.spoilers i guess

maggie was kicked out when she was 14 and there were maybe two lines discussing it. meanwhile mon el being jealous of kara got like three entire scenes devoted to it, it was discussed to the point where it felt like i was just watching the same scene over and over again. this show doesnt even try to hide the fact that it will never value wlw relationships or give them the same treatment that its gross abusive het ships get. sanvers have been dating for three months and get a quick kiss. karamel get together for the first time and are given a full on makeout scene on the couch. im so tired of feeling like an afterthought and only being given a handful of scenes that feel rushed and underdeveloped.

supergirl has done amazing things for lgbt representation and i dont want to seem ungrateful, but theres still so much more it needs to improve on

also the fact that magnus talks about how much his relationship with alec definitely isn’t a fling with jace, throws a party for the lightwoods even though maryse and other shadowhunters have been nothing but cruel to him, and saves alec from killing himself only for them to fight next episode makes me so sad because even though i know alec isn’t thinking clearly because it’s definitely about finding out about izzy and the yin fen and he’s probably upset with himself for not figuring it out sooner and thus taking it out on others but i also know that if magnus knew he wouldn’t have done nothing about it so i’m just hoping that 1) the fight doesn’t last long 2) alec thanks magnus for saving everyone (in fact they should all do this) 3) we get that hug and kiss in public from those photos a while back

you know, i do think it’s fun to point out how the delicate moral quandaries of batman and the joker, such as, “why doesn’t batman kill the joker?” or “does batman create his villains?” were translated in lego batman to ask something like, “why does the joker sound like he means “fuck” when he says “fight?””

but at the same time, it’s also not… so… different. lego joker was going to blow up / destroy an entire city to preserve he and batman’s relationship. is that really so much better or less intense than killing for batman’s attention? i know lego joker is cute, and i know it’s a children’s movie. beside the point.

what i’m saying is that if you ship it in the lego batman movie, you can’t really call it gross in other verses. uh, more or less.

NDRV3 is just a month old and Kokichi Ouma is already somehow the most misunderstood character in the series, even more than Mikan.


So what your saying is basically that…

Yes Malec had their first time last episode

Yes they cut it off of the episode

Yes they made it into a side comment on S2E08

Ok… I just needed confirmation I guess… IDK

MMMM I feel bad now

I dunno if you guys got this, but when I reopened Undertale after beating the True Pacifist Route Flowey popped up and guilt tripped me. I had been going to do a Genocide Route. And he just popped up, and was like “I don’t wanna reset the timeline anymore, but you do don’t you? Well, erase my memory then so I won’t know I was ever happy lol” and disappeared.


Do I still do it I DON’T KNOW HNNNNNNN…..

If I streamed me doing the Genocide Route would ya’ll watch?

When everyone else’s legacies makes you impatient to get multiple generations of your own but you’re unsure if you’ll even get to finish the first gen because life is a bitch…
…and you not even half way done it either…

And this morning I’m thinking about how Taako picking an animal that’s immune to poisons has several different layers of meaning the first of which is he’s slippery and the last of which is he was supposed to eat that chicken and he was supposed to have died yet somehow he escaped intact and his slipperiness has /consequences/

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20 for hamliza?

20. things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

things to know:

1) this is after the Bad Summer so Spoilers i guess

2) the idea is courtesy of @runawayforthesummer because we agreed Alex and Eliza would be That Couple on dates

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