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requested: Jeff social media is thingy where he flaunts/shows you off? Btw your writing is legit the best 💕

Por fin puedo subir esto completo, la perspectiva es una mentira, pero me gustó mucho como salió. Mother3 es un juego genial u_ú.

Tengo un hashtag para mis fanarts de Mother, por cierto.

I can finally show you the whole thing, I did this for the midwest Mother zine, the perspective is fake and weird but I really liked how it turned out. Mother3 is a great game u_ú.

I have a hashtag for my mother fanart btw.

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From your prompt list: "scoot over a little bit please" Aaand btw i love your fic😍😍

Thank you so much for the request and your kind words, lovely. Hope you like it :)

18. “Scoot over a little bit, please.”

Y/N and Harry were sat on the love seat in the Winston’s home in LA, watching a film with Ben, Meredith, Lou and Lux, having taken a break from promo for just the day. Harry was due back on set for The Late Late show in a few hours, so they had all taken to the Winston’s house for their down time. 

Y/N was cuddled up to Harry’s side, her legs curled up in his lap, nearly completely on top of him. She was glad to have been able to fly out with him for his week in America to promote the new album that he had worked tirelessly on for the better part of a year. She was incredibly proud of him, and although she knew the traveling back and forth and the time spent in Jamaica were necessary to get everything squared away, she had missed him terribly. She was afraid her work wasn’t going to let her have time off in order to come out with him, but they’d happily granted her the week off, so long as she came back, hitting the ground running when she was due back. 

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on the “is kawoshin canon or not?” debate

What I don’t understand is that eva fans demand so much proof to accept that Kaworu and Shinji’s relationship is supposed to be romantic in nature, but their arguments for it only being platonic have literally no evidence whatsoever. 

Like the idea that Kaworu “only loved Shinji in a jesus way” (lmao) - has Anno ever even said anything like this? Western fans associate self-sacrifice with Jesus but I don’t think a Japanese viewer would make the same connection. And Shinji has Jesus parallels too - he even had stigmata - but no one claims that he’s Jesus just because of that. 

And the idea that Kaworu can’t feel human emotions like love and attraction bc he’s an angel, like where did this come from?? Has anyone from the production staff or something ever said that? No… which means it’s literally just a headcanon and not actual fact. And the idea that he doesn’t understand human nature so that’s why he seems unintentionally “gay” doesn’t hold water either. His whole shtik is about how he understands human nature very well. 

Another popular narrative is that Shinji is actually 150% hetero and he was just confused/desperate/going through a phase. And the “proof” they use to back this up is usually like personal experiences (like, oh yeah I - I mean, my friend went through a phase where he liked dudes but now he’s totes straight so Shinji was just like me - I mean, my friend). Think about this for a second - why are people treating Shinji like he’s a real person with a real sexuality? He’s a fictional character ffs. His only sexuality is the one the writers give him. Which is pri much bisexual. If he was a real person, you could ask him like ‘dude, u gay or what?’ but he’s not!!!!! everything you need to know about his sexuality is in the fucking show already!!! there’s no need for all this useless speculation!!!  And btw, if you - I mean, “your friend” really reacted to another guy the same way Shinji reacted to Kaworu, then, I hate to break it to you, but he homo af.

Also ppl use semi-canon side materials to prove that LAS or whatever ship is canon, but if anyone tries to do the same w/ Kawoshin, the sources are suddenly completely irrelevant. Like double standards, much?

Idk, I’m just really fucking tired of every single discussion about Shinji and Kaworu devolving into this stupid argument over whether they’re gay or not.  Like you can’t even discuss their relationship in terms of themes or meaning to the plot w/o all this no homo bs.

Like I’m not saying there’s absolutely no room for debate about their canonity(?) or true feelings for each other, but it’s pretty clear the relationship was at the very least intended to be very homoerotic and that’s confirmed by the creator, the production staff, voice actors, official guides, etc. And also, on top of all the evidence from the actual show/movies/manga, Anno literally called Kaworu Shinji’s “same-sex love interest” . there are canon het pairs that everyone accepts with less evidence than that.

