Fun fact: there’s a 2014 Mexican-American telenovela based on Les Mis. Lucia is supposed to be Jean Valjean and Daniel is Javert. They get married. Jean Valjean/Javert is canon thanks to Telemundo Miami.


DVicio, el nuevo furor español, llega a Un Nuevo Día | Un Nuevo Día | Telemundo (July 15, 2016)

demasiado-crueles replied to your post “Three underrated Gothic movies/books/shows that deserve more love and…”

Your description sounds super intriguing. Do you have more info? I know you said you can’t find any of them but I really want to look into this.

Unfortunately, I don’t have more info. They aired on Telemundo on Saturday afternoons in the early/mid-90s. 

I remember with one movie, the final showdown happened in a park in broad daylight and the ending was a flashforward to the hero waiting for his girl to give birth and when the twins are born they have vampire teeth and she’s like “Woops, I guess they weren’t yours.”