and he finds it so cute that he couldn’t hold his feelings in anymore and confesses? Thank you~

pairing: Minhyuk (Rocky) x Reader

genre: way too much fluff

word count: 1,542 (I got so carried away omg this was supposed to be like drabble length)

warnings: possible fangirl attack because damn this is so fluffy

A/N: So when I originally set out to write this I thought I would only get like 5-600 words down but hah guess not! I actually really love the way it turned out and I hope you enjoy it too! Sorry for the long wait guys~

You stared at the message on your phone, a sigh escaping your lips as you tried to figure out what to do. Your older brother and his wife needed someone to watch your little niece, but you were supposed to study with your best friend and classmate, Minhyuk, later.

You closed out of your brother’s contact and quickly opened another. Tapping away at the illuminated screen as light clicks sounded when you hit a key. You read over the short message, searching for any typos that tend to occur more often than not.

“Hey Hyukie, would it be okay to maybe reschedule our homework sesh? My brother’s sitter just quit last minute and they need me to watch Jihye…” It read.

You sighed again at the thought of letting either boy down when it struck you. You erased the message once again and typed up another - one that would hopefully fix both problems.

“Yo Hyuk, do you think we could move our study date to my brother’s house? He needs someone to watch my niece and I’m the only person available.” You read over the new idea when the word ‘date’ caught your attention. You blushed a bit and quickly opted to change the word back to ‘session.’

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Wow apparently the setting of Free! is before 2008. According to the Free! Creation Notebook vol.4, that’s the reason why the characters don’t use smartphones and the animators took special care to avoid electronics such as computers and tv that could date the story. And it’s because long jammers are banned in tournaments since 2009 and men’s swimsuits can only maximally cover the area from the navel to the knee, so Rin and Makoto and Sousuke couldn’t have been wearing them in the anime.

We can still kind of date the series by the phones they use though. Mobile phones became ubiquitous in Japan since the 90s, much earlier than the west. But 1999 is when they first have internet access and color screens.

This is Nagisa’s phone from season 1 episode 9, with color screen and internet access, so I’d say it’ll at least have to be 2000 or later for a high school student to casually own one of these models.

Can we talk about how dreadful Rei’s phone looks lol.

Makoto also uses a generic slide phone that dominated the Japanese market along with flip phones (which peaked at 2007 before smartphones took over).

Haruka has a similar phone too but in a different color.

In the next screencap you can clearly see there’s an ipod-looking music device:

The first generation ipod, first design of its kind, was released in 2001. And that model looks like it’s an ipod nano from 2005.

So I think we can conclude that Free! and Free!ES took place some time during 2005-2007 (or 2001-2007 if you assume that ipod is first gen). UPDATE: Apparently the tournament Rin and Haruka competed in was the 2009 World Aquatics Championship at Foro Italico in Rome, where long jammers were last used in an official tournament. Here’s a comparison post of the venue by @matsuoka-lin (thank you!). So there’s a good chance that they graduated in 2007 (since the notebook specifically noted that the show is “before 2008″) and competed as pros in 2009. :)

So if they were 17-18 in 2007, the youngest possible age they can be, they’d be 26-27 by now. :)

Also honorable mention of these playstation wired dualshock controllers from 1997 (Makoto probably never updated his console lol):

And the fact that Makoto DOES own a smartphone! The first iphone was released in 2007 so it’s entirely possible :)

A Fairytale Beginning (6/9)

OMG, you guys, I cannot tell you how sorry I am that I took this long to get this chapter out.  This 8k monster gave me serious grief with the writing and re-writing and overthinking and gnashing of teeth it took to get it to this point.  Fair warning, I’m going on my 4th day of sleeping less than 5 hours a night, so there may be a little clean-up of typos and wording going on later.  A million thanks to @katie-dub for being my sounding board for the diner scene, to @i-know-how-you-kiss for letting me whine to her repeatedly about how badly this chapter was kicking my butt, and to the rest of you for waiting so very patiently with nothing but supportive words.  XOXO

Find it on AO3 and FFN.  Missed a chapter?  Get caught up here.

Summary:  Killian Jones, the notorious Captain Hook, has been on a quest to kill the Dark One and avenge the death of his first love for over one hundred fifty years. But when he crosses the Evil Queen, he’s magically transported to New York City, a strange land full of fascinating wonders, the foremost of which is Emma Swan, a cynical single mother with no time for fairy tales, real or imagined. A Captain Swan Enchanted AU.   (Captain Swan modern AU, Captain Swan Enchanted Forest AU.  Romance & Adventure.  Rated G.)