Tbh, it reminds me of arguments between creationists and evolutionists. Evolutionists have a shit tonne of evidence to back up their claims but creationists just plug their ears and talk about how they feel in their heart and “it’s gotta be true bc I say it is.” lmao i can’t believe I just typed that sentence.

While I have to admit it is pretty funny seeing people try to justify their homophobia by coming up with all these wild theories to prove Kawoshin can’t be anything but str8, it’s honestly getting pri stale. like why are you so triggered over the possibility of two fictional characters being gay for each other? why?

Just please… get out of your homophobic asses and face reality…


Okay so before I go any further I want to show you guys pics of my banner and fan which play a crucial part of this story time(by crucial I mean Kim Jongin smiling and staring at them)

So I went to EXO'rdium in LA(btw this was my first time traveling out of state and on an airplane I was so excited and nervous) So Anyways I brought my Kaisoo banner and fan to the concert. I had a GA ticket and LUCKILY ENDED UP AT THE VERY FRONT AGAINST THE RAILINGS. I wanted to see Kyungsoo and Sehun dance artificial love so I stood on the right side of the stage. Okay so anyways I first held the Kaisoo banner up (i held the side where it said their names) when Kai was coming to our side and the minnnnnnute he spotted my banner he smiled. AND IT WAS ONE OF THOSE WARM SMILES OF HIS AND IT JUST MADE ME SO HAPPY I CAN REMEMBER IT CLEARLY IN MY HEAD. I SADLY DIDNT RECORD THIS BC I WANTED TO SAVE MY OHONE BATTERY SINCEMY PHONE WAS DYING UGHHH And when Kaisoo started singing moonlight together I fangirled harder bc Kai touched ksoo so they could sing together and they did. It was so perfect I loved it💖 So when it was time to perform lightsaber, Kaisoo came over and stood in front of the right side of the stage. I held the fan up instead(again the side where it said their names, btw he was literally right in front of me so there was a clear view to it) I held it in front of my face and waved it. AND OH MY GOD,,,,,,, HE LOOKED STRAIGHT AT IT AND NOT JUST FOR A SECOND BUT WAAY LONGER THAN THAT AND LOOKED AT IT MORE THAN ONCE. I WAS SO SHOCKED YOU GUYS. I EVEN TOLD MY FRIEND THAT HE WAS LOOKING AT THE FAN. Here’s a link to the vid (not my video or yt channel btw, my phone was off at this point but i was literally standing close)


around 1:17 is where he glances and then at 1:28 is when he begins to stare and you can hear me say “He’s looking at the fan!!!” to my friend with a high pitched voice(my voice is deeper than that it just sounds so weird in this vid) and he still continues to stare,,,,, then u can hear me trying to rap chanyeol’s verse with full on passion BUT ANYWAYS.

I couldn’t believe this was happening so when they left to the middle section, I looked at my friend, WE FANGIRLED SO HARD. Here’s the vid if u want to hear us: http://xiusername.tumblr.com/post/163671373159/vid-of-my-friend-and-i-fangirling-and-talking u can see exactly how close we were She said she knew he was looking at me because she was looking at him staring at me bc of the FAN and HONESTLY I STILL CANT BELIEVE THAT HAPPEN I LOVED. That feeling after waking up the next morning was so intense. I missed exo so much. I EvEn cried in the airplane when I went back home the next day. I wanted to make this post for so long but have been putting it off BUT here it is!!

(btw sorry for any grammar errors~)

I would like to say IM STILL SHOOK!!! I can’t believe i went to see THE @markiplier HIMSELF!!! When i got to twitter notification me and my mom order uber so fast i was the last one to get something (that being ethan shower curtain sorry bro! BUT LIKE WHY HE HAVE IT?!?!) and he was so nice he even got on the phone with my friend Matty who btw is STILL crying over it!!! Thank bro she been going through some hard times and you made her day! And also sorry for shaking so much i was just so scared id screw up in fount of you!! Well Mark see you at the La tour show!!! Ps. Id still like to know WHY DID YOU HAVE ETHANS SHOWER CURTAIN PLZ ANSWER

daenerys targaryen; la mer

Request:  I would love to see an imagine where the reader is the youngest Lannister ( actually a Targaryen by an affair) and meets Daenerys and just like that Jonerys scene they go the King’s Landing have sex?

