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This is it. Sorry I couldn’t do a better job and it took WAY too long to finish. But, here, this is the little Chalphy centred piece I’ve been working on. I’m glad I got this out before my vacation ends. 

Epilogue dialogues are taken from serenesforest.net (scripts found in the forum, translated by SummerWolf, and hosted by AceNoctali. ) with some modifications here and there (as I forgot to take snapshots when I was playing the game).

I’ve mentioned I wanted to share some of my headcanons but I feel like there’s enough content here in this post so I’ll save that for some future posts (or just forget about them). 

Say, tomorrow is Mid Autumn Festival in China which is a traditional festival for family get-togethers. Isn’t it a nice idea to post this for this special day? (what am I even getting at?)

(p.s. Shannan thinks that this post is unfair)

Awkward Acceptance Speech Part 2/2 (Tom Holland x Reader)

A/N: So, I didn’t plan on making a part two to this but so many people wanted one. So, here it is. It’s short.

Prompt: Aftermath of your awkward confession during your acceptance speech. Part One

Requests are Open

Tom Holland x Reader, words: 763, requested?: yes, warning: none

It had been a few days since you had received Tom’s number and your best friend kept telling you to call him. You were nervous, to say the least. Your face had been in the press ever since your stunt at the award ceremony, some good and some bad. Most people couldn’t believe you had made a fool of yourself like that. You still couldn’t believe it yourself. Your twitter feed was full of tweets about your mess up. It didn’t look like it was going to die down anytime soon either. You decided to take a break from social media, it would just make things worse if you replied to anything. 

But you couldn’t help but check Tom’s Twitter and Instagram. He barely ever used his Twitter but you were hoping to see something. Anything. You came up empty handed so you checked his best friend Harrison’s Twitter. About a day ago, he posted a status about Tom nervously pacing around their hotel room for something. Was he waiting for you to text or call? It couldn’t be. Could it? You had made a complete fool out of yourself in front of everyone and dragged him down with you.

You paced around your living room, debating on what to do. According to Tom’s Instagram, he was in Singapore and you were in LA. You took in a deep breath as you paced back and forth. “Well, if I text him and he totally denies me then that’s okay. Right? It’ll all be fine. What’s the worst that could happen?” You could have embarrassed yourself for no reason whatsoever. You grabbed your phone from your coffee table and pulled up Tom’s contact. “Now or never,” you muttered.

It was much easier to send out a text than calling him. Plus, you weren’t sure about the time differences. You didn’t want to wake him up if he was asleep. ‘Hey, it’s Y/N. Sorry, it took so long to text.’ You felt the need to explain yourself because it had taken so long to contact him. It was best, to be honest. ‘I was nervous actually haha’. You double text him.

I was nervous you forgot about me’ Your phone pings not even a minute later.


‘i was honored when you said those things about me you’re my celebrity crush as well ahaha



‘Aren’t you like out of town??’

When i get back or i could always fly back to see you

I’m flattered but don’t cut your vacation short for me. Enjoy it. I’ll see you when you get back

I can’t wait

Me either’ A knock on your door interrupted your message. You were expecting your best friend for a much needed girls’ day. ‘I gtg now! Ttyl!’

good bye love

Some time had passed since you began dating Tom and things couldn’t be better. You were keeping things on the down-low since you both feared the media blowing things out of proportion or making up stories. The two of you were guest starring on Jimmy Fallon to promote your new movies that were coming out later that year. You were very excited but also very nervous. You were kind of afraid of Tom spilling the beans about your relationship, but you wouldn’t be angry if he did.

You were backstage getting ready for the show while he was on the air. You watched from the provided tv in your dressing room. You were getting a feed from the cameras before anyone watching tv at home could. You carefully applied red lipstick to your lips as you watched.

“We have Y/N L/N backstage tonight and we’ll be interviewing her,” you heard Jimmy say to Tom. You saw Tom nod his head and braced yourself for whatever questions Jimmy had for your boyfriend. ‘Have the two of you spoke since that fateful award ceremony?’

“Yeah, we have.” A smile spreads across Tom’s lips and you know he’s probably going to admit to your relationship. You roll your eyes but smile. He could never keep his mouth shut about anything.

“How’s that going?”

“Amazing, Jimmy. She’s a delight.”

“Are the two of you seeing each other?” By the look on Jimmy’s face, he already knows. If Tom denied it then he would come for you. “Be honest.”

“Uh…well…” Tom blushes and squirms in his seat. Now it was his turn to embarrass himself in front of millions of people. A smile forms on your lips as you turn the tv off before he can finish his answer. You’d just wait and see.

Asami Week Day 4: Support

Length: 2140 words
Pairing: Suggestive of Korrasami
Characters: Korra, Asami, Pema, Rohan
Beta reader: blogquantumreality 

Having left Wu in Mako’s hands, Asami returned with Korra to the Air Temple Island. The Avatar hadn’t questioned her decision to cross the bay with her; after all, Asami had been willing to drop everything and cross an ocean with her three years ago. It wasn’t until Asami made her way to the old bedroom she’d once stayed in that Korra stopped to inquire.

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