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requested: Jeff social media is thingy where he flaunts/shows you off? Btw your writing is legit the best 💕

Por fin puedo subir esto completo, la perspectiva es una mentira, pero me gustó mucho como salió. Mother3 es un juego genial u_ú.

Tengo un hashtag para mis fanarts de Mother, por cierto.

I can finally show you the whole thing, I did this for the midwest Mother zine, the perspective is fake and weird but I really liked how it turned out. Mother3 is a great game u_ú.

I have a hashtag for my mother fanart btw.

Btw just to be clear, I would 100% believe that Eleanor was never set to attend the tommy show vs. them cancelling her rsvp at the last minute. As I’ve said, I think it’s clear she had never traveled to LA to begin with. But the reason they had her go ghost was so that the truth could be muddled.

Answering the MANY (dear Lord) questions I’ve gotten on this: NO, there is no work engagement that is so last minute as to not being able to work around a party he’s known about for many weeks. NO, Tony does not owe ANY FAN ANY EXPLANATION at ALL for not going to a freaking party. The people he works with KNOW the real deal and play the game with him (see: BY). Wake up. Also, if he doesn’t want to go to a party, he doesn’t need to travel to the East Coast at all (in fact on Friday his hashtags claimed he’d stay in LA on holiday), and he can EASILY put out no matter which explanation and stay at home in LA.

He CHOSE not to say anything. HE CHOSE to suddenly make it PUBLIC that he is in NYC, when up until Friday he made it public that he would have a “staycation”, home in LA. So start thinking about things. And I DO NOT mean show-wise. (and NO, he wasn’t bloody celebrating any anniversary, before any idiot says that, and he KNEW about the party and this was very last-minute. REPEAT: up until Friday HE HIMSELF said he’d stay in LA).

Also and btw: Has anyone seen him at airports? NO. Has anyone seen him in Central Park? NO. Has anyone seen him in NYC? NO. Always bear in mind that a public narrative is just that, and it doesn’t necessarily respond to truth. It’s possible he was in NYC, it’s equally possible he wasn’t at all.

The only point here is he put out a narrative and he chose to go silent despite knowing many questions would be asked. He knows how to communicate all too well, so this was a deliberate choice, for reasons. Start thinking.

hey please read this and spread this cause im fucking TIRED

this goes especially to italians.

every year, the 23rd of may we have a march here in palermo in honor of falcone (and borsellino too although his deaths anniversary is a couple months later)

i want you to know how hypocritical it is.

i want you to stop and realize that the government is washing its hands and mouth by organizing a ridiculous parade every year, with songs and youth invited from all over italy too.

i want you to realize that the government supports this shit BECAUSE they know well shut the fuck up.

i want you to realize that the more we “talk” about mafia the more we shift our focus away from the real responsible.

i want you to remember that giolitti used mafia to shut the protests in the south and keep taking advantage of our resources to advance the norths progress.

i want you to know that mafia never “died”, and everything they tell you about it being “reborn” in the late ‘80s or whatever is a big damn lie.

and i want you to know that during the march, today, banners students carried were literally taken down with force by the police.

this photo shows students of a liceo (high school) with their banners.

the banner says “non siete stato voi, ma siete stati voi”.

itd be hard to keep the wordplay in the translation, but basically, its a rightful accusation towards our government.

its the government whos responsible for not having protected everyone who fought against mafia (which wasnt just falcone and borsellino btw), and the existence of mafia itself.

another banner, not shown in the photo, from students of another school, says “il corteo siamo noi, la passerella siete voi” - another accusation, more ironic, highlighting the ridiculousness of this parade.

the police (digos dispatch, if youre italian you mightve heard this for its infamous role in school occupations) stopped these students and forced them to retreat and take the banners down.

the news want to make us believe this is the first time its happened in a long while, but i know smaller groups of students carrying similar banners have been stopped in the past.

because they want us to just keep saying, like a lifeless chant, “mafia is bad! mafia is wrong!” without any actual insight, and once we try to think critically we are stopped.

everytime we want to make our voices heard we are shut down because they know theyre to blame and they cant take this.

and you know why?

because mafia is still very much alive and active, and most of all harmful.

so take your “mafia aus” away from me for the love of god.

people have fucking died, people keep fucking dying, and we wont be able to stop this as long as the roots of this all still lurk in our government.

