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1. Iwatobi Swim Club Appreciation Party
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1. Iwatobi Swim Club Appreciation Party

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Thank you @aliasanonyme for the audio clip!


Asahi: There! Alright, gonna swim to our heart’s content again today!

Makoto: Asahi, you really are spirited. Aren’t you tired from the time trial yesterday?

Asahi: What are you talking about!? I was so excited since yesterday I couldn’t contain myself the whole night at home, it was awful! Like Sis was totally yelling at me for being loud and stuff.

Ikuya: You’re such a muscle-brain.

Asahi: What the hell!? Didn’t you also say “I’ll definitely swim faster!” yesterday!?

Ikua: …! I did say that, but…

Asahi: And anyway, you’re good at long distance swimming, right? Isn’t it a little too soon for you to be exhausted?

Ikuya: They are different things.

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~just little dyspraxia things~
  • i did not tell my hand to throw that thing. i told it to gently pick up the thing. but i guess it decided throwing was better.
  • boyfriend has gotten very used to sudden crashes and screams followed by cheerful yell of “i’m okay!”
  • or not.  bones broken so far: collarbone, wrist, finger, rib, toe.
  • elbows & knees bend backwards. good party trick.
  • every dance or aerobics lesson sounds like “this step is very simple. all you have to do is put your left on right foot in hand out up down through!”
  • fidget fidget fidget fidget fidget
  • hey, hand? can you hold something, but just hold it a little bit, instead of in a white-knuckle death grip?  no? oh.
  • what is a facial expression
  • <3<3<3 tagless underwear <3<3<3
  • why do people want to make eye contact anyway, you already know what eyes look like. if you do not: they are round things. white mostly, colorful ring, black in the middle. there.  that should cover you, now let’s have this conversation while looking comfortably over each other’s shoulders.
  • “let’s go to a crowded place with lots of overlapping conversations and people bumping into each other!” or we could not. how about not.
  • this food is Not Allowed.
  • weird stutter that isn’t technically a stutter, it’s more just a total failure to make the word happen
  • handwriting like a can of worms crawling through a pile of sticks
Effort [M]

Pairings: Reader X Yoongi / Reader X Taehyung / Taehyung X Yoongi (Taegi)

Genre: Filthy smut

Word Count: 7300

Summary: When the guy you’re trying to avoid appears at the party you’re attending, you have no choice but to do the adult thing and hide in a cupboard until he leaves. Tonight, however, you’re not the only one hiding…

A/N: Written in celebration of the birth of the Kim “He Wasn’t My Bias But He Came For Me And Now I’m Snatched” Taehyung. Someone please speak to him. He needs to know that actions have consequences.

Originally posted by sukeber

You throw open the cupboard door and dart inside, hastily pulling the door shut behind you.

“Oh my god,” you say in a strangled voice, pushing the heavy coats out of your way and scrambling to the back of the cupboard. “Oh my god.”

You can’t believe he actually came. You fumble for your small bag in the dark, the text you’re about to send already formulating in your mind. YOU SAID HE WOULDN’T BE HERE!!!!!

Yes, that’s what you would send; all caps and at least five exclamation marks just to show the severity of the matter.

“I don’t mean to make a fuss,” says a voice to your right timidly. “But you’re standing on my foot.”

Your heart immediately climbs out of your chest and into your throat.

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The Flatmate

So we got this ask right here, and I thought why not. This is a male reader x Steve Rogers fic. I wasn’t entirely sure what this anon wanted so I’m hoping a little bit of bi Steve Rogers will do. I enjoyed writing it so I hope you enjoy reading it :D 

“Nat, I am not going out with your flatmate.” You protest for the fourth time that day, Nat pouting at you moodily. You and Nat had worked together for a good seven years, her having hired you in the first place. The pair of you had slowly worked your way up the company together and now Nat was boss, you second in command. She had moved in with her friend Steve about a year ago and since then she had been trying to set the pair of you up constantly.

“You’d be cute together.”