Tags as requested: @timetravelingpotatoast, @piratesails, @storybrookeswans, @optomisticgirl

Emma waits until Granny returns with matching plates brimming with grilled cheese cut into triangles and piles of golden onion rings.  She flashes a muted smile of thanks at the older woman, and Granny gives them a subtle smirk as she sets a glass ketchup bottle directly between their plates and disappears.

Emma snatches the bottle up by the neck and twists off the cap while she gathers her thoughts, unsure how much she wants to reveal.  Killian watches her shake out a dollop onto her plate and then accepts the bottle when she hands it to him, studying it before proceeding to mimic her with an adorable amount of caution.

A tiny smile tugs at Emma’s mouth, but she briskly turns back to the matter at hand and clears her throat.  As always, the first onion ring she touches is just shy of too hot to touch and just greasy enough to be tempting, and she dips it with a little sigh.  “Walsh proposed,” she says quietly, taking a bite to give herself an excuse not to say anything else immediately.

The ketchup bottle pauses in midair, and she doesn’t need to see Killian’s face to know that he’s frowning when he sets it down with a soft thunk.  “I see,” he says, sounding politely interested.

Emma keeps her eyes fixed on her plate as she eats.  “Yesterday.  Just before I met you and Henry at the library.”

Killian hesitates, as though trying to read her.  “And you didn’t say yes?” he risks casually.

She glances up for a second at the tempting cakes and pies on display in a Plexiglas case sitting across from them before her gaze falls back to her food, her lashes brushing her cheeks.  “I didn’t say no.”

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Type (CS ff, 1/1)

summary: Emma discovers that she has no qualms with a blind date if the blind date meets all her requirements. Such as handsome and living on a boat. 
words: ~900
rating: T idk 
a/n: dedicated to @goddesswan as a pick-me-up. ♥ typos galore, i’m sure, because I typed this in like half an hour. 

Emma scowled. The better part of an hour had passed and yet she couldn’t see any sign of Mary Margaret nor did she receive a response to the numerous texts that Emma had sent in the past hour. The restaurant looked like the type of place someone might go to celebrate, but from an outside appearance, it didn’t look much different than any other restaurant in downtown Storybrooke.

Storybrooke wasn’t even that large, there was absolutely no reason that Mary Margaret wasn’t waiting for her already, especially since Emma had taken fifteen minutes longer than normal to show up. Deputy Booth wasn’t the fastest man in the world, she half thought his body was made of wood from the slowness of his movements when it came to switching shifts.

Funnily enough, it only showed up when he was arriving at work and yet his hitherto unknown relationship to fast moving superheroes seemed more prominent when his shifted ended for the evening.

Familial relationships to fictional characters aside, Emma wanted nothing more than to head home and snuggle in her bed, but a promise was a promise, no matter how drunk Emma might have been when she made it.

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Ghost of a Man

Bucky Barnes x Reader (1st person)

Plot: The asset is a shell of man, but when he’s in your arms he somehow finds himself again.

A/N: this just kinda came to me so I wrote it on my phone real fast. If there are any mistakes or typos, don’t be afraid to shoot me a message! :) hope y'all enjoy! 

Warnings: Smut, angst, Poor Buck, Shitty midnight cellphone writing 💕, Winter Soldier x reader if you squint reeeeeally hard

Originally posted by tonycurtis

You know the feeling that you get when a ghost brushes up against you? That chill that runs all the way down your spine and leaves you paralyzed with fear.

Well this ghost left me feeling nothing but warmth, pressed up against my back as I stared back at him in the mirror. I couldn’t say when he had slunk in, but I should’ve noticed him sooner. Everything in my body had been warning me, shooting off warning signals at every turn, but I didn’t head them.

Not one.

Perhaps its because I wanted him to come for me, this phantom that haunted the hallways of the dark, dismal bunker.

He makes no sound when he opens the door, nor when he pads over to where I’m bent over the sink, running water over my face. It isn’t until I feel his hard body pressed into me that I freeze, head snapping up to lock eyes with the man in question.

When I see those blue eyes, my whole body relaxes. I straighten up and press my back against his front, suddenly feeling very naked in my oversized T-shirt and sleep shorts. His tactical gear diss into me through the thin material and goose bumps break out over my the skin of my arms.

Large, gloved hands trace the curves of my sides, sliding under the only thing keeping me from his eyes. All at once my shirt is gone, flown somewhere over his shoulder and I’m bare from the waist up to him.

