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Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Severus Snape x (auror)reader
Genres: a bit of bickering, possible secondhand embarrassment, fluff 
Words: 1.410
Summary: During a conversation with Sirius, reader blurts out about her feelings for Snape. The latter happens to hear everything - requested by Anonymous

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I've never been much of a snape-hater BUT

The man is a teacher. It’s literally his job to help students learn about potions. If they’re having trouble, he’s supposed to help them figure it out. He is supposed to TEACH them, and if they don’t understand, he’s supposed to help them.

Instead, he chooses to make fun of and ridicule students like Neville, who don’t understand his instructions. Instead of helping students who have trouble, he mocks and bullies them. Instead of doing his job, he exacts petty revenge on his school rival by bullying his son- and then bullies Neville for having trouble in his class.

I’ve always been able to see both sides of this snape argument, and I’ve never really picked a side, but the more I think about it the faster that indifference changes to hatred.

  • Draco: I'm going to start a to do list!
  • Pansy: Good for you.
  • Draco: And on the first place
  • Draco: Potter
  • Pansy: *screams*

Harry Potter pt.2 // houses✨

In which house are you? I would like to get to know you guys better!🤗( I am a Slytherin😌 )

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one of my absolute favourite scenes in the harry potter films is so subtle. and yet, when you notice it, it blows you the hell away

it’s almost nearing the end of gof when harry brings cedrics body back to hogwarts

as everyone begins realising that something’s not quite right, and dumbledore comes racing down to harrys side, watch severus very carefully- he’s in the top right next to minerva. when dumbledore’s going to harry, you can just see severus’ hands unfolding before he touches minervas arm to alert her then runs down to see what’s happening

then when fudge says ‘a boy’s just been killed’, watch severus’ face, before he goes over and crouches down, touching dumbledores back, then when he realises it’s just cedric, he backs off…

bonus: i found this in a yt comment- somebody said that snape gives cedric his cloak, because 1. when amos comes down, he pushes something off of cedrics body then as the camera pans down, there’s something black on his body and 2. severus isn’t wearing his cloak when he comes to rescue harry with dd and minerva. i’m not sure if this is true or was just a minor screw up with wardrobe but if it is true, then my god…….that’s really impressive

this Never gets talked about, and it’s suuuuch a huge shame, because it honestly speaks volumes to snapes character