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favorite mode of transportation: in the night

your best friend: next

favorite time of the day: the morning

if your life was a tv show: tears in the rain

relationship status: belong to the world

your fear: secrets

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I know there were people who disliked Rumbelle from the very beginning, in the same way that there were people who loved them from that exact moment.

I personally didn’t have a problem with this pairing, I mean, I didn’t ship them, but as long as Belle chose to see the best in him, I looked at her as naive, but I was totally indifferent to their relationship.

Along the way there were moments where I was proud of her, like this one:

Others where I wasn’t too frilled. But In general I was “on the fence” with this ship. Well, not anymore.

I want you to take a good look at this face:

This is the face of a woman that is terrified of her own husband. This is the face of an abused wife, this is the face of someone who is trapped as a prisoner, there’s also the bracelet that symbolizes just that (BTW very a la Genie from Aladdin!)

How can someone continue shipping this pair? I’m sorry, this is much more than a personal taste at this point. This is not only an unhealthy relationship, but a sick one. And honestly, I’m disappointed that A&E chose on one of their last interviews to say that Rumple at the end of the day loves her. That there is love there. I’m sorry, but this is not love!!! You don’t do that to someone you love. And saying that it is makes them not understand their own show!!!

I don’t have anything against Rumbelle shippers, I never had (as long as they were not Hook haters), but if someone is still shipping them together after everything that this poor woman has suffered in the last few episodes, he/she should take a moment to rethink it. Because this is an abusive relationship! Rumple may not physically beat her, (although speeding the pregnancy looked really painful), but he has emotionally abused her in every sense of the word.

I really hope this couple won’t end up together at the end of the show, I think it will send a really wrong message to the viewers. Some things can’t be forgotten. 

This woman is incredible and she deserves so much more than that. 


crying because rAVE-UP TOGNITHT TRAOIELR and i dNIDNT HAVE INTERNET FOR 2 DAYS adnn guess whta i spent it on

also sxun’s perm is fab and all but im really not used to drawing curly hair :’((


so i’m back from minncon!! or rather ROB PLS LET ME LIVE…CON

so to start out, i’ll explain this con’s comic a little better! after the SNS, i stayed around for quite a while talking and meeting up with friends i haven’t seen in a long time! it was really great, until security kicked us out at about 1AM. i lamented and realized i had no one to walk back with, but the trek was only about a block away, so i figured “eyyy, what could happen in that time”

…and then about 2/3 of the way there, i thought i was being abducted by the government because of a GIGANTIC shiny black SUV that was approaching me. TURNS OUT it wasn’t the gov’t, swain was actually headed back at the same time i was! i was spotted and shouted at, and bid farewell by the band. SO I LIVED! and i told them they scared the shit outta me the following afternoon bc i thought The Man was after me and billy said i deserved to have nice things shouted at me from strange vehicles. i then died

ALSO, I DID AS I PROMISED. i got rob’s auto, brought him god’n’gabe 3, and told him in exchange i wanted to know if it was cool to get a Robert Patrick Benedict original piece. a stick rob. HE WAS SO EXCITED, THOROUGHLY AGREED, AND ONE-UPPED ME BY MAKING IT MORE THAN A STICK MAN. he also walked me through his process, said it was all in the way he adds his beard, and told me if i needed any art lessons to give him a call. i told him i was honored 

AND SPEAKING OF AWFUL THINGS, i’d heard the photographer good mr. schmelke needed to talk to me, and it was literally just to shut me down in compliment form. he insisted we take a selfie, and we proceeded to make fun of my shitty phone. and i got a swain op with @truebluecas THAT WAS A MESS. a mess. we wanted to do the End of Song Rock Jump ™ but strob couldn’t nail the jump timing. we decided on a jump on silent 3, did 3 takes, got a workout, and 3 hilarious photo prints out of it. my face, you guys. it says it all

so in as short as possible, the rest of the con was great. i asked bri about the cat that sharted on her, and got the 1st q of the koc panel! turns out a composer from spn is helping on the OST for the show YEA!! i livetweeted stephen norton messing around during the entirety of J3′s panels, but i spent about 85% of my time vending. which, btw, EVERY SINGLE BOOK SOLD OUT. so that’s incredible. and it was so great to see so many of you in person. seriously. thank you for everything.

road tripping with @neven-ebrez and @benny-la-phat was a BLAST (despite my incredibly telling and embarrassing sunburn + 3 near-death experiences i was surprisingly calm during) and i roomed with all sorts of fantastic people i’m happy to call friends now. they found out i REALLY love cake.