Notes: Idk if the transition was too fast but I really like this ahhhh. Hope you enjoy it as well! btw i’m laughing at the title bc la mer means the sea (bc of the boatsex scene) in french but lamer means to lick in spanish i’m so stupid lol

You were waiting in Dragonstone, your feet anxiously tapping the floor. Your brother was about to arrive with the self proclaimed queen of Westeros. You were doubtful, but you trusted Tyrion –risky, being a Lannister, but you thought trusting you was risky too –.  

As you thought this, you saw the first ships show up in the horizon. You bit your lip, your heart torn between fear for the unknown and expectancy and the prosper of seeing your most dear brother once again. When they arrived, even from the distance, you could see emotion overcome the silver-haired woman’s face. Her eyes lift up from the sand, and on her way to inspect the castle her eyes fall on your hood covered figure, although she doesn’t seem surprised at your presence. She stands from her crouching position and approaches you. With steady steps she positions herself in front of you.

“Your grace”. You curtsied slightly, although she didn’t seem to care about it much.

“You’re Tyrion’s sister, right?”

“I am, your grace.”

“Good. He has talked quite a lot about you.”

“I hope all he said was good, your grace.”

“Superb. Will you join us? I have a country to rule, and a castle to check.”

“Right behind you, your grace.”

And that’s how it started. Now you were in King’s Landing, waiting for your sister to return with her most than likely sour response.

“Do you miss it?”

You turned to the voice you had got accustomed to. There she was, standing tall, but with a nice smile on her face. You had earned her trust fairly easily, which had surprised both you and your brother when he asked you about it, though you pretended to not understand why.

“No. This city is full of shit and bad memories for me. I wished nothing else but to leave. Casterly Rock, on the other hand, was always far more welcoming, although I’m sure Tyrion hated it, and he has told you everything about it.”

“He did.” She nodded. “Do you miss your family?”

“I always thought the only member of my family I’d miss was Tyrion, and I was right. I also miss Jaime, in a sort of way, but it’s not the same bond I have with Tyrion.”

She nodded again, and doubt crossed her face. You looked at her questioningly, inviting her to continue. She seemed unsure, but she asked: I wondered, when I first met you… Why aren’t you married? Girls far younger than you already are, and a family like yours seems like one that would force you into it.”

Your eyes widened, a question you weren’t expecting, and it made you feel slightly uncomfortable. “My sister already married a king, Jaime couldn’t marry nor inherit, and Tyrion… my father thought him useless. I always thought he wanted me to inherit Casterly Rock, and that’s why he was nicer to me I guess. I didn’t want to marry, anyway. I guess after watching my sister marry a king and seeing how that ended up…”

She nodded understandingly. She knew small bits of your life for what you had told her on certain days, sitting in front of the fire and drinking wine. “My marriage was rocky, and sorrow ridden, but I loved him.”

You smiled sweetly at her. “Sometimes that’s enough to make it through.”

She smiled back.


You doubted standing in front of her door. You had raised your hand three times already and the three times you hadn’t dared. You went to try again, but this time you didn’t need to. Daenerys opened the door, and she stared at you with her purple knowing eyes. You waited for her to do something, and taking the hint, she moved aside letting you in.

You stepped in, looking around the cabin. It was quite fancy, appropriate for a queen. After you looked around, you turned and saw Dany standing in front of you, behind her the bed. She noticed how your eyes darted to the back, where the said bed was, and she seemed to understand the thoughts that were going through your mind, but didn’t seem scared not disgusted, but greedy.

