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Daddy (can i call you that?), can you write about pastel!Jack wearing a cute big sweater and a short skirt and punk!Mark fucking his brains out? If you're into that. I just feel like absolute shit rn and your writing making me feel better. ~Vic💙🎧

hell yeah you call me whatever you want <3

and im sorry you dont feel well :( here ya go!

“Hey Jack?” Mark closed the front door behind him, kicking his shoes off and looking around.

“Yeah I’m upstairs, Marky!” Jack called. Mark smiled to himself as he made his way to Jack’s room. He was going over to his house more regularly now. It was nice, seeing as he hated being alone in his house. His parents were never home, they were always out working.

Mark pushed open the door to find Jack sitting on the edge of his bed, scrolling through tumblr. He was wrapped up in the blanket.

“Hey, babydoll.” he plopped down next to his boyfriend, nuzzling his cheek affectionately. Jack shut his phone off and let it drop to the floor. He kissed Mark’s cheek.

“Hey hey.” he smiled, “I have somethin’ t’ show you.” Mark picked up the tone in his voice.

“Oh yeah? Tell me more.” their eyes met as Jack let the blanket fall off his shoulders. He got up and stood in front of Mark.

It took Mark a second to realize that his boyfriend was wearing a skirt. He felt his jeans tighten and he bit his lip.

Jack had on an oversized blue sweater and a pleated pink miniskirt. White thigh-high socks with blue stripes at the top adorned his pale legs.

“Like it?” Jack asked, twirling for his boyfriend. The skirt flew up as he spun, and Mark could tell he was wearing lacy panties.

“Fuck, babe, you look so good.” he growled, getting up and grabbing Jack’s hips. Jack pressed his ass against Mark’s crotch, making him groan.

“Ya think so?” Jack placed his hands on top of his boyfriend’s.

“I do.” Mark kissed his neck, teeth grazing against the sensitive skin.

His hands sneaked down to the edge of the skirt, pulling it up, a gasp leaving Jack’s lips. Mark pressed his hand against Jack’s ass, grinning mischievously. “Why don’t you get on the bed for me?” he murmured, lips close to Jack’s ear. Jack nodded, obediently pulling away and lying down on the bed, ass in the air.

Mark licked his lips as he watched his boyfriend squirm, whining for attention. “Such a good boy, aren’t you?” he purred, stepping over to the bed and running his fingers down Jack’s back. Jack whimpered.

Mark knelt behind him on the bed. Hooking his fingers into Jack’s panties, he shoved them down his legs.

His jeans tightened as he noticed Jack had a butt plug in. “Fuck..” he mumbled, fingers wrapping around the toy. His boyfriend moaned into the sheets, desperate for Mark to fill him.

Mark began to move the toy in and out of his boyfriend, leaning over him and praising him quietly.

“You’re so good, babydoll. You look so fucking pretty in that skirt.” He smirked as Jack whimpered, ass pressing against the toy. “Want me to fuck you, don’t you?” Mark ran his fingers through his boyfriend’s hair, listening to him hum with pleasure.

He slowly removed the toy, then unbuttoned his jeans. He could see Jack practically shaking with anticipation as his pants hit the floor.

Mark’s hands pressed into Jack’s hips. Jack moaned pathetically, nodding his head in approval. Mark snapped his hips forcefully into his boyfriend, making him groan. One hand snaked under the skirt and took hold of Jack’s length.

“F-fuck, Mark!” his head fell forward as he was overwhelmed by pleasure. Mark rapidly picked up the pace, little moans falling from his lips as he went.

“Fuck, princess,” he muttered into Jack’s shoulder, “mm, I love you.” His fingers dug into Jack’s sides, leaving pretty pink marks in their place.

Jack let out a particularly loud moan as Mark angled himself differently. He thrust harder in that direction, watching as Jack held back a scream.

“Fuck, Mark, right there, please..” he stumbled over his words, his entire face turning red. Mark repeated the action several times, swiping his thumb over the tip of Jack’s dick. Jack bucked his hips uselessly into Mark’s hand, moaning and whining for Mark to go faster. “Oh god, oh god, fuck, Mark I’m gonna cum..” his eyes screwed shut as he felt his entire body heat up.

“Do it, princess, cum for me.” Mark whispered, giving his length a gentle squeeze. Jack moaned loudly into the mattress as he jerked his hips once more, covering Mark’s hand in his cum. It dripped down slowly on the bedsheets, and he whined quietly.

Mark quickly followed, leaning over and pressing kisses to his boyfriend’s neck as he came hard inside him. He rode out his orgasm, then pulled out and collapsed next to Jack.

“Fuck..” Jack mumbled. Mark hummed in agreement. His fingers traced the soft material of Jack’s skirt, making him whimper since he was extremely sensitive.

“You should wear this to school sometime..” Mark murmured, admiring Jack’s legs. Jack blushed.

“No way, everyone would make fun of me.” he mumbled, rolling over to kiss his boyfriend.

“But it’s so sexy..I think you look amazing.”

“Maybe I’ll wear it when you come over then.” he giggled, pushing Mark’s hair out of his face.