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BTS Reaction to when you're at their concert they see you in the crowd and do aegyo or whatever and you answer them with aegyo back ?.Thank you~~~~~~~~~~~~

BTS when they see you on the crowd at a concert for the first time!


I think Jin would have two reactions when he saw you for the first time ever at a concert-

1- Silly goofy Jin who’s trying to do aegyo your way and trips because he is so shy (lol)

2- But It’s Jin  … he would fast recover in a blink and would go back to his cool stage persona in no time


He would see you on the crowd and start sending finger hearts your direction trying to be cute lil motherf.
You would answer by flipping a finger to him; provoking a cute lil smile~.

Idk, is it just me who would do this?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Jhope strikes me as a pretty intense guy on stage, so when he exchanged gazes with you he’d go “oh you came to see me?, watch this…” smug kind of attitude. 
He’d give his 110% to impress you

And boi he would deliver

Rap Monster

smoothmon here to slay your life!

Rapmon would keep his cool while performing and wouldn’t get distracted, but he’d send a cheeky wink your way if he catched your eye staring at him.


He very not smooth at all would get closer to where you were on the crowd, singing directly your way.
Probably, same as Namjoon, would wink and or smile cutely depends on the intenseness of the song  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Showing you all his skills 


You and me both know this boy…knows no chill...
V would see you and he turn on the smexy on and keep it on for the rest of the evening, stealing glances your way making sure you are watching him.
bodyroll game slick


Intense dab mode: ON 

lol jk

I think Jungkook is not likely to change when he saw you in the crowd.
He would get a little closer to you to say hi, and even maybe a little shy because its the first time you came to see him perform.

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Eeehm you asked for happy Connor Murphy headcanons but I'm not sure whether they should be set in the show or an AU so maybe small Connor teaching Zoe how to braid her hair? And him getting really excited about Christmas because he likes so the colorful lights ? (or for an alive AU when he notices that he's getting better and he's really proud about it? )

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an absolutely blessed ask oh my god???!! And AU or show headcanons are ALL my jam omg. Especially small Connor like that is adorable?????! 

Connor’s hair being long ever since he was a kid (his parents tried to convince him to cut it short but he R E F U S E D), and because of that he learned to be a MASTER at braiding hair. He can do his own with minimal use of a mirror. And so omg please him being, I dunno, 9 or 10 and seeing Zoe struggling to get her hair up. So he just sits with her for well over an hour on the bedroom floor, patiently braiding her hair. When he thinks she has the hang of it maybe even letting her braid his? 

AND I CANT EVEN DO MY NORMAL ADDING ANYTHING FOR THE LIGHTS because that is????!!! adorable??!! Young Connor was so big on the lights around Christmas time omg. Even when he’s older he still finds them calming, he just doesn’t admit it. 

The alive AU god bless ;-; Proud Connor gives me???!! Life??!!!!? Like he tends to notice a lot of the little things along with the obvious bigger ones. He ate without being prompted, didn’t get high for a week. One day he’s sitting around laughing at something and pauses because. He’s happy???! And he knows he’s not perfect and that he’ll still have bad days but. Things are getting better, and he carries the pride with him. 
Bonus if he looks back at old photos sometimes and it feels bittersweet because he knows how miserable he was when the photo was taken, but also he can’t help but think about how much things have changed 

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If you could go anywhere on vacation for one week all expenses paid where would you go? I would pick Ireland cause I'm like 80% Irish and never been there :)

This is gonna sound so lame but I would go to Chicago and just ball out of control. I am hopelessly in love with Chicago. Every time I’m there, I feel like the truest version of myself. Best food, best people, best architecture, best public art and cultural scene - it’s my fav place on earth. I wish I could move there but alas, I’m a chronically-ill Canadian that needs universal healthcare to live. I hope you get to go to Ireland some day! I am only 25% Irish and I still had a good time there ;)

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i love your blog, your tags on that photo set from ITR "• tanger: sliding a hand up geno's thigh • geno: too busy flirting with sid to care •" give me life. i cannot believe these idiots, gazing adoringly at each other, making cute hand gestures, while tanger casually gets fresh. why are they like this it is Too Much.

I feel your pain, nonnie. Tanger made a valiant effort to steal Geno’s attention away from Sid, but those two get lost in their own world sometimes.

I mean look at them:


…you do know there are other people around…

…don’t you?

shinee as i see them

i got an ask recently asking me to get fake deep talk about how i personally see the shines, so…here we go ;; disclaimer: this has far too many metaphors but am i supposed to stop myself? the answer is no. enjoy :’)


you gotta start with the leader, right? now, i’ve always found jinki the hardest to place. i’m always running my mouth off with metaphor after metaphor about all of the members, but..i’ve never quite understood what to associate with jinki. in the end, i think that’s what makes him cosmic. jinki is something i can’t quite understand. he’s the member who most prefers to keep his shinee life on a different plane than his home life. he shows us a part of himself, but the rest of him is such a mystery. he’s such a galaxy in his existence to us. a universe full of so many endless sparks of life and love in all that we can see. his voice, his smile, his laugh, his stage presence, he just wraps us up inside his cosmic whirls in the first moment we see him. in a flash we’re surrounded by awe inspiring swirls of something so much more beautiful. his tones envelop us in warmth and his movements pull us toward the stars. it’s only when we’re fully immersed within the galaxy that is jinki do we realize how little we really know about where we are. we can see what’s around us, but we don’t know what lies in those furthest recesses of who he is. that, i think, only makes this that much more beautiful. he is remarkable in what we can see, and even more in what we cannot. jinki is a mystery, but we all can’t help but fall in love.


