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She’s the betta half of the two


[Was it worth getting a six-pack for Pompeii] Yes! Because what happens now is that I’ve got my top off in this movie and that’s what everyone thinks I look like underneath all the time. So it quite paid of actually. It’s a few months of pain and a lifetime of people thinking you look like that normally.

an accurate listing of exo stans on tumblr

~ use ‘:(’ a lot
~ have an appalling amount of kindness to show
~ don’t even touch them if you know yixing just updated his ig

~ chill, composed, rarely act extra or go way off
~ each one has a favourite version of minseok: from wilding onstage minseok to chill and fine asf mature minseok
~ will always fuck with a jongdae stan

~ just as wild as their man
~ stan and appreciate every single inch of jongdae
~ have 10 songs on their phone and they’re all jongdae osts and cbx songs

~ scream or spam an excessive amount of tags on baekhyun posts
~ have 586 nicknames for bbh
~ are either wilding with thirst or being super corny and poetic

~ make fun of everything pcy does but will turn around and fight anyone who comes with pcy slander
~ would give their right arm to be able to wear rolex watches and vetements hoodies for their man
~ always there to watch broadcasts so they can make 30 posts that say “CHANYTEEOL”

~ “bunny” this, “bunny” that
~ find junmyeon’s rv obsession both endearing and embarrasing
~ always on about peachy cheeks and their precious leader but will cancel you in the blink of an eye if you have any shit to say about kjm

~ some of the funniest stans on tumblr
~ always there and ready to support anything ksoo does/tries out
~ super intuitive and think about every little thing ksoo says, making it so deep that you want to cry about their post when the original topic was ksoo eating a granola bar

~ super quiet and calm
~ half of them never tag anything and the other half just tag “i love him”
~ have never been extra in their lives but they do come close when jongin does One Of Those Dances and they nut to the moon and back

~ the most informed about exo’s activities
~ only use the 🤢  and 🤧  emojis
~ want to kiss sehun’s cheeks and let him raw them at the same time, they’re very stressed

Here’s a passive aggressive protip: don’t complain about indie artist prices in tags when you reblog their posts…? LOL

The Last Five Years Bootlegs

A lot of people have been asking where they can watch the stage show since the trailer for the movie has come out, so here you go my friends…

Original Off-Broadway Cast [2002]: Sherie Rene Scott and Norbert Leo Butz.

Off-Broadway Revival Cast pt.1, pt. 2, pt. 3, pt. 4, pt. 5 [2013]: Betsy Wolfe and Adam Kantor.

New Haven Cast pt. 1 & pt. 2  [2014]: Katie Rose Clarke and Adam Halpin.

I’m ready for October, bring it on

I drew this one or two years ago? It’s been awhile… Anyway, it was and still is a present for @newworldchild.

Originally, I didn’t want to post this, and I’m doing it with a bit of reluctance at the moment, but the Chuuatsu tag hadn’t anything new for awhile, and I currently don’t have the time to update my Chuuatsu fic or draw something… so for now, I was gonna post this.

It counts… somehow.

anonymous asked:

Everyone is asking what it is. I'm just wondering why it's called the 'Vague' AU. Is it cause there isn't much explanation or something?

yeah..as I explained the title was meant to be a joke because there is not much to it..but now it’s either 3 main character’s with vague past or because it’s Alex being a mystery model and no one can tell who he is through the photos

I think Lotor and Keith could help each other out above and beyond the fact that they’re both half Galra. They both appear to have grown up isolated from one half of their ancestry, and I think it would be interesting to see them bond over this shared isolation. Lotor has been raised and immersed in Galra culture, and from what we’ve seen he has a deep understanding of it. But since Altea is destroyed, and the only remnants of its inhabitants/culture live on in Coran and Allura, it’s not hard to assume he was never given a lot of information about this other half of him and he was probably even told to distance himself from it as much as possible. (I.e. if he’s able to shapeshift or inherited any kind of Altean magic from his mother, he was probably forbidden from using them.) On the other hand, Keith wasn’t aware of being half Galra for a majority of his life, alongside the fact that he didn’t even know that aliens existed. Although he’s aware now, the Galra at large are his enemies and want him and his friends dead. He could probably learn something about the good part of Galra culture from the Blade, but even then most if not all of them seem to be full Galra, and they still wouldn’t be able to counsel him in dealing with his half race existence.

I know it will never happen in canon but provided the right circumstances, it would be cool to see Keith and Lotor talk about the fact that they’ve both been cut off from one half of themselves for a majority of their lives and just be able to vent about that with someone who understands. 

It's Over Isn't It (Tom "Cover")
It's Over Isn't It (Tom "Cover")

Not sure if this one will work… for some reason Tumblr doesn’t want Tom to sing this </3

But if it does work please don’t judge how terrible my audio editing skills are. I tried to make it sound like Tom from the beautiful original song so it may or may not have worked. I tried <3 

Either way, I hope you all like it!! <3 

PS: If you plan on sharing this or putting it in an edit or something like that, just please credit me. This wasn’t entirely easy so just tag IG| svtfoe_af or my tumblr blog. I’d really appreciate it <3 <3

I just saw a post floating around that was legitimately a screencap of a tumblr BTS meme post, tags notes and all, and I just have to say:

What’s wrong with the reblog button?

Interrupting the pleasantness to say, again… could we please not tag Lin on original posts of bootleg material. He searches his tag to engage with fans, especially fanart and personal messages. A lot of us like having him on here. Putting bootleg material in front of his face when he comes here to talk with fans is an excellent way to make coming here a bad experience for him, one, you know, he might not want to continue.

Not to mention it’s just unnecessarily rude. I know people aren’t used to this in every fandom and a lot of you are new. Lin is an actual personal presence on social media, both including and apart from Hamilton. And I think we’re very lucky to have him. His name in the tags or his handle on twitter is not just a content marker. It’s potentially addressing him. That doesn’t mean you can’t fangirl the fuck out. Tumblr is for fans. It does mean certain things are inappropriate to tag with his full name. Tagging him on bootleg posts is a really crappy way to repay him for everything he’s given and continues to give.

If you have any questions, please check out my #bootlegs tag first.

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  • Sendak: It is but a scratch
  • Pidge: No it isn't your arm's off.
  • Sendak: No it isn't.
  • Pidge: Then what's that?
  • Sendak: I've had worse.

i was thinking about that post on the topic of fandoms always having that one fanfic that’s 100% AU and painfully ooc yet considered THE classic and recced everywhere etc etc and i used tag viewer on it due to curiosity and

i learned there are many people who read those fics for fandoms they’re not in so they’ll have all their fav tropes in what will feel, to them, like original fiction

if anything could convince me even more strongly that those fics are all interchangeable this would be it tbh