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Support Katie Mcgrath

The LGBT community needs to support her and others that do have our backs. She just made the main cast and it appears that this may put her on outs with most of the rest of the cast. Production may decide that she is part of the trouble.

They can’t fire Melissa, she’s the title character. But if Katie is seemingly alone and getting rid of her is seen as an easy way to end in-cast fighting they might terminate her contract.

We need to make sure that The CW knows that the LGBT community supports her. That firing her will have consequences. We need to have her back like she had ours.

The only thing that will keep me watching this dumpster fire of a show is Katie McGrath. I love the DC shows but I will stop watching if anything happens to Katie.

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Mr. Gaiman, she's not in any cast list for the show that I can find - Sam Black Crow hasn't been cut, has she?

Season One of American Gods ends just before the House on the Rock. Sam isn’t in that part of the book. She hasn’t yet been cast, and no lines of hers have yet been written…

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i read that marvel wanted Emily Blunt to be Black Widow at first. is that true?

Emily Blunt was originally Black Widow. She had officially signed on for the role and was set to film her part in ‘Ironman 2′. However, as part of her contract for ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ FOX could choose any one production of theirs and she would have to star in it, and they chose ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. Worst part is they chose it after she had already been cast as Black Widow. It created scheduling conflicts and she was forced to drop out of a multiple-movie deal with the MCU to star in one movie for FOX that flopped. 

Lena Horne with her dresser on the set of Stormy Weather  (Andrew L. Stone, 1943), one of only 2 films in the 1930′s and 40′s in which Horne had a lead role. Otherwise, though under contract to MGM, she was cast in musical short subjects or, when part of a big MGM musical, she was in isolated numbers that could be easily edited out for films shown in the segregated South. 

Funny story: When I was a drama student, we were all trying out for a role on some shitty low-key soap opera (I never had a chance, knew I didn’t, but eh, they said it would be fun and I should try anyway. I was 17. )

Then, at the audition, this girl walked in. She was jaw-droppingly gorgeous. 

No, the air actually went out of the room as soon as she walked in. And we all knew instantly she would get the part. Which she did. No question asked. Even the casting agents knew it. She was the loveliest thing you’ve ever seen. 

I said to her later on, when we walked out: “What’s it like to be as beautiful as you? It must be wonderful.” 

*Her* “But they drool over me. The guys. It’s…weird.”


*Her* “I only got into this because my parents and everyone told me to. Because someone as pretty as me had to be in acting. I wanted to be an accountant.”

*Me* “Um…well…you’re, uh, photogenic.” 

*Her* “I can’t act!”

*Me* “Well, obviously. I know that. I saw your audition.”

People Like You (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

“A Jared x reader fic where the reader is new to school and slowly comes popular and knows that liking Jared is suicide but she can’t help herself?”

Request by: @fabdom-girl

Warnings: Explicit language, using the word “slut” as an insult, and people drawing a boy’s non-no parts on Evan’s cast.

She had only been there for 3 months and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) was already one of the most popular girls in the school.

No, she wasn’t a snob. However, most of the people she called her “friends” were.

She didn’t realize this until she watched three of them trip a girl in the cafeteria, laugh at her, and walk away while kicking bits of mac and cheese back at the poor girl. (Y/N) hesitantly helped the girl back up and handed her a napkin.

She was being watched by nearly anyone, and everyone who was anyone knew that to get to the top of the social pyramid she had to make a choice. Be popular and rude, or be nice and gradually sink down to the bottom of the chain.

“You don’t get anywhere by being nice.” Her friends, the Heathers, would remind her. But that’s how she was.

Smart, pretty, kind, and talented. That’s what everyone thought of her.

Everyone except for Jared Kleinman. Sure, he thought, she was pretty. But,

“Do you think she put the mac and cheese on the ground back in that girl’s food? Like to make her sick?” Jared asked the only person sitting with him, Evan Hansen.

“No, I think you’re over-thinking this, and she’s actually a nice person.” He responded, playing with his mac and cheese with his plastic spoon.

“Bullshit, Hansen.” Jared hissed, “No way in hell is there a person with so much power, that decides to be that nice.”