You gave a few steps forward and grabbed her from her waist. You pushed her slightly backwards and she willingly laid on the bed, you laying over her. Her soft skin burnt under your touch. You kissed her softly at first, but tired of the tenderness, she took the lead and started kissing you more passionately. You separated on the need to breathe, so you take the moment to undress each other. It takes a while to get rid of the heavy garments, but you finally manage.

You gasped when Daenerys pushed you towards the bed, making you lay on your back. He rough hands caressed your waist, while you left wet kisses around her neck or any patch or skin within reach. She moved down to your breasts, and you wanted to start crying at the look of adoration with which she was looking at them. She very lightly touched your right breast.

“Your mouth.” You whispered, not wanting to disturb the wild sounds you both were making. She seemed unsure, but very swiftly she put your right nipple on her mouth, sucking and toying with her tongue. You looked down, and you couldn’t help but moan at the look of your queen sucking like starving woman holding on for dear life. She did the same to your left breast, taking quite a while. She seemed to enjoy this new act, as you were sure it was the first time she tasted a woman’s boobs.

She kept going down your abdomen past your mound, and started kissing from your knees to your thighs, avoiding kissing where you needed her the most. Groaning in frustration, you grabbed her and pinned her against the bed, a surprised gasp leaving her open lips. Taking the moment you kissed her on her open mouth, you warm tongues dancing with each other, and shivers running down your spine when you felt your nipples brushing against each other’s. You caressed them, twisting and pulling her small nipples, a guttural moan coming from her chest. You could feel your core get warm and pulsate.

You got away from her. Her eyes closed and breathing heavy. But you didn’t give her a chance to catch her breath. You hand went down, touching her soaking lips. You looked up. Her eyes were wide, looking rather expectant down at you. You started playing with her clit, and a raw scream came out of her. You were playing with it, twisting and turning, watching her with her head back, mouth open agape and loud sexy sounds surrounding you. She whispered your name, and you could feel your juices starting to slip down your thigh. Without diverting your eyes, you pushed one finger deep inside her. Her eyes shot open, and her head fell back down hard against the pillow. “Y/N, oh–” You pushed a second finger, and at the same time you started toying with yourself, absentmindedly touching your small pleasure spot. You pushed another finger inside you, and with two fingers inside yours and Daenery’s pussies, you sped up, matching the rhythm of the thrusts. Your moans mixing up in the air.

“Y/N, I think I’m going to–” You pushed your fingers out of her vagina, and you soon replaced them with your mouth. She oozed of sex, and you couldn’t avoid but enjoy her sent. Your tongue coming in and out of her tight hole, while you occasionally bit and licked her clit and you kept pushing your fingers inside of your pussy, the pleasure around you was too much. You knew you were about to cum, and so was her. You didn’t cease moving your tongue until with one loud scream, her juices covered your mouth. You licked her clean, and the taste was the last push to make you cum. You took your soaking wet fingers to her mouth, which she gladly started sucking. When you had finished you lay on your back, and she quickly laid over you, kissing you softly on the lips. You smiled during the kiss, and so did she. She rested over your chest, both of you naked on the bed, skin to skin, and that’s how you fell asleep.

Btw just to be clear, I would 100% believe that Eleanor was never set to attend the tommy show vs. them cancelling her rsvp at the last minute. As I’ve said, I think it’s clear she had never traveled to LA to begin with. But the reason they had her go ghost was so that the truth could be muddled.

Loki doesn’t speak French, I’ve decided. C’est la vie. So for those of you who guessed it, this is the Sleeping Beauty part of our show - and the end of it. Should be as infuriating as usual for you all. Enjoy!

Prompt[s]:  When I said the stuff about cold, dead hands, I didn’t mean for you to literally try and kill me! That wasn’t nice of you… But I love Brynjolf, great character!😂

Does she always founds some serious conflict? Like, I know some unlicky gals, but come on! 😁😁 

 FIRST OF ALL WHY. (btw talking bout the tower) WHY

‘The Tower’ (Part 18)

All Chapters // Part 17

Brynjolf stayed for a while, as promised. He said very little, to Loki’s delight, contenting himself instead on cleaning his weapons whilst he sat near you, keeping an eye on your health as he worked.

