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so ready for the holt/kevin wedding ep like just imagine:
- jake and amy dressed up
- significant stares across the room
- meaningful speeches
- a slow dance where they not-so-subtly discuss marriage


100 MOVIES IN 2015
9/100 Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of (2015) ★★★★★

Okay so I have this weird Headcanon that Kevin is like Craig’s Gang’s “outside” friend. Like he’s not one of them, but he’s closer to them than everyone else is.

And they’re all really precious:

Craig?? Loves this kid. Has undoubtedly talked space facts and shit with him. Has also been spotted ruffling Kevin’s hair and playfully wrestling with him on numerous occasions.

Token?? Literally his mother. So overprotective. DO NOT TEASE TINY ASIAN BOY WHEN TOKEN IS IN THE VICINITY OKAY

Tweek?? Best friends. They discuss conspiracies about aliens and the government over some nice coffee from Tweek Bros

Jimmy?? Kevin loves his jokes. Literally laughs at all of them. Jimmy feels so fucking APPRECIATED WHENEVER HE’S AROUND


March 13, 2005 - From Kevin Smith’s Facebook Page on February 11, 2016:

“I was in the UK receiving the Empire Magazine Independent Spirit Award alongside fellow award recipients Matt Damon and Quentin Tarantino. To present me with my trophy, I chose my Dogma partner-in-crime - England’s own Alan Rickman! The Rick'er graciously agreed and at the ceremony, an actor I’d fallen in love with long before we’d ever met said some beautiful stuff about my fat ass before inviting me on stage for my acceptance speech. Afterwards, I was congratulated by Dame Helen Mirren and almost passed out when Jane Tennison herself said “You’re very funny.” But the true highlight of the evening was this photo. We were crammed into one van heading back to the hotel when we all begged the driver to stop on a London bridge so we could memorialize the evening. It was a bit of an ordeal to accomplish but now I’m so glad we took the time. Nearly 11 years ago, four folks who did Dogma duty together back in the day and their loved ones celebrated simply knowing one another and being alive in one of the greatest cities in the world. Pictured are me, Jen Schwalbach, Jayme Wes, Matt and his wife Luciana, future Argo producer Chay Carter, and Alan and his longtime love (and future bride) Rima Horton. Always take the time to capture the moment, Kids. Before you know it, the moments pass… And sometimes, so do the people you love.”


Smashed down to Kevin’s spot in Yuba City Friday night after work so we could do a day trip in Tahoe. We got up super early and made our way to Tahoe only to be disappointed by two major highways being closed for a majority of the morning. We ended up throwing in the towel around 10:30am and headed back to Yuba City since it was getting too late to get any good snowboarding time in. Even though it was a failed trip, it was nice to see Kevin again after his long deployment overseas. Also, I am super stoked on the progress he is making on his Subaru Outback. It’s looking awesome with the STI wheels and new suspension (not pictured in these photos since he threw on his stocks w/ all season tires for Tahoe).

WSL ship rankings - January 2017

Thanks to everyone who has submitted a fic rec or tagged us in a reblog this past month!

  1. Ambreigns - 200
  2. Ambrollins - 188
  3. Sami Zayn/Finn Bálor - 66
  4. Rolleigns - 57
  5. Ambrolleigns - 49
  6. Fabreeze - 47
  7. Cassamore - 33
  8. Centon - 18
  9. Shearrett - 15
  10. Chad Gable/Jason Jordan - 13

A little bit of a reshuffle around the middle of our top 10, with Ambrolleigns & Fabreeze trading places, but the biggest change has been at the number 10 spot, where Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn has finally dropped from the chart, replaced by Chad Gable/Jason Jordan who are also the biggest growers this past month at 18%.

That means a new sidebar pic is needed, so Chad/Jason shippers, now is your chance to make a suggestion!

Remember, any ship listed in this month’s ranking will be eligible to win our cover model spot when we next take February’s count on March 1st, so if your fave is listed here, get those recs sent in! 😊📚


Nick Carter Dances
Part 02 - Studio 54 Night

Andrew probably learns French on his own so that he can keep up with Neil and Kevin’s side conversations. Neil knows Andrew understands French. But Kevin? No clue.

- Years down the line when they’re on US Court together, Kevin and Neil are having one of their iconic Exy Arguments™ during practice.
- It’s gotten to the point that everyone is used to Kevin and Neil shouting at each other in French.
- Except this time Andrew fires back a single response in French.
- Kevin stops mid rant. The court is silent.
- Andrew causally walks to his spot in the net.
- Kevin is still slack-jawed staring at Andrew. He can’t remember what he was arguing with Neil over.
- After practice Kevin tries to interrogate Andrew in French.
- “When did you learn French? How long have you known French? Why didn’t you say anything earlier about speaking French? Do you know how useful this could have been on the court before?? Are you ignoring me?”
- Andrew blatantly ignores him.
- Kevin is forever paranoid over whether it was a fluke or if Andrew actually knows French.
- Plot twist: Jeremy wins the bet.