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consider this: draco owns a tabby cat during all his school years instead of his eagle owl, he gets suspecious bc the cat gets distant like all cats do and just fucking disappears and reappears at times, and then becomes strangely close to him, as when he lies on his bed, doing nothing in particular after a long day and it’d just come and curl at his side and never cease to stare at him with its wide green eyes and draco instinctively just stares back at the animal bc it has Potter’s fuckin eyecolor, then he’d just reach out and pet the cat on the head gently and hear it purr softly under his touch. The cat grows to be draco’s sincere friend for hearing him out when he complains- compliments,   stupid potter and his stupid scar and hair and skin bc he’s just so fucking stupid for not noticing him. The cat turns out to be a certain green-eyed, messy-haired young man, who’s just as confused about his sexuality and who’s a fucking animagus that transforms whenever he wants to come near draco and feel his warmth, he shoves the real cat out of the way by using a sleeping/ stunning spell and just goes to get a nice view of draco’s face as it softens when he talkes about his inner feelings to a cat every night

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is it true that Misha made several comments that imply there could be more to the Cas and Mary dynamic than just platonic friendship?


I already briefly replied a similar ask yesterday, but apparently this is a big deal in the fandom right now, so here are my two cents, I guess. Even though this is the kind of question that I’d rather dodge and be like “please go ask someone else instead”.

Look, as far as I know, roughly all that’s been said is that Mary will realize how much Cas means to the boys, and that they’ll have an interesting dynamic because of it, seeing as they have some things in common. (Also, Cas knowing the boys as they are now, unlike Mary, and them bonding over that.) 

And I get it, with this show’s reputation, everyone is going to jump to conclusions, but honestly, there’s a very big difference between ‘this is the kind of ship that some fans probably won’t like because it’s not their cup of tea and you can’t please everyone’ and ‘this is the kind of ship that should never see the light of day in any universe’. In case you’re genuinely wondering, romantic Cas/Mary is the latter.

Because no matter as what kind of fan you’re approaching this, I can’t imagine that this would be at all appealing to anyone as a romantic relationship, because it’s wrong on so many levels…

The Destiel fan:

Plain and simple; you see one half of the pairing that you’ve shipped for over eight years, hook up with the freshly-brought-back-from-the-dead mom of the other half. 

Also, if you’re at all (if only a little, even if you’re not truly a shipper) open minded to Destiel or m/m relationships, it is hella hard to interpret Castiel (both thanks to Misha’s acting but also the actual story lines for Castiel) as anything other than in love with Dean Winchester. Personally I think that the Destiel from Dean’s side is kind of a hot-and-cold situation at times, but if you look at the show without heteronormativity goggles, it’s hard to read anything but “ROMANTIC”, from Cas’ side, at all times. It would be so messed up, because you’d get that vibe of; oh well, if I can’t have him, I’ll just go bang his mother. 

The same pretty much goes for the Sastiel squad; one half of your OTP hooking up with the other half’s previously dead mom.

Granted, there’s bias here, because when it comes to these fans, their OTP is involved. So moving on.

The Team Free Will/Team Family Fan:

The kind of fan that loves the Team Free Will dynamic but doesn’t necessarily need any romantic Destiel/Sastiel/Wincest. They have accepted and truly love the idea of Cas as the third brother (and as far as canon goes, even I am glad that he’s earned that title from the Winchesters), and considering that when looking at both physical appearance and age (even though Cas is technically immortal and ageless) they could easily be brothers in the eyes of most humans and each other, this would be all kinds of disturbing. Like “HEY LOOK MOM IS BACK FROM THE DEAD, WAIT WHAT SHE’S HOOKING UP WITH THE PERSON WE CONSIDER OUR BROTHER, BEST FRIEND, AND GUARDIAN ANGEL”. 

If I honestly have to spell out for anyone how incredibly fucked up that would be (and not in a good way) for Cas’ entire relationship with the Winchesters, then I don’t know what to tell you. He’d go from their friend and confidant to some sort of unwelcome stepdad, not to mention; imagine your mom hooking up with someone that you basically consider a sibling, or even just your closest friend. That’s a whole lot of yikes right there.


Now these are the kind of fans that probably would support a Cas/Mary hookup at first (and on the surface), just to spite the Destiel squad. And yeah, well played, lord knows I’ve done this in other fandoms back when I was younger and more bitter. But deep down, most of these fans are Team Winchester Family, are John Winchester enthusiasts, and I’m having a hard time believing that any of them would truly be cool with it if Mary (the mother of their beloved golden boys, the wife of John Winchester) would get into a long term relationship with that one character that they absolutely despise, or more like hate with the passion of a thousand burning suns. 

The Casual Viewer:

I think that the casual viewer by now is a mix of all of the above. Some are slowly starting to see the Destiel (sometimes with some encouragement), others aren’t here for romance period and love the Team Free Will forever bros dynamic (maybe the occasional hookup between the Winchester bros and some hot young girl), and then I’m certain there’s a group that’s been watching from the very start and is only there for Sam/Dean and the old Winchester family Mary/John tale. 

There simply isn’t an audience for Mary/Cas as anything romantic, because it makes no sense, no matter the point of view. :p You sometimes hear people defensively say “THIS SHIP SHOULDN’T GO CANON BECAUSE IT FUCKS UP THE ENTIRE SHOW” when a ship that they dislike is included, but this would in fact be one of those things that screws up all established canon and all of the relationships built on mutual trust and respect on this show between the three main characters.

So, I’m going to give the SPN writers the benefit of the doubt and say that not even they would pull something /this/ fucked up, and I think everyone should follow that example for now.

Unless they’re playing the game ‘how can I make sure to annoy an entire fandom at once’, I don’t see any reason why this would become a thing. :p  


BONUS to my previous post ;)

“It was almost 11pm, and while walking outside and simply talking seemed quite romantic, Mei was a bit shaky, since she didn’t knew this date would go on for so long. Junkrat, noticing her shiver, offered her his jacket, trying to be ‘a gentleman’, even though he’d never like to be associated with that word. Mei was bashful and refused the offer, yet as soon as the wind blowed again, she snatched the jacket right from his hands and covered herself up, however still looking away from the young mans side. Junkrat absolutely loves it when she shows him attitude, but this time instead of teasing her more, he asked if she’d like some boba, because there was one place serving it this late just around the corner. Mei wasn’t thirsty, but she didn’t want to go back home, neither did she really want to stop spending time with Jamison, because even though she hated to admit it, but he did make her feel some sort of special way…”

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i need more omega!misha material too. ;-; let's share headcanons

I think my favourite headcanon is that Misha’s very public. He is shy, that’s true and he still doesn’t really like putting himself in the spot light. But how many omegas are there in main roles? Hollywood rarely casts omega actors, even if it’s to play omega characters. So he feels it’s only right to go on stage and say “hey I’m here, don’t let people tell you you can’t do it!”

(Jensen’s on the fence about that, because he’s a traditional Texan alpha. But he’ll come around.)

What’s funny to Misha is that the show never bothered to give Castiel a presentation status, but he still plays him with omega in mind because hello? All powerful angels can be omegas too!

Ah, I have to leave the house so I can’t think about more, so what do you think? Any lovely headcanons?