Thankfully, there wasn’t much for him to tend to. Aside from being completely out cold, there was nothing noticeably wrong with you. No sweating, no shivering, no blood to stop flowing. For whatever reason, however, this worried Loki more. When you’d first arrived at the tower, you’d had cuts and bruises and all sorts of ailments. Things he could fix. Now you were just… here. Knocking at death’s door and still waiting for an answer.

The most trouble the two men had encountered was deciding whom was responsible for changing you out of your wet clothes.

After the first night in which you hadn’t awoken, Loki exhausted a lot of his magic attempting to wake you himself. Obviously, it hadn’t worked. The second night passed also without consequence. By the third night, even Brynjolf seemed visibly worried.
“If she don’t wake up soon, that powder won’t be what kills her. She’ll starve or dehydrate in her sleep.”
“You don’t have to tell me,” Loki murmured as he paced the room. “But we’ve eaten most of our food supplies between the two of us. We don’t have enough that we could feed her even if she awoke.”

Brynjolf scratched his chin thoughtfully, a sprinkle of fiery hair littering his knuckles. As well as this, he also had a braided moustache which sat above his lip and extended all the way down his face until it blended with a large buzzing beard. His loud personality accentuating his short, stout stature, and contradicted the soft blue eyes that were covered by eyelids as he sighed. Loki looked even leaner in his company.

“Alright,” Brynjolf declared, jumping up into his boots, “I’ll go out for some grub.” He shouldered his crossbow and made for the main door. Loki followed him out of the room, all the way to the top of the staircase.
“Just like that?”
“I don’t like it as much as you, pal,” Brynjolf called back. “But ye’ don’t seem like the hunting type, and I wouldn’t let you use my crossbow even if you was. Don’t worry though, I’ll be back before tonight with something juicy.”

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Thoughts on the Deleted Scene

Questions, to start with.

(the offending scene can be found here)

a) Why delete it?

For time, is the actual answer, but plot-wise, does that also delete the girlfriend, lol? Or her introduction, at least? Might we see her again in a different episode/setting? We hadn’t gotten any references about Sonny being in a relationship this season, we’ve just heard him talk about his entire childhood, so I will assume she is Miss 34B, and the writers decided to keep that bit of continuity from S18. Especially since she seemed to be drinking, like, a liquified patch of grass which she bought right next to a totally-out-of-place hanging plant basket (remember that whole raw food thing?).

Now, Sonny didn’t say anything to anyone else (about the fight, about being used a source unwittingly, etc), so perhaps we can assume there’ll be a re-introduction of the girlfriend, at some point. If he even keeps dating her, after this. Which brings me to:

b) A cop dating a journalist?

Hasn’t Sonny watched the show? Doesn’t he remember the Bill Pullman debacle? I love Bill Pullman btw, hottest boyfriend Liv has ever had Bad idea. Bad, bad idea (I was almost hoping for Amanda to pop up and diss her a la Stabler). And telling her about a case he was working on? “In confidence?” No no no. I think Sonny was trying to share his feelings with his girlfriend, because that sounds like him, but why also share specifics about the case? That’s unprofessional. And also why he shouldn’t be dating a reporter. (and also why, on another procedural, this would have been the significant b-plot of an entire episode, not a 35-second scene. Milk that drama, SVU!)

c) Why did Sonny appear entirely unaffected by that fight during the rest of the episode?

Wasn’t this kind of a big deal? Both on a personal level, for Sonny’s relationship, and for the case, with the press publicizing info they shouldn’t have? Maybe there’ll be an additional deleted scene which references all of this, but still. I wish we had seen Liv getting mad at Sonny, or even just talking to him about it. Did Liv even ask about the leak? About who the source was? Someone “close to the investigation” could only mean one of, like, 2 people because that’s the actual number of detectives currently working at SVU :D

The way this scene was written, so self-contained and without an explicit mention that Sonny and the reporter are an item, tells me the writers were already considering the possibility of cutting it, so they didn’t want it to affect any of the remaining scenes for continuity purposes. If they had filmed Liv giving him the what for, or even Sonny venting about it to Amanda, they’d need to also cut those scenes (which, again, maybe they did, lol).

d) Why introduce Sonny’s girlfriend in such an acrimonious scene?