SORRY THIS WAS SO LONG-WINDED, but honestly, to everyone that stopped by and visited me, bought things, gave me freakin’ hAND-MADE GIFTS, OR just wanted a hug–thank you. you made this con, per usual. i hadn’t been feeling so hot lately, but i can’t deny it, none of you picked me up from it. no, you THREW me from it. i am eternally grateful!!

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I know you're doing a positivity thing for Monsta X. I'd like to say that they're coming to my city to perform in July, in Chicago. Getting tickets was just as bad as BTS. They sold out FAST, I barely got the ground floor. It made me so happy to see that they're just as popular here! Minhyuk is my bias too, btw. Love the blog!!!!

omg im going to the chicago show as well!! they really did sell fast i was hoping to get one of the top tiers of tickets but there was no chance haha but i thankfully got pretty decent ground floor seats as well :’) me too! im so happy that the ticket sales for the tour are doing well even here in the US it makes me so proud, especially when they added another LA date because of the response!! and ahh it’s always great to see more minhyuk stans thank you so much ♡ i can’t wait until the concert !! it’s less than a month away now!!! :D

AU where Lexa is Alicia’s older (and overprotective) sister and they live together w/ Clarke. Lexa and Clarke are both going to the same college.
Alicia’s still going to high school.

Then one day Elyza, Clarke’s twin sister, is showing up to spend the summer together w/ Clarke and her best friend Lexa. Well, some ppl would suppose they’re a couple ‘cause they’re holding hands and stuff, but they aren’t (not yet). #To stubborn to admit their feelings

So, Elyza is going to see her twin sister again and for the first time Lexa and a certain young brunette.

Oh btw, Clarke and Elyza were seperated because of the divorce of their parents. (Got this from another AU)

Abby Griffin (former Lex, now Griffin and soon to be Kane) kept Clarke and stayed together w/ her in LA.

Jake Lex kept Elyza and moved w/ her to Australia.

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Why are you so hellbent on Lucaya happening? When they were in a relationship, they didn't work. You can't try and blame that shit on other people. The icing on the cake was when it was confirmed that Maya's feelings for Lucas had been fake this entire time. Did you forget that? Or do you just have selective memory? You preach about how the show is about friendship but you can't even accept platonic Lucaya or Riarkle.

1. I’m not hellbent on lucaya happening. It’s simply where I saw the story going, had MJ gotten the chance to tell the full story. 

(Which, he didn’t, btw, per the below quote. You might think I’m an idiot who is completely wrong about everything, but let no one ever say I don’t have quotes and references for days.)

I can tell you, what we were doing and what we were building towards, was really good. It’s also knowing that, that makes the show ending early — it’s too bad.

2. Lucaya were never in a relationship. They went on two dates and when they finally started making some really solid progress forward (i.e. Maya went to Lucas on the roof, instead of Riley, and told him that she was glad he was standing next to her so close to midnight. He agreed, both of them knowing the implications of that…I.E. who you’re with at midnight is who you’ll spend your year with romantically.), Farkle blabbed Riley’s feelings, turning the triangle high key and literally cutting Lucas and Maya off smack dab in the middle of their growth. 

3. I’ve gone on ad nauseum about the holes in the Maya turned into Riley and absorbed her feelings for Lucas in an attempt to protect her theory. You can read about some of them here, if you like, but I’ve got a feeling you’ve already got your mind made up and you’re not here to hear me out, so much as to lambast me.

(BTW, I’m not saying by any means that the writers are “wrong” or any foolishness like that. I’m just saying that the writers “mind wiped” the audience (a la GM Her Monster) and the excuse for Maya not actually liking Lucas was very intentionally weak.)

4. I do think the show is about friendship. Absolutely. But, that, by no means, precludes the existence of riarkle or lucaya.

Look, one of the great things about GMW is that we have this amazing resource to pull from in order to better understand the show and the relationships on it…that resource being BMW. Because of BMW, we know what certain things mean within the BMW/GMW universe. We know what has traditionally had longterm platonic implications, vs. what’s had longterm romantic implications. 

Obviously, this show is not a carbon copy of BMW. That was never the point. But, we do have a key, of sorts, giving us an indication of where this story was headed. Per Jacobs himself:

Yes. Absolutely [we hide the easter eggs/BMW parallels intentionally]. Every one of them.” Jacobs admitted. “I expect [the fans] to get about 70% of them.”