His soft blue eyes darken, swirling with forbidden promises that I ache to make good on.

He spins me in his arms, hands cupping my backside before scooping me up and dropping me onto the bathroom counter. Nudging my thighs apart with his own, he slots his large figure in between my legs somehow still looming over me.

When he kisses me, everything in my body sings. It isn’t the first time, but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the way he pours everything he is into his kisses. His lips dance against mine, sliding down to the spot on my neck that he knows will have me squirming. He mumbles against my skin, something about so soft, but the blood is thrumming too hard in my ears for me to catch it.

Long fingers wrap around my legs, encouraging me to lock my ankles around his waist. I do exactly as told and not a second later I’m pulled tight against him and we’re moving.

We eventually make it to the bed, but not before my back is against every surface of the room, kisses and nips peppering all over me, each followed by moans from the man who has my heart racing.

“Bucky.” I whine as I hit the bed and he separates from me. He doesn’t answer, at least not aloud. Instead, he pins me with that stare before he’s gripping the material around my hips and ripping my shorts clean in two. I gasp as the cold air hits my thighs, the sensation only continuing its trek upwards as he eases my panties down my legs.

I notice now as I look up at him that somehow, between the kisses and the fog in my brain, he’s lost his gear and his shirt. Now he looms over me in those black pants, his eyes ordering me to get rid of them. My fingers work as fast as possible and as soon as he has them kicked off, he’s on me.

Lips find lips once more, teeth clashing as we writhe and his hard length brushes over my clit.

“Christ,” I sigh, the rest of the words dying on my tongue as he does it again, successfully coating himself in my slick. Whining, I wrap my legs around his waist and pin him with a hard stare.

I need him. Now.

There’s no time for slow, no time for worshiping each other with our mouths. Not with who could barge in at any moment.

But that isn’t important right now, hell it doesn’t even exist right now.

The only thing that matters is the two of us and how desperately we need to be connected.

He pulls away from my lips, fixing me with that piercing stare as he slides home.

A moan bubbles up from my chest but he doesn’t look away. If anything, he looks closer. Memorizes my face and the way I’m reacting to how he’s stretching me.

“God, Bucky, move.” I beg swiveling my hips beneath him. Something changes in him at that, and suddenly his arms are on either side of my head, his forearms holding him up as he thrusts into me. My head flies back, nails digging into his lower back as he sets a punishing pace.

With the way his pelvis rubs against me just right, his thickness filling me to the brim has me sprinting towards the edge.

And then he fixes me with that look. The look that sets my heart pounding, the look like I’m all he needs to survive, the look that just screams those three words better than any speech ever could and I am trembling, squeezing his finish from him as well.

His weight falls on his arms as his head falls beside mine and he kisses the sweat from my skin.

Not another word is spoken but there’s no need. Not with the way my whole body hums and the way he’s pouring affection over me.

But then it’s over.

With a final, toe curling kiss, he rises and dresses, only looking to me after he finishes.

With a kiss pressed to my forehead, he slinks right back out the door and the ghost is gone again.

The ghost of a man who only exists in this room.

The ghost of the Bucky who once was is left behind, and The Asset takes over once more.

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CSBB: Family Ties (1/15)

Hey there! This is my contribution to this year’s Captain Swan Big Bang.

Summary: Not long after receiving a strange warning in a dream, Killian finds himself forced to go to Camelot and deal with a long forgotten enemy. The heroes follow to aid him, but soon they are pulled into a net of family secrets and intrigues, with a foe who seems to bring back the dead. Killian is reunited with his family, but can he trust them?

Rating: Mature

Content Warning: Mention of rape, minor character death. Corresponding chapters will be marked accordingly.

You can find it on ff.net, as well.

First things first: A huge thank you to my wonderful beta @onceuponadisneypotter for helping me through this entire process and correcting ridiculous typos as well as unrealistic plot twists/actions/you name it. This story might not have been finished/logical without her! Feel free to check her out on tumblr or AO3.

Then there are my two amazing artists:

@thisisartyanna created the amazing cover on fanfiction, which you’ll see again in a later chapter. She also made some beautiful artwork for this chapter, so check her out!

@captainodonoghue is another talented artist I had the pleasure of working with, and the artwork will posted at a later time with the corresponding chapter. Until then, why don’t you take her look at the other gifsets she made?

Anyway, enough talk, this is it.


The throne room of Camelot was bursting with people. The Knights of the Round Table were guarding the king and the prisoner while ordinary guardsmen were struggling to hold off the ferocious mob. Peasants, clerics and lords, they all had come to see the downfall of Morgana le Fay, half-sister to their king.

