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Books I’m currently reading: so sad today by melissa broder

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Name - zoe

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Your stockings may be hung by the chimney with care, but my little white stockings are adorable ALL YEAR ROUND!

Hi, I’m Patty Cake from Tr-Boro Animal Welfare in Butler, New Jersey, and since my sister was adopted I’m very lonely. BUT…

You can fix that! Yes, you can! You can come meet me, or call my shelter friends about me, or you can reblog me! That’s three awesome ways to help me! That makes you better than Santa!

I’m four and a half months old and I love to play! I’m super-friendly and affectionate, and totally healthy.

If you think I’m too cute to resist, just email info@tbaw.org or call (973) 831-5555 to find out more or set up a meet and greet. Be sure you give them your phone number so they can get back to you as fast as the twinkle in Santa’s eye!


Patty Cake

should i

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kim taehyung x reader. highschool!au. fluff. 4k words. i just really love a good love-hate relationship. there might be some errors bc i’m too lazy to proofread.

“Why should I?” It’s always the same question. It’s always said with the same smile. It’s always enough to make her heart lurch, whether from anger, from anxiousness, or from sorrow.

Why should he stay? She asks to herself. Why should she give him more reason to torment her for the rest of her life? They’re better off without each other, that’s what everyone keeps saying, so, why must they be together, still?

Oh, of course.

“Because I think I’m in love with you.”

One boy, a set of brown eyes, like blades of wilted grass, a set of warm hands, setting terracotta glow to everything it touches, a pair of lips, spewing torments and insults in lies. One boy, is enough to ruin [Name]’s three years of high school.

The bell will ring, in less than a minute, she is taking her time like her teacher’s bark isn’t chasing her. She used to be punctual, early, even. She used to enjoy home room, really she does. He used to go to another school, until he starts sitting behind her.

The first time knowing him, isn’t so bad. Pleasant, in fact, he’s warm and bright and wonderful like the taste of caramel on her tongue. He’s not all that he seems to be. No one is. He picks up the traces of her that she leaves behind in every conversation, and soon, those traces he’s gathered has become his way to toy with her greatest weakness. Her temper.

It’s partly her fault, someone with a temper like her should learn to control it better. But it’s also his fault, because he seems to like it better when she’s threatening to hurl a book at him, rather than having a normal sort of friendship.

It’s her fault, for he can’t resist how fun, how exhilarating it is, to see her get worked up over the gust of warm air hitting the shell of her ear, over a poke of his finger, over a sly closed eye smile, over every little thing he does.

The classroom door closes in time before the bell pounds, the teacher isn’t by her desk, yet, lucky, she stalks towards her seat, two rows before the last row of chairs. One, two, and he’s there, again, occupying her seat, smiling and waving, at her. As if they could ever pass as friends.

Dragged steps, hand wounding tighter on carried books, a scowl. He is everything but that. Knees bouncing on the spot, hands resting behind his head, a grin.

“Get out of my seat.” The chair rattles when she kicks it, he is rooted to the seat, feigning innocence very well.

“Why should I?”

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My first car was a jeep Cherokee from 1989 it cost $500, I only had $500 saved up but I was so eager to buy my first car and stop walking to work that I convinced my cousin to drive 300 miles with me to go get it.
When I arrived the car was covered in cancerous rust had a bad starter and an engine knock(1000 mile death sentence for most cars). I knew it was a bad deal but I had gone 300 miles and I was so eager.
The jeep made it home then it died, three more months of walking and $700 later I finally sold it for a set of sockets.

When I see people saying “we need to elect Hillary Clinton for women’s rights” I think about my old jeep. I know what it’s like to walk in sub zero snow storms for miles but if you wait just a little while longer I promise you can get something much better than a cancerous piece of garbage from the 80s.

And if she does win at the very least she will be an example for history that you shouldn’t put up with a monster just because they sound good. Weigh your options and don’t give into fear, that’s what they want you to do.