“She doesn’t have ‘power’, Jared. We’re literally in high school. This isn’t some kind of weird, student-lead, monarchy.” Evan protested. He thought that (Y/N) was nice.

“The only reason you’re on her side, is because she helped you write an essay last month. What grade did you get on that again?”

“An A-” Evan replied, still holding his head high like he was proud.

“Exactly my point! Why not an A+? Why couldn’t ‘little miss perfect’ get you a perfect 100? Because she maybe didn’t have the time to spend with people like you!” Jared was shouting at this point, and people at nearby tables were starting to notice him.

“What do you mean, ‘people like you’?” Evan asked, defensively. He began to stand up with his tray, slowly.

“God, Evan, you’re so dense.” He laughed to himself. “People that nobody notices.” That had done it. Jared’s offensive and slightly morbid humor had gone right over Evan’s head this time. Evan stood up and walked out of the lunch room.

In the hallway, (Y/N)’s friends were waiting on her to finish up in the bathroom. One of them saw Evan walk out of the lunchroom and approached him, taking notice to his cast.

“Mind if I sign?” She asked, pulling out a green sharpie.

“U-uh sur-e.” He stumbled over his words. She signed her name, and a drew a rather inappropriate picture underneath it. Right as she was walking away, Evan took a look at her “signature”.

He read what she wrote down aloud, “Heather Du- hey! Oh uh- ah okay…” Evan noticed her walking away, laughing with her friends. He felt powerless. Why couldn’t he just stand up for himself? He felt his eyes water and his nose felt tingly.

“Hey- um, Evan?” (Y/N) approached him cautiously. He looked up and she was slightly taken aback by his red eyes.

“Oh- hi.” He replied, looking down again.

“Is everything okay? What did they do?” Without looking up, Evan showed her his cast. Heather’s name and the gross pictures that defaced it.

“Wh- I am so sorry. I have no idea why they have to be such…” she paused to find the right word,” “shit-dicks sometimes.”

Evan laughed, “Why do you even hang out with them?” (Y/N) took Evan’s hand and led him to her locker, while thinking of a way to explain herself.

“I kind of feel like, well like, I have to? Like it’s what everyone expects of me.” She opened her locker with him standing there, “There’s just so much pressure on ‘popular people’ to y’know, find who you belong with. And the Heathers decided that I belong with them. I wish I had a choice.”

“Wow. That’s- deep…” Evan cleared his throat, “I mean, you do have a choice. Unless they’re blackmailing you or something.”

“Listen Evan, I’m going to explain something a little personal to you.” She grabbed white-out from the top shelf, “At my last school, nobody wanted anything to do with me. Everyone was so judgmental, and when I heard from my parents that we were moving, I was ecstatic. A chance to start over, and a chance to actually have friends for once.” She began to apply the white-out where Duke had drawn.

“So that’s why you’re so nice? I- I mean like, you seem nice to everyone.” A girl was touching his arm.

“Yea. Because I know what it feels like to be treated like I’m worthless.” She finished covering up the signature and picture.

“C-can- um, will you- uh, sign my cast?” He managed to say. She laughed and looked through her locker to find a blue sharpie. She signed his cast and closed her locker.

“Ok, back to lunch with you, mister.” She laughed.

“Bye, (Y/N)!” He walked away, happily.

Little did either of them know, Jared was right around the corner listening to her story.

“I’ll admit it, I didn’t really think you were that good a person at first.” He said, walking out of his hiding place.

“How much did you hear?” She asked. She recognized him as Jared Kleinman, the boy who had repeatedly caught her eye in the hallways. He looked, if she were sugar-coating it, a little dorky. But like a cute kind of dorky.

“Enough to know that you used to be a girl-version of Evan.” He laughed.

“You can’t tell anyone what your just heard.” She said, a deathly seriousness in her tone.

“Why not? Because it’ll ruin your reputation with the popular kids? You’re so weird.” He scoffed.

“Why do you care? Evan told me that you have it out for me. I just want to know why.”

“Because you’re a poser. I just don’t believe someone who is so popular could be so nice. You’re planning something. What are you going to do? Blow up the school? Punch the principal’s dog in the face?” He took a step forward with an eye-brow raised. Now he was less than a foot in front of her.