“You don’t even know if he’s bi or not!” You say, pushing the same point you’d been using every time she brought him up. Nat hadn’t realised you were gay at first, and had actually made a move on you at a party once. However when she saw you later on at the party hooking up with Tim from accounting she had moved on to matchmaking instead.

“Oh come on, how much more proof do you need.” She scoffed.

“I would like him to say to you ‘Natasha, I am bi. I would enjoy having another man kissing my lips and would consider touching his penis is he bought me dinner first’. I would also like you to record it so I have evidence, with a written transcript to go on file.”

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So there is like this overwatch party thing and everyone is invited or whatever how would hanzo,mccree and genji react to their crush who is also at the party but kept getting interrupted and ignored by their friends so they just leave the party room alone

ahhh sounds like me when at parties, hahaa i’m not a very good people person but i’m trying to get better. ;u;

i made all three of them really long, so they’re under the cut~ oops!

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Why do knetizens hate Monsta X so much?

This has been bothering me for so long but it’s finally gotten to the point where I can’t keep quiet about it anymore. I don’t understand how knetz could shit on Monsta X so much. Like how dare you say that they don’t deserve the awards they won this year, THOSE BOYS WORKED THEIR TAILS OFF AND EARNED THOSE. They have gone through so much shit and they just debuted. What right do you guys have to outright badmouth their every move and their accomplishments?

ANOTHER THING TOO. I CANT STAND IT WHEN THEY BRING UP WONHO OR KIHYUN’S “SCANDALOUS” PASTS AS A REASON TO JUSTIFY THEIR IRRELEVANT COMMENTS. How can you fault these boys for things they did when they were literally minors? It bugs me because even if the situations are a little different, knetz are ready to jump and defend Tzuyu, citing that she is a minor and her actions shouldn’t be taken so seriously, but are so quick to jump on Wonho and Kihyun for things they did as MINORS. THEY’VE CHANGED. THEY’RE NOT KIDS ANYMORE. WHY THE HELL ARE THEY STILL HANGING ONTO THEIR PAST? WHY CANT THEY JUST GET OVER IT? AND TBH THE STUFF WONHO IS ACCUSED OF ISNT EVEN THAT BAD??? LIKE UNDERAGED DRINKING AND PARTYING??? SOUNDS LIKE HE HAD A GOOD TIME. MAYBE THEY’RE JUST JEALOUS BECAUSE WONHO ACTUALLY HAD FUN AS A TEEN LMAO.

Well anyway, I don’t understand all of this hate for these 7 lovely boys. #ProtectMonstaX2016

EDIT: I’m not trying to make light of tzuyu’s situation. I 100% agree that tzuyu did nothing wrong, heck i even lost a friend because i argued with them about it. I’m just saying that if knetz can criticize chinese netizens (who take tzuyu’s mistake very seriously because of china and taiwans political relationship) saying that tzuyu is too young to understand how much tension there is, or that her actions shouldnt be taken too seriously because she is underaged, than why cant they take their own advice and apply that to monsta x. Sure the circumstances are different BUT if theyre going to pull the “shes only __ years old, she’s a kid” card on the chinese netizens, why cant they do the same regarding monsta x’s past.

“Previously, MAMA representatives had remained silent about YG Entertainment artists being excluded from the awards. CJ E&M and YG Entertainment has recently experienced tension most notably due to iKON’s exclusion from the “M!Countdown” music chart. Even hours before revealing the nominees, MAMA officials did not comment on whether YG would be represented and stated that the final line-up was still not confirmed.”

credits: soompi

What are the odds!! Part Five

Hi everyone :)
So here is the final part of What are the odds!! I’m not as happy with it as i would of liked to be so for that i am sorry!  i just hope i haven’t disappointed you all with the ending!! Thank you to everyone who’s read it and also who’s sent lovely messages about it, i really didn’t expect anyone to remember it with it being so long between parts three and four so it was amazing when so many of you did. So thank you :) i hope you like it.

Previous parts below





Rae slammed her fist down onto her alarm clock before rubbing her eyes sleepily.
Why had she agreed to meet up with Chloe and Izzy so early, especially when she knew all they wanted to do was talk about Finn and his apparent flirting.

