.still wearing the green shirt i see

TBH i’m still thinking about this picture.  you are totally allowed to tuck your shirt into your underwear (it’s a thing!), BUT. how has no one commented on rick sanchez wearing green briefs.  does he go to the store and buy multi-packs with different colors? does he shop somewhere upscale and pick out 2 for $15 with little nautical prints we can’t see? are all of his underwear green? does morty comment on them one time, and does rick stare him down lecherously, does he tell morty, “y-y-you know what they say, morty, there’s something about the green ones.”  DOES HE? SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS WRT RICK SANCHEZ’S UNDERWEAR, SEND HELP.

Hurt // {Liam Dunbar x Reader}

Hurt // {Liam Dunbar x Reader}

Warnings: Kissing, Fluff, Smut (?)

Scenery: 3 am, Summer.


It was the middle of the night, around 3 am.
Normally you would be asleep but since it was summer break you were still up.
You were wearing black shorts and a baseball t-shirt (the color of the sleeves and collar were army green and the body of the shirt is white),
You hair was in a messy high ponytail.

You were sitting in your bed watching a movie on your laptop, your parents asleep in their room down the hall.

Suddenly you feel your phone vibrate beside you.
You look onto your screen to see Liam’s name appear.

“Y/N I need you right now, Come to the front door, Now.”

“On my way” you said rushing down the stairs as quietly as you can trying not to wake anyone.

You open your front door as you see Liam laying on the ground against his car.
He was hugging his side, you could see on his face he was in pain.

“What happened?” You asked in a worried tone as you rushed over to him lowering yourself to him so you could get a better look.

“We were in a fight with the berserkers and I got hurt..” He said almost in tears.

You lifted him up putting his arm around your shoulder so he could lean on you,
You took him up the stairs and into your room locking the door behind you.

He sat on your bed as you went into your bathroom to get some rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball.

You came over to him, he was sitting on your bed and you on your knees on the floor right in front of him.
He took of his shirt to reveal a huge cut, about 5 inches.

You soaked the cotton ball and gently applied it to the cut;

“Ugh it burns” he moaned lightly.

“Don’t worry, you’ll heal in a couple minutes” you said trying to comfort him.

While you were cleaning his cut you kept catching him staring at you,
You finished cleaning him up.
As you got up back to the bathroom he grabbed your wrist turning you to face him,
He was pulling you closer to him,
His hands on your waist.

He was still on your bed while you stood in front of him.
He held both of your hands in his,
Looking in to your eyes he stood up.
He moved his hand up to your face moving some of your loose hair behind your ear as he pulled you closer,

His face was close to your,
You could feel him breath on you,
His heartbeat,
He kept eye contact with you as your lips finally meet.

His soft lips brushed against yours slightly teasing you,
You brought both your hands behind his neck pulling him into a long passionate kiss.

You break the kiss, putting your hands on his toned chest, looking at him.
You push him into your bed,
He falls on his back slightly bouncing with a little smirk on his face.

You got on top of him, looking into his eyes as he did the same with yours.
You put your hands on his cheeks pulling him again into a kiss.

After a couple minutes you both break the kiss and try to catch your breath.
He looks at you before flipping you over,
He was on top of you now,
Hovering over you.

You both start making out again but this time he starts moving down to your neck, leaving you small marks as he nibbles and sucks on your neck making you moan a little bit.

He then moved back to your lips, biting your lower lip as your hands travel up and down his chest.

You have had enough teasing and wanted to make him want it,
You started biting his lip and then started leaving kisses all over his jawline,
You then move to his neck sucking on it leaving red marks all over him.

He has had enough.

He took your wrists pinning them to your bed beside your head,
Moving his face closer to yours before finally kissing you,
That kiss was long and rough.

You both were out of breath and you look over to the clock realizing it’s already 4:30 am.

Liam crashes beside you,
You turn to him giving him a kiss on the cheek before turning the other way.

He covered you both with your blanket and brought his hand to your waist, spooning you as you both fall asleep into the night.


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