When I imagine seeing Sonny in a relationship, I’m thinking “sweet dorky goof” not “angry yelly douche”. Obviously he was absolutely right to be indignant, and furious even, because she totally lied to his face and she didn’t seem all that guilty about it (which, rude), but is that how the writers wanted us to see “Relationship Sonny”? (and now I’m thinking about Seinfeld)

Why not give us something sweeter? More loving, to showcase that aspect of his personality? They could have done that just by having Sonny mention the girlfriend in a random episode, instead of his family or his crush from elementary school. A sweet tiny reference, which would have made this scene pack a punch, because we would have seen that Sonny cares about this woman, and his anger was justified. Hell, even a line in this deleted scene would have done it, a line about how he trusted her, something to show he was hurt more than angry. Something more intimate than “I told you in confidence”. That’s what you would tell a friend, not a lover.

As it is, we just saw her being condescending and him being mad. And he seemed angrier about possibly being in trouble with Liv than he was about his girlfriend betraying him, which 👀👀👀

Overall Thoughts

My impression is that the writers have made a very conscious decision to enrich Sonny’s backstory and give him more depth and a more well-rounded presence, but they’ve also made the decision to literally delete 70% of the scenes in which they attempt this. I don’t know what to make of that. Yes, these scenes are cut for time, but why do they mainly cut Sonny’s scenes? And the counter-argument, of course, is, why do they only write these scenes for Sonny? Why not also enrich Amanda, Fin or Barba’s backstory? lol you know why

Now, I don’t think they’re trying to prop up Carisi as a lead, this is clearly a “Liv is the star and the rest are an ensemble” situation. So why is this happening? Maybe the new showrunner likes the cop-slash-lawyer angle (perhaps in anticipation of Peter Stone), so he’s asking the writers to give more scenes to Carisi and then delete them? Maybe Amanda’s story is now entwined with Liv’s story, so Sonny needs something additional to do? And Fin and Barba are afterthoughts as always?

I think we’re supposed to vaguely think that Sonny is in a relationship (or was, lol, because he did storm off and the trust between them was certainly broken), but I don’t know that we can safely assume we’ll see this particular girlfriend again, or else this particular dynamic between them. Maybe the writers will want to re-introduce (the concept of) a girlfriend in a different capacity, in a future episode, in a way that will fit with that particular plot, like a reporter fit with the “highly publicized missing child” story in 19x05. A reporter could fit in pretty much every episode, of course, but if they intended to reuse this plotline (Sonny being mad because she betrayed him), I don’t think they would have uploaded the deleted scene.

So, for canon purposes, I think we’re at "Sonny is probably dating Miss 34B but we don’t know who she is” and also at “Sonny’s personal life is an irrelevant detail the writers can write and rewrite to advance a case-related plotline”. So, back to where we started, I guess :D

Stray Thought

The usually impeccable SVU Fabulous Coat Department really did that woman wrong. I expected better from them.

Aaaand that’s all from me.

Now I’m off to work on my 19x05 Barisi tag :D

Answering the MANY (dear Lord) questions I’ve gotten on this: NO, there is no work engagement that is so last minute as to not being able to work around a party he’s known about for many weeks. NO, Tony does not owe ANY FAN ANY EXPLANATION at ALL for not going to a freaking party. The people he works with KNOW the real deal and play the game with him (see: BY). Wake up. Also, if he doesn’t want to go to a party, he doesn’t need to travel to the East Coast at all (in fact on Friday his hashtags claimed he’d stay in LA on holiday), and he can EASILY put out no matter which explanation and stay at home in LA.

