AkaYona Ch. 141 - Review

My dearest Yona nerds, I’m back again with another review/some thoughts on the latest chapter! So let’s get started right away…

We finally got what we’ve been waiting for since like forever: The confrontation between Yona and Soo-Won. I really like how Yona has grown. She’s not the weak, naive princess who used to cry just because of her messy hair. Of course we, the readers, already know about her astounding development. But this time it’s a little different, because the one who is confronted by the new Yona is Soo-Won himself.

It’s funny how the first thing that comes to his mind when noticing that Yona came without Hak is “Omg, where’s Hak? Did she come all by herself? Without Hak? Is he also being held in Xing Kingdom? Hak, where are you? Hak! Hak!!! HAAAKKK!!!”. It’s kinda cute and also shows us how much he still cares for both Hak and Yona. And Yona was able to read his usually well-hidden thoughts once again. And he’s all like “How did you know what I was thinking?”. Very well written, Kusanagi-sensei!

Now, let’s focus on this point for a while… To me it was obvious that Soo-Won was already well aware of his father’s crimes. But the interesting part here is his reply to Yona’s question. Under what circumstances is it righteous to throw the heads of prisoners over the castle walls? I’d really like to see an explanation for defending his father’s ideals. Maybe he’s been living in a constant denial. Well, until now of course:

Yona shamelessly stood up against him, which also made him face the harsh reality. Like Yona said, it’s the first time he was unable to hide his emotions completely. But yeah, of course Keishuk is the one who interferes in the conversation. .__.

Ah, so King Il knew it all along. This could explain why he acted so overprotective of Yona. And it may also be the reason why they banished the priests from the castle grounds. It also looks like Soo-Won and Il were in the middle of a serious discussion. Did Soo-Won try to convince King Il one last time and asked him for permission to marry Yona? Or was it Yu-Hon who King Il was talking to and Soo-Won just overheard the conversation (which would mean that he was still a child back then). Kusanagi has just given us a small piece of information, but in the end, it gets even more confusing…

Just as Keishuk acted all shitty again, Lili came to Yona’s rescue. That’s my girl! We need more Lili moments in the manga, she’s such an underrated character if you ask me.

And the moment he realizes that Lili is good friends with Yona - I’ve never seen such a pissed face in the entire manga. It really made me lol! xD And in order to safe Yona from being captured by the soldiers, she spilled the beans. If this revelation won’t backfire on Soo-Won, I don’t know what it will:

After that, Yona tries to convince Soo-Won once again. And just look at how his expression suddenly changes after hearing her powerful words:

He finally gave in and asks her why she believes that this approach will work. He’s normally not that kind of person who will listen to someone else’s opinion so easily, but this time, it’s different. And let me say that I’m not only proud of Yona, but also Soo-Won. It’s proof enough that he’s not the cruel person everyone thinks he is. I’m already sensing the beginning of a great character development.

After everything he did, Yona still trusts him as a king (and also human being). We can only assume what he’s thinking right now, but I guess it’s something like “Why do you even say such things? After all, I ruined your life… And regardless of all the horrible crimes I commited, you’re still able to view me in such a way?”

Whoops, I guess Lili isn’t even recognizing how her words could affect Soo-Won’s position as a king. She’s still kind of naive, but I’m sure she’ll learn from the consequences. But as we can see, she still believes in him and mentions how he also saved her life. I don’t care what everyone else thinks, but I still ship them so hard! Their dynamic is so great! <3

Keishuk, just get your shit together! Judging by the way he looks, he’s clearly plotting something to get rid of Yona. He’s kinda scary and I hope he’ll die soon… Sorry, Keishuk fans, but he’s a clear threat to everyone else!

Hak’s not the only one who finds Tao’s supporters fishy. They’re definitely hiding something. Maybe they’ll try to get rid of Kouren by using Princess Tao. Idk, but something seems off here.

I somehow expected a hiatus after this chapter, but it looks like we’ll be getting chapter 142 sooner than expected (June 5th)… I’m so looking forward to it!

Chapter 141 just showed Yona is no mere princess, but a FUCKING QUEEN (she owns it)

She’s the reincarnation of King Hiryuu, and thus have the support of all the 4 dragons (and the heavens, excuse me)

She also has Hak, former general and known as Thunder Beast, one of the strongest warriors in the kingdom by her side, but she doesnt hide behind him, instead facing the king and his army with only one person by her side (and just because she knew Hak would be more at ease if she were accompanied by somebody)

Let’s remember she also tells said king right at his face why his father couldn’t be king, exposing him to the son that loved him so much

She also has the support of one of the leaders of Fire Tribe (and many villagers who know her by her close work with them in a moment their own government didn’t help them)

She’s one of the closest friends with the daughter of the leader of Water Tribe

And just won the support and gratitude of the people of Water Tribe because of her efforts in helping them when in crisis (risking her own life while doing it)

But the most beautiful thing about Yona is that, even if she herself doesn’t know that yet, she already forgave SooWon, and probably still love him (even if not in a romantic way), and still trust him and believe that he’s not cruel, even if he’s the person that killed her father and even tried to kill her

After all this I would like to reiterate and say she’s not a queen, she’s a GODDESS, ALL BOW TO YONA, SHE’S SO FUCKING AMAZING

  • yeo wool: i see the glass as half empty, and han sung sees it as half full.
  • han sung: that’s why we make a good team!
  • yeo wool: sun woo, on the other hand, just drinks right out of the bottle, ban ryu wonders why it has to be glass, and soo ho usually breaks the glass by putting his feet up on the table.