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Imagine saving Steve Rogers from an awkward situation

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50 A Softer World Prompts

When I look at you all I can see are the mistakes we’re going to make. (The future’s so bright.)

This is also in the same universe as Now or Never (thanks again for listening to me ramble about that, Kat)

“So, what’s it like in Vegas?” Bitty’s cousin Robert (Bobby) asks Kent half way through lunch.

When Bitty had invited Kent to come for the 4th of July, he’d warned him about his family. More specifically, he’d warned him that they had a tendency to chatter.

“Y’know,” Kent shrugs, “dry heat—douchebags shouting on every street corner. Lots of booze and gambling.”

Bitty discreetly rolls his eyes. As if any of that was a bad thing in Kent’s book.

Bobby whistles. “Must attract a lot of…strange folks.”

Kent takes another bite of his potato salad. “I guess. I’m probably the biggest freak out there.”

“Kent,” Bitty huffs.

“What? You gotta admit I’m out there-Dicky,” Kent snorts at the nickname Suzanne revealed to him two days ago when he landed in Atlanta. “Short, millionaire playboy. I’m like Tony Stark with more charm and less wits.”

“You have an incorrigible sense of humor,” Bitty chirps. “That’s all.”

“Tomato, potato,” Kent hums.

“I gotta ask,” Randy interrupts. “Is your team the queer one?”

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All Mine Now

Smut Saturday this week! <3

Murphy x Reader | Connor x Stacey | 18+ Only | NSFW |

Request: “Okay so I had this idea that maybe you and your friend are drinking at the bar for the first time and Murphy is heart eyes because you were drop dead gorgeous and seemed to not only be able to handle drinking but also fought off a guy that was bothering you and your friend. When your friend goes home with some cute guy Connor tells him to talk to you and stuff and you guys go home and have some freaky deaky time lol maybe some cuddles and he asks you out on a date in the morning??”

Summary: The reader catches Murphy’s eye at a bar and her friend Stacey picks up a liking to Connor. The two get friendly with the guys when someone at the bar makes a move on the reader. Murphy and Connor teach them a lesson and smutty smuttiness ensues. I didn’t get around to him asking her on a date at the end, but sort of implies they will be together. End game Murphy smut turned out a lot longer than intended,but I doubt I’ll hear complaints ;) Feedback welcome! <3


You huffed angrily and looked at your friend in dismay.

“Of course! There’s no place to sit!” You complained loudly over the sound of the drunken chatter and the jukebox rattling out some old Irish tune.

Your friend Stacey laughed and rolled her eyes light heartedly at you. She knew you had had a shit day. You had just quit your job unable to take your bosses shit anymore. That is why you were standing here, your hair drenched from the dismal drizzle outside, staring over at the see of smiling drunken faces, wishing you had felt even half as good.

Suddenly, Stacey tugged at your arm, “Look! Someone is leaving! Let’s go grab that table!”

You groan a little, still not wanting to be surrounded by people, but needing a damn drink! You follow her begrudgingly across the smoke filled room to a small two person table that sat adjacent to the long wooden bar. You glanced around to the bar and put up your index finger, trying to get the bartender’s attention. You succeed and an older gentlemen with short white hair and square shaped glasses back his way over to your table.

“What can I get ya? Fuck!” He called out suddenly, his eyes blinking rapidly as he stared at you.

Had you heard him right? You thought to yourself. But, quickly shut It off, you didn’t even honestly care you just wanted to feel something other than pissed off.

“Can I get a double shot of Vodka with some limes?” You smile politely and then quickly slam your hand on the table.

“You know what? Fuck it! Just bring the whole damn bottle over.” You said smirking, feeling yourself finally loosening into the idea of cutting lose and enjoying yourself tonight.

You look over at Stacey who smiles in happy approval before turning her attention to the older gentleman in front of her, “I’ll have the same.”

The mad nodded rapidly and walked away, “Fuck! Shit! They can drink!” You heard two heard him mutter to himself as he walked away.

You looked at your friend and cocked your head to the side quizzically at the man’s behavior. Stacey shrugged and you both leaned into each other to have a little laugh.

The man quickly came back over and set down a big bottle of vodka along with two ice filled glasses before walking back behind the bar to serve his many other customers.

You picked it up and tipped it at him, “Thank you good sir!” Nodding your head down as if you were one of the elite pricks you used to have to cater to, you giggled to yourself and went about opening the bottle and pouring you both big glasses full of the sweet elixir.

You take your glass in your hand and raise it toward your friend, who mirrors your behavior, awaiting you words.