Arthur himself sat on the throne, raised above the common people, Excalibur placed on his lap and his head held high. There was a royal dignity in his posture that radiated power and pride. His face betrayed no emotion but for the sadness in his eyes as looked down on his sister.

He was guarded by Sir Lancelot and Sir Gawain, two of his most trusted knights. Gawain, his loyal cousin, stood to his right, and Lancelot, his oldest friend, to his left.

Morgana was guarded by Sir Percival and Sir Kay. They held her down on her knees, where she had to lift her head to look upon the king. She seemed unaffected by all the insulting screams from the mob, not even looking up when a decayed egg was thrown at her. Her long, dark hair screened her face from them, and her eyes were fixed on her brother as she waited for the trial to begin.

Just once her gaze flickered to the queen, Guinevere, who sat at Arthur’s side, a little further behind. The pity on the queen’s beautiful face was plain, and she tensed at every insult thrown at the prisoner.

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Tips for fic writers: consistancy and update schedules

So, if you’re a generally disorganized writer like me, you’ve probably always marveled at those fancy big-shot fanfiction authors who have a consistant update schedule going that they’re generally good at keeping track of, and you’ve always wanted to learn how to do that, especially if you have a busy life with a shitton of work in it, either from school or otherwise. Well, I’m still not quite sure how those people do it (33k chapters every two weeks?? Do you guys have lightning-fast typing or something???), but here’s a couple of tips that I’ve found help make for a better update schedule.

-For me, it’s a Saturday or Sunday, which are the days that are the most convenient for me to finish up and polish my chapters. Saturday is my day of preference to update on, but I’ve set a soft deadline on it and a hard deadline on Sunday, just in case I run into troubles and I can’t finish by Saturday night. Either way, setting a deadline to your chapter (and sticking to it like it’s a highly-graded essay) is often good motivation for churning out writing by the set publishing date. However you write it- either over the week or all in one go on Friday night- is fine, but you want to make sure you’re done and edited by your hard deadline if you wanna stay on schedule. Unfortunatly, this doesn’t help much with that monster of a first chapter, since you haven’t yet started the race to progress the storyline until the first chapter is out. Sorry.
-This is another motivator to write a decent amount of material before your deadline is up. Reaching for stop points in writing is another way to make it seem more achievable and manageable within your set time period. But make sure to set a goal that is reasonable! For example, my word-count limits are around the 3,000 mark for each chapter. If I’m under 3k, then I need to keep writing. If I’m over 3k, then I’m good to go, but if I need to add more to the story then I will stagger out new word-count limits based off on how much more material I think I might need, and so on.
-For me, a writer who personally struggles with their beginnings, this method helps a LOT. I found that starting the next chapter right after you end the last one, when you’re all warmed up and the sequence of events you want your story to take is still fresh in your mind is the best way to stave off writer’s block when you’re working on the next chapter. It also makes the flow better, too, because you don’t have to reread the ending of the last chapter and try to figure out how to continue on into the next one when the previous happenings are right there in front of you.
-This is a big thing for many, many reasons. One, because it abolishes that fear of that big blank white document that almost always occurs when you first start typing. Two, because writing is so much easier when all your previous chapters are just a scroll away for you to reference them. (And maybe cringe at, if your writing has impoved since the first few chapters.). Three, because it tricks your brain into thinking you’ve already accomplished more than you’ve done so far, so you have less stress when you’re typing in a document full of text. And four, because it makes hiding any scenes of dubious content under a wall of text much more easy.
-Even scenes from the future timeline of the story. You’ll never really know if you’re gonna need them, and having big chunks of already-written text will prove invaluable if you hit a snag that you can’t seem to work your way out of later on. Got a busy schedule or writer’s block? Bingo, you can easily bypass that by just Frankensteining your available content together! Unless you’re really really bad at editing it in, the readers wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.
-This is another big thing, too. Making use of the time that you have for writing-even disjointed pieces of text- will ultimatly provide you with more content than what you have just lying around, and any content is better than no content. Even if you’re not quite in the mood to write- just go for it. Get the basics down while you have the chance, you can fix it up later anyways.
-This one’s just a no-brainer. Nobody likes a typo-filled chapter, especially you, because making mistakes, while a perfectly human trait to posess, are embarrasing. Throw everything together, take a nap, do something relaxing, then go back and read it again, through fresh eyes. You’ll catch much more mistakes that way. Either that, or call a friend who has no problem with cleaning up your crap to beta read it for you, because an outside view is much more likely to catch errors you made while you were off in la la writer land.