I’m about out of writing time for the day but I’ve managed to hit my 5k goal three days in a row, so that’s nice. (6,695 on Thurs, 7,070 yesterday, 5,705 today, but it’s actually a little more than that because I cut the parts of the outline I finished). Better yet, I’m finally making some inroads on my outline. This story *really* ballooned on my but it’s finally starting to come together again. I’m just shy of 50k words on it. I had set myself the goal of finishing by the 14th…that’s…probably not going to happen…but I also don’t think ‘ll still be in the weeds by then, so that’s something. :)


Like What You See

Request: Hi, could you write one when Dean and reader get stuck in 1945 like in the episode ‘time after time" and they fall in love, and they do romantic things like dance and things like that. Thanks

Characters: Dean x Reader

A/N: Sorry it took so long to get you this I’ll try and do better next time. Now this is based off of the episode “Time after Time” so a lot of the dialog is the same but I had to change small parts of it in order to incorporate the reader. Let me know what you think!!!!

You took one last look at your notes. Someone had been mummifying people in sets of threes and you were sure you finally had the right guy. You held up the picture and compared it to the man walking out of the house across the street. A wide smile covered your face as your suspicions were confirmed. This was your man.

You quickly got out your gun and checked the clip before getting out of your car and following the man into an alley. You pointed your gun at the ground as you ran trying to keep up with the man. You turned the corner when you saw your man hunched over another guy, a bright red light emanating from the two of them.

Without a second thought you tucked your gun into your jeans and sprinted towards the two men completely unaware of another pair of feet that were doing the same as yours.

With only a few feet of distance between you and the man you dove as the red light got brighter and you were met by not one but two pairs of arms.

When the light had finally died out you found yourself lying on top of a green-eyed man whom you knew was not your man. The green-eyed man opened his mouth to say something but you didn’t give him a chance. You stood up, pulled out your gun, and raced after your man who was fleeing towards the street.

However, once you reached the street you couldn’t help but notice that everything looked…well…old-fashioned. From the shops to the cars to the people. You didn’t have much time to look around, however, for the green-eyed man came up behind you with a gun of his own, the same look of bewilderment on his face.

You spotted a cop car behind the man and tucked your gun away assuming the man would be smart enough to do the same. He, however, obviously didn’t think as fast as you did for he still had his gun pointed at the ground looking around, you saw the officers getting out of the car and did the first thing you could think of. You threw your hands up in the air and screamed “Please don’t hurt me.”

The green-eyed man looked at you in shock before realizing you were looking behind him. He spun around exposing his gun to the officers. Both the officers pointed their guns at the man and you kept your hands in the air pleading for the officers to help you.

In a matter of seconds the man was pinned to the hood of the car and you were being brought to the station to release a statement.


A new set of officers started walking you through a series of hallways. You couldn’t help but notice how every once in a while they would send you a suspicious glance over their shoulders. Deciding it was time to kick it up a notch you tried to cry but tears refused to spill, so instead you acted as if you were in shock.

“Oh my god he had a gun on me.” You whispered loud enough for them to hear “He could have killed me.”

All of a sudden one of the officers stopped and spun around to face you, in just a second he had slapped a pair of cuffs on you.

“What are you doing?” you screeched.

“Mam you can stop the act, we know you were working with the man.” The officer said pulling you further down the hallway.

“What are you talking about?”

“Well you’re dressed like him and you’re carrying a gun similar to his.” The officer stated simply.

“How’d you-“ you began admitting defeat only to be stopped by being thrown into an interrogation room.

“Come on” you yelled banging on the door. You stopped when you heard a deep laughter behind you. You spun around and saw the same green-eyed man handcuffed to a table.

“Not as good an actor as you thought?” He asked. You narrowed your eyes before sitting down in the chair next to him.

“Dean” He said raising his hands as far as they could go.

“Y/N” you said raising both your hands to meet his.

“So how’d you get here?” He asked.

“Same way you did,” you shrugged “rode some douche whose been mummifying people.”

He grinned “So you’re a hunter too?”

You stared back in shock “Well that’s blunt but yeah I am.”

He opened his mouth to say something but was stopped by the door opening and an officer walking in. The officer opened a bag and poured it out onto the table. Out came yours and Deans stuff: two guns, two badges, two cell phones, and two knifes. He slowly started to pick through your stuff, seemingly amazed by it.