“To a night of I don’t give a fuck antics, girl! I need it! That fucking job can kiss my ass and so can my boss! Which he has tried to do several times despite me telling him to fuck off! Nothing better than having to fend off unwanted attention while kissing the ass of the corporate elite! So here’s to new beginning and knowing that I will never have my ass grabbed by that prick ever again!” You slam your glass into Stacey’s, who laughs at your sudden determination, and throw the alcohol swiftly down your throat.

You quickly pour yourself anything one and repeat, laughing a little as you felt the firewater run down your throat and loosen every cell in your body. You kicked out of your high heels, never liking having to wear them, and begin to rub the soles of your feet up and down on the wooden floor, loving the feeling of them being free from those contorted contraptions.

You slam more of the liquid down your throat before slamming it back down. You slam your hands up and down on the table as you watch Stacey trying to catch up, cheering her on, “That a girl!” You smile and laugh loudly at her and pour her and yourself another.

You begin to relax into your environment, slumping back in your chair a little, allowing your eyes to roam the room. You glance around and see several tables filled with your typical 9 to 5 blue collared, good time boys making the most of the few hours of freedom they had before having to go back to the salt mines. Rowdy, drunk men filled the room and you started to realize there weren’t very many women, you saw a couple that were obviously there with their man, but you realized you two where the only ones in here alone.

“Dude. The male to female ratio in this place is crazy.” You look over at Stacey who laughs to herself and winks, “Why do you think I brought you here?”

You laughed and looked down at the table, embarrassed. You knew Stacey had been trying to get you laid for months now since you had broken up with whats-his-name. But work’s bullshit had kept you far too busy, not to mention you had more than enough issues trusting a man would ever stick around.

“Ah shit girl, I don’t know. It has been so long I might not even remember how it goes.” You say sarcastically, still looking down as you smirk to yourself.

You take another gulp of your drink and lift your eyes, allowing them to scan around the room with a different intention. Would you take any one of these guys home tonight? Could you? You scanned their faces and bodies, nothing really sparking your interesting. Your eyes move back over to the bartender who suddenly cusses out loudly, you laugh quizzically to yourself again before noticing a pair of eyes on you. Your eyes look slightly to the right of the bartender and you see a man with piercing dark blue eyes staring at you as if he were angry, he bite his lip and swirled his shot of whiskey in his hand as he glared you down.

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Night Out

A/N: The above gif was submitted by @arryn-nyx to help me get my writing flowing again. Thank you so much! This did just the trick! Special thank you to my amazing beta @impala-dreamer !

Pairing: Dean x Reader, and briefly: Sam, OFC Stacey, and OFC Heather

Word Count: 2809

Summary: A night out at a local bar. Yeah, that’s all I’m giving you on this one. 

Warnings: Fluff, tiny bit of angst/jealousy, and hints at possible smut.

A girls night out. Ugh, just great, another girls night out. They never turn into what you are hoping for. You just want to be able to let loose, have some fun, flirt a little and maybe, just maybe, find a guy for the night. Instead, you will most likely end up sitting at a high top table, nursing your drinks, avoiding socialization, and feeling downright pathetic. Why do you let them keep talking you into these when you know for a fact the guys are going to be all over your friend Stacey and not even look twice at you? Probably because you are a hopeless romantic who refuses to believe that the guy for you doesn’t exist. He is out there somewhere and the chances you will meet him in a bar are just as good as the chances of meeting him at the supermarket.

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orihime-maychan  asked:

Hey there, I was super-surprised, annoyed, and everything in between because of the ATLA rip-off thing.. Like, is that even legal? And it was published? I mean... really.. O___O I have so many questions but right now I'm doing whatever I can not to let one of my eyebrows go way up higher than the other one.. Thanks so much for the heads up, b/c imo downright ripping-off for cash is really not a way to get a decent and imaginative fan base -.-

Oh, definietly.

Like, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with writing bad fan fic, especially when you’re starting off. And there’s nothing wrong with being a kid and being like ‘these OCs are basically the fictional characters I like.” 

But to be an adult, who should definitely know better, and actually publishing it…hot damn

Can we tell Bryke, or something? 

Tell me if this exerpt from Stacey O’Neale’s Shadow Prince sounds familiar:

I should also add that, like academia when we talk about paraphrasing, there’s a difference between “partially inspired by” and “blatantly copying.” 

Bound By Chains - Chapter 18

Pairing: Eric/OC
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M

She’s bound to a monster. And he has personality issues.

A/N: Sorry this took so long but it’s such a crazy time of year! I also apologize for any mistakes as I have edited this myself. And thanks to those who have helped me through some difficult times while writing this! All appreciated!
Tags: @dauntlessmetalmom @equalstrashflavoredtrash @badassbaker @red-diary @pathybo @murmelinchen  @insertamazingwords @feminamortem @halefiresurvivor @suchlonelymuchsoul @elaacreditava @lauraaan182 @synnocence @jcause @glittergiirlgg @platitudinise @frecklefaceb @mimigemrose @sparklemichele 

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*Imagine for Sydney*

Imagine for Sydney;

“Hey babe,” You walk into your and your boyfriend’s house. 