And that’s just about it! Those are the tips I found were the most helpful with writing my fanfics and setting a semi-orderly update schedule with them. Of course, you can always customize these to the way you want- my preferences aren’t always going to fit yours, and it’s always best to be in your comfort zone when you’re working on a creation of your own. But that’s what I found the most helpful, and I certainly hope you can find help from this post if you’re struggling with update schedules at all.

silencedfalcon  asked:

*ROLLS IN* FIC TITLE MEME: EVACUATE THE DANCEFLOOR (btw this is my new blog, unfollow the other *cringes* ~noc)

hi babystar!! this title got seriously close to a fic idea i’ve been nurturing for a few months so excuse the shitty try at something else

“What do you mean, we need to get out?” Phichit stepped in front of Yuuri, taking his place in facing off the angry ballet student from second floor. They were halfway through their morning practice today, and things were getting increasingly intense. End of year repetitions were making everyone go crazy, because auditions would be going on soon, and no one wanted to be unprepared for that.

“I said,” he stomped, shaking his blonde hair out of this face, “You guys need to get out because our studio’s been flooded and we need floor space. And obviously, we should take your studio, idiot!”

“Oh,” Yuuri’s and Phichit’s eyes widened. “Oh, I see, you’re one of those people who place ballet over every other dance form. Uh, yeah, That’s an even bigger no. We’ve had this place reserved for weeks.”

“Idiots! Wait till Madame Baranovskaya gets here, she’ll-”

“I’ll what Yura? Make them move? I certainly will,” A tall, slender woman walked - no, that was wrong - floated into the room as more ballet students crowded at the door to their studio. Victor peered in carefully, catching Yuri’s eye and winking at him. They had just started going out and Yuuri still wasn’t past the point where he blushed overtime Victor so much as looked at him.

“Well, then? What are you waiting for?” she snapped. “Show me that you are all working at something worthwhile, and I’ll leave you to it.”

An awkward silence settled around the room as modern and ballroom dancers stared at each other in confusion. “Do you- do you mean you need us to dance ballet?” Yuuri asked quietly. They all knew what was coming.

“Well, of course, boy! What else would I ask you to dance?” Madame Baranovskaya snapped. “Clear the floor, and I better see your best dancer on there.”

Phichit’s gaze steeled over. He turned quickly on his heel to face Yuuri and the rest of the room. “I think we all know who’s going to bedding this. Yuuri - you better show them what you’re made of.”

Everyone hurried onto the benches to the side of the room. Yuuri was still standing in the middle, mouth gaping. He looked over the crowd of proud-faced ballet students sneering at him and knowing that they were all waiting for him to fail only determined him to prove them wrong. With an encouraging nod from Victor, he reached for his phone and pressed play on Aurora’s first act from Sleeping Beauty.

They wanted to watch him fall on an arabesque? How about watching him complete thirty-two fouettes? He knew he could do more, even. 

This isn’t a competition, there’s no reason to be anxious, he assured himself. I can do this. He caught Victor’s eyes again as he arranged his feet into fifth. I can do this.

As the song played he spread his arms, transporting himself into the mindset he  always needed for ballet. ballet was precise, controlled, every movement a perfect calculation of human capabilities; modern was so freeing and unbridled, that was mostly why he had chosen it over ballet.

Fourth, and, arms bent, 1, 2, 3, 4- fingers stay fixed, chin up chin up, shoulders down - keep those shoulders down! - more height on this leg, no don’t bend your back there-

Minako’s voice floated through his head, old instructions guiding him carefully, and luckily enough, he had retained his flexibility from practicing pole so it really wasn’t very hard to fall back into through these familiar movements. 

He pushed his leg around for the last time on his final fouette, setting down into a graceful ending with his arms extended outward to his side. There was only silence for a couple of moments; the sound of his heart, beating and his gasping breaths the only sounds in the room.

Then the tension snapped, all of his colleagues jumping up and cheering him on for his amazing performance. Yuuri broke character, smiling shyly as he reached for the nearest water bottle. Yuuri met Victor’s eyes again and his smile bloomed in tandem with Victor’s heart-shaped one. You were amazing, Victor mouthed. Yuuri knew they would probably talk later about this, but for now he wanted to know what Madame Baranovskaya had to say.

She surveyed him, eyes critical and closed off. he couldn’t read her at all. “You did fine.” 