“Can I-“ Dean started only to be cut off by the officer.


“Listen to me.” Dean started again.

“IF you tell me you’re from the bureau one more time I’m going to hear you out myself got it?” he asked causing Dean to slump down in shame.

“This badge,” the officer said holding up Dean’s FBI badge “Was issued 68 years from now.”

Your eyes widened in shock and you looked over at Dean who looked like he was still trying to do the math. It wasn’t until he started counting on his fingers that you spoke up “1944 genius.”

“1944! I’m stuck in 1944?” Dean exclaimed.

“We’re all stuck in 1944 ya bunny.” The officer said causing you to raise your eyebrows. What kind of an insult was calling someone a bunny?

You, however, didn’t have time to think about the validity of bunny as an insult for the door opened and a man in a long trench coat stepped through as the officer raised his eyebrows as a sort of warning.

You shared a look with Dean before turning back to the stranger.

“What happened in the alley?” the stranger demanded. You shared another look with Dean before nodding and Dean began explaining.

You couldn’t help but notice how the man kept glancing at you.

“Wait you’re a hunter.” Dean suddenly exclaimed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The man stated leaning back in his chair.

“Demons, ghosts, shifters I’ve killed them all.” Dean smirked looking your way probably hoping to impress you.” And you’re the same. Just 68 years before me.”

The man let out a small smile before looking your way “Don’t worry I’m the same.” You assured him.

He looked at you skeptically before smiling and holding his hand out to you “And your name is?”

“Y/N you smiled bringing your hand to his. You couldn’t help but notice that he held your hand for a bit longer than normal. Dean, it seemed, also noticed for he cleared his throat and introducing himself.

“Eliot Ness.” He introduced causing Dean to gasp. Eliot shot Dean a suspicious glance before tossing him the key to the cuffs and leaving the room, sending you one last smile.

“Untouchables!” Dean whisper yelled bursting in excitement. “I loved that movie”

He reached out to give you the key only to stop when he saw you rubbing your wrists, the cuffs already off.

“How’d you-“ He started gesturing towards the cuffs causing to you to chuckle and wink at him.


The next thing you knew you were standing in front of a dress shop next to Dean.

“No” You refused crossing your arms over your chest.

“Y/N” Dean sighed knowing what you were complaining about.

“No I refuse.” You shook your head.

All of a sudden a hand found its way to the small of your back ushering you inside. You looked back to see Eliot attached to said arm and Dean practically starring daggers into the back of Eliot’s head.

Soon you were pushed into a dressing room, a red dress in your hands.


You pushed back the curtain and walked out to see Dean standing in front of a three mirror vanity. You felt your jaw drop, he was in a full suit and looked absolutely stunning.

“Like what you see?” Dean smirked without looking up from his buttons.

You laughed “You wish.” Causing Dean to spin around.

He opened his mouth ready to come back with some witty retort only for it to fall flat when he saw you.

“Like what you see.” You teased taking the hand bag and hat that were laid out for you.


You stood in the shadows of the room as Eliot and Dean interrogated Lester Young.

“Lester, Is that a German name?” Dean demanded as he messed with his cuff links causing you to bite your lip. You knew that right now was probably not the best time but you couldn’t help but stare at Dean. His hair, his outfit, his-well-everything just looked so hot.

He raised his fist to threaten Lester before gazing over his shoulder back at you. At that moment you realized you were still biting your lip. You looked at the ground as your cheeks turned red causing Dean to smirk turning his attention back to Lester.

A few moments later Eliot had had enough and left the room, you began to follow only to be stopped by someone grabbing your elbow. You turned around to come face to face with a certain green-eyed hunter.

“So Y/N, do you wanna-uh- get dinner? With me” He added the last part hastily.

You smiled at him before nodding causing his face to break into a huge grin. “Ok I’ll pick you up at 6.”


You stood in front of the mirror admiring the new dress Ezra had put you in for dinner.

You were smoothing out the wrinkles in the front when you heard the chime that signaled someone had walked in. You spun around and saw Dean still standing in the doorway his jaw on the floor.