“..there are some [parallels] we’ve done that they [the audience] have not yet picked up on at all and they are clues to what’s going to happen, and that I think is interesting”.

That’s the basis of my philosophy.

Like, look. I could be wrong. In the end, I could be completely wrong, but, make no mistake that my discourse on this show is not based solely on feels or being hellbent on proving something that doesn’t have any canonical basis. I’m literally just calling it how I see it based on all of the evidence we were provided (quotes, dialogue, parallels, etc). 

This isn’t about proving lucaya or being hellbent on it happening. And it never has been. 

I want Magi’s last arc erased.
I want to smack Aladdin for showing my Sin that he was connected to a god. If only that didn’t have happened…Aladdin why
This is also Sin’s own fault ofc, mostly…but…ugh why did he suddenly get so greedy? He always was… but greedy without a guarantee? I know the las 4 or 5 chapters were Sin-centric and that he did it in his own volition, but….after all I can’t accept this. Wasting his life like that. No. I can’t accept this.

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Please feed my Sugamon soul with a video store AU at your convenience. (Like, an actual video store, remember those? NOVEL.) The high levels of potential Yoongi snark here over Namjoon's questionable tastes are killing me. Love you bye.

JINXIEBOO YOU ARE AMAZING FOR PUTTING THIS INTO MY HEAD. Wonderful. Effervescent. Otherworldly. Etc etc. *blows kisses a la Jin*

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  • Yoongi hates his job
  • he owns the store, how do you like THEM apples
  • but most of the time he just looks like some schlubby college kid working part-time to cover the cost of his books
  • he’s actually almost 30 though???? how dare you.
  • Namjoon has never been in this store before but there’s a movie he needs that he wants to show to his class
  • he’s a professor btw shock surprise there
  • since he can’t find a digital copy he’s in Yoongi’s store and he grabs a few other movies while he’s there
  • “*looks at Nams’ choices* sorry we’re closed”
  • “…you’re literally saying that to me next to a ‘we’re open’ sign”
  • “closed now bye.”
  • “I’m still inside the store.”
  • “then I guess you’re trapped here til we open, maybe that’ll give you time to get better taste in movies.”
  • “wow.”
  • “I’ll check you out this one time but you gotta come back and pick something less stupid next time”
  • “I don’t particularly ever want to come back”
  • Nams comes back anyway, is chided again
  • And again
  • And again
  • The fifth time he comes in he just asks Yoongi for a recommendation and Yoongs just shrugs
  • “Does your manager know you’re like this with customers?”
  • “Hold on I’ll ask. Hey manager? Yes? Do you know you’re like this? Shit, I had no idea, you’re fired!”
  • cue smug look and Nams sighing heavily
  • Yoongi rings him up for a copy of Requiem For a Dream
  • the receipt may or may not contain his kkt ID
  • which was a STUPID MOVE JFC MIN WHAT WERE YOU THINKING <– cue that on a loop in Yoongi’s head for 60 hours
  • until he gets a message
  • wtf am I watching, why would you do this to me
  • actually nvm I could probably work this into a lesson
  • Yoongi’s heart grows three sizes that day
  • Nams makes a habit of coming in once a week for the rest of the semester
  • til one week Yoongi’s like, “We could watch this together if you wanted. Or whatever. So I can explain it to you, you probably won’t get it on your own.”
  • Nams invites Yoongi over and is amused that Yoongs actually seems nervous
  • they don’t talk very much during the movie…or after…
  • but Nams gets an I had fun text about half an hour after Yoongi leaves which baffles him because it sure didn’t seem like it
  • so they just start watching a bunch of crap together in mostly silence
  • after the sixth time Yoongi just blurts, “Dude do you wanna make out or?”
  • “Yeah okay sure.”

August 26 – Last LA show!!

Hey Taylor! My mom and I saw you together on the first LA show this tour dressed up as the “You forgive, you forget.. but you never LET IT GO” and had a blast.  WE ARE GOING AGAIN WEDNESDAY (the 26th) dressed as TEAM SWIFT who traded my baseball cap for a crown– get it… from long live? BTW YOU SHOULD TOTALLY SING LONG LIVE OKAY – and we can’t wait to jam out again and meet more amazing swifties. This is our last show this tour, and I am so pumped.

You are so absolutely amazing and have brought us so much joy and I hope one day I can give you a huge hug and thank you in person. I CAN’T WAIT!


save us a hug??



Caitlin and Mama Caitlin (Sher)