.the show is in la btw

hello everyone!

if you are considering going to the SHINee LA concert but you’re worried about the price, try stubhub! there are lots of people selling tickets there and some of the prices are quite reasonable! there are also a lot of good seats left~

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Relationship status: single

Favorite colour: green, any shade

Lipstick or chapstick: it depends on my mood, but mostly chapstick

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Last movie I watched: La La Land (which I love with all my heart btw)

Top 3 TV shows: The Flash, Freaks and Geeks, and Stranger Things

Top 3 characters: Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, and Pansy Parkinson

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Books I’m currently reading: An INFP book (personality book)

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AU where Lexa is Alicia’s older (and overprotective) sister and they live together w/ Clarke. Lexa and Clarke are both going to the same college.
Alicia’s still going to high school.

Then one day Elyza, Clarke’s twin sister, is showing up to spend the summer together w/ Clarke and her best friend Lexa. Well, some ppl would suppose they’re a couple ‘cause they’re holding hands and stuff, but they aren’t (not yet). #To stubborn to admit their feelings

So, Elyza is going to see her twin sister again and for the first time Lexa and a certain young brunette.

Oh btw, Clarke and Elyza were seperated because of the divorce of their parents. (Got this from another AU)

Abby Griffin (former Lex, now Griffin and soon to be Kane) kept Clarke and stayed together w/ her in LA.

Jake Lex kept Elyza and moved w/ her to Australia.


August 26 – Last LA show!!

Hey Taylor! My mom and I saw you together on the first LA show this tour dressed up as the “You forgive, you forget.. but you never LET IT GO” and had a blast.  WE ARE GOING AGAIN WEDNESDAY (the 26th) dressed as TEAM SWIFT who traded my baseball cap for a crown– get it… from long live? BTW YOU SHOULD TOTALLY SING LONG LIVE OKAY – and we can’t wait to jam out again and meet more amazing swifties. This is our last show this tour, and I am so pumped.

You are so absolutely amazing and have brought us so much joy and I hope one day I can give you a huge hug and thank you in person. I CAN’T WAIT!


save us a hug??



Caitlin and Mama Caitlin (Sher) 

Hi Taylor! My name is Justyce! We’ve haven’t met yet, but I wanted to make a post explaining how thankful I am for you since all my shows are over for this tour so I don’t have the opportunity to tell you this in person anytime soon. (I went to Baton Rouge, three of the LA shows and San Diego btw and they were all AMAZING!) All my life I wanted to be a professional dancer. I’ve been dancing since I was 4 years old and my love for it has never faded. I wasn’t exactly the skinniest child though so all throughout my training I got told how I wouldn’t make it as a professional because of my weight. I also got told just recently that I wasn’t good enough to make it. But because of you and how you went after your dreams no matter what anyone said, my mom and I packed up from Florida and moved to California in July so I could pursue a dance career. You gave me the confidence to just go for it because that’s what you did! You’re such an inspiration to me and keep me going on days I really think I can’t. Since moving here I’ve gotten called out in some classes because of my talent and am slowly working on making my dreams come true. Although moving here has been amazing dance wise, my mom and I are going through a rough time managing everything. So it’s been hard staying positive some days but looking over my tour videos, especially your speech before Clean, makes me get through those days. I will never be able to thank you enough for being this constant in my life. You and your music is there for me in good and bad times, always. And I hope you know that I will be there for you through good and bad times, always! Thank you so much for everything you do for me. I hope more than anything that I get the chance one day to thank you in person and to hug you. I love you more than you’ll ever know! 💖 taylorswift


Dear Taylor,
This is my squad’s outfit for the 1989 tour in Singapore. My Floppers Squad consists of @timesnewromantics (BECCA) @swiftmissive (NADYA) and @camebacktowhatyouneeded (RACH) :) Both becca and rach are in Singapore. Nadya will be flying in from Indonesia and I will be flying in from Los Angeles. I’m so glad that we are all gonna be able to meet up for the Singapore show on the 7th if November!
The shirts and posters are all in LA with me now. We are all in a squad because of you and we are inseparable just like our shirts. Btw, in case you don’t get it, the back of our shirts is basically a flatline because obviously… DEAD.
I was at 2 of your LA show but nothing can beat a show that I will be watching with this squad of mine!
We are gonna be beside the stage (PB2, Row 24, Seat 17-20 to be exact). I cannot wait to dance with them and most importantly dance with you 💗 Feel free to wave to us when you see us right by the stage. I cannot believe I’ll be able to see you do that edgy stuff during IKYWT right in front of me.
Love you, Meris.

I want Magi’s last arc erased.
I want to smack Aladdin for showing my Sin that he was connected to a god. If only that didn’t have happened…Aladdin why
This is also Sin’s own fault ofc, mostly…but…ugh why did he suddenly get so greedy? He always was… but greedy without a guarantee? I know the las 4 or 5 chapters were Sin-centric and that he did it in his own volition, but….after all I can’t accept this. Wasting his life like that. No. I can’t accept this.