You chuckled and winked “Like what you see huh?”

Dean chuckled in response “Hell yeah I do.” He extended his arm to you which you took gladly as the two of you made your way to dinner.


Dean had brought you to by far the fanciest restaurant you had ever been to. You watched him from across the table as he looked slightly confused at the wine menu.

“Uh- red or white wine?” He asked hoping you could get him out of the confusion of picking a wine.

You panicked for a moment, you don’t drink wine. “Uh red?” it came out as more of a question causing Dean to look at you questioningly.

“Ok I don’t actually drink wine, I’ve never really had it.” You admitted looking at the table in embarrassment.

Dean chuckled “Ok good me neither so I’ll just pick a random one off the list.”

In a few minutes the waiter came back with a bottle of wine and poured it for the two of you. The waiter stood there for a moment waiting for you to take your first sip but Dean ushered him away.

The two of you picked up your glasses looking skeptically at each other.

“I think you’re supposed to like swirl it around.” You whispered and began to slowly swirl your glass as Dean did the same. “Then you smell it.” You said which caused Dean to raise an eyebrow at you. “I watch a lot of movies ok?”

Dean laughed before bringing the glass to his nose taking in a whiff. His nose scrunched up “Great Y/N now I don’t want to drink it.” He grimaced.

“Come on at the count of three.” You encouraged him. “One…two…three”

You both took a sip both your noses scrunching up. Dean immediately spit his back into the glass causing you to laugh and wine to squirt out of you mouth.

You and Dean both erupted into laugher not even caring that by now the entire restaurant was starring at you.

“How about we go to the diner across the street.” Dean suggested as you happily nodded in agreement. You both stood up just in time for the waiter to appear.

“Ah the lovely couple wishes to dance, follow me.” He spun around on his heel and walked off not giving you time to object. You glanced at Dean and he shrugged before placing a hand on the small of your back ushering you forward.

Once you reached the dance floor Dean grabbed your hand and spun you around until you faced him.

“I don’t know how to dance.” You whispered with wide eyes causing Dean to chuckle.

“Just follow my lead.” He spun you around again before pulling you in close.

You kept your gaze on your feet, making sure you didn’t step on his.

“Hey look at me.” Dean spoke softly taking a hand off your hip and bringing it to your chin pulling your head  up.

Your gaze met his and you couldn’t help but notice how his entire face seemed to light up and his eyes sparkled when he smiled. You returned the smile as you watched Dean avert his gaze to your lips then back up to his eyes. You stood on your toes stopping all movement for a moment as you lightly pecked your lips on his, just taking in a small taste. Dean, however, brought a hand to the nape of your neck and bent down to capture your lips once again only this time for a longer deration.

Once you both pulled away neither of you moved or spoke for a moment, just stood there taking in one another before slowly starting to sway and eventually dance again. You rested your head on his chest and listened to his steady heart beat for a moment closing your eyes and simply enjoying his company.

“How about when this is all over we do this again?” Dean whispered into your ear.

Your head shot up and you looked at him, finding yourself unable to look anywhere but him.

“Like what you see.” Dean teased again causing you to snap out of your dazed state.

“Hell yes” you chuckled.

“To which question?”

“Both” you whispered before resting your head on Dean’s chest once again hoping this song would never end.

Well, stuff is certainly…different now.  I mean, we’re not like, homeless or anything, but where we’re set up now is totally uncomfortably small compared to a mansion. I mean, how do most people live with only two or three bathrooms? That’s, like, barbaric.

Still, I guess some stuff is getting better.  I suppose Mabel heard that I had to sell some of my outfits to get by, cause now she sends me a new sweater like, every single week.  But hey—c-c’mon, it’s way too hot for a sweater, okay? Seriously, did anybody in the Pines family even think that through?  

So yeah, it’s not like I wear them or anything.  Y’know…often.

I guess another good thing is that my parents seem to be improving.  They’re both not so bell-crazy anymore, and Dad doesn’t go around making deals with demons, which was starting to get real creepy. (Turns out Weirdmageddon wasn’t even the first time? What the heck?!)  But yeah, I think the whole apocalypse thing sorta changed their perspective on stuff.  