“I’m not a terrorist, you di- jerk.” She hissed. To say she was intimidated was an understatement, but she wasn’t going to let him know that. She leaned forward and propped herself up onto her toes.

“You don’t scare me.” He whispered to her. He was amused by how pathetic she looked, trying to look scary.

“Well good, because you don’t scare me either!” she said, looking at his whole face. She never noticed how he had the charming-but-nerdy kind of look to him.

“Oh okay, sure. Prove it.”

“Is that a threat, or are you making a move?” She asked, she was on the verge of laughing at him, but stood her ground. She may or may not have felt extremely attracted to him in that moment, and he may or may not have reciprocated those feelings.

Without thinking, she grabbed him by his shoulders and brought his lips to hers. He was taken aback, but eventually kissed back with an equal amount of vigor.

Neither of them were holding back, and both knew what they wanted. Their lips moved in nearly perfect sync, but the tension and hatred from their argument was still there. It was that hatred towards each other that was fueling the kiss.

His hands were at the small of her back, and gradually moving south. He had her basically pinned to the wall of lockers behind her. She gasped, and brought her hands up to the back of his head, desperately trying to bring him closer, but at this point, that wasn’t possible.

That’s when the bell rung. The lunch period was over.

They both jerked away as fast as they could, both with the same hostile expressions they had before their… ‘interaction’.

“That was disgusting.” She scoffed.

“You’re disgusting.” He said in reply. He walked away, but turned his head to shoot her a wink. Her body heated up, and she turned back to her locker to grab her books for the next period. Instead of her locker she was met with the scowling face of Heather Duke.

“Don’t think I didn’t see that. Tomorrow, everyone is going to know how much of a slut you are for ‘computer-camp-Jared.’ You’ll be less than a nobody.” She growled. 

Grabbing her books from her locker and closing it, (Y/N) tapped Heather’s nose with a smile.

“Who’s going to believe you over me? Being nice may not make me popular, but it makes people like me more than people like you.” And she walked away, leaving Heather dumbfounded. (Y/N) could still feel Jared’s touch linger on her lips.

Today is a good day.


Please fire me. One of my campers in our theater camp said she wanted less than 10 lines because she’s only 7. The part she got cast in gave her 5 lines. “THAT’S NOT ENOUGH LINES!” The tantrum lasted from 12:30 to 2:45. So the next afternoon we gave her a 2nd part with 2 more lines so now she has 7 lines. Then she had a 2nd tantrum that lasted from 1:15 until 3:15 “NOW I HAVE TOO MANY LINES!” When we offered her 6 lines by asking one of the other campers in the cast to take one of her lines, she cried and cried and cried until her dad picked her up. Her dad yelled at me for not catering to requests, even though I had no say in casting and no say in the script our director chose.

Honestly if Disney doesnt cast a 99.9% asian actors/actresses for Mulan and 99.9% middle-eastern actors/actresses for Aladdin (remaining 1% is the flying carpet and animals involved), there better be an uprising or yall only think diversity as a concept.

Pizza, Pasta and some comfort

I love taylor_tut’s sickfics to death but the one that really stuck with me was the one about the college AU where Lance appeared on the gang’s doorstep and they all were like “let’s take care of this sick stranger”.

I really couldn’t help myself…


Pizza, Pasta and some comfort

[Fandom]:Voltron: Legendary Defender

[Rating]: Gen/ Gen Audience

[Genre]: Hurt/Comfort, Sickfic, Friendship

[AU]: college AU/ based on taylor_tut’s The Pizza One prompt

[Word count]:  4,412

[Warning]: illness, fever, vomiting, cuddles, all of the cuddles

[Status]: oneshot/ completed


Had anyone suggested that someday, he would end up nursing one of his feverish friends on one of his regular Friday movie-night with his roommates, he might have believed them – he just wouldn’t have taken it too seriously.

Right now though, Lance was lying on the couch and Shiro was hyper aware of every huff and wheeze coming from the sick boy, somehow his breaths louder than even the dialogue between the man and woman on TV.

It was probably this bad because he wanted to be sure Lance was not awake when he would finally turn to Keith. But as he glanced back over his shoulder and up at the couch he saw Lance’s eyes were closed, his brow furrowed in discomfort and the soaked cloth they had placed on his forehead slowly slipping down with every little movement he made.