for the past few weeks i’ve been in the dead of winter, and that’s where i’ve seen jonghyun. jonghyun, to me, finds his place in the winter night. whether cold and biting in the still air, or brisk and sharp with whipping frosty winds, he’s there. he exists not as a counter to the cold that’s outdoors, no, but he exists hand in hand with the cold. his big eyes sparkle like the moon off the snow drifts, while his smile makes his little teethies twinkle like near-fallen icicles. his hair, often dyed the frostiest white, exists in tandem with the crystals of ice that frolic in the air all around. all pretty parts of him shimmer like the cold still world around him. jjongie just…reflects everything about a cool night. there’s a sort of..solace…that comes with jjongie. and when i say solace, i don’t mean loneliness. i mean solitude. a gentle, quiet, comfortable sense of aloneness. when i think of this aloneness in the midnight air, my mind turns to blue night radio. jonghyun, alone, in his little corner of the world, truly at peace. in the smooth winter air that flows through that radio station, he shows us how we can be alone..together. we can feel what he feels without ever seeing his face. we can understand his thoughts without ever speaking to him. we can love without ever leaving our homes. the blue stillness of a winter midnight, with the calm comfort of blue night radio….that is where jjongie belongs.


now kibum…kibummie exists to me in shades of red. from the softest shade of pink, in how he bares his soul to us through unexpected moments of raw truth and clarity about himself. soft in his care for the people around him. gentle in the rare and real moments where he uses his struggles to inspire others to never give up. quiet in how he holds in so much pain sometimes…preciously, gorgeously, beautifully pink in all of his subtleties and secrets. here to the sharpest most poignant shade of scarlet. sharp in his movements, so sure of who he is and what he needs to be. cutting in his every look, in both senses of the word. cutting in his onstage actions, ones of unhindered confidence and unbridled talent. in this sharp shade, we find something special. nothing more and nothing less than he needs to be. his every move is calculated and right on target, yet his enthusiasm is unparalleled. you can feel his passion, blood red, in the way he smiles after a performance. you can see his desire with fire in his eyes while he stands up on that stage. his fears are in crimson that haunts the edges of his vision, but his joy is a ruby red that sparkles in the sunlight. and his passion is in deep scarlet, coursing through his blood in that camoflaged hue. his dedication is in wine, aged in this course of a lifetime. kibummie expresses his soul in shades of red, and in this moment, we can’t look away.


minho is a sunday morning. i’ve rambled about this before (oodles of times tbh) but i’m always willing to go on and on about this. choi is just..one of the most comforting souls the world is blessed to witness. he is warm, caring, hes passionate about the people he cares about, and he contains an ever present adoration for the world he’s in contact with. i call him a sunday morning because..have you ever woken up early on a weekend? have you ever just woken up for no reason other than to be awake? sunday mornings are so beautiful. hardly anyone is awake on a very early sunday morning. the only sounds that you can hear outside your open windows are the quiet chirps of birds outdoors just starting to wake up for their day. you can hear a car drive past every few minutes. you can hear the wind gently rustling through the trees out in your front yard. but that’s about it…you hear the quiet sounds that surround your own home. sunday mornings have a way of comforting you even when you didn’t think you needed them to. the air outside is near still, only flowing gently enough through your windows to slightly brush against your skin as you sit with a cup of coffee by the windowsill. sunday mornings are where love blooms within yourself. minho is like a sunday morning because he inspires love within all of the people around him. he is the comfort of the still air, the soft care of the sun upon your skin, the warm tingle of the coffee mug upon your fingertips. he is comfort and love…like sunday morning bliss.


now taemin…i feel like i’ve run all over the place with how i talk about taemin. i’ve called him a light, i’ve called him darkness, i’ve called him endlessly unexplored forests, i’ve called him calm morning snow, this list goes on (far too endlessly pfjfdjgft) but the one thing that stays the same is nature. taemin is a natural beauty. he has so much beauty, so much talent, so much (albeit adorably awkward) love built into him. and some can say he’s simply blessed, but i don’t think that’s true. genuine natural beauty doesn’t just come through untouched existence..you have to work for it. you have to tend to your cares and cultivate your worries and care for each and every little seed that’s been planted in your life. and that is just what taemin does. he is expression of natural talent through endless effort and unwavering strength. he is blood sweat and tears. he is the seed and the sprout and he is the water and sunlight that tends to it. taemin knows what he can be and will never stop working until he reaches that goal. i think that’s why he’s so eye catching in everything that he does. so often we can find ourselves blankly staring out into a natural scenescape, in awe of the beauty that the world works to withold…that same natural beauty is flowing from taemin in his every moment that he performs. like a horizonline at dusk, or forested treetops during a storm, or rolling clouds on a windy day, he is eye catching..hypnotizing….infinitely beautiful. he is, naturally, taemin.

