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horizon zero dawn has me obsessed. I haven't felt like this since The Last of Us came out- the plot is so well crafted and compelling that I feel like I have to keep going to the next objective, but at the same time I want to savor the game which means I'm spending time on tons of side quests. I've played solid 24 hours in 5 days and I haven't even uncovered 1/4 of the map. This game is amazing- it's like Skyrim and Legend of Zelda had a scifi baby

Omg yes all of this 😩👌😭😭😭 I wish I could replay this game for the first time again ugh I haven’t had this many emotions about a game in a long time

THE WAY THAT TERU HAS DEVELOPED IS THAT HE’S STARTED LIKING HIMSELF FOR THINGS THAT ARE GENUINELY WORTH LIKING HIMSELF FOR. he sees things much more objectively and sees his own skills as things that hes worked hard on and hey he shouldnt have to hide that at all! he flaunts his improvement around too like a trophy and hes actually worked hard and u know what??? i may joke around but i have to admire that i mean he’s come a long way he should be happy he’s got a right to brag his talents like fuck!!

I need to take a step away from FFXV for one brief post just to gush over the fact that they have FINALLY added the Aymeric outfit to the mogstation! Woke up to a code for it from my friend as well since if anyone knows how much I love that man it’s her 😭😭😭

I took full advantage of the new MSQ to get an abundance of shots of beautiful tank husbands being adorable in matching outfits 💞💞💞 hnnnnnnng IT JUST MAKES ME SO HAPPY

And now I am downloading Episode Gladio so the ffxv will return!