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Request: Hi! I have an idea for an imagine and I though I should share with my fav writer on Tumblr: you since you are taking and making amazing Alex’s requests. Well since everyone since to already hate this new girl Alicia I thought that maybe you could write about Alex x reader knowing each other from working during s4 and kinda dating (not officially) and then this new girl comes in for s5 and starts flirting shamelessly with Alex so reader is really jalous but he calms her down, yes? PLEASE!
Note: I hope I did this one right? Don’t know why but I’m not so confident about it, I just don’t want to dissapoint you. So let me know, all of you, release the pressure resting on my heart. ;-) But Enjoy, I certainly did.

Words: 2577 

Two weeks of beach and sunshine got you all reloaded for the filming of season five of Vikings that started tomorrow. In the past two weeks you didn’t do anything more than laying at the beach, reading and even did some sight seeing. But how good those hot tempatures maybe were and how proud you was on the little tan you got, you where glad to be home again. You pulled you baggage from the transporter before you walked out of the maze that always seemed to confuse you. When you came at the arrivalgate you saw a figure you probarbly didn’t suspect to see. ‘Are you here for me?’ You asked Alex completly confused. Yes, you texted past two weeks and to be honest, you missed him more than the cat waiting for you home but you really didn’t suspect him to be here waiting for you.
'No, I’m waiting on the old lady over there.’ He pointed. You turned around to an older woman, hugging her husband before you realized that he was joking. 'I’m here for you, yes.’ He corrected himself. You tilted your head, a smile spreading over you face before you wrapped an arm underneath his shoulder to hug him. Yes you missed him, that tight hug said it all. Through the whole filming of season four you kind of grew tighter with Alex. You dated him, on a occasion of two but it was a little unclear of there was friendship of more. But as long as he was around you were glad. 'Next time you run of to the sunset you don’t forget me.’ He placed a greeting kiss on your cheek before pulling your baggage out of your hands. 'What are you doing tonight?’ He asked with that kind of a promesing smile on his lips.
'I’m just back. I’m gonna go home, unpack and take a deep breath before we have our first setday tommorow.’ That last one on a little more excited than you expected it to be.
'Somebody looks forward.’
'Offcourse, missed all of you.’
'Me, the boys and Ida are coming together tonight, you should to.’ He suggested. He didn’t lead you right to a cab but to his own car.
'I’m exhausted.’
'Come on Y/n, I missed you.’ He putted on his puppy face on and you shook you head, looking to him from the other side of the car.
'Fine.’ You smiled, knowing he would harass you until you gave in anyway. He brought you home and picked you right up later that day. Your eyes traveled up to the grey sky remembering how much sunlight you had on your vacation.
'Missing the sun already?’ He joked. You stepped out of the car and looked up to the sky again.
'I’m half freezing to dead being back here.’ You reacted. He wrapped his arm over your shoulder and walked with you inside. Marco jumped the both of you from behind.
'Y/n, next time you go on vacation you tell uss so we can join.’
'You see.’ Alex agreed with his friend.
'I didn’t miss the both of you together.’ You pointed to them. Alex and Marco always were trouble if they hang around with each other. He walked between the two of you and wrapped his arms around you and Alex.
'Back together, you ready?’ Marco asked you. He held you so tight you hardly could move your neck. You putted your thumb up and he released you, giving you a kiss on your cheek before leading you to the others. Ida jumped right from her seat and embraced you tight.
'Glad to have you back. I’m so excited.’
'You’re not alone.’ You said with a promesing look before greeting Jordan to. If you talked about squadgoals, the five of you were. Alex ordered some shots and gave if to each one of you.
'My boys and girls, to season five.’ Alex said with a promessing glare over each one of you. He putted his little glass up and you all ticked it before drinking. To season five.

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i just really wanna know why do you hate cc ? bc if she is hella problematic i want nothing to do with her

my buddy my pal, how much time do you have?? because there is a lot of reasons….