Plus, they pretty much have to be nice to the hillbilly man if they ever wanna revisit the old place—he kinda lives there now.

As for the pony, I had to be real picky with that one. Mansion or no mansion, I was still gonna have the best equestrian pick of Gravity Falls.  The one I picked took a little adjusting to, but trust me, I’ve never met another animal so in tune with the way I think!

Yeah, I totally made the right choice.

♔Pacifica N♢rthwest♔

tonight on The Walking Dead
  • rick grimes: glenn, that plan is bullshit. it won't work. it's weak.
  • glenn rhee: look, the soil around the area is good, the place is easy to fortify, it's on high ground so it's harder for dead to even approach in the first place... hell, we've even got a lifetime farmer and an engineer to help us get everything going.
  • glenn rhee: i don't think we're gonna find a better place to set up shop and make a real living instead of just wandering everywhere and fearing death constantly.
  • rick grimes: and that's where you're wrong, glenn. that's where your weakness gets you. only the strong survive out here.
  • rick grimes: now pick up this shotgun and let's go.
  • rick grimes surrounded by dead bodies: okay.
  • rick grimes surrounded by dead bodies: i know some people are going to say this is my fault.
  • rick grimes surrounded by dead bodies: but hear me out:
  • rick grimes surrounded by dead bodies: everyone is wrong except me.

Working on making a gif set but OMG

In the relaxed clip fro E! Online, Cory says “Nature! The only place a bear can kill you from.”


Now, obviously Farkle isn’t going to kill anyone. But, the premise of something being able to sneak up on you and get the better of you in nature is clearly alluded to in Cory’s quote.

So what the heck happens?!

Actually, I think it’s interesting that all three boys are wearing shirts that have predators on them. Lucas is wearing a Brooklyn Bobcat hoodie and Zay is wearing a shirt with a wolf. Maybe all of them have a bit of a sneak attack on someone? The show runners did say that “everyone would be brought in”. I wonder just how game changing part one will be! I’m not married to this idea, but it’s intriguing.

I definitely don’t think the bear quote and Farkle’s costuming is coincidence though. There’s no way. It’s intentional and meaningful.

Either way, I’m in love with the Farkle/Bear connection in this scene and cannot wait to see what (if any) Riarkle moments await us in Ski Lodge Part 1!

Stolen Moments


    When he clocked in late that day, John thought that that was the worst part of his morning and that the rest would go more smoothly. Which it did, sort of. He shouldn’t have knocked on wood after thinking that it would be better. He had three different members bless him out over their overdrafts. It’s their own damn fault that they don’t keep up with their balances and only spend what they have.

    Of course, they didn’t believe him when he tried to explain it, and asked for his boss.     Who said the same thing to them. If he wouldn’t get fired for an “I told you so”, he’d print it onto a billboard and set it up somewhere in front of the bank where the idiots couldn’t avoid being called out on their bullshit and their deplorable behavior.

    That was only a dream, of course, a fleeting thought.

    His morning had to improve after these headaches or he may use pen caps to stuff his ears so that he wouldn’t have to listen to anyone complaining about their irresponsibility. 




For certain reward tiers you can get a set of postcards featuring the royals of each of the four suits! I had the honor of doing the Pentacles suit. Crimson Typhoon (Queen) towers over the mountains of Hong Kong, holding the holo-globe (Prince) on its shoulders. The Weis (Knights) will overlook the city, with lines between them that represent their three-way drift (Page). In short, we have Crimson Typhoon showing its dominion over earth as it and the three brothers protect the city, allowing it to prosper even amidst the K-War.

The color one is the one in the set, but there’s a special place in my heart for the grayscale one–I think it preserves the feeling of the ink wash better than the one in color–so I’m posting it here as well for everyone to see!

I am having THE most annoying day, everything is bothering the hell out of me and I’m trying so hard to stay patient, sane and kind. But it is quickly failing. 

