Cosplay progress update: I still have to hem it up an inch and half, but otherwise, Leia’s dress is DOOOOOONE. I shortened the sleeves by a few inches in the back in the half hour since @etienne-returns-to-middle-earth took these photos, and serged the raw edges on the skirt, so it’s just the hand blind-hemming left to do at this point. Etienne is, as we speak, starting the process of spray painting all my Leia jewelry, and the belt just needs one more coat of acrylic before I hammer in the hardware, so I am feeling REALLY good about where this cosplay is at. Really, braiding the wig is the only part of the process I haven’t started yet.

Of course, I still have to make Etienne’s Luke jacket (though at least almost all the pieces for that are cut now), so I am not out of the woods yet for getting things done for ECCC, but I remain hopeful that all shall be completed in time