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Start fighting the little battles. The ones you’ve already experienced.
Wear black when you go out with friends and don’t turn when your mother asks if you’re going to a funeral.
Pick your own bedding. Choose the deep burgundy sheets with gold details, not the pastel colored ones with flower prints.
Get a job and use your money wisely. That party sounds like a good idea now, but will it in a month when you’ll have to ask your parents for money to go on that trip with friends?
Buy your own groceries, cook your own food. When your dad says he doesn’t get the food you eat these days make him try a bite.
Freedom is not given, you have to take it. But you can’t take it all in one day.
—  Plans for the Future, S.K

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OH OH OH can you just write something with Eren for this one? I don't even care what ship, just this one - (740):All I know is that I have a black eye and an extra $200 in my wallet. Other than that, clueless.

Well anon, I hope you like erejeanmarco! ;D

Eren awoke to a throbbing headache and a swollen eye. He reached up to touch it and hissed. Looking around, he couldn’t tell where he was. He was lying on the floor, having slid out of a four-poster bed. There was no one else in the bed and it didn’t look as if anyone but him had slept there. Oh thank god. He felt around for his phone and let out a sigh when he found it. Phone? Check. Flipping through, it revealed nothing.

Wallet? Check. Eren flipped through it and revealed a startling amount of bills. Mostly singles. But enough twenties for him to figure out he had at least around $200 cash.

Good, he could call a cab.

[Eren:] Armin, wtf happened last night?

[Armin:] ???

[Armin:] what do you mean? you were unusually quiet.

[Eren:] All I know is that I have a black eye and an extra $200 in my wallet. Other than that, clueless.

[Armin:] i’m checking fb, hold on.

Eren winced and put a hand to his head.

“Oh good, you’re up,” said an icy voice from the doorway.

Eren looked up to see a well-dressed man in a button down and sweater vest eyeing him disapprovingly from the doorway.

“Here is your coat,” he said throwing it at Eren. “And you can feel free to call yourself a cab whenever you feel like it. Arriverderci.”

“Sorry, do I know you?”

“Do you know me? No! As far as I can tell we have never met! But that didn’t stop you from crashing my bachelor’s party and giving everyone a lap dance and then getting into a fight!” the man ranted and Eren realized that besides a cute smattering of freckles on his nose he also had a slight Italian accent.

“Sounds like a pretty good bachelor’s party if you ask me,” Eren said, allowing a slow grin to spread across his face.

“I—no! No it most certainly was not! My fiancé and I agreed, ‘No strippers!’ and I most definitely did not ask for a lap dance from—from—“ the man waved his hands at Eren.

“I’m Eren,” Eren said relaxing into the sheets on the floor with a stretch and a yawn.

“I didn’t ask who you were!” the man said, a faint bit of pink appearing on his cheeks.

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In Your Arms Ch 2: Your Hand in Mine

Read Chapter 1 here

Fic Summary:  When Will and Nico get sent to a high school in New Jersey to recruit a new demigod, they’re prepared for fighting monsters as usual. What’s new to them are the problems of normal American high schoolers: stress, schoolwork, and bullies. This is definitely the most difficult quest they’ve had yet.

I’d originally intended for this fic to be a oneshot, but after getting multiple requests for me to continue, I began to get ideas for where this story could go :) Thank you to 7GattiNeri on ao3 for giving me an idea for this chapter!

Chapter Summary: After having had a peaceful Friday night the previous week, Will drags Nico to a party, where the demigods find more trouble than they bargained for.

Warnings: homophobic slurs

Word Count: 1710

Read on ao3

Ever since Nico had discovered coffee, he had heavily relied on it for being able to function in the mornings. Mondays, of course, were always terrible, but the Monday after the night Nico had spent cuddling with Will was really one of the worst.

He’d overslept because he’d stayed up too late the night before, so he didn’t have time to make sure everything was packed in his backpack. Once he’d gotten to school, he realized he’d left his math notebook at home, which had his homework and notes in it. Then there was a pop quiz in history that Nico hadn’t at all been prepared for, and just to make it worse, there were no new developments in the search for the new demigod. But the worst part? Nico hadn’t had time to have coffee that morning.