Her students were whispering and pointing behind her. No doubt they were beginning to spread rumors about the ‘just fine’ ballet dancer at the modern dance section. Yuuri would have to deal with it, as always. 

She flipped out a business card and handed it to Yuuri. “Call me when you graduate.” Madame Baranovskaya turned around, her heels clacking on the floor as she left, followed by her students. Yurio was the last one in the room, and he shot Yuuri a scathing look as he left.


or, in which all of the characters are signed to a famous dance company and when the ballet students led by Madame Baranovskaya are left with no where to practice, they challenge the modern dance students for their studio - in a battle of ballet, of course.

ok i didn’t want to let this get any longer, I’m making these longer and longer rip its probably riddled w typos

So Many Stars (Epilogue)

Pairing: Phan
Genre: Chaptered, English teachers in Japan AU, Completed
Word Count: 2,635 words
Description: The end

Read Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 | Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 | Ch. 13 | Ch. 14 | Ch. 15 | Ch. 16 | Ch. 17 | Ch. 18 | Ch. 19 | Ch. 20 | Ch. 21 | Ch. 22 | Ch. 23 | Ch. 24 | Ch. 25

A/N: i’m so emo right now. don’t mind me, just leaking water from my eyes.


April 2015

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Gates of Summer: Epilogue (TMNT 2012, GaVG ‘verse)

Summary: Two universes. Two sets of brothers. Two gods who decided to use the planet as their personal battleground. As usual, it’s up to Donnie to fix it.

Rating: R.

Note: An ending. Thank you all – for reading, for supporting, for caring about this story. Thank you. <3

Cover art by @snuffes

GaVG fic masterpost


Donnie wakes up without any memory of what happened between being eased up a fire escape and opening his eyes in one of their shelters. His wounds are clean and neatly bandaged — Mikey’s work, he thinks fuzzily — and someone stuffed him full of his home-grown painkillers. The fingers on his right hand are splinted and bandaged too, and that’s where most of the remaining pain is lodged, vicious little splinters digging in when he shifts and tries to sit up.

“Hey, hey, take it easy.” Leo’s face swims into view, then splits in two. “There’s no rush, just take it slow.”

“Where’s —” Donnie chokes on the taste of ash, and gags until Leo pushes a water bottle into his hand. Rinsing out his mouth and then draining half the bottle in a swallow takes all his energy, and he flops back on his shell. Above him, the cracked ceiling of the maintenance shed lets in a few shreds of milky, end-of-day light. “Where are Mikey and Raph?”

Leo’s shell bumps Donnie’s cot as he sits down. “Recon,” he says, in a thin, brittle voice. “They’re tracking police patrol patterns. There are cops everywhere. The National Guard’s been mobilized too — this was the closest shelter, but we’ll need to move soon. We just need to know when.”

Donnie shuts his eyes. “But they’re okay?” he asks, catching himself just before he clenches his hands into fists.

“They’re pretty beat up,” Leo says, then clears his throat a few times as he apparently realizes that’s not the most reassuring thing to say. “But they’re fine. I think Raph took Mikey to get him to quit whining about the food in here. Not that Raph disagrees.”

Donnie chokes again, this time on a bitter little laugh that tries to creep out of his chest. If it’s not meat or pizza, Mikey and Raph won’t think it’s real food. “Right,” he manages, once his throat’s open again.

The shelter’s so quiet Donnie hears Leo inhale, like he wants to say something else, but after a few moments of silence, Leo just settles back against the wall. Pathetically, Donnie’s grateful — he’s got nothing to give, no energy to tell the story of where he vanished to for three days, no more armor against the pitiless grief still gnawing at his heart. Sooner or later someone will ask, he’s not naive enough to think he’s escaped, but of all his brothers, Leo would be the one to push, to ask. He’d do it out of love, but Donnie hopes, just this once, Leo finds mercy in silence.

“Donnie,” says Leo, just in time for Donnie’s tiny hopes to shrivel into dust. “Thank you…for coming home. For everything.” There’s a quiet pause, and then Leo goes on, his voice soft with wonder. “You did it. You killed the Boar.”  

Leo gives him a small, grave smile. Donnie feels it like a punch straight through his ribcage. For a long, horrible moment, the dark makes it hard to know who he’s looking at, which version of his brother is squeezing his good arm.

The memory of the Boar’s hands on his face swallows him. It had begged him, at the end, to let it live.

Kill me, and what comes after will make all my hungers seem like blessings.

“Oh god,” he whispers, and covers his face with his good hand. “I — it’s not over, it’s not —”

“It’s dead,” Leo’s voice, one of the few undeniable forces in Donnie’s life, anchors Donnie when nothing else could. “You did it.”