He CHOSE not to say anything. HE CHOSE to suddenly make it PUBLIC that he is in NYC, when up until Friday he made it public that he would have a “staycation”, home in LA. So start thinking about things. And I DO NOT mean show-wise. (and NO, he wasn’t bloody celebrating any anniversary, before any idiot says that, and he KNEW about the party and this was very last-minute. REPEAT: up until Friday HE HIMSELF said he’d stay in LA).

Also and btw: Has anyone seen him at airports? NO. Has anyone seen him in Central Park? NO. Has anyone seen him in NYC? NO. Always bear in mind that a public narrative is just that, and it doesn’t necessarily respond to truth. It’s possible he was in NYC, it’s equally possible he wasn’t at all.

The only point here is he put out a narrative and he chose to go silent despite knowing many questions would be asked. He knows how to communicate all too well, so this was a deliberate choice, for reasons. Start thinking.

Getting a closer look

Girl I forgot to share this mini story time with y'all.
So a day before I went to Kcon my girls and I went to Korea town in LA and decided to go to this Plaza. We went to this kpop store to buy Merch and after we went to the food court. So we’re looking at all the food( there was nothing but Korean food btw)one of the chefs there was really funny btw, as soon as he saw us he was showing off, and trying to get our attention. So I see this Asian guy looking our way. He was pretty cute too. GIRL tell me why he walked over towards us and stood next to me?

I thought he was trying to get in line for a second, so I moved out the way because I was still just looking to see what I wanted. But everytime I moved to get out the way he would move right next to me. So I asked him “ Oh I’m not in line, are you going to order something?” He said No shyly and walked back to his table, this guy already had food on his table lol I guess he just wanted a closer look of this brown sugar 😂👏🏾😜


*Daveed Diggs x Reader

*Summary: Daveed goes to see Reader in Hamilton LA and gets a bit jealous when he sees how close she is to LA’s Lafayette

*Warnings: None, I think

*A/N: I saw Hamilton in LA and absolutely loved it. Low-key when Jordan (Lafayette/Jefferson) came onstage I was like ‘oh, he cute’ and immediately felt like I was cheating on Daveed so yeah, that’s where this came from. BTW I absolutely love Emmy as Angelica, she’s amazing

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like i fucked up the last prompt - thot it was - fill in the blank - got posted anyyay - that wuz a typo btw - gonna keep it i like it - tout la change - not a bowie either - every so often - weather i choose or not - i cut my hair - almost like another david  - actually thatz a psycho 2 fer - wait - i guess its better than falling out boy - is my dissonance showing - same as it ever was - fuck - i cant remember - who the prompt is for - maybe i will jest tag the usual suspects and hope 4 the best - its not kafka inaction anyway - imma lot of things but no  samsa - got an iphone - maybe i shoulda been an actor and not a musician - then at least i woulda been a wait - or - maybe still have a day job to quit - or a writer who goes postal - i started off deciduous - but ended up in memphis 

Vor dem Schloss, Vienna 2017-10-29. Drew Sarich,
Sebastian Brandmeier, Raphael Gross, Charles Kreische
Vor dem Schloss, Vienna 2017-10-29. Drew Sarich,

Another audio I took a week ago. This is absolutely one of my top 3 scenes of the whole show. Have fun with “Ich las Ihr Buch “Die Fledermaus..” und “Such mit mir den Schwarzen Gral” ^^ Pls do not share outside tumblr.

Btw I always laugh a bit about the Schwarze Gral. I wonder how the searching of them both, Alfred and the Count, for the black grail would look like…. I know, I know it´s metaphorically but nevertheless… Furthermore this brings me to my fixed idea that Krolock is not only interested in women… blood is not gender/sex related and I am quite sure he likes to seduce nice young men too. And I mean that literally in not avoiding a getting closer in physical terms (as getting close to Sarah pretending a kiss) But this is my personal opinion.


crying because rAVE-UP TOGNITHT TRAOIELR and i dNIDNT HAVE INTERNET FOR 2 DAYS adnn guess whta i spent it on

also sxun’s perm is fab and all but im really not used to drawing curly hair :’((