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Band Member: Calum Hood

Word Count: 1,608

Summary w/o spoilers: You’re in a gang and he doesn’t have a clue.

The bell over the door rang, signaling to you and your fellow waitresses that another customer had come into the small diner you worked at and, since you guys cycled customers, it also meant that it was your customer this time. You were only twenty minutes away from being off work, but rules were rules and you’d have to stay as long as your customer did, so you let out a quiet sigh before putting on your best smile and heading over to the table. The guy was handsome, you’d give him that, but his attitude would be your selling factor on whether or not he was worth your time.

He noticed you before you had the chance to introduce yourself, greeting you with a warm smile as you handed the menu to him. His eyes wandered from your face to your chest, something that irritated you until he murmured your name aloud with a slight nod. Then you could only blush, asking him if he knew what he wanted to drink yet. He asked for two glasses of water and a basket of fries for now, the request making you die a little bit on the inside because it sounded like he planned on staying for a while and that he had somebody else coming but you really wanted to go home. Tomorrow was your day off, but you had a lot to do so you really wanted to get a full night of sleep.

You returned shortly with his water and fries, and started to walk away when you felt his hand around your wrist.

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  • Isabela: So, I've never understood why the Chantry says if you're good, you'll be taken up to the Maker's side.
  • Sebastian: Those who die with the sins cleansed from their souls will walk beside the Maker in eternity.
  • Isabela: That doesn't sound fun!
  • Isabela: If they really want people to be good, shouldn't they offer an afterlife with... lakes of wine and a dozen naked virgins?
  • Sebastian: Anyone who wants that will be going to the Void.
  • Isabela: Sounds like that's where all the good parties will be.

anonymous asked:

Is it true that Lana had a relationship with Dan Auerbach? What do you believe?

This is what she has said about him:

Everything I do feels so organized: touring, playing a show night after night with a couple months in between to make a record, and being in charge of all of it—mixing, mastering. Sometimes I meet people with a lot of fire and energy. Mentally, maybe we’re not that similar. Telepathically, we’re not on that same wavelength. If there’s a physicality and a chemistry, that ends up winning for me every time because it’s the opposite of what I have every day.

Who’s the last person you met who made you feel like that? Dan Auerbach, for better or for worse.

How did you meet Dan? I met Dan at The Riviera strip club in Queens. He was with Tom Elmhirst, who’s an amazing mixer, and I was with Emile Haynie. Emile asked if I wanted to go hang out with them and I had a lot of fun for the first time in a long time. Dan had been mixing Ray Lamontagne’s record with Tom down at Electric Lady studios. And he left by the time I was there—Lee Foster gave me Electric Lady all by myself for three weeks.

Wow. It was incredible. By the end of the three weeks I thought I was done. Then I met Dan and he said, “Why don’t we just go to Nashville and see what happens?” I went because it sounded like a good time. I didn’t want the party to end. I flew there with Lee and we rented a farm for six weeks. We drove to Dan’s studio on 8th Street every day and I loved it. He was what I was looking for, because he was a facilitator. He said “yes” a lot. If I was like, “I only want to sing this through once,” that was normal to him. It was natural that someone would like what they got on the first try. He was cool like that.

Dan Auerbach changed things for me, and I have no idea why. He was just interested in me. That made me feel like maybe what I was doing was interesting. He gave me some confidence back. He listened to songs that were folk songs at the time, and he thought that maybe, with some revision, they could be more dynamic. I started to see a bigger picture. For me, if I don’t have a concept it’s not worth writing a whole album. I don’t like it if there’s no story.

The world was heavy for a couple years. That’s why I liked Dan: He was casual. It didn’t have to be so serious.

“Meeting [producer/Black Keys frontman] Dan Auerbach changed everything. He really brought fun back into my life. We had a natural chemistry between us that was kind of palpable and he was spontaneous. We’d go into the studio with the band and do one cut ofUltraviolence—raw and live with all seven players in the same room with an old bedroom microphone—and leave it as it was. It was thrilling.”