“I did,” Donnie says, barely making it a statement instead of a question. He did. He felt the spear pierce the Boar’s heart. He tries to focus on that moment, the way skin and bone gave way to ancient metal, but it melts away before he can fix it in place, and the creeping edge of a grey fog blankets his brain. Whatever the fog touches goes numb and still, until even his aching hand barely registers.

When he lets his hand fall to his lap, he sees the spear propped in a corner, dull and useless and forgotten.

I killed the Boar, Donnie thinks, and feels nothing, not even Leo’s careful, careful hug.

Read the rest at: Ao3 | ff.net

My Midgard Life (11/14) [Ft. Reader x Thor]

Summary: After being injured during a battle Thor ends up on a beach shore in Midgard, having lost all but some of his memory. Thor sees a woman standing not far from him looking at him with wide eyes, he asks for help. The woman snapping out of her daze rushes to help him, taking him to her home she’s able to patch him up. The next morning she’s met with Thor making her breakfast, thinking that he was just thanking her with this gesture. However that is not the only reason Thor’s making her breakfast, it would seem that at some point during the night Thor came to a surprising conclusion. What will happen when Thor regains his memory?…


Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14 

Controlled chaos is how you described the scene before you, creatures of all shapes and sizes moved in and out of the room, you were in. Some yelling and shouting, other laughing and snickering all while you sat incredibly still next to Loki. You had no control over you’re your body but you were fully aware of what was going on around you, which was proving to be very useful.

“Are you certain she can’t understand us?” a creature asked Loki.

“For the last time, she is under my complete control,” Loki rolled his eyes.

“Not quite you idiot,” you thought to yourself.

“Show us then,” the creature retorted as he gazed at you.

“Very well but as I said before DO NOT touch her or I WILL end you ALL,” Loki seethed.

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Something is Brewing: A Draco Malfoy x Reader Imagine

You can sub another house for Ravenclaw if you wish, but I felt that the studious nature of Ravenclaw was best for this imagine. I apologize in advance for any typos or grammatical errors, there shouldn’t be any, but I’m only human. If you see one message me and I’ll fix it.

In Snape’s potions class he is the judge, jury, and executioner. When he assigns the muggle born, Ravenclaw reader to be partners with Draco Malfoy, beliefs are questioned and potions are made as feelings bubble and all parties involved cannot deny that something, other than a potion, is brewing.

