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it was said that kyungsoo seemed weak during ‘wolf’ like he couldn’t stand up right and was unstable. during LMR he wasn’t looking very well,and had slightly lesser performance time than usual and when he was going up the stairs for CMB he was said to have almost fell

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Okay yes but considered yandere smokescreen. I dunno but I feel like he'd make a good one.


Like he’s just so eager and happy to see you all the time but when you say you are upset or sad and that you don’t wanna talk or smth he gets this stern ‘oh, well ill fix this so you want to talk’ face and he disappears for like an hour then comes back with a gift for you or the resolution to your problems.
He’s always got this smile just for you like he wears it for everyone but you see it the most he is always cheery but if anyone hurts you he frowns this deep set frown that almost frightens you but then he turns it around so quick you barely think of it.

Then people start to go missing, they walk on eggshells around you. People move, they get new jobs, they avoid you. The ones who don’t, the ones who seem to rub the fact that they are your friend in Smokes face? They go AWOL.
Smokes is the one I headcanon to be so good at hiding the fact that he wants you all to himself, that you are his no matter what. He brings you gifts (that look familiar, didn’t that belong to someone you knew?) and he makes sure no one is too close.