He was sitting on the couch watching the football with beer can in his hand.

He continued looking straight ahead ignoring you completely, and this surprised you a bit.

“Um..babe?” You said awkwardly while swapping around the envelopes to check if you got any important mail.

He turned his head away from the TV to look at you evilly.

“What?” You asked confused

“How was dinner?” He scoffed, turning his head back towards the TV

“It was good thanks,” You smiled, “How was you-”

“Who is he?” Justin suddenly interrupted you, sounding extremely angry.

You leaned all your body weight onto your left leg, very confused.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, there’s no need to act. I know for a fact you didn’t go to dinner with Stacey. There was someone else.” He stood up angrily walking towards you.

“Wait Jus-”

“I can’t believe you!” He shook his head, “I thought what we had was real Sydney. You know how i know you’re lying? Stacey called.” He had an evil smile spread across his face, “She was asking for you.” He emphasised.  Suddenly his face turned red and he clenched his jaw, his fists clamped together by his sides, “What’s his fucking name? I’m gonna fucking kill him.” He grabbed your arms violently. 

This kid has lost his mind

You got frustrated because he wasn’t even giving you a chance. You looked at his hands wrapped tightly around your arms and had the urge to slap him across the face. 

Suddenly you used all the strength you had in your petite little body to shove him away, and he backed up surprisingly. 

“You think i’m cheating on you? Are you fucking insane?” You shouted, “I was at the fucking dinner with my brother, Tyler!” You exclaimed, seeing Justin’s facial expression change immediately, “Stacey called here to give the message that she can’t make it to dinner with me and Tyler tonight, but i had already left!” You shouted.

Bringing your hands down to the blazer pockets you were wearing, you pulled out your phone and scrammed through it.

“Here!” You screamed, showing Justin the screen.


Hey babe! I’m so sorry, but i can’t make it to the dinner tonight, i’ll call you later and let you know why. I guess it's just you and Tyler tonight. Try not to kill him, haha. 

Love you xx" 

Once Justin had read the message, he moved backwards slightly, speechless. 

“Oh so now you have nothing to say?!” You exclaimed.

“Baby I swea-”

“I can’t believe you.” You whispered, tears rolling down your face as you ran past him upstairs to your room. 

You slammed the door and fell to your bed, crying.

He’s such an ass

Your arms felt sore, so you took off your blazer and examined your arms, to see a bruise on your right arm, it wasn’t anything bad, but you still had it and there was no reason for it at all.

You shook your head angrily.

- A few hours later -

You were still sat up in your bed, you weren’t crying but you were still extremely angry and were in deep thoughts.

Suddenly you heard the door to your room open. Already knowing who it was, you didn’t even bother turning around.

You felt the space beside you sink down as you felt his presence behind you.

Without saying a word, you felt his lips descend towards your arm, where the bruise had decided to mark your skin. He left feather like kisses on the bruise, but gradually kissed up your arm until he reached your neck. He gently put his hands on your waist, but you didn’t dare move. You were so pissed and you weren’t going to give in that easily.

“Baby..” Justin whispered whilst still leaving kisses all over your neck. “I’m so fucking sorry.” Justin said, lightly squeezing your waist for emphasis.

“Stay mad at me all you want because i know i fucking deserve it but,” He stopped to move your hair out of the way, to continue kissing your neck. “I’m so sorry, i really am. I should never have accused you of cheating. I don’t even know where all that came from,” He trailed off. “It’s because you told me that you were going to dinner with Stacey and then she called and i got confused and i just..” He sighed, after he finished his rambling.

“I love you.” He whispered in your ear before kissing the spot just beneath it.

You sighed, not wanting to fight with him anymore.

Without saying anything, you twisted your body around to wrap your arms around his broad shoulders and hid your face in the crook of his neck. He immediately responded, wrapping his arms around your petite waist, kissing your hair.

“I love you.” You whispered back.

“Kiss me.”

You smiled lightly against his neck, before pulling back and placing your hands on his jaw. 

You crashed your lips against his tightly and he took control immediately, bringing you even closer if that was possible. He turned his head to get a better angle and deepened the kiss.

As you started feeling breathless, you pulled back. Resting your forehead against his, your noses barely touching, you whispered

“I’m yours and yours only." 


A/N: Oh mer gawd this was so damn long askjfkeugheqg;

But hey i hope you liked it Sydney!!!

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