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Could you do 81 with Sherlolly? (For the prompt ask thing. :)

Thank you, dearest Nonny! I hope you enjoy it! I had plenty of fun writing it. ;D


“I need you to fake date me.“ she sat down next to him.

“Nice to meet you too,“ Sherlock responded, putting down the book he had been reading,

“What was your name again?“

“Molly. Molly Hooper.“ she fumbled with the sleeve buttons of her yellow blouse.

“So that boy over there,-“ he pointed towards a guy searching the book shelf in front of him “is your Ex.“ Sherlock prompted and furrowed a brow at her.

Molly scoffed “Don’t ask.“

Sherlock couldn’t help but smirk, “I’m Sherlock by the way. Would be a shame if our cover blew off because you didn’t know my name.“

She stared at him, surprised by his decision, “So you’re in?“

He reached out for her hands, “Yes, seems like I don’t have another choice. He’s coming over. It’s now or never, Hooper,” he whispered so only she could hear him.

“Molly?”, she felt someone tapping on her shoulder. She let go one of Sherlock’s hands and turned around.

“Tom?” Molly asked with a faked surprised tone in her voice.

“Hey, it’s so nice to see you again! It’s been a while,” Tom exclaimed, while his gaze went over to Sherlock.“So who is this?” he furrowed a brow at Molly. Hurt and jealousy in his eyes.

“That’s Sherlock,” she softly brushed her fingers against his at the mention of his name.

“Nice to meet you, Tom.” Sherlock said as friendly as possible.

Tom simply nodded and eyed Molly again, “I was wondering if you’d like to get a coffee.”

“Oh. I’m sorry, Tom. But I was actually planning on spending the afternoon with Molly today,” Sherlock interrupted.

Molly turned around, giving him a confused look.

“It was supposed to be a surprise, Darling,” Sherlock smiled and placed kiss on her cheek.

“Play along,” he whispered into her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

She hummed, “That’s so thoughtful of you, Sweetheart.”

Their faces were only a few inches apart. Sherlock maintained eye contact and Molly felt her cheeks flushing.

“I know.” he answered with a honeyed voice and completely overwhelmed her by pressing a short kiss to her lips.

“Uhm, I think I should go now,” Tom mumbled and left as fast as possible.

“He’s gone.” Sherlock broke the kiss.

Molly opened her eyes and gave him an angry glare, “That was totally unnecessary!” she hissed.

“You liked it,” he smirked.

“I didn’t,” Molly stuttered and bit her lip.

“Well, then we should practice, you know, to make our relationship more plausible,” he leaned in for another kiss. stealing her breath.

EXO’s Reaction to You Telling Them You’re Pregnant

A/N: I’m going to keep it chill and assume that this was a planned pregnancy, rather than an unplanned ;)


You sat Xiumin down and told him as soon as you got the results, making sure not to sugarcoat it and get straight to the point. At first he’d go into shock, his mouth hanging open. It wasn’t after you shut his jaw for him that he smiled and hugged you, excited about your future together.


“You’re kidding,” is how Chen would respond when you told him the good news. “We’ve been trying for like, a month, and now it worked?” When you nodded in response, he’d have to sit down, happy, but surprised.


Baekhyun would act like a little kid himself, hugging you tightly and then quickly apologizing, patting your stomach. “I don’t want to hurt Baekhyun Jr,” he’d say, grinning cheesily up at you.


Chanyeol would blink and stay in an awkward silence for several minutes after you showed him the pregnancy test. After reality finally hit him, he wouldn’t be be able to stop grinning, bragging to the members that he was going to be a proud father.


Without hesitation, Lay would start googling a list of different baby names. “We should just a really beautiful, strong name,” he’d insist, bouncing slightly in his seat from excitement. His excitement was contagious, and you spent most of the afternoon looking at baby names together. 


Usually more subdued, D.O would surprise you by letting out an enthusiastic laugh and kissing you. For the rest of the week, he would be busy planning out the layout of your baby’s future room and repeatedly telling the other members about the announcement.


Suho would insist on a huge celebration, taking you out to dinner that night and telling everyone you encountered about the pregnancy, much to your embarrassment. A content smile would never leave his face, and he would talk about how you two were going to be “the coolest parents around”.


Though you and Kai had been trying for a baby for a couple weeks, he went into a state of shock when you told him the results were positive. “You..have…pregnant?” he’d ask, making you laugh. Once he came to his senses, he’d pamper you and treat you like a princess for the rest of the day.


You had decided to take Sehun out to eat and surprise him with the news at the restaurant. When you told him, he let out a startled yell while getting up and hugging you tightly. After his outburst of excitement, he’d sit back down and finish the meal like he hadn’t just reacted that way.