I tell Severus that I’m having a grumpy a day, and preemptively apologize if I’m not as patient as usual. He says “No problem, Mama, I had a grumpy day yesterday!” {I had no idea because he was in SUCH great spirits yesterday, but “yesterday” could also mean ten minutes or three years ago} 

Anyway, I’m in the dining room making phone calls and they’re in the adjoining living room playing with the train set, when Severus comes in and says “Mama, you know what I think we should do to make our grumpy day better?” and I ask him what he’s thinking, he goes “We should watch ‘The Incredibles’ and eat snacks.” so that’s exactly what we’re going to do. 

Requested! I don't know who it was requested by but here you go, love!

~Skates POV~
Y/N had been really distant lately. She just seems sad. She doesn’t talk much. Things have been stressing her out. I can tell. I am currently driving home from a late night in the studio. It was about 2:00 in the morning so Y/N is probably asleep. I unlock the door to our shared apartment and quietly close the door. I turn on the kitchen light and set my stuff down and saw a note on the other side of the counter along with a box.
-the letter-
Dear Nate,
I’m really sorry I did this. Don’t you EVER think that this was your fault. Because it’s not. I love you so much and I could ask for a better boyfriend. Thank you for caring for me and loving me for three amazing years. I’m sorry, once again. But my heart couldn’t take this pain any longer. I’m going to miss you so much Nate. I love you and I always will.
Goodbye Nate.
I read the note, tears streaming down my face. All of the sudden a loud bang came from upstairs. I bolted up the stairs and into the bedroom but no one was there. The bathroom light was on. I ran to the door and tried to open it but it was locked.
“Y/N! Y/N ARE YOU OKAY!? Y/N OPEN THE DOOR!” There was no answer. I took a step back and crashed my body into the door, breaking it down. I looked into the bathroom and saw Y/N on the floor, blood everywhere and a blade in her hand.
“ Y/N STAY WITH ME EVERY THINGS GOING TO BE OK. ” I said, tears crawling down my face as I held her in my arms.
“ I… I’m… Sorry” was all that came from her pale lips before her body went limp and her face relaxed.
“ no… No… NO NO NO NO! ” I yelled shaking her. I reached for a towel and wrapped her wrists and kicked the blade away. I looked up at the counter and saw an empty bottle of pills. I checked for a pulse. It’s faint but it’s there. I quickly called 911 and sat there on the floor cradling Y/N until they got there.
-4 days later-
I was sitting in a chair partly asleep holding Y/Ns hand, waiting for her to wake up. It’s been four days. When the paramedics took her they said it would be best if I changed before I came. I didn’t want to but I listened. So I was home alone. After I was dressed I quickly ran downstairs and saw the box still on the counter. I opened the box to see it was full of souvenirs and photos from the three years we’ve been dating. Tears began to fall as I looked through all of our memories.
I had the box sitting next to me in the chair. I was slowly and gradually falling asleep when the small cold hand in mine tightened around mine. My eyes went from my hand to Y/Ns now open eyes. She smiled and my eyes started to swell with tears.
“ baby I’m so so so sorry!” I said giving her kisses and hugging her.
“ it wasn’t your fault Nate ” Y/N said holding my face in her small hands forcing me to look straight into her eyes.
“ I just… I wasn’t there. I’m sorry. But I promise we are going to get you better and I am going to be with you forever and always. ” I said and gave her a long passionate kiss on the lips.
“ never leave me ok? ” I said looking at her again.
“ never ”

I’m watching the film “Unbranded” for the second time, and I’m honestly torn in two directions over it.

Amazing horses. Amazing countryside.

Careless horsemanship on some parts though, which honestly sets me back.

I mean, the four guys are Aggies, so it’s really not a surprise to me (no offense to my Aggie fans out there, but I have yet to meet an Aggie boy I really like). I feel like there were better ways this could have been done, but I also was taught quite a few ways of “cowboy” type horsemanship, my best friend has been around a lot of good ol’ cowboys, and I just.

Ugh. I don’t know.

I suppose there are three main things I wholeheartedly disagree with? Oh well. I think the points it makes in the mustang debate, as far as range management goes, are EXTREMELY valid.