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hey , do u have the links to the selena specials? i only saw the univision one and am dying to see the orher ones.

yes i do! heres the Telemundo Siempre Selena which aired on sunday. part 1 http://www.telemundo.com/entretenimiento/2015/03/29/programa-especial-de-telemundo-siempre-selena-12-video and part 2 http://www.telemundo.com/entretenimiento/2015/03/29/programa-especial-de-telemundo-siempre-selena-22-video if theres anymore that i missed i’ll post more


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Telemundo ‘Siempre Selena’ Special

In case you missed Telemundo ‘Siempre Selena’ Special last night. Or you just want to re-watch it. Here are some places you can watch it at.

You can watch it on Xfinity (Comcast) On Demand. Just go to On Demand then go to the Latino section. Then go to the Celebrando Selena section. The special will only be available on On-Demand until April 28.

You can also watch it on Telemundo Website. Here’s the link to Part 1 & part 2.



Selena Quintanilla-Pérez TV Specials schedule

3/28 - Tras verdad on Canal de las Estrellas (Airs in Mexico) at 2pm MX

3/28 - El Gordo y La Flaca (Selena 20 anos despues) on Univision at 7pm/6c
3/28 - Sabado Gigante (Remembering Selena) on Univision at 8pm/7c
3/29 - Selena Movie on Univision at 5pm PT
3/29 - Siempre Selena (The Last Concert & Family Interviews) on Telemundo at 6pm/5c
3/29 - Nuestra Belleza Latina (Selena Tribute) on Univision at 8pm/7c
3/29 - Selena Por Siempre special on Canal De Las Estrellas (Airs in Mexico) at 8pm mx
3/29 - Aquí y Ahora (Selena Special) on Univision at 7pm/6c
3/29 - Pura Energía on Multimedios TV at 2pm
3/30-31 - Despierta America on Univision at 7am/6c
3/30-31 - Un Nuevo Día on Telemundo at 7am/6c
 —— Shows in English ——
3/29 - Snapped on Oxygen (Selena: Death of a Superstar) at 8pm PT
3/31 - ‘The Real’ at 12pm PT

Check your local TV listings for the time & channel of the shows.
* If you know of any more specials. Please let me know. It does not matter if the special is in a different Country. *