Top 10 Best Drawn Images from “South Park”

1. Imaginationland from “Imaginationland: Episode I” s11e10

2. “A Slow Cosby” from “Where My Country Gone?” s19e2

3. Denmark from “Fort Collins” s20e6

4. Aurora’s Castle from “Obama Wins!” s16e14

5. The White House from “Members Only” s20e8

6. “And I…Am a Princess” from “A Song from Ass and Fire” s17e8

7. “Getting Away from it All” from “The F Word” s13e12

8. “The Last Pizza Party” from “Margaritaville” s13e3

9. Stark’s Pond from “You’re Getting Old” s15e7

10. Sunrise in South Park from “Go Fund Yourself” s18e1

Shoutout to the storyboard and animation teams of South Park for creating such beautiful imagery in the show!

blinddetermination  asked:



The Lost Emotion- https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8dNQpbIJHyNT0ZVMHp4dkNybFk

The final boss battle
Knife? What Knife? NH Frisk uses their fiSTS
I don’t think that’d fare very well in a knife fight tho lmao rip

I wonder if this still counts as two vs two B’)

“Crystal Collection” by Lillian Cuda, 2016.

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