- first of all she plagiarised her entire series from several other sources
- she has an incest fetish and actively tries to romanticise it in her books
- there’s also an attempted rape in the book that was romanticised by not only her but also book stans
- girl on girl hate everywhere
- she slutslamed show!izzy on numerous occasions
- genuinely shits on the show, even said she regretted signing the rights to it over but then tries to take credit when the show gets recognised (e.g. she recently tried to take credit for shadowhunters getting nominated for a glaad award)
- she cashes in on malec every chance she gets and claims she adores them yet shipped them off on vacation for an entire book, wrote zero communication between them, wrote alec as biphobic, planned on killing alec off in the first book, etc etc.
- doesn’t care for her lgbt characters - another example of this is that she sent aline and helen off to some island so she didn’t have to write about them
- another example is the immortality thing between magnus and alec in the books. she didn’t fix things between them but had no problem sorting the immortality issue out for izzy and simon.
- oh and izzy, alec, magnus and luke may as well of been non existent in the books because there was literally no character development for them
- she also makes it clear that she doesn’t consider Isaiah to be part of the main cast or luke to be a main character
- if someone even disagrees with something she does or questions it in the slightest, she lets her stans bully them. (there’s a whole post somewhere about how serious this got but idk where it is, sorry)
- again a huge love for incest, she legit wrote a fanfic? idk about Ginny and Ron from Harry Potter like tf? and also said she ships Damon and Stefan from the vampire diaries when they’re literally brothers yikes

there’s so many other reasons as to why I dislike her but these are ones I could think of off the top of my head. I’m sure if you look through the anti cc tag you’ll see a bunch more reasons, hope this helped :)

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I'm so glad you like getting headcanon requests cause boy howdy do I have a few. Do you have any thoughts about mundane setting AUs for wolf359? Like the characters working in a store or something?

okay I had exactly 0 inspiration today for retail AUs that weren’t just retreads of funnier ones other people have done so instead please accept one of my favorite AUs which is the “shitty high school production of Hamlet” AU

  • Hera is a sophomore and runs the lighting booth. It is not her fault that there is no budget and everything is broken. She’s an angel and we’re glad she’s here.
  • Eiffel is a sophomore and the stage manager. He is a disgrace to a noble profession. No one even knows why he’s here except that there are rumors about his failing grades and a deal with that one creepy teacher Mr. Cutter.
  • The two of them are constantly in trouble for talking and giggling with one another over their headsets when everyone else is trying to do the goddamn show
  • Eiffel has almost been killed by set pieces more than once. What a tragic way to die, crushed under hundreds of pounds of scrap wood and casters. No, he’s not faking it, he’s been deathly injured, honest.
  • Minkowski is a junior and the student director, and really wanted to be in the play, but god dammit, if she’s going to direct, she’s going to direct, no matter what this shitshow is turning out like. She is committed to this play. She is so committed. She is living powered by stress and caffeine.
  • It doesn’t help that rehearsal schedules mean that she hasn’t seen her bf who writes for the school paper in? days?? Weeks??? He keeps texting her jokingly asking if she’s dead. (It’s probably still a joke.)
  • Lovelace is a senior and the one who actually wanted to direct, but since she left the drama department for a couple years to focus on the basketball team, Minkowski got tapped instead, so now she’s somewhat belligerently playing Hamlet.
  • Which is not a bad thing by anyone else’s estimation, because Isabel Lovelace’s Hamlet is both glorious and terrifying to behold.
  • SI5 are a bunch of seniors who act like they’re running the show and are generally more difficult to deal with even than Eiffel. This does not change the fact that Kepler as Claudius is genuinely creepy (although he clearly thinks he should have been Hamlet). Maxwell and Jacobi are playing Ophelia and Laertes and have an infinitely more convincing relationship with one another than either has with Lovelace. Both think they would have been better in the other role.
  • Hera’s older sister Rhea is playing Gertrude. She does not deserve to be a part of this mess.
  • Hilbert was probably cast as Horatio on the basis that everyone’s pretty sure he and Lovelace WERE old friends but that was definitely a mistake because they have not talked to one another in at least two years after The Incident (no one knows what The Incident was except Fourier and Hui and they’re not telling)
  • No one in the cast can stand one another. Every rehearsal is one tech disaster after another. Half the cast suddenly comes down with the flu. Will they ever make it to opening night? (Probably not.)
  • Lambert is Polonius.