[Y/n] - your name
Y/L/N- your last name
Y/E/C- your eye color
~~~ - used as a break to show that time has passed

Warnings: none :)

Word count: 1,833
As I rest on my stool in the leaky dungeon known as Snape’s potions classroom, my quill scratches across the paper of my latest story. My best friend, Ethan, sits to my right running his hands through his dark hair while staring at the ceiling. The door behind us bursts open and a raven-haired professor thunders into the classroom, sweeping towards the front and turning to face the class. We share potions with the Slytherins, which gets quite old quickly, as Professor Snape exhibits favoritism. “You, Ravenclaw, up.” His coal black eyes are threatening to burn into my forehead.


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Jimin x Reader

Originally posted by bangtan-hobi

*If you reblog any of my fanfictions, I would love for you to tag them, since I like reading your reactions! 

 A 9k+ smutty fanfic of Park Jimin for my friend who is currently in heat or w/e idk.

I’m tired, so there’s no real description. Sorry for any typos, though.

Prompt: You work as head secretary for a company, and your boss, who is the head boss, just so happens to be Park Jimin. You end up showing up late for a meeting, but he’s your friend, so how is he going to treat you for being tardy?


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Friendly Fire (pt. 2)

part one • part three 

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were tired and your hair was a mess. All you were doing was putting your hair up, but the hair tie had other plans. Now you’re in this little war with Bucky. Who will win, who will lose?

Word Count: 1,032 shit thats a bit much sorry

Warnings: Cursing, slight nudity? sort of?

Notes: this wasnt supposed to be that long, but there was so much i wanted to “explain”/write! i swear the rest of the parts wont be this long hahaha. its 3:04 am as i write this, so forgive me if theres mistakes. if you find any typos, or you get confused, please ask me and ill fix it and/or explain. if you want to be tagged, let me know and ill happily add you :) enjoy part two ~

Yesterday was pretty exhausting. You spent the day with Bruce, performing tests; making sure you didn’t have any sprains, minor fractures, bruised ribs etc. By the time he let you go, it was too late to shower.

Slumping into bed, you decided to just wake up extra early and shower. That way you don’t have to worry about anything.

Five o’clock strolls around and your phone goes off with that classic alarm clock ring that you hate. The only reason why you chose that ringtone was so you had motivation to actually get up and turn it off. If it had been your favourite song, you would have stayed in bed, and kill it within a week.

With your eyes still closed, you leaned over to the side and reached over for your phone to turn it off. Your hand danced around the surface of the entire nightstand only to find that it wasn’t there. Jumping out of bed, you rubbed your eyes open only to confirm that your phone, was indeed, not there. As the horrendous ringtone played on, you frantically patted down your bed and looked around your room for your phone.

“Jesus fucking christ where did I put that shit??” you muttered to yourself.

After thirty intense minutes of checking every spot in your room, you headed back to your bed feeling stumped. You grabbed your pillow, place it to your face, while the back of your knees touched the side of your bed. As you fell back, you let out a quiet but deeply annoyed moan. Taking a deep breath, you removed the pillow off your face and noticed it right away.
Your phone was on the ceiling. The ceiling.

“Wha- what the hell?!” you spat out, only to cover your mouth in hopes that no one heard you.
“How did it- what? Why is it there??”

You sprung out of bed, looking around your room for something to stand on. You weren’t that short, but you weren’t that tall either. The rooms were average height, so roughly 8 to 9 ft. There’s literally no one on the team who could have reached the ceiling without needing a ladder, stool or… Or the ability to fly. As you moved your dressed next to your bed, you began ruling out suspects.

Okay, Sam has his wings, but I would have easily heard that. Same goes for Tony and his suit. That only leaves Wanda and Vision. But why??

Barely reaching for your phone, your fingers slid against the side of it allowing it to loosen and fall carefully into your hand. You got down from your dresser and inspected the back of your phone. No tape, no glue, nothing. Weird. Flipping the phone back over to turn off that annoying alarm, the screen illuminated with the time.

5:41 am.

“Shit, I should shower now” you sighed, tossing your phone on your bed.

Grabbing your towel, clothes and other stuff, you quickly made your way to your bathroom. You were in such a rush, it slipped your mind that you didn’t lock the door.

No later than 10 minutes, Bucky had quietly stepped out of his room.
As he made his way to your room, he put his stealth skills to use. Poking into your room, he spotted your phone lying among the messy sheets. He grabbed it, entered the passcode he saw you put in the other day and went into settings. He reached out for his phone and checked the time.

6:52 am.

He snickered to himself, internally applauding at his wonderful plan.

When she wakes up, she’s still half asleep for another half hour. There’s no way she’ll even notice the time difference.

Once he changed your phone to the right time, he placed it perfectly back on your bed just like how you left it. As he made his way back to his room, he noticed the bathroom door. At first it looked like it was closed all the way, but as he stepped closer, he noticed that little tiny space between the door frame and the door itself.

“This is just perfect” he spoke inaudibly low, “Y/N makes this too easy.”

Gently, he opened the bathroom door and stuck his head in for a look. Luckily the shower curtains weren’t transparent, but instead a solid colour on cloth. As he peered around, he saw your clothes on the sink counter and reached for them.

Closing the door carefully, he headed back to your room to drop the clothes on the side of your bed. He moved them around until he felt that it looked like you dropped them there in the first place. When he was satisfied, he creeped back into his room like nothing happened.

You turned off the water, grabbed your towel off the rack and began drying yourself down. When you deemed yourself dry, you bent over to put your hair up in the towel. Right after, you realized your clothes were missing.

“I could have.. Sworn I brought them” you mumbled, “God this entire morning has been off, I probably forget them.

Still, not wanting to walk out in your birthday suit, you took the towel off your head and tried to wrap it around your body. The towel was small because you only used it for you hair. You always brought your clothes with you, so you never needed a bigger towel.

You barely managed to cover your personal areas, but remembering that everyone was probably still asleep, your worries drifted. Unaware that the time is now 7:13, you walked out of the steamy bathroom only to be greeted by wide eyes.

Clint lowered the paper to see what everyone was staring at, only to see you hiding behind a too small towel.

“Well.. Good morning, Y/N” he chuckled, lifting the paper back up.

Tints of pink began appearing on your cheeks as you froze. Everyone looked away immediately, and faced one another. Still you felt someones eyes on you, and as you scanned the room, you were connected with icy blue eyes.

“How has your morning been, doll?”

You noted the sly smirk, and knew.

“This isn’t over, Barnes.”

any thoughts? complaints? threats?

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